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Haunted places in Lesser Poland

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Haunted places in Lesser Poland

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Lesser Poland is a land of mysterious natural phenomena, castles, abandoned houses, sometimes very tragic histories. It makes it mysterious and strange place. It's worthy to see them.

Lesser Poland Voivodeshp[edit]

Castle ruins Melsztyn
  • Kraków. There's a lady in black appearing in Wielopolski Palace. Old sewing room (Szwalnia) on suburbs is a mysterious place. There's said some students have been killed there. There're houses said to be haunted in Kocmyrzów (Wielicka street), Zabłocie, Pychowice and Bieżanów.
  • Tarnów. The Tarnów castle's ruins are said to be haunted. There're mysterious, small door near Strzelecki Park. There're haunted houses in Biała and Kąpielowa.
  • Tatra Mountains.Czerwone Wierchy massive is said to be haunted, the other strange fact is there're many caves. Some witnesses saw strange things.There's a haunted forest in Czarna Góra near Trybsz. People visiting it experience strange feelings, you can also reach it from Białka Tatrzańska. There's said yeti-like humanoid appears on the trail to Kasprowy Wierch. Kominiarski Wierch peak is also said to be haunted.
  • Mała Poręba. Place near Nowy Sącz. There's an abandoned apartment house said to be haunted.
  • Sucha Beskidzka is famous by its haunted castle, currently a museum.
  • Pieskowa Skała. There're two ghosts haunting the castle-Stanisław Szafraniec who was decapitated in Kraków and Dorota appearing in a black clothes.
  • Melsztyn. The local castle ruins are haunted by knight's ghost.
  • Witkowice Forest. One of the most haunted place in Poland, located near Kraków. An incident similar to this shown in "Blair Witch Project" movie took place there. In 2001 nine of students disappeared in the forest. Locals've always considered it as a haunted place.
  • Diablak. The highest point of Babia Góra massive. The peak is said to be dangerous. Devils are said to appear in whole Babia Góra massive.
  • Nowy Sącz. Michał Sędziwój-famous Polish alchemist appears on the market square as a ghost. The legends says a person who notices the ghost will have a luck in learning and science career.
  • Niedzica castle is very haunted place. It's connected with legendary Inca treasure.
  • Tęgoborze (near Nowy Sącz) has a haunted palace. One of its owners was a spiritist.
  • Łowczów. There're some abandoned houses (village near Tarnów.
  • Babice. The bishop riding the chariot appears in castle ruins at the midnight. He accompanies the execution. The phenomena's often connected with a thunder bold.
  • There's a haunted forest between Nieporadz and Rudno. There's a fragment of Dulowska Forests. There're a mysterious white stones in the middle of the forest.
  • Zbylitkowska Góra (near Tarnów ) hides a haunted house in the forest.
  • Chrzanów. There's a haunted house located on the way to Libiąż in Kroczymiech district. The house's said to be built on old dungeons.
  • There's a place in Kwaczała (near Alwernia) on Zmornica river where babies' cries are heard.
  • Szembek family palace ruins in Poręba Żegoty village's said to be haunted.
  • Ryczówek. The ghost of spy executed by January Insurgents appears at the midnight there.


  • Rzeszów. there's a haunted house near Cathedral on Sikorskiego street, other one is located on Krakowska street. There's a haunted house on Zalesie district, there's said the children giggle is said and the poltergeist phenomena is observed. Another places is manor house in Słocina district, located in the park.
  • Łańcut. Local castle is haunted by two ghosts- Lady in Blue and Stanisław Stadnicki-a cruel noble man called the Devil. The often appears riding a black horse.
  • Wysoka, located near Łańcut. There's a haunted house located in the end of the hill. A mysterious white ghost is said to be been there.
  • Mielec. There's a place called baraniarnia located in nearby Wola Mielecka. There're strange noises heard and many people have an impression of being observed. There're also three crosses located between Mielec and Przyłęk where some creatures have been seen.
  • Czudec near Rzeszów is a place where light orbs appear next to local cemetery.
  • Krasiczyn castle is haunted by lady in white ghost. There's some hotel rooms.
  • Horyniec Zdrój. There's a place called Devil's Rock. Local legends say the devil use to appear there. There's a stonce circle called The Sun Temple.
  • Krosno. There're many haunted places in this city like manor house on Piastowska street and house on Ks.Szpetnara street
  • Odrzykoń. The castle ruins are said to be haunted.
  • Baranów Sandomierski. Local castle is said to be haunted, there's a hotel there.
  • Way to Sietecz and Siedleczka (near Łańcut) is said to be very haunted place.
  • Gołesz castle ruins (near Jasło) are said to be haunted.
  • Bieszczady Mountains. There're many abandoned places some as monastery ruins in Zagórze are said to be haunted. There's also many places and forests which are said to be haunted or people visiting them have a strange feeling.
  • Ropczyce. Local magnesite rocks' influence produce a strange phenomena, especially appearing during thunderstorms. There're also strange creatures seen there.
  • Góra Cergowa, the mountain located near Dukla is famous by ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.
  • Stare Brusno, there's an abandoned cemetery in this village near Narol.
  • Przemyśl. The fortress hides many strange places as haunted Fort 13.


  • Kunów. There's a mysterious cave, there's said the skull is found here.
  • Starachowice. Zarżnięta Góra hill's located in Orłowo settlement. According to the urban legend a couple noticed here a ghost while coming back from the disco at stormy night. One year ago the couple took leave of and the guy committed a suicide.

Lublin Voivodship[edit]

  • Zamość. There're abandoned bunkers under Zamoyskiego settlement (Osiedle Zamoyskiego). Due to building of Zamość Fortress, there're plenty of underground tunnels. Their enters are located in Franciscan church.
  • Uroczysko Mucharyniec, located in Krzywowólka, near Biała Podlaska. This wildlife place is said to be haunted. There's a strange stone hidden in the woods.
  • Klemensów palace (near Tomaszów Lubelski is said to be haunted.
  • Sodoma Lake. A haunted lake located in Ruskie Piaski near Zamość.
  • Kryłów castle ruins' and Moroczyn palace ruinsare said to be haunted (near Hrubieszów).
  • Lubycza Królewska bunkers (near Tomaszów Lubelski are considered as a strange place.
  • Biała Mountain in Żdanów (near Zamość is said to be haunted.
  • Pyramid grave was built by one of Polish Brethren, there's located in village of Krynica (near Krasnystaw).
  • Poniatówka-Górka (near Chełm), on the way to Poniatówka the woman's ghost is seen.
  • Biłgoraj has a haunted forest in Rapy district.
  • Okuninka ( a holiday village near Chełm ) has a legend about crocodile swimming in the lake. Some say it was left by smuggler and other claims it could be a local cryptide.

Practical info[edit]

  • Many forests or swamp areas in Subcarpathia are said to be haunted. Many of those places are located near Łańcut like Czerwone Bagno, Winna Góra or Sosna Sobieskiego or Przemyśl (Sulce, Hruszewice mound).
  • Some of the places are located in nature reserves or national parks. To visit them, ask for earlier permission.
  • Many places have their owners, ask them before if you can explore.
  • Castles are usually hotels or museums. As visiting museums at night isn't possible (if you don't observe the object from above).
  • Some places like f.ex. Kryłów are located on borders and visiting them after dark isn't recommendable.
  • There're many places in different locations, so the best way is to stay in one place and visit others by car or bus/train.
  • If you're too afraid of visiting such places, say it and if you feel a panic attack, ask someone to give you a lift to your accommodation.

Stay Safe[edit]

  • Visiting mountains after dark is dangerous. Animals like wolves or bears use to be very active this time. Don't try to climb the mountains after dark, you can do it in late afternoon and then observe the mountain from binocular, eventually small or toy telescope. In this case the best way is to spend a night in mountain refuge. If you want to see Czerwone Wierchy and Dolina Jaworowa chose Schronisko PTTK Hala Kondratowa. If you want to see all those places (including Kasprowy Wierch), chose Schronisko Kalatówki. Diablak's a very hard mountain to explore, there were many lethal diseases, the closest refuge is Schronisko PTTK Markowe Szczawiny. There're also many mountain refuges (Schronisko PTTK) in Bieszczady Mountains.
  • Some abandoned places can be dangerous, always use any source of light and helmet to see them, especially while visiting bunkers.