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Halmstad [2](Swedish: Halmstad, pronounced "Haalmstaad") is a town in Halland located on Sweden's west coast. Halmstad is the seat for Halmstad Municipality, with a population of around 90,000.

Halmstad is a popular tourist destination in the summer, much because of the beaches Tylösand and Östra stranden. It is also known for its nightlife, with many centrally located outside bars and restaurants that open in the summer. Most tourists come to visit the town in July and August.

Halmstad is also known as the "golf capital" of Sweden, with several beautiful courses.

Halmstads Stadsbibliotek with its future-looking design overlooking the river Nissan was completed in 2006


Halmstad became a city as early as 1307 and in the Middle Ages, Halmstad was the largest city on Sweden's west coast. Its 700-year anniversary was celebrated in 2007 with several events across the city, including the Solheim Cup golf competition.

The history of Halmstad is a story of several battles between Sweden and Denmark, as the two countries for long have attempted to hold the city. In the past the city was surrounded by a defence wall of which remains can be seen in Slottsparken. Of the four original city gates, only Norre Port remains today.

Get in[edit]

Halmstad with its strategic position between Malmö and Göteborg on the Swedish west coast is easy to travel to by both train, bus, bike, or car.

By plane[edit]

Halmstad City Airport (previously called Halmstads flygplats) (IATA: HAD) [3] is Halmstad's airport and is located 3 kilometers from the city centre. It has connections to Stockholm Bromma airport. The service is run by the Danish aircraft carrier FlexFlight [4] offering a few trips a week.

Alternatively, Malmö Sturup Airport and Gothenburg Landvetter Airport are both within 2 hour's drive and an easy train journey to Halmstad. For more international flights Copenhagen (Kastrup) Airport is within 3 hours of Halmstad (via the Oresund bridge).

By train[edit]

Västra Stranden, with Halmstad Harbour in the background

Halmstad Centralstation is located a few minutes walk from the city centre. Best way to reach the city centre is walking with the station behind you until you hit the river (Nissan), then turn to the right.

If you prefer to not walk to the city centre, take bus #63 and get off at Österskans bus station. The bus is departing just outside the train station, often scheduled to leave just after a train have arrived.

There are good connections with both Malmö/Copenhagen in the south and Goteborg/Oslo/Stockholm in the northern direction.

Train operators:

  • SJ [5], train operator in all of Sweden.
  • Öresundstågen [6], train operator in southwest of Sweden and Denmark.
  • Krösatågen [7], train operator between Nässjö and Halmstad.
  • MTR Express [8], train operator along the west coast.

By bus[edit]

In 2011 a new regional bus station Regionbussterminalen was built and moved next to the railway station, connected with a walking bridge.

  • Swebus Express [9] have connections from most major cities in Sweden.
  • Nettbus [10] a Norwegian operator which in recent years have started to operate in Sweden.
  • Hallandstrafiken [11] is the local bus operator in Halland.

By car[edit]

The european road E6/E20 passes through Halmstad. Two other important roads to get there are national roads 25 and 26.

For free parking, park outside the football stadium Örjans Vall (See on map).

By bike[edit]

Using the bike path opened in summer 2015 that goes along most of the Swedish west coast, Kattegattleden [12] is a great choice with Halmstad located in between Laholm and Varberg.

By boat[edit]

  • The Guest harbour [13] allows most boats to harbour, with a maximum water depth of 5m available.
  • Since February 2020, Stena Line is operating a ferry line [14] Halmstad - Grenå

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

Public transportation in Halmstad city is run by Hallandstrafiken [15]. The city transportation centre is called Österskans bus station. (See on map)

Note that it is not possible to purchase local bus tickets using cash but only card payments are accepted. If using a Hallandstrafiken travel card (which can be purchased in the Österskans station) a 20 percent discount on all tickets is available.

If you own a smartphone and have internet access, downloading Hallandstrafikens app (search for "Hallandstrafiken"), will help greatly.

To see all available bus lines, see Timetables and travel information on Hallandstrafikens website [16].

By taxi[edit]

Some taxi companies in Halmstad.

  • Taxi Halmstad [17], Phone: +46 35 - 21 80 00
  • Rossing Taxi [18], Phone: +46 35 - 12 34 56
  • Sennans Taxi [19], Phone: +46 35 - 661 11

By bike[edit]

Halmstad is best experienced by bicycle and the city has lots of bicycle roads. Note that Swedish law requires bicycles to use a front and back light after dark, however this law is rarely enforced.

By foot[edit]

Prins Bertils stig [20] is a coastal walking route starting from the Halmstad Castle going towards the harbour along first the river Nissan and then all the way to Möllegård which is a total of 18km.

For a list of all available walking paths, see Halmstad's own page for walking paths and trails [21].

See[edit][add listing]

Halmstad Slott is positioned right next to Nissan river
  • Halmstad slott [22] (Halmstad Castle) is a castle built by the Danish king Christian IV, completed in 1615. It is positioned just south of the city centre, between the city centre and the harbour, along the Nissan river. Also have a look at the ship Tre hjärtan (Three hearts) [23] docked just nearby.
  • Stora Torg (the big square) is the biggest square in Halmstad. In the middle is the sculpture "Europa och Tjuren" (Europe and the Bull) done by Carl Milles. Often has stalls offering everything from clothes to fruit and vegetables at very competitive prices.
  • Halmstads Stadsbibliotek (Halmstad city library) [24], Axel Olsons gata 1. Completed in 2006 this modern library is overlooking the river Nissan. Has free wifi and 2kr/sheet printing capabilities.
  • Hallandsgården (Halland farm) [25] Sofiavägen, is located on the beautiful Galgberget with a fantastic view down towards the city.
  • Norre Port (the Northern Gate) is located in the end of Storgatan is the only remaining city gate dating back to 1601. Just nearby, on Storgatan towards Stora Torg is a big concrete armchair with a big red floor lamp next to it which has heating built-in. This piece of art was constructed in 2013 by Kamil A Lukaszewicz to commemorate Klara Johanson, a local writer and journalist.
  • Drottning Kristina Passagen (the Queen Kristina walkway) is on your left when walking on Storgatan towards Norre Port. A beautiful walkway between Storgatan and Köpmansgatan which makes up a calm spot in the middle of the busy shopping quarter. Has a cafe with an outdoor seating area and some boutiques.


  • Hallands Konstmuseum previously Länsmuseet Halmstad (Halland art museum) [26] Tollsgatan, exhibits several local known artists. Free entrance.
  • Mjällby Konstmuseum (Mjällby Art Museum) [27]. Exhibits the paintings done by the famous Hallandsgruppen.
  • Garrison and Air Defence Museum [28] also called 91:anmuseet, Noréensvägen. A military history museum located next to the Halmstad Garrison.


  • Tylösand is a 7 km long beach and in the summer thousands of people flock there when the weather is fine. Tylösand is believed to be one of the best beaches in Sweden. Watersports like windsurfing and kite boarding are quite popular, and courses are available.
  • Östra Stranden (Eastern Beach) is situated just south of the harbour. This beach is where people go if the hustle in Tylösand is too much. Has several mini-golf courses restaurants and ice-cream shops on the road just inland from the sand dunes. Popular for families as it is very shallow. Note that the beach etiquette demands you to either pick a spot close to the water or close to the dunes. Only tourists lay in the middle area, as it is for walking or sports.
  • Västra Stranden (Western Beach) is the last centrally available beach around Halmstad. Dogs are allowed here.

Parks and Gardens[edit]

The viewing tower located on Galgberget, as seen from the east
  • Norre katts park is very centrally located with Norre Port in one corner and the old Halmstad railway station (not used since a very long time) on the other end, away from the city centre. Watch out for the ducks. On the continuation of the wall between the Norre Port and the Nissan river is a small stage called Bastionen which sometimes hosts live music or other events.
  • Picassoparken is next to the Österskans central bus station, along the river Nissan. It has got its name from the large statue (15m tall) located in the middle of the park which is in the form of a woman's face made by Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar in 1972.
  • Kapsylparken (The bottle cap park) is a park between the Österskans central bus station and the city library. It have got its name from a beer brewery who used to be nearby. Surrounding the brewery was what was later to become this park, where local residents eager to drink their beer left the bottle caps just where they had purchased it.
  • Galgberget is a large outdoor area which holds Hallandsgården as well as a viewing tower built in 1897. It has excellent running paths.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Oddballs [29] Brogatan 8, is a nice billiards place with a cosy atmosphere, rock music and a fully licensed bar. Find it at Stora Torg.
  • Japans minigolf [30] Södra Badvägen 53, is a mini-golf place out just by Östra Stranden. If going, make sure to play on the "old course", as it is arguably better than the new course.
  • Halmstads Teater (Halmstad's Theatre) [31] Kungsgatan 25a, was built in 1954 and was undergoing a big refurbishment in 2010.
  • Halmstad Aktivitetscenter [32], Slottsmöllan. Located just behind the football stadium Örjans Vall this place offers both go-cart and laserdome. Make sure to book in advance.
  • Östra Strandens Gocart [33] Stålverksgatan. This gocart place is great for both young and old as it has two different tracks, one small and one big. Located in the harbor area between city and Östra Stranden, open in the summer.
  • Halmstad Arena Bad [34], Växjövägen 11. Located a bit outside of the city centre this place has a big indoor swimming area.
  • Röda Kvarn [35], Bankgatan 3. Located just next to Lilla Torg, this cinema shows most of the big films.
  • Simstadion Brottet [36], Schélevägen. Located at the end of the Western Beach towards Tylösand. This swimming arena has a 50 metre long swimming pool and is sometimes also used for concerts in the summer.
  • Halmstad Äventyrsland (Halmstad Adventureland) [37], Gamla Tylösandsvägen 1. A childrens theme park, water slides, a dinosaur park and restaurants.
  • Busfabriken [38], Snöstorpsvägen 105. Located opposite Halmstad Arena slightly out from the city centre this gigantic indoor children's playground is perfect for a rainy day.
  • Halmstadtravet [39], Nordalavägen 10. This horse racing track holds in July the Sprintermästaren, which is one of the biggest horse races in northern Europe.
  • Örjans vall, Laxövägen. Football arena home for the local football team Halmstad BK.
  • Halmstad Arena [40], Växjövägen 11. Located a bit outside of the city centre this place this place hosts various events every year, make sure to check out their webpage.


Halmstad is told to be the golf capital of Sweden with 183 holes on several golfcourses of varying character and difficulty.

A list of golfcourses around Halmstad:

  • Halmstad golfklubb [41]. Has at several times been ranked as the best golf course in Sweden.
  • Bäckavattnets golfklubb [42]. A forest course extended to its current 18 holes in 1984.
  • Haverdals golfklubb [43]. In the year 2000-2001 this club was named the golf club of the year in Sweden.
  • Strandtorp golfklubb [44]. With the course completed in 2003 this is one of the newer golf courses in Halmstad.
  • Vilshärads golfbana [45]. With the whole course situated next to the beach.
  • Flygstadens golfklubb [46]. This 9-hole course is centrally located close to the airport.
  • Holms golfklubb [47]. Founded in 1990 this 18-hole course is located a few kilometers inland from Halmstad.
  • Ringenäs golfklubb [48]. This golf course offers three 9-hole courses just inland from Tylösand.
  • Tönnersjö golfklubb [49]. This course was expanded in 2004 to now offer 18 holes.


Picassoparken and Nissan with Immanuelskyrkan in the background
  • Halmstad Högskola [50] (Halmstad University). Established in 1983. The three main research areas of the university are: Innovation Science, Information Technology and Health Science. The university is easily spotted as it has the second highest building in Halmstad, the 22 story tall Trade Center.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Storgatan and Köpmansgatan, as well as nearby streets, give you various shopping opportunities.

  • Köpmansgården [51], Klammerdammsgatan 15. This coffee and tea shop has a very large selection of teas and coffee available.
  • Östras bröd bageri [52], Skansgatan 5. This local bakery has a few more outlets in the city.
  • Olssons Skafferi [53], Storgatan 23. Selling exclusive cheeses and other delicacies, this shop is worth a visit even without intention to buy anything.
  • Myrorna [54], Karl XI:s road 47. This excellent second-hand shop close to the Gunillaparken park offers a great variety of clothes, art and books.
  • Backlist, Kungsgatan 20. Selling second hand music, games and films.
  • Eurostop [55], Prästvägen 1. Shopping centre located on the edge of the city. Take bus 20 or 30 to get there.
  • Flygstaden [56] is an area next to the airport where several shops are located.

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • Broktorpsgården, Kyrkogatan 12. Housed in an beautiful old timberframe house. Walk in between the S:t Nikolai Church just past Stora Torg and it will be on your right. It has both an indoor and an outdoor serving area. Make sure to eat some Swedish cinnamon rolls or get an excellent sandwich.
  • Konditori Regnbågen, Karl XI:s road 37. A classic cafe with a 70s interior. Well-renowned by locals.
  • Skånskan [57], Storgatan 40. Located on the main shopping street this old cafe is true to its old origins. Make sure to ask about the chocolate making, which takes place in the cellar.
  • Kafé Rotundan [58], Norre Katts Park. Beautifully located in the middle of the Norre Katt's Park. Sometimes hosts artists in the evening, ask inside for more info or check out their website.
  • Söderpiren [59], Småbåtsgatan 4. Located furthest out in the harbor this new cafe not only offers food but also yoga, surfing and a sauna.
  • Robert's Coffee [60], Hamngatan 27. This is the hip and trendy place for a coffee, with music and a modern interior.


For possibly the cheapest option see what the trailers at Stora Torg has to offer.

  • Kebabkungen, Brogatan 26. Cheap donner kebab place right in the city centre.
  • Folkparks Grillen [61], Folkparkstorget 1. Very good burgers and well-renowned chips. Also serves planked steak.
  • Kina Box [62], Laholmsvägen 25. Noodles with good value for money. Large servings. Located close to the central bus station.
  • Gustafs [63], Brogatan 37. Great place for a burger or meatballs with mashed potatoes. Offers unlimited drinks.


  • Värdshuset Tre Hjärtan [64], Stora Torg. Located on the big square it serves classic Swedish food.
  • Verona Restaurang & Bar [65], Laholmsvägen 27. Located slightly outide the city centre, close to the bus/train station it serves Italian food.
  • Västergök [66], Utblicken. A lunch buffet is offered every day 11:00-14:00.
  • Wild West Steakhouse [67], Gamla Tylösandsvägen 1. Western themed restaurant with good food and perhaps something to entertain you halfways through the meal. Make sure to book a table in advance.


  • Fridolfs Krog [68], Brogatan 26. Good food, nice atmosphere. Quite pricy, but very high-quality.
  • Salt, Tylöudden 1:1, +46 (0) 35 335 01, [1]. 17:30-01:00. Great food and cocktails. Situated right on the waterside (56.646442,12.726685) edit
  • Punch Restaurang [69], Tylösandsvägen 26. Situated right next to the Tylösand Hotel this restaurant also offers mini-golf.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Storgatan as seen from Stora Torg with Norre Port in the background

You can pick up the free Entré and Frotté magazines in various stores to read more about Halmstad's nightlife. They are only available in Swedish though.

Best days to go out or to go for a drink is Fridays, Saturdays and on Wednesdays - "little Saturday".

  • Lilla Torg (Small Square) houses several bars, and is very busy in the summer. Make sure to arrive early to get a table. The biggest bar in the square is Bulls, located next to the cinema. They offer a good food menu as well as drinks.
  • Harrys [70], Storgatan 22. Two big metal lions stand outside. Good central bar for a beer or some food.
  • Zigges Garage [71], Hamngatan 45. One of a few bars located along the Nissan river, close to the city library.
  • Morfars [72], Storgatan 37. Both a nightclub and a bar, this place is one of the newer places in town.
  • Tylösand After Beach [73]. On a sunny afternoon this place at Tylösand Hotel is absolutely full with people. Music is on on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the summer.
  • The Corner, Klammerdammsgatan 28. Nightclub and bar. Probably the cheapest place to get a beer in Halmstad. Dancefloor is downstairs. This place is cheap for a reason, however if you are on a budget this is the one.

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hagöns Camping [74] Sommarvägen. A big campsite located at the Östra stranden.
  • Citycamp [75] Styrmansgatan. A space in the harbour for campervans.
  • Halmstad Camping [76], Gamla Tylösandsvägen 200. This camping is situated just outside Tylösand, with walking distance to the Tylösand beach.
  • First Camp Tylösand, Phone: +46 35 305 10, [77]. Cottages and camping at the beach of Tylösand, about 12 km from Halmstad. Wireless internet connection is available. Kid's club during the summer, adventure golf.


  • Hotell Amadeus [78] Hvitfeldtsgatan 20. Situated in the upper pricing level for budget hotels, however it has a smaller relax section. This is unfortunately closed in June-September. The breakfast buffet is included in the price. phone: 035-16 60 00. E-post: [email protected]
  • Hotell Laxen [79] Strandvallen 7. has one hotel and one hostel part. It has a manned reception between 0730-2300 and also sports a swimmingpool. In 2010 opened Olivers Sports bar & Restaurant. Walking distance from downtown. phone: 035-299 19 00. E-post: [email protected]
  • Kaptenshamn [80], Stuvaregatan 8. Nice hostel located close to the railway station. Reception is in a separate building, disguised as a shop. Don't let the leather bags on display fool you: it is the reception too!
  • Krusbärets Vandrarhem [81], Malcusgatan 3C. Hostel located quite central.
  • Halmstad City Vandrarhem [82], Norra vägen 22. New hostel centrally located close to Galgberget. Free wifi.


  • Hotel Mårtenson [83], Storgatan 52. Located just next to Norre Port, this is as central as you get.
  • Grand Hotel [84], Stationsgatan 44, Tel: +46 35-280 81 00, e-post: [email protected] Hotel with a fully licensed bar and a restaurant. Open 24h and located just next to the railway station.
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Norre Park [85] Norra vägen 7. Situated just next to the old city gate Norre Port, at the side of Norre Katts Park. A nighttime buffet is included in the price. phone: +46 35-21 85 55. E-post: [email protected]


  • Hotel Tylösand [86] Tylöhusvägen 28. Located on the beach of Tylösand this is a upmarket hotel with a large spa section.


  • Halmstad Tourist office [87] Located at the end of Storgatan on Lilla torg (See on map). They will help you with sights, tickets, accommodation, activities and others. Phone: +46 35-120 200, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Destination Halmstad [88] is a good source for further information as is the official webpage for tourism in Halmstad.

Stay Safe[edit]

At nighttime, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, avoid the area outside Mc Donald's on the corner Storgatan - Brogatan as it has a bad reputation for violence.

Get out[edit]

  • Grimeton Radio Station [89] - The world's only remaining long radio station of its kind is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Situated 10 km east of Varberg.
  • Grötviks Hamn (Grötvik Harbour) [90]. A very charming tiny harbour located approximately halfway between Halmstad and Tylösand. Harbor has a small cafe, and there is a naturally occurring pool which is a hole
  • Haverdal nature reserve - This nature reserve north of Halmstad incorporates beaches, dunes and a forest with twistes pines.
  • Riccardo [91], Möllegård 317. Located some way inland from Tylösand this re-purposed farm not only sells (and makes) Italian ice-cream but also has a restaurant.
  • Västerhagen open air dance floor [92]. A very genuine dance place, still true to its old roots where Swedish jive and other dances are danced in the summer. Every Tuesday night, 19:30 - 00:30. 120kr per person.
  • Virsehatt nature reserve [93] Virshultsvägen. This is the first established natural reserve in Halland, established 1937. This mountain is located 20km outside Halmstad and makes a great daytrip if the weather is nice. Has excellent fishing and barbecue opportunities as well as walking.
  • Wapnö farm [94], Wapnö Gård 215. A milk farm which lets people come and look into what is going on. Guided tours in the summer.

left over since mining rocks that can be used to jump into.

Routes through Halmstad
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