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Haciendas of Ecuador

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Haciendas of Ecuador

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Haciendas of Ecuador refer to historical and renovated Haciendas in Ecuador, a country in Northwestern South America, with a Pacific Ocean coastline, lying on the Equator between Colombia, to the northeast, and Peru, to the south and east.

Haciendas are traditional ranches, often covering large geographic areas and incorporating agricultural operations and other businesses. Recently, Ecuador has seen increasing numbers of traditional Haciendas developing Eco- and Agri- Tourism branches.

Historical Context[edit]

Hacienda is a Spanish word for an estate. Some haciendas were plantations, mines, or even business factories. Many haciendas combined these productive activities. The hacienda system of Argentina, parts of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Viceroyalty of New Granada was a system of large land-holdings that were an end in themselves as the marks of status (in Portuguese, the cognate term fazenda applies to the similar system in Brazil). The hacienda aimed for self-sufficiency in everything but luxuries meant for display, which were destined for the handful of people in the circle of the patrón.

List of Eco-Tourism Focused Haciendas[edit]

  • Hacienda Zuleta - Eco Lodge and Horse Back Adventures in Ecuador
    • (from the site) Located between 2870 and 3050 meters in the Andean mountains of Northern Ecuador and 110 kilometers north of Quito, the Hacienda Zuleta can be reached within two hours from the capital.
    • This Hacienda focuses on presenting visitors with many options to see the Andean highlands. By horseback, mountain bike, carriage or hiking. There is also incredible birding, nature watching and homemade organic cuisine with many ingredients from the working farm.
    • Hacienda Zuleta also is involved in nature conservation through it's Andean condor rehabilitation program and Spectacled Bear protection area.
  • Hacienda Primavera - - Wilderness Ecolodge
    • A cloud forest resort, great adventure travel at 1300 meters with coffee plantations, water rafting, horseback riding, hiking with luxury accommodations.
  • Black Sheep Inn - - Internationally Acclaimed Award Winning Eco Lodge
    • Rurally located on the Quilotoa Loop in the Province of Cotopaxi, 3.5 hours from Quito by car.
    • Eco Features include: solar panels, adobe construction, composting toilets, recycling, roof water collectors, gray water systems, organic gardens, community education & aid work, reforestation, erosion control and more.
    • Location offers day hiking and horseback riding to: Laguna Quilotoa, Rio Toachi Canyon, Cloud Forest of the Iliniza Ecological Reserve and local indigenous markets.
  • Hostería PapaGayo - A colonial hosteria accommodation near the volcano Cotopaxi
    • This Hosteria does not only offer magnificent views of the untouched countryside, but also gives you the possibility to experience the culture of the Andes local communities. Whether you just want to relax or to explore the landscape actively, this Hosteria is the best place to start. At the altitude of 3200m you can comfortably acclimatize and prepare yourself for the climbing of Cotopaxi, Ilinizas or the Chimborazo.
    • Activities offered at this Hostería include exploring the beautiful Andean landscape by horseback, Mountain bike, and through hiking.
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