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Gokarna is a small pilgrimage town on the coast in the Karnataka state of India.


Gokarna, is a very touristic small town centered around temples with pilgrims coming throughout the year and tourists -indians, russians and europeans - coming from december to february for the beaches. The name Gokarna, means cow's ear (go=cow karna=ear) in Sanskrit and is based on Hindu mythology.
Koti Thirta Kere , Gokarna

The town is popular among Hindu pilgrims as Gokarna has one of the few Shiva's holy temples with what is claimed to be original image of the god (a lingam). It is also the home of several religious celebrations, and some of them denote a good sense of dramaturgy. The most famous is the colorful "Shiva Ratri" festival at the end of february. If you are averse to massive crowd, unfamiliar with local culture, it is advisable to keep away during that time. Tourists arriving to Gokarna will stop at a check-point at the entrance of the town to allow the police to search their luggages. Even in the middle of the night if they come with the Matsyagandha express from Mumbai.

European backpackers originally visited the place for its warm winter climate and the not-so-crowded atmospheric beaches. An increasing number of foreigners have visited the area over the last 10 years. Additionally, it has become popular with young wealthy Indians coming from Bangalore and Mumbai.

Gokarna is no longer a place for backpackers looking for a basic hut on the beach. Most establishments have upgraded to concrete guest houses with attached bathrooms, and several 4 star resorts have opened up shop.

There are four beaches in Gokarna. Internet and travel booking are available on Kudlee and Om beach, but there are no ATM facilities.

Gokarna Beach[edit]

Gokarna beach is several kilometers long and is situated at the edge of the town. It is quite popular with pilgrims and Indian groups but less with foreign tourists. Just the wind and the waves are cleaning this place. When the season is starting, the young workers of the beach-shops are collecting a few plastic bags, but only in front of their business. Nobody's cleaning outside these areas, except sometimes, an heroic foreign tourist (if you do so, be sure, locals will laugh at you... ). After Shivaratri - the biggest festival and picnic in town - it becomes a seven-kilometers-long garbage dump. A local tradition is to use this beach as a public toilet area : so don't take your shoes off...

Swimming may also be a challenge, since the water has an almost permanent dead fish smell. On the top of it all, the brown foamy stagnant liquid of "Gokarna river" is from time to time released into the sea. No wise person would enter the water on that day!

Walk a couple of kilometres north from town along the beach, and things are much nicer and more pristine. The part of the beach closer to the Gangavalli River is actually quite stunning and not crowded at all.

Kudle Beach[edit]

South of Gokarna beach, and accessible by a short downhill walk from auto drop off points at the northern and southern ends of this beach. The northern drop off point is closer to Gokarna town, but the southern drop off point is suitable if you are planning to stay at a place in the southern stretch of Kudlee beach. This beach is exactly what should never happen to a beautiful natural site. Have a look from the road down to the beach : the paddies have totally disappeared and some local building ambitions have led to the destruction of both the sides of the beach. Just a few coconut trees have survived and can recall you, this beach was a green gem... By the way, the lack of water during the high season is the same as in the slums in Mumbai : the toilets of some guesthouses are so disgusting, you gonna be prized by Guinness if you decide to stay there...

From December to February cheap accommodation is hard to come by and snapped up quickly. If you are are returning visitor, expect to pay double or triple what you paid in previous visits, both in accommodation and food.

Om Beach[edit]

Om Beach is further along the coast from Kudle, and named for its shape as it is split by a rocky island. It can be reached by auto, with a downhill walk from there. Mainly occupied by Indian tourists, and sprinkling of forigners. The second half of the beach is packed with restaurants offering cheap accomodation in the form of bamboo or concrete beach huts. In the rainy season there are very limited options for boarding and lodging. This beach is reasonably clean all year round.

Half Moon Beach[edit]

Half Moon beach is smaller and less developed than Om Beach, and is reached by walking over the headland from Om. Facilities are limited, there are a couple of small restaurants and a limited number of huts.

Paradise Beach[edit]

Paradise beach is the furthest from Gokarna town, but does not offer any facilities. The lodges and restaurants have been demolished by land owners (actually the forest department) and the police visit this beach at times to evict any residents and extort large bribes from anyone seen smoking charas. There is only one guest house here.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Gokarna is accessible by rail from Karwar, Ankola, Kumta, Mangalore and Madgaon (also called Margao).


Gokarna Road (GOK) is the nearest station, it is on the Konkan Railway. Connections to Gokarna town (8 km away) are available by

  • Taxi (Rs 250)
  • Rickshaw (Rs 120-200, unless it's nighttime during the monsoon)
  • Bus (Rs 10). To go to the bus stop, turn right as you leave the station, follow Railway Station Road for 900m until you reach the main road called Gokarna Road.

Busier railway stations are in Kumta (35 km) and Ankola (20 km); from there public or private transportation is available during day time.


For trains stopping at the stations see lists for

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation [9] operates buses (Red colored KSRTC buses) from nearby towns like Karwar, Ankola and Kumta to Gokarna.

By bus[edit]

From Bangalore, there are daily 1-4 buses (depending on the day of travel) operating. It is a 12 hour overnight journey from Bangalore to Gokarna. The experience taking the overnight sleeper was described as "being driven in a bouncy castle driven by the wicked witch of the west" - beware.

If arriving from Goa, you can take a local bus from Madgaon or Canacona to Karwar, then catch another bus to Gokarna.

Coming down to Kumta is good option because one can easily catch buses to different places (especially Mangalore) as it is well connected.

Private buses also operate to/from Hampi/Hospet.

You can book online ticket to Gokarna from any one of the operator's websites (RedBus, Travelyarri).

By road[edit]

The Kochi - Panvel Highway is about 9 km from the town.

By air[edit]

The nearest airport is in Goa at Dabolim. (Rail link via Margao)

Get around[edit]

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Walking is the most common way to get around within town, as it is small and compact. The town is also famous for 4 beaches located to the south. From Gokarna beach,Kudle (pronounced Kudlee) is the first that you come to, about a 20 minute walk. Om (the most famous of the beaches) is another 20 minute walk, and an additional 20 and 40 minute walk will bring you to Half-moon Beach and Paradise Beach respectively.

At the left end of the Gokarna beach, a narrow path goes up a hill, where you cross a (Rama) temple en-route. This temple also has a natural water spring which according to the locals never stops running. The water is quite drinkable. After climbing up some stairs, you will find flat ground and some breath-taking views of Gokarna beach as you turn-around to see the distance you covered. As you move along, about 10 minutes walk from this place, the flat ground leads to a narrow lane, which goes down to Kudle beach, the second of Gokarna's beaches. This beach looks very unkempt, desolate and dirty in off-seasons. You will hardly find a soul here then. But come season time between November - February, this beach will be dotted with hippies. Very few Indians are sighted on this beach, and mostly day trippers. Sunset-Cafe , on Kudle beach, is heaven if you are lazy and like to dig yourself into a rice pudding (and dozing off in between).

At the extreme end of the Kudle beach, a small meandering path leads up the hill and we came onto a well-laid pitched road. The shortest way from here to Om beach is to walk straight up the small hill along the well used path. If the path is not clearly visible, look for the white arrows marked on the rocks that point the way from Kudle beach towards Om beach. A 7-10 minute walk will take you to the top of some cemented steps. These will take you straight down to Om beach, which will take 5-7 minutes. If you don't feel like taking this meandering path that goes up the hill, from the same starting point near Kudle beach, you can take the pitched road going down the hill towards the left. This will take you around 20-30 minutes to reach Om beach and is a much longer path, but easier to walk. After the initial 10 minutes of walk this pitched road meets the main paved road leading to Om beach.

It is possible to get to Om beach by taxi or rickshaw (Rs.100-150 after a bit of bargaining - and the price is not unreasonable, the road winds around the hills and is much longer than coastal walking trail, This is also a nice 2-3 Km walk). There is a branch of the same road, that ends on a hill between Om and Kudle, but from there you still have to walk 5-6 minutes down to the Kudle beach. So this option is worth checking only if you have a lot of heavy bags and you are heading to the south end of Kudle beach. Rickshaw drivers parked near Om beach often can offer transportation to Kudle (quoting that it is far away) - but this is a scam, he'll just take you to the parking area above Kudle mentioned above, and you can easily walk there in 10 minutes across the hill (just look for the white arrows on the stones showing the right way). These drivers also tend to quote higher prices to go to town - bargain, and if this does not work - walk along the road, you'll certainly encounter some rickshaw who'll be happy to get you to town for the proper fare.

To get to the beaches beyond Om (Half moon and Paradise) generally you have to walk from Om. This is not advisable during the monsoon as the walk is quite treacherous. In high season, however, during daytime there are boats cruising between the beaches and picking up the passengers. Usual price for a "shared" boat ride is Rs.100 (Rs.150 for a more remote ride, say from Kudle to Paradise), but you have to wait until there will be several people going roughly in the same direction. You can also "charter" boat (this can cost you say Rs.400 for a return trip to Paradise beach with one-hour stop there), or can be asked if you want to pay more (200 or 250) if there are not enough passengers but you do not want to wait.

Om beach is so named, because the shape is like that of the Hindu religious symbol "OM". OM beach is about a kilometre from the main Gokarna town and fully approachable by road, unlike Kudle. In fact out of the 5 beaches, only Gokarna and OM beach are approachable by road. This usually means there are more Indian folks on the beach. For the other 3 beaches including Kudle, hiking or taking a boat ride are the two ways.

At the end of the OM beach, there is a path going up the hill. Here one has to get around a hillock(about 20-minutes walk) to reach Half-Moon beach. take this trail, and when you reach a fork in the trail, take a right for the coast route, and left for the forest route. They will both take you to the same place. Half-moon beach is so named because the shape resembles that of a half-moon. During season, the path is pretty well laid out. But at start of season, look out for thorns in the bushes. They hurt!!! In between one can take a diversion and take some rest below a palm tree on the edge of a cliff, from where one can try to catch a glimpse of the horizon. There will be many zig-zags , but make sure that one gets around the hill rather than unnecessarily climb up the hill. Once one gets down to Half-moon beach, he or she can see the pure beauty of this beach. During season , a couple of shacks operate on this beach. This is no electric power on this beach. Hence its totally cut off from civilization. But during off-season, you might be the sole inhabitant of this beach without any shacks operational. The rooms on this beach are pretty basic. They set you back by around 250 INR per night in peak season time.

At the end of the half-moon beach, a small trail leads to Paradise beach, also known as Full-moon beach. Its around 20 minutes walk from Half-moon beach. The thing to remember here is after crossing the first set of rocks, one should not try to climb the hill. Rather try getting around the hill. Its a much easier climb. The steep climb up the hill will take you to the next village, Bellekan. This is the last of the Gokarna beaches. Pretty much isolated from the crowd, Paradise, the name suits this beach well. Its an absolute paradise! Its a very rocky beach, with sand in between. Waves are very strong, and it is quite dangerous to go out very far into the sea. Evergreen cafe is the first shack on this beach, It has a few basic huts. Rooms on this beach are basically huts on the hillock. Cafe Paradise had fantastic food as well.

Half-moon and Paradise beaches can be approached by walk or boat. Boat charges from Om beach to Paradise is around 100 INR and from Gokarna Beach to Paradise beach is around 150-175 INR. There are buses from Bellekan village to Gokarna.

There are regular buses from Gokarna to Belakan, a village that is around a kilometer from Paradise beach. The walk is through a bit of hilly terrain. The bus trip itself is quite picturesque and for a good part of the journey runs parallel to the river Aghanashini that finally meets the sea at Belakan. A boat ride (available in season) across the Aghanashini river leads to butterfly beach (which can alternatively be approached via road from Kumta).

Renting a scooter is an excellent way of discovering Gokarna if you don't feel like stretching your legs. You can rent one for INR 200-400 a day. Petrol is sold hush-hush at many local stores in bottles at around INR 90 per liter (Nov 2015) - or you can ride down the highway, about 4-5 km away and tank up at a proper petrol station.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Beaches: The five beaches are Gokarna beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half-moon beach and Paradise beach. Gokarna is popular with pilgrims, while Kudlee and Om are popular with tourists.
Kudle Beach
Gokarna is blessed with some magnificent beaches
  • The Mahabaleshvara Temple is one of the largest in town and is the main place of pilgrimage, at the western end towards the beach.
  • The Maha Ganapati Temple is just meters away from the Shiva Temple and made in honour of Lord Ganesha having played a hand in taking the Atma Linga from Ravana. It is common protocol to first visit the Ganapati Temple & then move to the Shiva Temple.
  • Koti Tirtha is an artificial water tank used for ritual bathing and is regarded as very holy by the locals. Koti Tirtha with its surroundings has an old world feel to it and makes an interesting trip. It is approachable by a short westward walk from Venkateshwara temple.
  • Mirjan Fort: Is a scooter ride away, and is massive. Even if you're not a history buff, you will be awed by it. Mirjan Fort is a historic and ancient fort which lies some 22 kilometres from Gokarna in the Indian state of Karnataka. Gokarna is known for its beautiful beaches and many rate the place as being better than Goa as it offers relatively more secluded beaches. The Mirjan Fort ruins tell the tale of a once powerful queen whom the Portuguese named as the Pepper Queen. The queen Chennabhairadevi was from a nearby town of Gersoppa and she controlled the spice trade in the region during the 16th century. The queen is said to have stayed within the Mirjan Fort for more than 50 years. She is the longest reigning queen in the history of India. The fort is built with red laterite stone and has four gates and in its heyday was surrounded by a moat and a drawbridge. Deep wells inside the fort which are interconnected provided water to the moat. A marketplace, living quarters, and secret passages adorned the Mirjan Fort.

Do[edit][add listing]

The Gokarna Beach Trail Trek is a highly rewarding one
  • Visit the beautiful beaches to the south: (see above). Kudle is popular with those that are staying in town but want to spend the day at the beach, while Om is popular with those wanting to stay a few days or weeks and stare at the sea. Accommodation in huts or shacks and food are available always on all the beaches from 250 (basic bamboo hut on Kudlee beach with mosquito net and electricity, outside shower and toilet) to 700/- (small cottage-type house with all necessary amenities) per night in the peak season. Om beach, tends to be a bit more expensive. Also there are several restaurant-type cafes on the beaches. Enjoy the sea, sunlight, beer by sitting in any of the cafes near the beach. Since it is not possible to go to Kudlee beach when it is dark without a torch light (the way to the beach winds around a hillock) it is better to stay in the town for the night and trek to the beach the next morning. Just chill out at the beach, play a sport, take a few pictures, eat at one of the many eateries dotting the landscape. Most beaches shut by sundown, so plan accordingly.
  • Do the beach trail trek: The five beaches can be accessed, one after the other. Start from Gokarna Beach up north, and walk across the trail (which will involve some asking around, some serendipity and some inevitable getting lost) to Kudle, and similarly on to Om, Halfmoon and Paradise. It is not very strenous, but you need to be in reasonable physical shape. You will be rewarded with a trek like no other - hill on one side, Arabian Sea on the other. It's a phenomenal way to get from one beach to the other. At a leisurely pace (with plenty of stops for food and photography), it'll take around 6-7 hours in all. Start early in the day so you can end by around 5 PM - it can get scary when it's dark, especially with no people around. If you're not confident of doing it alone, you will find travel groups offering it - a search on Thrillophilia should help.
  • Try your hand at surfing: Sandeep runs a school for surfing called Cocopelli at Gokarna Beach. You can just try (2-3 hours) or take a fully-fledged course. Prices are quite reasonable.
  • Yoga classes: Shanti Yoga at Om Beach has drop-in classes and teacher trainings. More yoga mostly be found on Kudle beach. Look for Gokarna Shree Yoga School near Namaste Café: Yoga Teacher training Courses and Yoga retreat, Meditation, Pranayama, a huge different Yoga Cours spectrum is there which you can attent also spontanously. (Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga).

  • Swimming: Kudle and Om Beaches are reasonably clean (in season), but ask locally about swimming, as the currents can be very strong. Life guards are there at most beaches, however.
  • Visit during Shiva Ratri (February-March) festival. The celebrations are a tremendous sight to watch as thousands of pilgrims descend on the town.
  • Don't fall for the dolphin sight seeing gimmick from the speed boat vendor. All you get is a 10 min. ride and a distant glimpse of something in the water that might be a dolphin.

Buy[edit][add listing]

The small shops in the town sell religious items, psychedelic T-shirts and clothes for cheap. Trance music CDs and if you spin fire, (cotton) pois are available as well.

Malas (prayer beads), incense, cheap jewelry and religious paraphernalia are sold in dozens of stalls along the main road and gathered around temple entrances.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • There are a handful of local restaurants and dhabas in the town proper (including a couple of good options at the end of the main road where it hits Gokarna Beach).
  • Excellent local restaurants on the right just before the arch that leads into the main street. Incredibly cheap all-you-can-eat thalis, just don't drink the regular water though; buy yourself some bottled water. Street food is good, particularly the little fried pies and bhel puri. And don't forget to enjoy fish (pomfret, kingfish, seer being the popular ones) served fried, roasted or curried; as you like it.
  • All the beaches have basic accommodation and beach shacks (in season) serving food and drink.
  • In Namaste cafe at Om beach you can get Mexican, Israeli and Indian food. Don't forget to taste delicious sea food like Prawn Masala and King Fish Sizzler. Some Nepali people also run a really good restaurant from a straw and bamboo hut on Kudlee beach.
  • Shree Shakti Cold Drinks and Restaurant, Car Street Main Road. (Temple Road), 08386 257836. An old restaurant running from thirty years. Famous for Indian dishes and ice cream ,fruit juice,lassies.Fresh and tasty. The very friendly owners are Brahmins and the kitchen is the cleanest of Gokarna. Confortable rooms, with attached bathroom are available.  edit
  • Pai hotel, (Temple Road. About 1 km from Shiva Temple). Excellent Upma, Dosa, Idli, Vada and other south indian items. A decent thaali for dinner.  edit
  • Pritish Love Cafe, (Temple Mount Road. About 1 km from Shailendra Temple).  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Fresh coconuts are widely available as are delicious lassi.
  • You may be able to find beer (a 60 rupees bottle will cost you around 120 rupees) at any of the guesthouse restaurants on Om Beach. Most have harder liquor that you would have to ask for, since it's not legal for the restaurants to sell harder alcohol.

There is a wine shop selling all sort of liquor right outside the bus stand in the main town. This dark and grubby dive - you cannot call it a bar - is permanently full of drunk local human detritus. Have a small walk up to the bar of Gokarna International (on the way to post office), which has a much better atmosphere and a friendlier staff. Actually wherever you go, beer and whisky are outrageously overcharged under the pretext you are in a holy town! To serve beer in the beach guesthouses is illegal: so every year, the owners of these places pay a bribe to the police.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

It is next to impossible to find some accommodation during the peak season. So, book in advance. (This might be outdated, since there are MANY guesthouses in Kudle Beach these days.)

  • Namaste Sanjeevini, Kudle Hilltop, Kudle Beach, Gokarna, +91 9483122233, [1]. checkin: 12 noon; checkout: 11 am. Namaste Sanjeevini is a rustic green space located less than 200 metres from the shoreline of Kudle Beach and 1.2 kilometres from the Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple. A 4 acre property stretching from the top of the hill above Kudle Beach to about 20 metres from the beach front, Namaste Sanjeevini is a green zone full of trees, flowers, shrubs, palms and therefore, lots of birds.Coupled with road access leading right upto the property and in-compound parking facility, easily accessible serenity takes an all new meaning. 3000 - 8500.  edit
  • Hotel Shivaprasad. Hotel Shivaprasad is located in middle of the town and at walkable distance from the beaches and temples. The hotel is very clean and affordable with friendly staff and caring management., ☎ 91-8386-257032. Rs 135/ for a double bed room with attached bath and air-conditioner. airconditioned double room Rs 850/night. You can get a triple bed A/C room for 850/- A/C..  edit
  • Villa Casuarina, Bhavikodla, Gokarna, Karnataka 581319, India, +91 8105233027, [2]. checkin: 12:00 PM; checkout: 10:00 AM. If you are looking for a beautiful homestay in Gokarna 5 minutes from the beach, this is the perfect place for you. The well equipped villa is in the midst of a 1.25 acre Casuarina grove that you will have just for yourself. It is styled with the local architecture so that you can enjoy an authentic coastal experience. The villa is located just 3 kms from the Gokarna town center. Breakfast is also included in your stay. The living-quarters of the villa covers merely 800 sq-feet of the 50,000 sq-feet of the area that you will have for yourself as we only rent it to one group at a time. Besides Casuarina trees (ಗಾಳಿ ಮರಾ) that dot the entire villa, it also contains mango, coconut and cashew trees. The living quarters consists of a veranda, living room/kitchen, two bedrooms, toilet/bathroom. The second bedroom is on the first floor accessible by ladder-styled-stairs. Basic facilities are available in the villa including: fresh towels, bed-sheets, quilts, toiletries, refrigerator (including freezer), gas-stove, clean cutlery/utensils, waste disposal, yoga-mat and so on. Hot-water is accessible through a wood-burning stove. A few benches and hammocks are also setup inside the villa to relax in the outdoors. You can simply walk down to the Dubbanasisi beach which is less than 5 minutes from the villa. . (14.5719,74.3099) edit
  • Namaste Yoga Farm (Namaste Holiday Home), Kudle beach. checkin: 12pm; checkout: 12am. An oasis of peace just 3 minutes walk from the golden sands of Kudle beach and the famous Rama temple/Shiva cave of Gokarna. Sleep in ocean view rooms or luxurious cottages with their own veranda or Yoga deck or amidst lush greenery in one of the enchanting tree houses or bamboo huts build under a canopy of stars and palm leaves. Organic vegetables,fruits and herbs grow amongst tropical flowers, healing plants and abundant bird life. Explore nearby beaches, local villages, ancient temples and caves. Transform mind, body and spirit through yoga and meditation, indulge in thai massage or take a river-kayak tour into the backwaters. Enjoy free reiki healing, art classes and chess club on Thursday's … or perhaps just simply relax, unwind and enjoy the magic of Gokarna. (14.533219,74.315957) edit

In town[edit]

  • Hotel New Prasad Nilay, (1 km from the main temple..), +91-8386-257135,+91-9483939434. Rs 800/ for a double bed room with attached bath and air-conditioner.etc Single room Rs. 300/night..  edit

  • Gokarna International, (1 km from the main temple..), +91-8386-256622. Rs 1500/ for a double bed room with attached bath and air-conditioner.etc Single room Rs. 300/night, airconditioned double room Rs 850/night. You can get a triple bed A/C room for 500/- if you return the A/C remote..  edit
  • Hotel Om, Next to KSRTC bus stand (A 30-minute walk from the Om beach).  edit
  • Hotel Ram, Next to KSRTC bus stand (A 10-minute walk from the Om beach). Rs. 60/night for a single room with common toilet/bathroom facilities.  edit
  • Seabird Resort. Nice place to stay Non-airconditioned rooms Rs. 1000/night, airconditioned rooms Rs.1500/night.  edit
  • Shastri Guest House, (Temple Road). Double & Triple Non A/C Bed rooms for 150-200 INR/night..  edit
  • Padmalaxmi Guest House, close to Gokarna main beach (Near Gokarna MAin Temple). Nice place to stay Double non a/c Bed rooms for 200-300 INR/night. (""long="",) edit

At the beaches[edit]

  • Namaste Cafe, Om Beach, Gokarna, +91-9886466565 (), [3]. checkin: 12 noon; checkout: 11 am. Run by Namaste Atithya, a group that owns and runs Namaste Cafe on Om Beach, Namaste Sanjeevini, a rustic and mid range property on Kudle Beach and Namaste Samudra, a basic accommodation at Gokarna Beach. 1000-4000.  edit
  • Kudleoceanfront, Kudle Beach, Gokarna, +91-9448153614 (), [4]. checkin: 11 AM; checkout: 10 AM. Located within the vicinity of renowned Kudle Beach, Kudle Ocean Front offers affordable luxurious private pine wood cottages with modern amnesties to make you absolutely comfortable during your stay with AC/Non AC cottages as per your choice 2000-3500.  edit
  • Linger at Bavikodla, Bavikodla, Gokarna (4 kms north of the Gokarna beach), +91-9590050001 (), [5]. checkin: 24 hrs; checkout: 24 hrs. Large thatched huts made with replenishable, local materials set in a coconut grove right next to the beach. This is in a quiet, non-touristy part of Gokarna with nobody but a fishing village at a distance, and the very pretty meeting of the River Gangavalli is a short walk north of here. Cycles, hammocks, local food and books keep you comapny.  edit
  • Gokarna International, Kudle Beach, +91-8386-257843. Non- airconditioned double room Rs 650/night.  edit
  • Om Beach Resort, Om Beach road, Bungle gudde, Gokarna, +91-08386 - 257052/257718 (, fax: +91-80-25586163), [6]. Run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd., Govt. of Karnataka Undertaking, offers revised rate as on 15/5/2013 as 2200 rs per person per night on twin sharing basis (includes accommodation in A/C Suite room, all the three meals{breakfast,lunch,dinner},evening tea/snacks and all the taxes.  edit
  • Swa Swara, [7]. An upscale retreat with 24 villas, with a focus on yoga, meditation, art and clean, healthy food, having direct access to OM beach. No single night stays available. The resort provides a 5 night Yoga & meditation package for two people sharing for around EURO 1500 + taxes which is inclusive of F & B. Ayurveda is available at extra cost.  edit
  • Kudle Palace Resort, Right at Kudle beach, (, fax: 08386 256848). checkin: 24-Hrs; checkout: 24-Hrs. Rs. 800/night for a double room with attached toilet, no TV, 1 balcony facing sea.  edit
  • Om Shakti Cafe, Right at Paradise beach (A 50-minute trek from Om beach.). checkin: 24-Hrs; checkout: 24-Hrs. Open only from November through March. Rs. 250/night for a double room (beach side thatched hut) with common bath room, no TV, cafeteria facing sea. (14.5195723,74.3373156) edit
  • LITTLE PARADISE INN- kudle beach open october through april, Right at kudle beach gokarna (25 minute trek from gokarna to kudle beach), SAHIL BHAT.+91 9731528773 /9805379377 (). checkin: 24-Hrs; checkout: 24-Hrs. Rs.500/700/night for a double room (beach side thatched hut) with common bath room, no TV,Also attached rooms with western toilets and shower available for Rs 1000 with sea facing cafeteria. (14.5195723,74.3373156) edit
  • Sunset Cafe, On Kude Beach. checkin: 24-Hrs; checkout: 24-Hrs. Rooms range from Rs.250 to Rs.500. Rs. 250 for a basic shack, Rs. 350 for a room with fan and Rs. 500 for a room with attached bath. There are common bathrooms about a minutes walk away. (14.5195723,74.3373156) edit
  • Arnav Cottages, Hill Top Kudle Beach (10 minutes uphill from Kudle Beach), Nagakumar Gopi .+91 9036044212/8386256215 (), [8]. checkin: 24-Hrs; checkout: 24-Hrs. Rs.1500/night for a double room with common attached bathroom, no TV. (14.5317472,74.3139493) edit

Stay safe[edit]


  • Gokarna is a pilgrimage town : so try to remain quiet and respectful of local traditions, ask permission (and remove your footwear) before entering a temple, as anywhere else in the country. Respect the culture and follow what is deemed respectful by each place.
  • Walking on the streets up to 10:00 PM is usually safe for women but avoid going into small lanes and by-lanes after it is dark and make sure that you are not wearing any jewelry while walking on the streets. However, this does not imply that Gokarna is a dangerous place to be for women.
  • Tourists routinely hike through private jungle and farm land, and even occasionally set up camp or host parties their. Locals and business owners have joined forces to try to put a stop to this obnoxious behavior.
  • It would be ideal to stick to beaches if you plan to organize loud parties as locals will complain and make an issue if they are disturbed near the residential areas or plantations.
  • As with every place in India, corruption of petty officials like police is rampant. Kindly make sure that you prepared to handle requests for bribes. Its never advisable to get the police angry, so stay safe and pay them off!
  • Cigarettes can be expensive and liquor is hard to comeby unless you pay the double at restaurents. Drugs are not tolerated by police, and the sellers may turn on you to extort more money from you.
  • Please don't litter the beaches with bottles or cigarette butts.

Get out[edit]

  • Karwar — An easy day trip by train, bus or taxi since it is merely 55 kms away. Not too many direct buses. Ask at the Gokarna bus station. Last update puts the direct buses at 0730 & 1030. The better way to go is to go to Ankola and then take another bus to Karwar from there. You can also take the KR-2 train from the Gokarna Road train station. The station is around 9 kms outside the Gokarna town. Auto rickshaws charge something between 100-130 INR for the trip. The train journey between Gokarna & Karwar is around 45 minutes. You may not get a seat as the train is in the last leg of its journey. The fare is a very reasonable 9 INR. The train is scheduled to arrive at Gokarna Road at around 1020 but is often late by an hour.
  • Hampi
  • Kali Tiger Reserve
  • Mysore
  • Sirsi
  • Goa
  • Udupi

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