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Gili Air

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Gili Air is the most easterly of the three Gili Islands off Lombok.


Of the three Gilis, this is the island closest to Lombok. With Gili Trawangan rapidly becoming famous as a party island and Gili Meno primarily catering to couples who want to have their space, Gili Air with its relaxed pace of life attracts social backpackers who prefer to dive, meet other fellow travellers or simply want to chill out. Quite a number of partygoers after being tired from having crazy nights on Trawangan move over to Gili Air to do their dive courses in peace. The island still has more of a rural, established feeling than the other two, and it is no surprise that many locals seem to prefer living on Gili Air, and that it has the highest permanent population of about 1,800.


Most of the accommodation and other tourism facilities are on the south and east coasts, facing Lombok. The boat landing is in the centre of the south coast. A coastal path leads you around the perimeter of the island, and a leisurely stroll all the way around will take about 90 min. For such a small island, the maze of paths that criss-cross the island can get surprisingly confusing, but these always lead back to the coast path eventually.

Get in[edit]

Map of Gili Air

By Boat[edit]

See Gili Island main page for more info.

The sea is calmest in the morning and all transport stops running in the late-afternoon, well before dark. During periods of southerly winds and in July and August especially, the swell can be a bit hairy and you are very likely to get wet on the crossing. It is advisable to place laptops, cameras and handphones in waterproof bags for the crossing. You will need to wade through shallow sea when disembarking, so wear either appropriate footwear, or none at all.

From Bali[edit]

Prices can vary depending on the Season and travel agent or hotel selling tickets so it might be worth shopping around. Normal prices are Rp 300.000 to 600.000 (one-way) and Rp 1,300.000 (return) max in High season. So WATCH OUT and don't pay more than this!! There is a lot of people overpaying for this service without a proper check before buying the tickets in Bali or checking online directly with the Boat Company.

Boats leave from a variety of locations but the main areas to catch a fast boat to Gili Air are Amed, Padang Bai, and Sanur/Denpasar. These areas are also in order from closest to farthest from the Gili islands, and this prices will be cheapest from Amed. As of February 2020, the standardisasi speed boat profesi from Amed to Gili Air (one way) is 200k, however if you go to Putri Island’s office you can book for 175k.

Almost all fast boat operators stop at Gili Air. Here are some of the ones that do:

Marina Srikandi [31] : The first operator to the Gilis. This company has been in operation since January 2000. Daily crossings from Serangan and Padang Bai. Free Pick up & Drop Off Shuttle Service In Bali Selected Area. Depart from Serangan & Padang Bai everyday. First departure at 8.30 Am & Second Departure 1.00 Pm from Serangan. Depart from Padang bai everyday. First departure at 10 Am & Second departure at 1.00 Pm.

Eka Jaya Fast Boat :One of the most reliable boat service companies in Bali capacity of 118 Seats, Air-Condition and Tv . Free Pick up & drop off area : Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa dua, Denpasar Airport, and Candi dasa. Hotel Pick up : 2 hours or 90 minutes before departure time. Depart from Padang Bai everyday at 9 Am and 1 Pm.

BlueWater Express: 100% foreign investment enterprise offers the quickest and easiest way to get from the main south Bali tourist areas to the Gili islands and Lombok.All trips include hotel transfers in south Bali area, insurance, buffet morning coffee/tea prior departure and mineral water served on board.Departs Serangan 8am and Padang Bai at 12.15

SemayaOne Romantica :This vessel runs daily from Padangbai to Gili Islands and Lombok, can carry 80 passengers and has been designed specifically to handle the waters between Bali and Lombok .Departs from Padang Bai at 9.15 Am and 11.00 Am

Wahana Gili Ocean[32] : Daily transfer boats from Bali to Gili and Lombok island and return. Started with a single small 32 seats vessel, the company now also have 60 seats vessel and planned to launch a brand new 90 seats vessel with bigger engines. Departs from Padang Bai at 9.30 Am and 13.00 Pm

Mahi Mahi Dewata :All trips include hotel transfers in Bali area, insurance, buffet morning coffee/tea prior departure and mineral water served on board.Departs Padang Bai.Departs from Padang Bai at 9.30 Am.

Amed Sea Express offers a twice daily high-speed schedule to Gili Air from Amed on the East coast of Bali. Boats depart Amed at 10AM and 3:30PM with arrivals on Gili Air at 11:30AM and 5PM.

Scoot Cruises also now departs from Sanur in Bali and stops in Lembongan, Lombok and Gili Air. Gili Getaway (formerly Island getaway) go directly to Gili Tawangan but offer a transfer service to Gili Air as soon as you arrive.

From Lombok[edit]

Public boats depart from Bangsal between 8AM-5PM but often no later than 4PM and are fewer in number than go to Gili Trawangan. The voyage takes about 30 min and the official price is Rp 12,000 (as of December 2016). The public boat only depart when there are enough people, which means a minimum of 38 people. If numbers are insufficient you may have to endure a long wait at Bangsal. The best time to be sure of a crossing to Gili Air is 2PM-3:30PM in the afternoon however this can vary, especially with weather or passenger loads.

From the Lombok International Airport by taxi is about 247,000 around 2 hours if it's a "normal" driver, there are a few taxi providers before you step out of the airport gate.

Buy your tickets direct from the official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office. In Bangsal this is located inside the main building near the door at the eastern corner. (Sep 16 - the ticket office for Gili Air is on the right as you are looking at the sea. Down the back of the biggest building that says Tax servixe. This is not a scam). The Koperasi operate the Public Boat, the Shuttle boat, the Island Hopping boat and also offer (official) Charter boats. The office lady still encourage you to buy the rest of the tickets to ensure that you depart on time, but actually it fulled within half hour with locals (by the time I took on April 15th 2014).

There is a ticket office on Gili Air to buy your ticket back to Bangsal, it is located adjacent to the arrival and departure point.

Public boat (ferry)

  • This is the standard method to reach Gili Air and is used by both local residents and tourists. The maximum number of passengers is fixed at 38 persons but it is often overloaded with goods and or passengers. If it seems clearly unsafe due to either overloading or prevailing weather conditions then it is most likely best not to board it.
  • Bangsal to Gili Air 1 way is Rp 12,000 - (from December 1st 2014); Also Foreign Tourist Fee is Rp 5,000
  • Gili Air to Bangsal 1 way is Rp 12,000 - (the earliest deaprt at 7:30 am, the next around 8:30, it includes the time for slow boarding)

Shuttle boat

  • This service supplements the Public boat (ferry) service.
  • Bangsal to Gili Air departs at 5PM, the official price is Rp 26,000.
  • Gili Air to Bangsal departs at 8:15AM, the official price is Rp 26,000.
    (This is more expensive than the standard Public boat cost officially fixed at Rp 8,000).

Charter boat

  • The official charter boat service provided by Koperasi Angkutan laut Karya Bahari is permitted to carry a maximum of 12 persons.
  • Bangsal to Gili Air 1 way is Rp 155,000, return Rp 290,000
  • Gili Air to Bangsal no published price
  • Gili Air to Senggigi 1 way is Rp 480,000, return Rp 690,000
  • Informal and unofficial charters are also available from private operators to travel from Bangsal to Gili Air. If requiring one try to deal only with the boat operator, ignore the touts and 'facilitators' and use your time over a negotiation, any hint of haste or urgency is sure to raise the price.

There's also a speed boat service by Koprasi Karya Bahari (phone: 087765954418, 081805228126)

  • Gili Air to / 1$/D5
  • Bangsal 450,000
  • Gili Meno 450,000
  • Oboroi 500,000
  • Sira 400,000
  • Teluk Nara 450,000
  • Senggigi 1,500,000
  • Gili Trawangan 500,000; Bangsal to Gili Trawangan 550,000

Perama [33] has a small office on Gili Air next door to Villa Karang, and they offer daily transfers from Senggigi at 9AM for Rp 90,000. These should not be relied on outside of the peak tourist season though. Perama is unlikely to take you to Gili Air if you are the only passenger.

Departing from Bangsal to either of the three Gili islands is rarely pleasant due to the very persistent touts who infest the place, just try to ignore them and do not listen to their generally fanciful tales that involve you paying them money to solve an imaginary transportation problem. They often provide a chorus of gloomy predictions regarding the alleged unavailability of services, then if successful they just place unknowing passengers upon the normal scheduled service or a private charter at an often seriously inflated prices.

The situation arising from the activities of pestering touts combined with confusing and inadequate formal services at Bangsal is the source of many disappointments and complaints.

From Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno[edit]

To move from one island to another the formal procedure is to take the Public boat (ferry) to Bangsal and then a further similar ferry to the required island departing from Bangsal. To return the reverse is required. This can be confusing and co-ordinating the timing with the connecting boat departing from Bangsal may be either difficult or elusive. There is also a limited official inter-island Island Hopping service provided.

Ferry operators may sometimes enter into informal arrangements with passengers to journey inter-island. In this situation a passenger boards a boat that is meant to go directly to Bangsal from one of the three Gili islands but instead it detours and sets down on the beach at another island whilst en-route. The prices are a movable feast but people will normally pay a price of around Rp 25,000. Inter-island access on the public boats in this manner is dependant upon timing, weather, loading, payment and the inclination of the crew to facilitate an inter-island journey and such arrangements are not officially sanctioned. The standard procedure is to travel to Bangsal and make a separate trip to the different island or to use the very limited official service. The price for a single journey Public Boat ferry journey from Gili Trawangan is Rp 10,000 and Gili Meno to Bangsal is Rp 9,000. The price for the subsequent Public boat to Gili Air from Bangsal is Rp 10,000, this assuming the required connection was made at Bangsal.(there will be a cheaper price if you purchase two way - checked on April 15th 2014, but lack of detail)

Official tarifs and schedules
The tariff for all Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari services was last set by decree of the Regency of West Lombok in May 2008. This koperasi now falls under the new jurisdiction of the Regency of North Lombok.
Departure and arrival times may vary due to operational conditions and other random factors such as loading times and delays arising from waiting for sufficient numbers of passengers prior to departure. Overloading may occur and caution should be exercised if considering boarding or travelling on an overloaded boat. If there are too many people requiring transport they may be left behind and a substitute service may or may not be available. Try to limit your dealings to official koperasi personel only and avoid entering into any discussions or negotiations with local touts and facilitators. Only a few of them will be of any assistance at all and most will endeavour to confuse the traveller so that they accept an inflated price for the provision of an existing service. Do not buy tickets from anyone other than an official ticket seller.
Official Koperasi services include:

  • Public boat
  • Shuttle boat
  • Island Hopping boat
  • Charter boat (Koperasi)

Island Hopping boat

  • A limited formal Island hopping boat service is provided by Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari, this is the same local koperasi (maritime transport co-operative) that provides the Public Boat ferry service.

Its schedule is as follows, as noted in April 2017 by a local traveler staying on Gili Trawangan:

Morning Schedule: Gili Air 8:30am - Gili Meno 8:45am - Gili T 9:00am then departs Gili T 9:30am - Gili Meno 9:45am - Gili Air 10am

Afternoon Schedule: Gili Air 3pm - Gili Meno 3:15pm - Gili T 3:30pm then departs Gili T 4pm - Gili Meno 4:15pm - Gili Air 4:30pm

Listed price should be 35,000 Rp. These departures may be affected by weather and quantity of passengers, so it is always advisable to arrive at the beach early and also to be prepared to wait for delayed departure.

Charter boat

  • The official charter boat service provided by Koperasi Angkutan laut Karya Bahari is permitted to carry a maximum of 12 persons.
  • Gili Meno to Gili Air 1 way is Rp 170,000, return Rp 320,000
  • Gili Air to Gili Meno 1 way is Rp 170,000, return Rp 290,000
  • Gili Trawangan to Gili Air 1 way is Rp 195,000, return Rp 350,000
  • Gili Air to Gili Trawangan 1 way is Rp 195,000, return Rp 350,000
  • Gili Air to Senggigi to 1 way is Rp 480,000, return Rp 690,000

Informal private charters are also available. Prices are subject to negotiation, take your time over the process.

Get around[edit]

Walking is the best option as you can wander around the whole of Gili Air in about 90 minutes.

Bicycles are widely available for rent for Rp 30,000-50,000 per day. Some hotels might give you one as part of your accommodation package. Be warned, however, that some of the roads are in poor condition - little more than sandy tracks - so there will be times when you need to push, or even carry, your bike.

Cidomos are available along the harbour, but they have become quite predatory and will lead you to believe you need one to get to your destination. Most guest houses can be walked to if you don't have heavy bags. Negotiating seems to have gone out the window and depending to the distance roughly charged from Rp100,000 to Rp200,000 for one trip - this can be expensive if not travelling in a group.

See and Do[edit]

Cooking classes[edit]

  • Gili Cooking Classes, Gili Air's harbour, +62 87765067210 (), [1]. Learn more about Indonesian culture fasz vakarás by participating to a cooking class. eat everything you cook!. Rp 275,000 for a 1h30 class.  edit

Dive shops[edit]

Gili Air looking back to Mount Rinjani on Lombok

There are 10 dive operators with offices on Gili Air. Most of them are independently run outposts of Gili Trawangan based shops. All dive shops offer a full menu of PADI or SSI dive courses and fun dives.

If you intend to learn to dive or advance existing qualifications and wish to avoid all the temptations of partying whilst doing so, then Gili Air is the ideal base.

  • 7SEAS Dive Gili, (southwest coast), +62 87 865 703 510 (), [2]. 7:00AM - 7:00PM. 7SEAS Dive Gili is a full service PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Resort since 2010. They offer multilingual PADI scuba diving courses, from beginner to Pro courses, as well as daily fun diving. Located 3 mins by walk from the mainland port.  edit
  • Blue Marlin Dive, (northwest coast), +62 811 3908 821 (), [3]. 7:30AM - 7:30PM. Indonesia's renowned dive company and original dive centre of the Gilis recently opened their newest PADI 5* Dive Resort in May 2016. They offer multilingual PADI scuba diving courses, from beginner to Divemaster, as well as daily fun diving. The resort, just steps from the beach, provides elegant accommodation options as well as a beachside restaurant.  edit
  • 3WDIVE, (southeast coast), +62 819 0774 1090 (), [4]. Completely professional dive centre offering all SSI scuba diving courses, Freediving Courses Level 1 & 2. To ensure you receive the most personlised attention, the amazing limit the number of customers on board.  edit
  • Blue Marine Dive, (northeast coast), +62 811 390 2550 (), [5]. Professionally run dive centre offering all PADI scuba diving courses, Freediving courses, Yoga and Stand up paddleboard tours. In a great location with fun and professional staff, Blue Marine Dive is the ideal place to enjoy your holiday on Gili Air.  edit
  • Dream Divers, (southeast coast), +62 370 634547, [6].  edit
  • Gili Air Divers, (southeast coast), +62 878 6536 7551 (), [7]. 8AM-8PM. all PADI & SSI dive courses are available in French, English, German, Spanish and Turkish. Guided fun dives, night dives, muck dives. Located at Sun Rise resort. Also offers SSI Freediving courses.  edit
  • Manta Dive, (southeast coast), +62 813 3778 9047 (), [8]. SSI Dive courses, fun dives, night dives, experienced and professionally run. Traditionally styled bungalows are available behind the dive centre.  edit
  • Oceans 5 Dive Gili Air, Gili Air harbour, +62 813 3877 7144 (), [9]. 8AM-7PM. One of the oldest and most established dive schools on the island with disabled-friendly facilities. A PADI Career Development Center providing all types of dive courses from beginner to instructor including various specialties such as Enriched Air Nitrox, Sidemount, Self Reliant Diver, Deep and Wreck. An international team of multi-lingual instructors. Shark Guardian awarded dive center as of November 2016 in support of shark conservation, research and education. Free Wi-Fi for divers.  edit
  • Scallywag Divers, southeast coast, +62 087765867517 (), [10]. 8AM-7PM. Next to Scallywags Beach Club  edit
  • Gili Island Diving Center, (northwest coast), +62 81 915 994 607 (), [11]. 8AM-8PM. Next to Matahari1 Bungalows  edit


Freediving, breath-hold diving or apnea, is a form of diving where a person relies on his or her ability to hold their breath. With an abundance of dive sites and warm, clear waters, Gili Air is the perfect place to experience the amazing and fast growing sport of freediving. Although diving on a single breath of air may sound difficult, you will be amazed what an experienced team of freediving instructors can do for you in just a few days. By applying the correct techniques, together with informative theory and practical water sessions, you can experience new sensations and realise the natural ability of the human body to dive to depths you previously thought impossible, on just one breath!

  • Apnea Total Gili @ Blue Marine Dive Resort, (northeast coast), +62 877 6541 0412 (), [12]. Learn to dive on a single breath with the Apnea Total Gili freedive instructors at Blue Marine Dive Resort. In 2 days you can learn to dive down to 20 metres on just one breath. Everyone can freedive!!!  edit
  • Freedive Air, (southeast coast, 200m from the harbour), +62 812 3824 2820 (), [13]. Purely freediving diveshop, offers half-day, 2 days and 3 days courses for beginners and advanced freedivers, in both Apnea Total and SSI systems, also training and coaching for certified freedivers. After each course you go snorkelling with turtles on Gili Meno. Yoga lessons are also available, not only for the students.  edit
  • Freedive Flow, south coast, in the harbour, +62 811 398 1166 (), [14]. From absolute beginners to advanced training sessions and Instructor Courses you can find the complete freedive course selection from AIDA and PADI.  edit


Any of the dive shops will also be able to organise snorkelling trips for you, including hire of gear. Alternatively, there are some good spots where you can snorkel from the beach. Try almost anywhere along the east coast where the fringing reef is fairly healthy and close offshore. Be careful walking in the shallow waters though as there are a lot of very spiny sea urchins in amongst the sea-grass. Equipment can be hired from almost any cafe or shack close to the beach for about Rp 30,000, or your hotel will be able to help you. Please note, the coral reef is a sensitive ecosystem, when snorkeling please swim rather than walk over the shallow reef; will be surprised how much is growing under you, as a rule of thumb, as soon as the water is up to your knees you are safe to swim.

  • Subwing Gili, +62 81803621154 (), [15]. Trips start every day at 9 AM. Subwing is a new water toy which allows you to swim like a dolphin or to fly underwater along the reef. Currently the Gili Islands are the only place in Indoesia where you can do it IDR 350,000 per person.  edit


Gili Air hardly registers a blip on the global surf scene, which is somewhat surprising. There is a poorly known, barreling right hander off the south coast called Playgili. This is by no means a straightforward wave, breaks over some very sharp coral and is best left to experienced, skilled surfers. It does not always roll, but when it does this is a good wave. Best first stop for any surfer is Ozzy's Surf Shop, where the local crew will be keen to rent you a board and chat about the conditions.


The circular walk around Gili Air is very pleasant indeed. The highlight for many would be the awe-inspiring views of massive Mount Rinjani towering over Lombok.

Buy[edit][add listing]

There is an ATM outlet of CIMB Niaga bank on the island. It is located a few dozen meters up the main road from the ferry arrival area. There are two terminals inside, the one which dispenses Rp 100,000 notes allows up to Rp 3 million per transaction from any Visa/MC (no extra charges). A second ATM can be found further north on the same main beach track past the Turtle Beach hotel. These are the only two on the island but are generally reliable. The best bet for changing money is Oseana shop located in the Harbour. Oseana shop will change a lot of different currencies. Ideally, make sure you bring enough cash with you that is already converted to Rupiah.

There are a few shops selling basic necessities close to the boat landing and on the eastern coast. In the same area there are also a couple of vendors with a reasonable collection of Lombok handicrafts for sale.

In the centre of the island (in the village, on main north-south road of the island), there's a bigger shop (they have lots of smelly dried fish), selling, besides other things, some cheap foods (try donuts for Rp 1,000 if you are not afraid). Slightly cheaper than beach shops, but some sellers try to compensate for that when see foreigners, so the same 1.5 lt bottle of water could easily cost Rp 5,000 one day and Rp 4,000 the next one depending upon where you purchase it.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Cafe View, Gili Air

Starting at the jetty and working your way north on the east side of the island up to Hotel Gili Air, there are lots of decent places to eat. Since there is no fresh water on the island, purified shipped water is the norm, which does not mean that salads are 100% safe, but the food is generally not problematic. Many restaurants propose delicious grilled fish, freshly caught from the ocean. Choose the fish from their display stand and discuss the price. Local cooking style normally tends to overcook the fish, so it is a good idea to specify your cooking taste.

For budget travellers, there are several warungs in the village, just go inland from the harbor. Nasi campur spesial (with chicken) is Rp 10,000, as well as soto ayam. There's also a place selling bakso and (sometimes) martabak a bit further inland, almost in the middle of island. Rp 10,000 for bakso, opens in the late afternoon.

  • Classico, (east coast). ?. A newly opened but extremely good Italian Pizza restaurant. A menu of pizzas or a create one yourself option all cooked in front of you. Not the cheapest on the island but very good quality. Head from the harbour into the island, turn left at the "Crossroads" by Warung Gili then after 100m or so look for a sign pointing to the left. Next to Scallywags Smugglers' retreat 60,000-100,000.  edit
  • Ali Baba, (northeast coast). 9AM-10PM. A slightly eccentric looking place in a quiet spot, but do not be too put off. Local menu and wood-fired pizzas. Right on the beach.  edit
  • Hikmah's, (southeast coast), +62 818 05784565. Sandwiches and baguettes, using homemade bread.  edit
  • Easy Gilli Warung, (down the road from the Natural Spa, on the junction on the road towards the Mosque). Lovely and cheap Warung a few minutes walk away from the beach, with delicious Nasi Goring for 20,000 Rp and some great milkshakes for 17,000 Rp. Friendly staff. Rp 10,000-30,000.  edit
  • Sasak, (east coast). Cheaper beach restaurant. Sasak (Lombok-style) food and fish dishes, such as fish curry and grilled fish. Try their pelecing kankung (water spinach with coconut and spicy dressing) and parapek (pieces of meat or fish cooked in a tasty and spicy gravy). Rp 10,000-30,000.  edit
  • Scallywags Organic Beach Club, (southeast coast), +62 370 648792, [16]. 8AM-11PM. Organic seafood, probably the most expensive restaurant in the islands but you can still get a meal for under Rp 100,000. Sea views, all-you-can-eat salad buffet and range of desserts. Same ownership as Scallywags on Gili Trawangan. (8.3642°S,116.0873°E) edit
  • Tami's, (east coast). 8AM-10PM. Traditonal Sasak cuisine from Lombok, they do an especially good ayam taliwang.  edit
  • Juliantosbythe sea, +62 370 622179. 7am-11pm. Great range of Sasak, Indonesian and other eats at very reasonable prices. Specials are the ikan masak kuning(fish), satay, and good range of vegetarian dishes. Good gado gado. Very friendly, helpful staff  edit
  • Scooperific, (East coast). 7AM-11PM. Open in May 2013, Scooperific propose more than 20 flavors and more than 100 flavors of Milkshakes. Scooperific produces Gelatos and Sorbets using an Italian machine. Rp 18000 - 38000.  edit
  • Lemongrass Cafe, Next to Gili Air Hostel (Harbour road). 1200 - 0100. Small Warung located next to the Gili Air Hostel on the main road in from the harbour. Serves a mix of mainly local foods mixed with a few western dishes for affordable prices. Open until 1am so very useful when other places are closed. 20-50,000.  edit
  • Mowies Bar, (West coast). -9pm. Located on the quiet west side of the Island this place offers great food and chilled out vibe . Turquoise blue water during a day and amazing sunsets in the evening. Egg Benedict and Tuna burger is a must. 40,000-80,000.  edit
  • Warung Sunny, (Center of the island). 8am - 11pm. Cheap and delicious takes on Indonesian cuisine. Try the burritos for a change of pace. The chef who runs the restaurant (Sunny) is an incredibly nice guy who will probably stop by the table to talk. Also runs cooking courses. Main dishes from 40,000.  edit
  • The Mexican Kitchen, (Inner, new location), (). 12PM-10PM. Just moved from it's original beachfront location to a new place with swimming pool. Fresh and organic cuisine, friendly chefs trained in organic and vegan cuisine. Rp 18000 - 90000.  edit
  • Lemongrass Cafe, Next to Gili Air Hostel (Harbour road). 1200 - 0100. Small Warung located next to the Gili Air Hostel on the main road in from the harbour. Serves a mix of mainly local foods mixed with a few western dishes for affordable prices. Open until 1am so very useful when other places are closed. 20-50,000.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Gili Air usually has one party a week rotating at different bars during the peak season only. Locals and restaurant owners will usually mention them to you, and sometimes flyers are posted around. The party scene on Gili Air is much more low-key, and not nearly as rowdy as the wild all-nighters on Gili Trawangan.

  • Legend, (north coast). 10PM-late. What would a tropical island do without a reggae bar. Every Wednesday holds a party.  edit
  • Star Bar, (east coast next to Blue Marlin Dive Centre). 4PM-11PM. The preferred Gili Air hang out for expat dive instructors and their students. Good quality drinks, lunch and evening meals, and lots of dive talk.  edit
  • Zipp, (south coast), +62 819 15935205. 7AM-late, depending on the season. Usually the most happening bar on Gili Air (although that is a very relative statement). Nicely appointed and in a lovely beachfront location. Gili Air's impromptu late parties are often centred here.  edit
  • Mirage Bar - Sunset, (north coast). Out on the northern tip of the island. Enjoy drinking one of the great cocktails and listen to nice chillout music. On Friday evening is the chance very high to jump into a party with live music including blues and rock n roll. The sunset views across to Gili Meno, Trawangan and Bali are tremendous.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


For those who want really cheap accommodation (Rp 50,000-100,000), the good option is to walk by the road going inland from the harbor/boat ticket office to the village. There are several homestay-type accommodation options there. In low season, the price can often be bargained down.

Gili Air budget hotels tend to bear a striking resemblance to one another and most are on the east side of the island. There is not a wide range in quality or appeal, although a few stand out.

  • Abdi Fantastic, (east coast), +62 370 636421. These old-style thatched roof bungalows have been around for a long while and it shows. However, the prices reflect that and the location is great. Rp 175,000.  edit
  • Chill Out Bungalows (incorporating Chill Out Bar), southeast coast, +62 819 99364607, [17]. checkin: 1PM; checkout: 11AM. Chill Out Bungalows are located on the main beach area of Gili Air, set next to Chill Out Bar and has 5 traditional style lumbungs but with all modern services including A/C & fan, fresh hot water showers, satTV, safe-boxes, comfortable verandahs and breakfast. Chill Out Bar (at the south east coast location) has a chilled relaxed atmosphere and serves imported spirits, beers, wines and cocktails. Food provides some interpretations of Sasak cooking including homemade curries and satays, also Western food including pizzas and burgers and seafood BBQs. Expect to pay about Rp 35,000-80,000 for a main dish. Open late and sometimes evolves into the main bar on the island. Happy Hour, 4-6.30PM. A large bintang beer is Rp 30,000 with a bowl of snack popcorn and kerupuk for free. Rp 750,000.  edit
  • Coconut Cottages, (on the east coast about 200 m inland, 10 min north of the main strip), +62 370 635365, [18]. Lovely gardens planted with colourful hibiscus. Restaurant, private villa, spacious verandas on each cottage. Several other restaurants are within a 5 min walk. Ozzy's Surf shop, which arranges day trips and transportation, is about 100 m from the entrance to the Cottages. Cheaper cottages are fan-cooled, A/C is extra. Rp 250,000-550,000.  edit
  • Gili Air Santay, (mid east coast), +62 818 03758695, [19]. 10 bungalows with budget fan cooled rooms and a family option. Set back a little off the main track in a cool, shady coconut grove. Western style bathrooms and thatched roofs. Restaurant is on the beach in front of the bungalows. Rp 150,000-550,000.  edit
  • Kira Kira, (turn off the main road at the sign for Sejuk, its right next door to Sejuk), (). checkin: 12 noon; checkout: 11AM. Small cottages with hammock and balcony, friendly staff. About 10 min walk from the harbour or Rp 50,000 in a cidomo. Rp 120,000-200,000, includes breakfast and taxes.  edit
  • Mawar, (just behind the boat landing), +62 813 62253995. Traditional style bungalows are a little bit tired but offer good value to the budget-minded. Free breakfast, coffee/tea all day. Hospitable family. 4 bungalows set back from the beach in a shady coconut grove. Each has a little verandah with a hammock. (As of January 2016 - 150k per room including breakfast) From Rp 80,000.  edit
  • Nusa Tiga, (south beach, right from the harbor). Basic, but cheap bungalows not so far from the sea. Rp 170,000 (low-season).  edit
  • Resota, (just behind the boat landing), +62 818 05715769. Virtually next door to Mawar and little bit more upmarket. The verandahs all equipped with the obligatory hammock. From Rp 275,000.  edit
  • Sasak homestay, (Centre of the the village, walk 200-300 m inland from the harbour, turn right at first intersection and watch the left side, it is located just after Warung Muslim and no signs are posted over the entrance). 3 clean homestay-type rooms with small veranda each, nearby to main village shop and several warungs. 5 min walk to either harbor or east coast. From Rp 60,000, after bargaining), breakfast Rp 20,000-30,000.  edit
  • Si Pitung Village, (central east coast), (), [20]. A picturesque mini-hotel nestled among the swaying palms, nice pool with bale, 2 bedroom villas, 1 bedroom bunglows & 1 bedroom budget rooms Rp 250,000-900,000.  edit


  • Corner Bungalows, (east coast), +62 819 17229543. Newish and well designed bungalows with wooden features and hammocks on the terrace. About Rp 400,000.  edit
  • Hotel Gili Air, (north coast), + 62 370 643580, [21]. A bit out of the way on the north end of the west side of the island. Tranquil grounds, restaurant, modern bungalows. They have four levels of rooms ranging from standard to luxury. US$20-62.  edit
  • Manta Bungalows, (southeast coast), +62 813 53050462, [22]. 5 traditional style bungalows and 6 garden rooms/ 3 family rooms, all with A/C, hot water and outdoor bathrooms. Breakfast is included. Swimming pool, central to the main beach and restaurants. Has a generator which is advantageous as electricity is a problem throughout the islands. The coffee shop serves Illy coffees, teas and juices. Friendly staff. US$40-70.  edit
  • Matahari Bungalows, (northwest coast). This is just about as far away from the main strip as you can get. Newer, mid-range lumbung-style bungalows and some older options at budget prices. About Rp 300,000.  edit
  • Scallywags Mango Retreat, (southeast coast), +62 370 645301 (), [23]. Six rooms with private garden and outdoor shower, flat screen TVs with satellite service, mini bar, wifi. Also has a restaurant on the beach. From US$70. (8.362652S,116.087229E) edit
  • Sejuk Cottages, (east coast), +62 370 636461. Well designed and maintained, thatched roof, split level lumbung-style cottages. The living areas are upstairs and all have ocean views. The downstairs bedrooms have outdoor bathrooms attached. Swimming pool and the Blue Marlin dive operator is nearby. From Rp 500,000.  edit
  • Sunrise Resort, (southeast coast), +62 370 642370 (), [24]. Two storey bungalows in the main strip of the island with an open room downstairs and an upstairs bedroom. Four room categories, the majority of which have a direct sea view. Mature garden, Gili Air Divers operates from the resort. US$30-100 depending on season and room standard.  edit
  • Turtle Beach Hotel, (southeast coast), +62 361 8361717 (), [25]. Turtle Beach Cottage Gili Air features the traditional building style of Sasak, native Lombok tribes that are blending harmoniously with the island's landscape. Sea views, tropical garden and pool view. US$ 120 depending on season and room standard.  edit
  • Unzipp Bungalows, (southeast coast), +62 361 8361717 (), [26]. Unzipp Bungalows, is one of the leading beach bungalows in Gili Air which provides both the modern and the traditional amenities of life to the tourist.Unzipp beautiful bungalows made from recycled Javanese carved timber. US$ 60 - 90 depending on season and room standard.  edit
  • Villa Karang (formerly Gili Indah Hotel), (south coast), +62 370 637328. Good quality bungalows. The grounds are not that nice though, and the south side of the island is more prone to rough water and can be quite windy. The name is misleading as they are not offering villas. About Rp 400,000.  edit
  • Grand Sunset - Gili Air (Grand Sunset), Gili Air, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Lombok Utara (West Beach), +6281934337000, [27]. checkin: 13.00 PM; checkout: 12.00 PM. Great Resort on right of west beach Gili air, Offering Tranquility, peaceful, quit, and Fantastic Sunset view and Mount "Agung" view (Bali's Volcanoes) on the distance. 25 Rooms is constructed by great design a combine of Simply modern and natural concept. Big pool just up front the beach. 70 USD. (-8.35533518° 21' 19.21'' S,116.0760312116° 4' 33.71'' E) edit
  • Villa Nangka, (Center of the island), [28]. checkin: 2 PM; checkout: 12.00 PM. Small boutique hotel in the center of the island (next to H2O Yoga). 1 two bedroom villa, 1 Lumbung (bungalow), 1 double room. Private, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Pool, WiFi, hot freshwater shower, AC. from 50 USD. (-8.356847,116.084129) edit
  • Kayun Bungalows, (West coast of the island), +62 81 915 994 607. checkin: 1 PM; checkout: 02.00 PM. Biggest lumbung design. 5 Lumbung (bungalow). Private, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. WiFi, hot freshwater shower, AC. from 450 000 rupiah. (-8.356603,,116.078285) edit
  • Mowie's Bungalows, (West coast of the island), +62 878-64231-384. Anchored on the quieter west coast beach of Gili Air, Mowie’s Gili Air enjoys the best sunset salute of anywhere on the island. Often referred to by guests as “home away from home,” we offer a laid-back community vibe in an idyllic setting-friendly island-style service, casual-gourmet cuisine, and a high standard of accommodation. from 450 000 rupiah. (-8.3764002,,116.076868) edit


  • The Waterfront, (next to Manta dive Gii Air), [29]. Four contemporary styled bungalows set amidst a tropical garden, overlooking the turquoise sea About Rp 800,000.  edit
  • Villa Casa Mio (formerly Sunset Paradise), (west coast), +62 370 646160 (, fax: +62 370 649330), [30]. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 11AM. Quiet beach, 4 beach houses/cottage, each with different theme and design. All have cold/hot running water from Lombok, open air bathroom (some with massage shower) and friendly service. Free wifi in all rooms.
    The Casa Mio Siesta Beach Restaurant has sea views and natural style decoration. International and Indonesian food. Breakfast, fresh ground coffee. Beachside seafood BBQ, fresh made curry. Internet is also available for dining guests. The cafe has a 2Mbps internet connection, speed may vary though due to local conditions.
    From US$75-99.  edit


The islands electricity system has been gradually getting worse since January 2015. Daily power outages of between 20 mins and few hours are not unexpected and can occur several times a day. Most of the more upmarket accommodation have generators to nullify this problem but it maybe an issue if staying in the more basic accommodation or inland. Bring a head torch!

Large number of places on Gili Air advertise free WiFi although many of these are painfully slow and unreliable. Most rely on a 3G sim card in a router. A few places advertising "high speed" fibre are still very slow and over subscribed. On Gili Air, the best option now is to buy a SIM card for your phone, tablet or laptop. XL is the only provider that has a 3G/HSDPA mast on the island and data coverage is good over most of the island. Telkomsel/SimPATTI has almost no data coverage except on the west facing beach via its mast on Gili Trawangan and the other networks have no presence at all.

SIM cards and data packages can be purchased on the island at Siti Shop and various other places. Expect to pay approx 55,000RP for 1.5gb a month all day access and 1.5gb 0000-0600 internet on the HotRot package. Beware of so called "Unlimited" and "Super Unlimited" packages as these are in fact limited. The Super Unlimited for example has a monthly allowance of 8GB for 99,000RP. These packages can be bought again and renewed if a limit is reached. Speeds are highly variable ranging from 1MBit or so in the middle of the night to large periods of time where even simple web browsing is impossible during the daytime and public holidays with XL Axiata. Throughputs of sub modem dialup speed on 3G are not uncommon in the afternoons at times. It's worth noting that a lot of the advertised packages have time of day restrictions meaning you can only normally use half of the figure quoted during normal hours and the rest between midnight and 6am. This is particularly true for the most popular HotRod3G services.

The XL data network can and does go down without warning sometimes for large periods of time so don't rely on any internet being available if you have something important to do and a time constraint - best off going to Bali!

SimPatti, Three and Indosat do not have masts on the island so signal coverage with them is patchy and data coverage is limited to only a few parts of beach facing directly Lombok or Gili Trawangan.

Get out[edit]

  • Hop over to Gili Meno for further seclusion and a real desert island experience.
  • Back to Lombok and Mount Rinjani for one of the best climbs anywhere in Indonesia.
  • Bali per Fastboat depending upon the weather conditions.
  • Be aware that they'll ask you to pay a Passenger Service fee Rp 150,000 if you depart from the Lombok International Airport, it says doesn't include when you purchased your flight ticket.(checked on April 15th 2014)
  • there are many service agents on the island, to offer you more service to leave or arrange the trip, they could arrange your trip from a pick-up service at your stay all the way to the airport or anywhere I believe.

a charter car(private car)instead of a taxi from Bangsal to the airport was Rp 300,000 on April 15th 2014.

  • There's also a shuttle bus around Rp 250,000, will take you from Gili Air through Senggigi to the airport, cheaper but takes longer.

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