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Gay and lesbian travel

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LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people often have special interests when travelling. This page lists three things: events and activities of special interest to, or targeted towards, homosexual travellers; destinations where open homosexuality is acceptable; and destinations where it might be dangerous to travel, or at least to publicly display affection for a same-sex partner.

LGBT events and activities[edit]

An up to date calendar of gay prides all over the world you can find here [1].

Madrid Pride 2011
  • The ELLA International Lesbian Festival held twice a year (late August for the Summer edition and end of year for the Winter edition) in Mallorca. Culture, art, sports and music, day and night program [2]
  • The ELLA International Lesbian Festival held in Davos. First lesbian festival in Switzerland 29 March - 02 April 2018. Mountains, gastronomy, relax and fun [3]
  • The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras held annually (February/March) in Sydney. (Note that the Sydney Mardi Gras does not necessarily take place on Shrove Tuesday or the days leading up to it, as traditional Mardi Gras do.)
  • The Rio Gay Pride[4], in Rio de Janeiro October : held annually in early October in Copacabana beach. Around 1 million people.
  • The GLBT Pride Parade in São Paulo held annually in early June is the world's largest gay event. The 2009 parade gathered 3 to 3.5 million people.
  • Toronto Pride Week [5] held annually (24 Jun-3 Jul) in Toronto : one of the largest pride festivals in the world, advertised as attracting over 1 million people every year, although the total number of people attending is far fewer, organizers calculate separate visits by the same persons to separate events over the week-long schedule of activities in order to reach a number of an estimated 1 million person visits. More realistic estimates for the actual Pride Parade suggest that approximately 250,000 attend that particular event.
  • The San Francisco Celebration and Parade held annually (June) in San Francisco.
  • Divers/Cité [6] is an annual LGBT multidisciplinary arts and music festival taking place each summer in the heart of Montréal.
  • The White Party [7] held annually (November) in Miami.
  • SanJuanBrothas [8], the annual gay pride event held in San Juan, Puerto Rico each Memorial Day [9]weekend.
  • Paris Gay Pride [10] held every summer in the French capital with over 700,000 participants in 2007.
  • Swedish Gay Camp [11] A camp for gay and bisexual men held every summer in Sweden, open to international participants. Swedish and English speaking.
  • Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade [12] held annually at the first Saturday of August in Amsterdam. The 2009 parade gathered 0.56 million people.
  • Pride in Brighton and Hove [13] probably the UK's best and most entertaining Pride festival
  • The Manila Pride March held annually every December in Manila.
  • Madrid Pride Week Europe's and most probably world's largest pride celebration attracting more than 1.5 million people. First Week of July.
  • Gay Days [14] Annual gathering in Orlando, Florida with the primary focus visiting Walt Disney World the first weekend in June, but has since grown to events all over Orlando
  • Cape Town Pride [15] The largest pride celebration in South Africa and in Africa. In the beautiful city of Cape Town with a host of parties and after parties in and around the city.
  • Quebec City Pride Festival [16] Taking place in the historic and romantic Quebec City over Labour Day weekend every year , the Fête Arc-en-ciel is a french social and arts Pride Festival.
  • Biwak Pod Tecza - Camp Under The Rainbow [17] Gay guys and girls from Poland are traveling twice a year to Pasym, small, old town in Mazury. Twice during summer: in first days of July and first days of August.
  • Three City/Gdańsk Pride March[18] (Trójmiejski Marsz równości or Marsz Równości Gdańsk). Although Warsaw's said to be the most liberal place in Poland. Three city's as liberal as Warsaw. It's also an opportunity to enjoy in Three City's clubs (especially those in Sopot) or go lazy on the beach. The event usually occurs in May.
  • Queer May Festival (Festiwal Queerowy Maj). The annual event in Kraków, accompaning second of the oldest pride marches (marsz równości) in Poland. Most of events are in Polish. The event occurs in May.

LGBT Laws[edit]

Attitudes towards LGBT people vary widely across the globe. In some parts of the Western world, LGBT visitors will be tolerated, other places are less tolerant and anti-gay. if any problems during their stay. Around the world, has been a growing trend of tolerance and legalization of same-sex marriages. Despite this, there remain several countries where LGBT people continue to face disapproval, harassment, or even the death penalty. This includes many African, Caribbean, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern countries where it would be a unwelcome, and in some cases dangerous, to express who you are. In some countries where homosexuality is legal it doesn't necessarily mean the country is completely tolerant to gays. Penalties range from imprisonment – up to 10 years in the case of Bahrain, to death in several Middle Eastern nations. [19]. Even in the United States and Western Europe where, for the most part, homosexuality is legal, gay-bashing occurs. In the US, tolerance varies greatly even in more liberal areas, with beatings, vigilante attacks, and discrimination happening especially in the South_(United_States_of_America), Midwest, Wyoming and Texas with police being complicit or unsympathetic. Other countries, such as Canada, have even adopted hate-speech laws protecting those who identify as LGBT.

ILGA offers an overview of LGBT laws and news from around the world. A useful list of other LGBTQ resources can be found on this blog.

Same-sex marriage[edit]

For travelers who wish to marry their partners, same-sex marriages are performed in many countries around the world. Globally, same-sex marriage is legally performed in:

Marriages are expected to be performed in Austria by January 1, 2019, and in Taiwan by May 24, 2019.

This article is intended as an informational document for same-sex couples who are interested in marrying abroad. Keep in mind that marriages performed in these jurisdictions may not be recognized as valid in your home country and that the laws for getting married in each country vary dramatically for all types of marriages. For instance in Mexico church weddings prove difficult and Sunday weddings are not permitted. Information may change rapidly due to changes in local laws, so make sure to consult the relevant authorities well before your wedding date.

LGBT friendly destinations[edit]

If you're not seeking out specifically queer events and activities, but want a hassle-free holiday, consider the below destinations. Some of these destinations even have gay-friendly tours available, such as [Out Travel ] in USA, [Gay Welcome ] in Europe and [VIC Rainbow Tours ] in Australia.

Eastern Europe[edit]

Gay persons need to keep their wits about them in Eastern Europe. Although the laws of the European Union dictate that same sex partnerships are to be allowed if the candidate wants membership status, things can be dangerous in some countries. Lonely Planet warns about caution in countries such as Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, and Romania and also the Central European country (wrongly classed at times as Eastern Europe): Hungary. There, conservative attitudes abound. But the best former Communist regime state to be gay friendly is by far the Czech Republic with its highly advanced and thriving westernised gay scene.[20]

North America[edit]


Few countries are more tolerant and gay-friendly than Canada, both in legislation and attitude, including legal same-sex marriage. That being said, not everyone has followed suit with the movement, particularly in rural and remote areas.

  • Toronto - Canada's largest city is famous for its long-standing social liberalism, tolerance, anti-discrimination policies and multicultural population. It is home to one of the largest LGBT populations in the Americas. The Church and Wellesley district is the epicenter of the gay community in Toronto, and is a major tourist destination in the city. Parkdale and West Queen West are also popular districts featuring many gay bars, clubs, restaurants and other businesses. The annual Toronto Pride Week Festival is one of the largest pride celebrations in the world, counting an estimated 1 million person visits to various events over the course of Pride Week every year. Advertised claims of "1 million visitors" attending Toronto Pride are a marketing and corporate sales tactic. All reliable data sources indicate that there has never been 1 million individual "visitors" to Toronto Pride or any event in Toronto or anywhere in Canada (the Toronto Santa Claus Parade is another annual event that uses the "1 million" claim for marketing purposes). More realistic attendance figures for the actual Pride Parade suggest that approximately 250,000 view the parade each year, although there is no official count maintained.[21]
  • Montreal - North American city with a European flavour, very tolerant and multicultural. The large Gay Village isn't an exclusively gay place any more, it is a place where everybody goes out to have a good time. There is an annual Pride parade in August.
  • Vancouver - third largest gay community and on the west coast and is not very discriminatory.
  • Calgary - Gateway to the Canadian Rockies, and a diverse and tolerant city, with a booming economy and nightlife.
  • Winnipeg - no gay district, but had the first North American gay mayor (Glen Murray) and is very proud of it. Shouldn't have any problems. Annual pride festival held in the middle of the summer.
  • Edmonton - Is a gay-friendly city with its own Pride Festival.
  • St. John's - has a small gay population but is one of the most tolerant cities in Canada and a great place to vacation also holds gay pride events during the peak tourist times.
  • Hamilton - Hamilton has a growing LGBTQ community with many gay owned and operated businesses. With two gay nightclubs and many friendly businesses and the introduction of a three day Pride Festival celebrating UNITY 2009. Their pride festival has been going for over a decade with this year's being for the full weekend of June 19-21
  • Saint John - Saint John, located where the Bay of Fundy meets the Saint John River, is a vibrant harbour city with several gay and gay friendly businesses, including one gay nightclub. Port City Rainbow Pride hosts a pride festival the 2nd week of August every year.
  • Moncton - Moncton features New Brunswick's largest LGBT Pride Parade and Festival every summer. Downtown Moncton has one nightclub specifically for the LGBT community and the downtown area is incredibly tolerant and accepting of the LGBT community.
  • Halifax - the gay-friendly capital of Nova Scotia and largest city in Atlantic Canada has many gay-friendly and gay-themed events throughout the year such as OUTeast Film Festival, Guerrilla GayFare and Halifax Pride Parade. Reflections, Menz Bar/Mollyz, Michael's Bar & Grill and The Company House cater to gay and lesbian patrons. Halifax Pride is active in the community and hosts many events throughout the year.


A traditionally Catholic country, Mexico is getting more gay-friendly all the time. Medium-sized and big cities as well as coastal resorts all have gay bars and sometimes gay discos. Watch out, the extrovert Mexicans are never shy of flirting.

  • Mexico City - This huge city offers a vast array of gay bars and clubs, from stylish and slick to unassuming and friendly, both in the elegant Zona Rosa and elsewhere.
  • Acapulco - Apart from the natural beauty of the Quebrada divers, this party place has hectic night clubs, strip joints and friendly bars. Most of your fellow travellers are Mexican.
  • Puerto Vallarta - Commonly considered the most gay-friendly destination in Mexico. The area known as the South Side or Zona Romántica in the southern part of the old city is the epicenter of both gay nightlife and the popular gay beach, which consists largely of the Blue and Green chair restaurant/bar areas with their many palapas along Playa Los Muertos beach.
  • Guadalajara
  • Same-sex marriage legalized in June 2016 when Mexican Supreme Court declares denying gays and lesbians from marriage went against the Mexican constitution.

United States[edit]

Some parts of the USA are tolerant of LGBT travelers, especially the West Coast and a majority of the Northeast. The South and Rocky Mountains however are not LGBT friendly and could be dangerous for LGBT travellers with discrimination, physical attacks, and anti-gay attitudes being commonplace. In these places, police may turn a blind eye be complicit, or participate. Major gay-friendly destinations include:

  • San Francisco - largely seen as the "gay mecca" of the USA; the Castro is one of the world's most famous gay neighborhoods.
  • Seattle - Seattle's LGBT community is the second largest in the United States after San Francisco with 12.9% of the city identifying as LGBT. While Seattle’s LGBTQ community is integrated throughout the city, Capitol Hill is the heart of Seattle’s gay scene- a historical hub of gay and gay-friendly businesses, bars, restaurants and clubs. Its eclectic nightlife and central location make the Hill the perfect place for an exciting night on the town, or an intimate evening for two.
  • Atlanta
  • New York City - [[Manhattan/Greenwich Village (also known as the West Village) is the birthplace of the contemporary American gay rights movement; Hell's Kitchen/Theater district is currently the hot/active area with many clubs and bars. Chelsea and The Villages(East and West) are still centers of gay life but the popularity of these neighborhoods have waned since the 70's and 80's. Gay men and women who want an edgier/alternative experience may find the East Village bars suit them. Alternatively, Brooklyn also offers Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Park Slope (colloquially known as "Dyke Slope"). For Latin and Spanish speaking visitors (or their admirers) Jackson Heights, Queens with bars and discos is only a subway or taxi ride away. Most are along or near to Roosevelt Avenue. There are "Pride" events scheduled on different days in June throughout the five boroughs of New York City. However, Harlem and Long lsland are not LGBT friendly.
  • Chicago - has an annual Pride Parade in the Boystown neighborhood, which includes some of the city's best clubs and bars. However outside of downtown, most areas are not LGBT friendly.
  • Ft. Lauderdale - a "Gay HotSpot" in South Florida. The area has a large gay population, gay districts, and tons of gay bars, shops, and restaurants.
  • Milwaukee - hosts PrideFest annually, usually for three days in early June, downtown on the shores of Lake Michigan. It's the largest gay pride festival in the country. Also, the city has a decent-sized, growing, and vibrant LGBT community called Walker's Point just south of downtown
  • Minneapolis - Hosts the Twin Cities Pride festival every summer, and has numerous gay bars.
  • West Hollywood - in the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area
  • New Orleans - Hosts Southern Decadence every Labor Day Weekend and has many gay bars in the historic French Quarter.
  • Philadelphia - the "City of Brotherly Love" and the first destination in the world to create and air a television commercial specifically geared towards LGBT Tourism, with a slogan "Get your history straight and your nightlife gay." The Gayborhood is the center of Philadelphia's gay community, featuring bars, boutiques and restaurants that especially cater to LGBT clientele. Outside of mainstream areas, there are conservative black neighborhoods where homosexuality is seen as a sin and people will not be LGBT-friendly.
  • Las Vegas - Las Vegas combines the best in entertainment with a sparkling array of activities that offers something for everyone. Las Vegas was crowned as the 2016 Gay Travel Awards Destination of the Year. [22]
  • Fire Island Pines / Cherry Grove - Two of the seventeen villages located on the Fire Island National Seashore (70 Miles from NYC) that have a large LGBT community
  • Palm Springs - a small desert mecca two hours east of Los Angeles - it has among the highest proportion of Gays and Lesbians in its population of any American city - also home to the annual White Party at Eastertime
  • Provincetown - at the tip of Cape Cod, "P-Town" has long been famous as a queer getaway; and now that gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, it's a popular place to tie the knot as well
  • Northampton, Massachusetts - a lesbian mecca in Western Massachusetts, known for its art scene and surrounded by farms and mountains
  • Boston - the South End is the largest gay neighbourhood, within reach of touristy attractions in the Back Bay and on the waterfront. Annual pride parade in June is the city's second largest festival after the Fourth of July.
  • Key West - the southernmost point of the US is also a famously liberal vacation spot with many options for LGBT travellers
  • Miami Beach - a glitzy and very queer-friendly beach resort that is also home to the annual White Party
  • Ocean Grove, New Jersey - known as Gods Square Mile, The Methodist resort is now a vacation resort and home to a a diverse group of people.
  • Ogunquit, Maine
  • Rehoboth Beach - a small beach town on the Delaware coast with a large and active LGBT community
  • Saugatuck, MI - a small resort town in southwest Michigan with a concentration of gay-friendly shops, galleries, bed & breakfasts, and restaurants all next to Lake Michigan. A hotspot destination for Chicago gays looking for a weekend getaway.
  • Asheville - a city in western North Carolina with significant feminist and lesbian/gay communities.
  • San Juan - the 500 year-old island capital of Puerto Rico and “Gay Capital of the Caribbean”. San Juan is a definitively Latin American city and Spanish is predominant throughout the island. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory with border-free access from the mainland and direct air links to Canada and Europe. With gay guest houses, restaurants, beaches and nightlife in the Condado and Santurce areas, San Juan offers only offers a safe destination in Puerto Rico, the rest of Puerto Rico has anti-gay views.
  • Washington, D.C. - Dupont Circle is gay central in a very gay-friendly town, where you can subvert the national political culture, dancing the night away with gay Republican politicians and their staffers!
  • Buffalo - has a vibrant gay culture, with many drag shows and events, as well as many gay bars, the most prominent being Club Marcella.


Over time Cuba has become more and more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals, with the work of Mariela Castro Espín, the President's daughter, who champions for the rights of lgbtq+ individuals. She helps bring awareness for LGBTQ+ hate crimes with her Pride Festival, where she travels althroughout Cuba searching for lgbtq+ people to meet and also brings awareness to non-LGBTQ+ people. Havana - The capitol of Cuba and a very accepting place to be. Many "straight" men aren't shy when flirting with tourists who are primarily gay men.

Central America[edit]

Costa Rica[edit]

  • San José (Costa Rica) This is the country's capital and where most of the population in Costa Rica lives. Filled up with bars and discos for gay people, this place will turn you on.
  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica's favourite gay vacation spot for locals and tourists. One of the most amazing beach on the Pacific Ocean, declared National Park for its amazing beauty. Many gay-owned, friendly hotels and commerce. Great nightlife. There used to be a small gay beach, but now security guards from a nearby hotel harass men who go here.


Homosexuality legalized in 2008.

  • At Royal Decameron in Farallon is not gay-focused, but certainly gay friendly.

South America[edit]


  • Buenos Aires - The Argentine capital is one of the most popular gay travel destination in South America. The city's first five-star gay hotel is currently the only one in Latin America, and the city passed same-sex civil union legislation in 2002, and full same-sex marriage in 2010.


  • Rio de Janeiro - Latin America's main gay Mecca, Rio has been chosen as the sexiest gay destination in 2010 by TripOut Gay Travel Awards. In 2009 it was elected as the best lesbigay global destination. Has its famous gay beach. During colonial times, the first gay ball of the Americas took place in Rio, in 1757. However, in spite of all this, Rio is far from being exactly a paradise of LGBT tolerance. Outside the traditional gay points of Farme de Amoedo street in Ipanema and parts of Copacabana, same-sex displays of affection are likely to attract looks, whistles and other forms of mockery. More than that - true hate violence - is rare and unlikely, but not impossible. Also, don't mistake the fact that locals often wear little clothing for sexual liberalness; it only means that people tend to be informal. Rio is actually much more conservative than it appears at first sight, and machismo is prevalent in local culture, which shouldn't be surprising in the city with the largest populations of elderly and military people in Brazil. That said, the wealthy southern ocean front beach area, where most tourists stay, is far more liberal than the poorer northern suburbs, and serious incidents are unlikely.
  • São Paulo - Home to the world's largest gay pride festival, with some 3 million participants annually, São Paulo also has an extremely lively and open gay scene, with dozens of big gay clubs and businesses, and a traditional meeting point (especially for bears and more mature gay men) at Vieira de Carvalho avenue in downtown. Paulista Avenue also always has a lot of gays and lesbians walking and cruising all the time; so do Ibirapuera Park and some shopping malls like Frei Caneca. Local culture tends to value privacy and not fussing around other people's lives, so there is significant social tolerance, especially among educated people. Still, odd looks and mockery can occur, and there have been a few cases of serious violent attacks by self-styled "skinheads" on gay and even just seemingly gay men, especially in the Paulista Avenue area and on weekend nights and early mornings. The State of São Paulo has a law against discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, which can theoretically mean heavy fines to offenders, but police and other authorities are often non-cooperative and/or unaware of the law's existence, and it can be hard to ensure that it is enforced should something occur. The City of São Paulo administration has a Coordination for Sexual Diversity and they can be more helpful; so can the city's many and very active LGBT NGOs.


  • Santiago - Santiago is by far Chile's least conservative city, the only one where the 'Gay parade' and similar events are held. But beware that homosexuals in Chile should keep a low profile: Same-sex couples kissing in the street or holding hands (especially males) are going to attract stares, and there has been some unprovoked violence against gay couples, though homophobic physical attacks are somewhat unusual.


  • Montevideo - The Uruguayan capital had a sexual diversity monument installed in 2005.


  • In the larger cities, especially Lima and Cuzco (Machu Picchu), there are a number of establishments - bars, discos, inns, restaurants.

Middle East[edit]


  • Tel Aviv - Israel's Gay capital. Extremely lively and liberal city, with dozens of gay venues, parties and activities. Locals are completely blasé regarding sexual diversity.


  • Istanbul - has a considerable gay life and tons of gay bars and clubs mainly around Taksim and Beyoglu districts. In the summer of 2007, local GLBT association Lambda Istanbul organized a big gay & lesbian parade (Pride Istanbul) out in the streets with the legal permission of local authorities. In 2013, Istanbul held its largest pride parade yet, with over 100,000 people in attendance. Other more liberal and gay-friendly cities in Turkey include Izmir, Antalya and the capital city, Ankara. Caution might be warranted, however, given the current political climate in the country and the still very anti-gay views outside of Instanbul.


  • Beirut - Beirut is considered to be the Middle East's other gay capital, after Tel Aviv. Society is largely secular and liberal downtown (Hamra, Gemmahyzeh, Achrafieh). Gay bars, clubs and dance halls are common in these section of the city. Pay attention in more traditional areas which are very close to these ones. Basically, if you see no alcohol in shops, it means you are in such an area. Flags (green, black and yellow) on street corners is another clue.


Likely the most relaxed about gay and lesbian travel and people should have little problems. Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Spain are likely the most tolerant. Travellers should bear in mind, that - in general - the further east you go, the less tolerant it is. Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Sitges (all in Spain) and Mykonos (Greece) are the hottest gay holiday destinations that Europe has to offer.




Czech Republic[edit]




  • Lyon
  • Montpellier
  • Nîmes
  • Paris - Over 300 different gay and lesbian venues, concentrated around Le Marais, in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.
  • Provence - Southern France brings gay travellers a new experience in travelling with the French gay and lesbian community in Provence sharing their love and knowledge of the country.


Cologne Pride afterparty
  • Berlin - Berlin has a pretty wide-spread gay community, partially centred in Schöneberg, but gay couples can be seen pretty much anywhere. The only places where caution should taken are Lichtenberg and Neukölln: historically not very tolerant groups live there, however, NeuKölln is nowadays the new hip part of the city.

Clubs/Bars: Rose's - Oranienstraße Berghain Kitkat Club (a fetish club for all, where it's not uncommon to see the occasional blowjob) Near Kufürstendamm there are a lot of gay bars.

  • Cologne
  • Hamburg - The gay heart of the city is called "St. George" with the famous "Lange Reihe" as the gay street in Hamburg. Also the "Pulverfass" has many gay or gay-friendly locations, e.g. bars, shops, restaurants and clubs. For a more sexual connotation visit the local redlight district "Reeperbahn" and its many junctions, in particular the "Talstraße" which is the other clearly "gay-labelled" street in Hamburg with gay cinemas, bars and clubs
  • Lübeck

Lübeck is a small town, but also offers a lot for gays. specially the Chapeau Claque Szenebar is well known: (Tu-Th 19:00-01:00, Fr-Sa 21:00-04.00), Hartengrube 25, 23552 Lübeck



  • Budapest - Thermal bath and spa capital of Central Europe with a lively gay scene. The city has several bars specifically for the LGBT community. Some Hungarians support gay rights, however there is a vocal anti-gay population, as evidenced by the disturbances of the gay rights parades between 2007-2009 and the anti gay demonstrations at the parades in the following years. Public displays of affection between men are not accepted by Hungarians.


  • Dublin - Ireland's Capital is the Irish Gay Capital with a huge LGBT population holding yearly pride events. the city has 10 + gay clubs and bars.
  • Cork - has a big LGBT population with a gay friendly atmosphere including bars, clubs and Pride Events



  • Amsterdam is also known as the gay capital of Europe. The Netherlands was the world's first country to legalize same-sex marriage on April 1, 2001. Many clubs have special gay nights every week. A central street, known as the Reguliersdwarsstraat, is full of cafés where gay people are far more common than heterosexuals. Every summer there is the Gay Pride Parade, taking place in the canals in the city centre. The Dutch are predominantly tolerant of homosexuality.



  • Warsaw — The most gay friendly city in Poland. There's an annual Pride Parade (Marsz Równości) heading on the beginning of June. It's the oldest event of that kind.
  • Krakow — Kraków's very gay friendly place. There're many LGBT friendly bars and cafes in the city. There's an annual Pride March (Marsz Równości). It's accompanied with Queer May Festival (Festiwal Queerowy Maj)
  • Gdansk — There's an annual Pride March (Marsz Równości). There're many gay clubs in nearby Sopot.
  • Wroclaw — There's an annual Pride March (Marsz Równości) in the city. It's accompanied with many events and concerts.
  • Poznan — The most LGBT friendly city after Warsaw. There's an annual Pride March (Marsz Równości).
  • Lodz — Lodz'a very liberal city. There's also a Pride March (Marsz Równości) in the city. It heads every hear.
  • Other cities — Last years there have been many pride events occurring. There're pride marches ( Marsz Równości) in Koszalin, Gniezno, Bydgoszcz, Zielona Góra, Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Częstochowa, Opole, Kielce, Katowice, Szczecin, Toruń, Lublin and Białystok

Other venues[edit]

  • Three City organisation Tolerado with Gdańsk headquarter organizes many events dedicated to LGBTQ community.






  • Istanbul - has a considerable gay life and tens of gay bars and clubs mainly around Taksim and Beyoglu districts. In the summer of 2007, local GLBT association Lambda Istanbul organized a big gay & lesbian parade (Pride Istanbul) out in the streets with the legal permission of local authorities.

United Kingdom[edit]

The Big 3 widely known as Brighton, London and Manchester.

  • London- The second highest percentage of gay people in UK after Brighton, but given the massive size of the city, is not really second to none. Hundreds of clubs with different types of people and nationalities are waiting for you.
  • Manchester - One of the gay party capitals with a huge amount of gay nightlife. The largest major city gay population outside London. Reportedly largest gay village in Europe.
  • Brighton - The highest percentage of gay people in Europe, with a lot of style, creativity, and great nightlife.
  • Belfast, has Northern Ireland's biggest LGBT population with a great gay night life including club / bars holding the regions biggest Pride event annually
  • Edinburgh - The UK's most visited city after London and one of the most tolerant cities in Europe. The second highest major city gay population outside London, after Manchester.
  • Birmingham Has a large and vibrant gay scene and gay village in the Hurst Street/China Town district of the city.
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Hosts numerous gay bars & clubs located in the Pink Triangle area of the city centre.
  • Hebden Bridge, a small town in West Yorkshire, has the highest proportion of lesbians in the UK.
  • Glasgow, Scotland - has a big LGBT population including bars & clubs and is a gay friendly UK destination
  • Cardiff, Wales - has a an LGBT night life along with Gay pride events yearly



  • Sydney - [Mardi Gras] host of the country's largest tourist event, the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which attracts millions of queer-friendly visitors to the city every year
  • Melbourne - [midsumma] host of Midsumma Festival presented over three weeks from mid January to early February every year.

New Zealand[edit]

  • Auckland - the city comes alive around 01:00, full of incredible restaurants, pubs with live music, and great dancing places in 'K Road'.
  • Vinegar Hill - a camping ground in the Manawatu that hosts a large gay and lesbian camp over Christmas/New Year.
  • Guysers Gaystay - a gay mens Breakfast & Breakfast in Rotorua City.



While the gay scene is Cambodia is very small compared to the Philippines or Thailand, Cambodian society is generally highly tolerant of LGBTs.


  • There are no laws against homosexuality in China, and people are generally tolerant towards gays and lesbians with unprovoked violence against homosexuals being extremely rare. Still, homosexuals should keep a low profile, as there is heavy censorship of homosexual-themed (or featured) media by the government. Shanghai Pride began in 2009 without a parade, due to fears that the government would not allow it. Same-sex marriage is not recognized by the government.
  • Shanghai - Home to the first-ever Pride Festival in mainland China
Hong Kong[edit]

There are no laws against homosexuality in Hong Kong, and the first Gay Pride Parade was held here in 2008, but sexuality is still generally not discussed in public between older people. For youngsters is quite different: There are some hip gay clubs that can well be in London, New York or Madrid that cater to locals and tourists.


  • Tokyo - Shinjuku ni-chome is the largest gay district in the nation
  • Osaka - Doyama-cho is Osaka's gay district
  • Sapporo - Home to a few gay establishments and hosts its own annual Pride Parade. It has the largest gay community in northern Japan
  • Fukuoka - Kyushu's largest city and most gay-friendly city, you'll find many of its gay venues in the Sumiyoshi ward
  • Nagoya - Sakae yon-chome in the Joshidai area is home to Nagoya's gay venues


Nepal was the first nation in South Asia to decriminalize homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been legalized. Recently, the nation's tourism industry has focused heavily on attracting gay tourism in 2011, trying to entice them with gay marriages on Mount Everest. The government is making moves to ensure that the police will enforce laws protecting homosexuals (and not discriminate themselves). Gay travellers in Nepal should still remain conservative; although the government is making changes, local attitudes about homosexuality remain negative and some resent being seen as a "gay travel" destination.


The Philippines is one of the most LGBT tolerant cultures in the world, where gays and transgenders form an accepted part of society even in small towns and rural areas. Gays and ladyboys can be found openly virtually everywhere one goes in the Philippines.

  • Manila - Known as the gay capital of Asia. Most gay-friendly or LGBT-friendly destinations are found in the city and are owned by LGBTs themselves.
  • Cebu - There are active LGBTQ organizations and gay-friendly restaurants and cafes in Cebu.
  • Cagayan de Oro

South Korea[edit]

  • Illegal for South Korean servicemen with recent prosecutions as of 2017, no laws for foreigners or women
  • Same-sex marriages and relationships not recognised.
  • Hongdae- best known area for Lesbians and Lesbian bars
  • Itaewon- the foreigner district has popular gay dance clubs and one area called "Homo Hill"


  • Taipei - an annual gay parade event known as Taiwan Pride is held there between September and November


  • Bangkok - Known for its gay tolerance, and its gay festivals.
  • Pattaya - Many homosexual clubs and bars.
  • Phuket - Well-known for the place to get a gender change.


  • No laws against homosexuality
  • Same-sex marriages allowed under a Supreme Court Vote stating denying same-sex marriages went against the constitution.
  • No gay pride celebrations


South Africa[edit]

  • Cape Town - Easily the most liberal and gay-friendly city in South Africa, and considered the "gay capital" of Africa. Gay nightlife centred around the Greenpoint district and holds the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) every December.
  • Johannesburg - The largest metro in Africa with a large gay scene, nightlife and culture. Areas of note: Sandton, Illovo, Rivonia and Melville. A very open and friendly city towards LGBT people with a very liberal culture in both African and European cultures.
  • Pretoria - The Afrikaans gay capital. A large gay scene with many clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Cape Verde[edit]

  • Mindelo - The most liberal and gay-friendly city in Cape Verde, stage for the first LGBT pride parade in Cape Verde.

Dangerous destinations[edit]


The following countries have criminal laws against sexual acts between consenting adults of the same sex. Bold Italic Links denote countries that have a DEATH PENALTY for homosexual acts and tolerate vigilante executions.


Homosexuality illegal: Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Male only: Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania (except Zanzibar, where lesbianism is ALSO punishable),


Homosexuality illegal: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Male only: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Homosexuality illegal for Muslims only: Indonesia (Province: Aceh) and Philippines (Province: Lanao Del Sur, only in Marawi City)

Central and South America[edit]

Homosexuality illegal: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Male homosexuality ("buggery") illegal: Guyana, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia

Middle East[edit]

Homosexuality illegal: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Male only: Bahrain, Palestine.


Homosexuality illegal: Samoa, Solomon Islands

Male only: Cook Islands, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Tuvalu

More factors to keep in mind[edit]

The following destinations pose some problems to LGBT travelers (see also the "Stay safe" section of region and cities articles):

  • Cayman Islands - in 2008 two men kissing caused one to be "arrested" by an off-duty police officer for 'a public offence' in the Royal Palms, Grand Cayman. Turns out there is no law against homosexuality in CI - a British Overseas Territory - but homophobia there is culturally endemic.
  • As of 2013 Russia has introduced various laws which criminalize the "promotion of homosexual lifestyle". It is currently not safe for anyone to be openly gay or lesbian in Russia as they face prosecution under these new laws.
  • While homosexuality is legal in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, in some parts of it gays and lesbians may be subjected to harsh discrimination from both the locals and the authorities.
  • Jamaica has a serious problem with violence and discrimination against LGBT persons and the authorities are either apathetic or complicit in this.
  • Barbados also has a serious problem with violence and discrimination against LGBT persons and the authorities are either apathetic or complicit in this.
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