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From Poland to Balkans

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From Poland to Balkans

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Journey from Poland to Balkans can be a true adventure, it makes you help to see Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula and see the differences and similarities between those two regions.


  • 3-4 pairs of underwear and clothes
  • phrasebook
  • first aid kit
  • medicines

Get in[edit]

The best place to start your journey would be Gdańsk. Local airport has an excellent connection with many European airports (mostly with British and Scandinavian ones). The international buses from almost all European countries also stop there.

Get around[edit]

The best way to travel in Central Europe could be train (eventually bus). Some Balkan countries' railway infrastructure's lower standards so the best transport way could be just bus. The most essential timetable could be E-Podroznik (Poland) and Balkan Viator (Balkan Countries)


  • Day 1-3

Three City sightseeing

  • Day 4

Toruń sightseeing

  • Day 5-6

Łódź sightseeing

  • Day 7-8

Częstochowa sightseeing

  • Day 9

Siewierz and Przeczyce lake

  • Day 10

Beach in Wojkowice Kościelne (Pogoria IV), Ząbkowice sightseeing

  • Day 11

Relax on Pogoria I lake

  • Day 12

Relax on Pogoria III lake and Katowice sightseeing

  • Day 13-14

Continuation of Katowice sightseeing, relax

  • Day 15

Oswiecim sightseeing

  • Day 16

Bielsko-Biała sightseeing

  • Day 17

Comming to Slovakia, Banska Bystrica sightseeing

  • Day 18

Zvolen sightseeing, comming to Hungary

  • Day 19-20

Budapest sightseeing and relax

  • Day 21

Balaton lake

  • Day 22-23

Bordering with Croatia, Zagreb sightseeing

  • Day 24

Bordering with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka sightseeing

  • Day 25

Jajce and Travnik sightseeing, coming to Sarajevo

  • Day 26-27

Sarajevo sightseeing

  • Day 28

Mostar sightseeing

  • Day 29-30

Dubrovnik sightseeing

  • Day 31

Bordering with Montenegro, Kotor and Budva sightseeing

  • Day 32

Flight from Podgorica to Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Day 33-34

Belgrade sightseeing

  • Day 35

Nis sightseeing

  • Day 36

Bordering with Macedonia, Skopje sightseeing

  • Day 37

Ohrid lake

  • Day 38

Bordering with Albania, Tirana sightseeing

  • Day 39

Bordering with Kosovo, short Prishtina sightseeing

  • Day 40

Bordering with Greece, Thessaloniki sightseeing

  • Day 41

Flight from Thessaloniki to Athens

  • Day 42-44

Athens and Greek islands sightseeing

  • Day 45

Leaving from Athens

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Following countries have a good accommodation base with high standard. There're also many guest rooms and hostels. There're also many campings there or places where you can pitch your tent after earlier permissions like f.ex. resorts on Pogoria I lake. Popular destinations as Dubrovnik or Częstochowa can have lack of accommodation in high season or the prices can get higher. In this case the best way's to find a couchsurfer. Other option can be asking any local parish for sleeping. Although it's free. It's in good taste to rest some amount of money for the church. Almost every place mentioned in the itinerary has at least one accommodation place.

Stay safe[edit]

Mentioned countries are very safe. Stray dogs can be problem in Balkans but most of them are vaccinated and sterilized. If you are bitten by the one, call the doctor! Ticks can spread many diseases as Lyme disease. They're quite common in Poland and Central Europe. Venomous snakes can appear in more remote areas, if you see a one, don't move. Wild boars are a problem in Poland but they mostly appear in the nighttime or morning. They don't attack till' you provoke them. If you see passing wold boar(s), keep calm and wait till they cross.

Stay healthy[edit]

Sanitary condition of toilets in Central Europe and some Balkans countries are similar to Western ones. Only those in Albania or Kosovo can be in weaker condition, so before going to those countries, buy some toilet paper and liquid soap or wet tissues. Diarrhea also can occur in those mentioned places. The best way to prevent is not drinking tap water or free water in restaurants/bars. Health service in all countries's quite good, Balkan countries' health service (except Croatia and Greece) has lower standards, so the best way's to find a private health care.


Most people in mentioned countries can speak English. The only exception is Albania where the most dominating foreign languages are Italian or German.


Flights from Podgorica to Belgrade are operated by Montenego Airlines or Air Serbia while flights from Thessaloniki and Athens are operated by Ellinair, Olympic and Aegan. Western-style toilets're common in Balkans. People in all countries are very friendly for foreigner tourists, especially those from Balkans.