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European route E39

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European route E39

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This article is an itinerary.

European route E39 is a European route stretching from Nørresundby in Denmark to Trøndelag in Norway. The main part of the road runs on Norway's west coast, and goes through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Norway, as well as many cities and towns. Unlike in many European countries, where the European routes are not signed or signed poorly, the European route system is fully integrated into both the Norwegian and Danish road networks; the roads have no other national numbers.

This itinerary starts in southern Norway, despite the fact that the south end of the route is actually in Denmark. This is due to convenience; only a tiny part of the route is in Denmark. If you are in Denmark, however, a ferry goes from Hirtshals(the last Danish town on the route) to Kristiansand (the first Norwegian town).


The road is rather ferry heavy, due to the many fjords it crosses, few of which are bridged.


Norwegian roads in general are of low quality compared to roads in most European countries. The only motorways in the country are in and around the largest cities, and mostly in the flat eastern parts of the country. E39 is motorway first in the Stavanger-Sandnes conurbation, and later in Bergen. Elsewhere, it almost purely consists of two-lane (one in each direction) roads - sometimes worse and sometimes better.

Keep in mind that long stretches of the road go through desolate areas without towns and petrol stations. It is therefore necessary that your car is in good condition and that you are never close to running out of fuel. While E39 is a relatively busy road, being the main road between Bergen and Sogn og Fjordane, it may still be difficult to get help in case your car breaks down. Cellphone (GSM) coverage is of varying quality, but generally acceptable. There is G3 (UMTS) coverage in most towns above a certain size.

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By plane[edit]

As mentioned previously, this itinerary starts in Kristiansand (not to be confused with Kristiansund). Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik is connected to most major airports in Norway, also to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, the largest airport in Norway with the most international routes. Bergen Airport, Flesland and Stavanger Airport, Sola are decent alternatives, as both have flights to Kristiansand, although both cities are situated on E39.


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