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Eilat beaches

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Eilat beaches

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The most popular beaches in Eilat are:

  • North Beach - just for recreation
  • Coral Beach Resere - for the larges coral reef experience
  • Princess Beach - free, pretty fish and some coral
  • Dolphin Reef Beach - for swimming with dolphins

Aqua Sport Beach[edit]

North Coral Beach Reserve

Avenue Beach[edit]

Near Mall Hayam


Coral Beach Reserve[edit]

Entrance fee NIS 35 - included in multipark card (3 for NIS 78 etc.)

shades, chairs, toilet, shower, lifeguard included in the price.

Sunbeds cost extra.

This is the best beach to experience directly the coral reef - you can swim along the reef wall and see it with fish.

For better experience with fish one may try Underwater Observatory, for cheaper experience with coral reef see Princess Beach.

Dan Eilat Beach[edit]

Dekel Beach[edit]

Dolphin Reef Beach[edit]

Experience swimming with dolphins here.

Entrance fee.

Golden Beach[edit]

Ha'Shchafim (Seagulls) Beach[edit]

Hashmal Beach[edit]

Kisuski Beach[edit]

Maman Beach[edit]

Migdalor (Lighthouse) Beach[edit]

showers, toilets.

Moriah Beach[edit]

Mosh Beach[edit]

Princess Hotel Beach[edit]

This is the beach very close to Egyptian borders. No entrance fee, no lifeguard, free shades, shower (not working Mar 2016) and toilets (not working Mar 2016). This is one of the best free beaches to experience coral reef. The reef is not as large as at the Coral Beach Reserve but nonetheless there are hundreds of fish here - both near both molos as well as between them. Dozens of species of fish can be observed here: lionfish, Picasso fish, cube fish as well as octopi.

Use bus 15 to get there - remember the last bus leaves early on Fridays.

Royal Beach[edit]

Sun Bay Beach[edit]

U Coral Beach[edit]

Underwater Observatory Beach[edit]

Beach closed for public - but there is bridge to tower that has 2 underwater rooms in which you can observe the reef and fish.

Village Beach[edit]

Yan's Beach[edit]