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Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel tower is a 324 meters-high walled iron tower (with antennas) located in Paris, at the northwestern end of the Champ-de-Mars park on the banks of the Seine river in the 7th arrondissement. Its official address is 5 avenue Anatole France. Built by Gustave Eiffel and his collaborators for the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, and initially named “300 meters tower”, this monument has become the symbol of the French capital, and a leading touristic site : it’s the second most visited French cultural site in 2011, with 7.1 million visitors, including 75% of foreigners in 2011, the Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral being at the top of the open-access monuments with 13.6 million esteemed visitors but it remains the most visited paying monument in the world. Since opening to the public, it has welcomed more than 300 million visitors. At a height of 312 meters originally, the Eiffel tower has remained the highest monument in the world for 40 years. The second level of the third floor, sometimes called the fourth floor, located at 279.11 meters, is the highest observation platform accessible to the public of the European Union, and the second one in Europe, behind the Ostankino tower in Moscow, culminating at 337 meters. The height of the tower has been increased several times due to the installation of many antennas. Used in the past for many scientific experiments, it’s now used as a transmitter of radio and television programs.


The Eiffel Tower

Originally contested by some people, the Eiffel Tower was first, on the World Fair of 1889, the showcase of French technical know-how. Praised by the public since its presentation at the exhibition, it has welcomed more than 200 million visitors since its inauguration 2. Its exceptional size and its instantly recognizable silhouette have made it an emblem of Paris. Designed by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, head of the bureau des etudes and chief of the methods at Eiffel & Cie respectively, the Eiffel tower is designed to be the “highlight of the 1889 Exposition held in Paris”. It also salutes the centenary of the French revolution. The first plan was made in June 1884 and improved by Stephen Sauvestre, the chief architect of the company’s projects, which brought him more aesthetic. On May 1st of 1886, the Trade and Industry Minister Edouard Lockroy, a strong supporter of the project, firm a decree declaring open “a contest for the 1889 Universal Exhibitions”.
Gustave Eiffel wins this contest and a convention of January 8th of 1887 sets the terms of operation of the building. Built in two years, two months and five days, from 1887 until 1889, by 250 workers, it is inaugured, at the occasion of a big party organized by Gustave Eiffel, to celebrate the end of the construction, on March 31st of 1889. Its frequentation erodes quickly: the Eiffel tower will truly know a massive success from the 60’s, with the rise of international tourism. It now welcomes more than 6 million visitors each year.
Its height allowed it to carry the title of « the highest structure in the world » until the construction of the Chrysler Building in NYC in 1930. Located on the Champ-de-Mars, near the Seine river, in the 7th arrondissement, it is currently operated by the Eiffel Tower exploitation company (SETE). The site, where more than 500 people are working in (including more than 250 people directly employed by SETE), is open every day of the year.
The Eiffel tower has been listed as a Historical monument since June 24th, 1964 and has been a UNESCO World heritage since 1991, along with other Parisian monuments.



The Eiffel tower glittered for the first time to celebrate the year 2000. The tower is illuminated every day upon nightfalls.
The Eiffel Tower is also illuminated for some national and international events. For example, on January 22nd of 2008, the tower was illuminated to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The illuminations agree with the news: in the night of the November 14th to the 15th, it went out after the attacks of the previous night in Paris. The Eiffel tower can’t host shows but serves as a background for the shows that take place on the Champ-de-Mars.


There are restaurants at the Eiffel tower where you can have dinner or lunch. They are organized by floor:

  • On the first floor the « 58 tour Eiffel » and the « Salon Gustave Eiffel »
  • On the second floor the Jules Verne restaurant
  • On the third floor, the famous “Bar à Champagne”. Throughout the day, the “Buffets de la Tour Eiffel” also offers you to enjoy cold and hot drinks, sweets and savory treats, and at the second floor the new “bar à Macaron”: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, glittered jasmine … Most gourmands will undoubtedly want to make a small detour to taste these novelties.

Having a dinner or lunch at the Eiffel tower is perfect if you want to have an excellent moment in couple, with friends or family. The panoramic view and the French meal will seduce you. You can book it directly on the official website.

Visit the Eiffel tower[edit]

You can visit the Eiffel tower and go at the first, second and third floor. You can buy a ticket for the 1st floor and then go to the second floor by stairs. These tickets can be bought at the Eiffel tower directly or on many websites.To go from the second to the third floor, you have to book a ticket for the top and you will go taking one of the 6 lifts. Be aware that security check is strict and can be long. We suggest you to arrive 30 minutes before at least. Also, due to the attacks, you can’t go under the tower as glass walls have been installed to protect the visitors. You can book your tickets directly at the Eiffel tower, on the official website or book tours of Paris including visit of the Eiffel tower as PARISCityVISION proposes.

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