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For other places with the same name, see Dundee (disambiguation).
Dundee's Tay bridge, the Discovery, Magdalen Green and the University

Dundee[2] is in North East Scotland and is Scotland's 4th largest city. The city is just over 800 years old. It is on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which flows out into the North Sea, on the East Coast.


Dundee Tourist Information & Orientation Centre is located at Discovery Quay on Riverside by the RRS Discovery.

Relative to other Scottish cities, Dundee's location is as follows:

Historically, it is famous for the three J's: jute, jam and journalism.

  • Jute - The boats, laden with jute from the Indian Sub-Continent used to arrive at Dundee, where the jute would be unladen and processed in the many jute mills around the City. Due to these jute factories, there was a lot of immigrant labour during this time. The last textile factory closed down a few of years ago, circa 2001. A lot of the old jute factory buildings have now been converted into apartments and offices.
  • Jam - Dundee is famous for its jam and is the original home of 'Marmalade'. The farms around Dundee grew (some still do) berries. These were used to make the jam. Also the Keillor Sweet Factory was famous for its sweets, although this is now shut down.
  • Journalism - Dundee is home to the famous Dandy and the Beano comics. D C Thomson are the publishers of these and other print titles.

The people of Dundee, Dundonians, are generally friendly to outsiders. The student population is very high, about 1 in 7.


Dundonians have their own slang, a quick crash course strongly influenced by both Doric (from the North East) and Lowland Scots. Note that some of these are not necessarily restricted in use by Dundonians, rather Scots folks 'affen hae a wye o' spikin thit cin affa confuse ony English spikin fowk' [rather people from Scotland often speak in a manner that tends to confuse people who speak English]:

  • Ane/Ain = One
  • Bairn = child (probably from Scandinavian)
  • Buroo = Jobcentre / unemployed (On the broo/My broo just came through) (from bureau)
  • Bump = To 'bump' something is to steal it.
  • Bridie = A Meat filled Pastry, in the shape of a semi-circle, a delicacy from near-by Forfar
  • to chib = to stab (Origin unknown, may be from Romansch for 'blade') (Or to punch)
  • 'The Cash' = nickname for NCR (ATM manufacturer), one of the city's largest employers.
  • Circle = roundabout/rotary junction
  • Cribby = A game where you have to hit a ball on the edge of the pavement from the otherside.
  • Cundie = Drain (apparently from 'conduit')
  • Dub = A puddle
  • Eh! = Yes
  • Eh? = What
  • Eh (sounds like the 'e' at the beginning of 'elephant') = Aye/Yes
  • Eh = I (pronoun). The fact that 'yes' and 'I' are the same in Dundonian is a source of common bafflement for visitors.
  • With Eh it's important to listen to the intonation to get the meaning, it is entirely possible for a local to complete a conversation using only Eh.
  • Fleg = Fright/Scare
  • Gie's = Give me (from 'give us', 'us' usually meaning 'me')
  • Green = Can be used for any open grassy space, but also specifically means the shared back garden of a block of tenements.
  • How? = Why?
  • Jessie = An effeminate or weak man (Literally it is a Scots form of the name 'Janet')
  • Ken = Know
  • Kent = Knew/Known
  • Lift = To 'lift' something is also to steal it. To be "lifted" means to be arrested or apprehended by the police.
  • Midden = a bin (common Scots) or a mess.
  • Minging = smelly/disgusting
  • to pan (in) = to break (as in 'Eh panned in a wundie') or to beat up
  • Peh = a meat pie (pronunciation shift ie->eh, similarly my->meh, high->heh, etc)
  • Pochle = To steal
  • Pus (short 'u', rhymes with 'bus') = Face "What's the matter wi your pus?"
  • Schemie = A resident of one of the outlying suburbs (or 'schemes'). Often used in a disparaging fashin.
  • Tatties = potatoes
  • Teuchter (pron. 'choochter') = A resident of the countryside, chiefly to the north. Often used in a disparaging fashion. (Also - someone may be referred to as being from Auchterteuchter)
  • Tube/Choob = Stupid person, being as useful as a tube (bike tube) usually heard in the phrase 'you tube' (This usage predates the now-famous video sharing website ...)
  • Belter = Something that was very funny or entertaining
  • Belter (When describing someone) = Prat, Idiot etc.
  • Minter = The process of blushing or feeling embarrassed
  • A scajy = a state of anger or craziness ("Dunny tak' a scajy at as")

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Dundee has its own airport [3], with flights direct to London Stansted, London City and Belfast. Loganair [4] operates the services.

The nearest major international airports to Dundee are at Edinburgh - 60 mi (96km), or Aberdeen - 71 mi (114km). For Edinburgh airport, a combined train and bus service [5] linking at Inverkeithing Railway costs £15 for a single and £22.60 for a period return. If you are flying into Glasgow-Prestwick half price railway travel into Dundee is available if you show your flight paperwork to the train guard - note you will have to change trains in the centre of Glasgow - walk from Central to Queen Street station - all Aberdeen trains call at Dundee.

By train[edit]

Wikitravel has a guide to Rail travel in the United Kingdom.

Dundee’s main railway station is located to the south of the city centre, close to Discovery Point and the ramps onto the Tay Road Bridge. Connections and timetables [6] can be checked on-line. There are three train operators that operate into Dundee:

  • Scotrail [7] There are hourly services to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Costs can vary considerably, an off peak return to Edinburgh is around £20, to Glasgow about £28. Booking an advance purchase ticket online can bring the cost down to £6 one way. Split ticketing to Glasgow can save considerable money when booking on the day i.e. buy a Glasgow to Perth, and a Perth to Dundee ticket. Scotrail also operate the overnight Caledonian Sleeper from London Euston. The Aberdeen sleeper calls at Dundee, and leaves London at around 8PM, arriving into Dundee around 5:30AM. For this reason it is often better to leave London at midnight on the Edinburgh sleeper instead and change to a local service so you can arrive in Dundee at a more sociable time.
  • East Coast [8] There are three direct services per day to Dundee from London King's Cross via York, Newcastle and Edinburgh. These trains continue on to Aberdeen. Average journey time 6 hours. London-Dundee fares vary enormously from about £17.50 for a one way ticket bought in advance to about £120 for an off peak return.
  • CrossCountry [9] Britain’s longest single rail journey – to Penzance on the south west tip of England passes through Dundee. It provides a useful link to Central England via Bristol, Birmingham and York.

By car[edit]

The main routes to Dundee are as follows:

- From Edinburgh/Aberdeen: The A90 trunk road from Edinburgh to Aberdeen runs through the northern suburbs of the city, and is approximately 55 miles or just over an hour's drive from the capital, depending on traffic - which around the Forth Bridge area can be very heavy around rush hour. Aberdeen is 67 miles to the north and driving time is approximately 1 hour.

- From Glasgow/Stirling, the main route is to follow the M80 and then the M9/A9 to Perth, and then swing east onto the A90 at Broxden Junction. Glasgow is 75 miles from Dundee, or about 1 hrs 30 mins driving time.

- For a more scenic alternative route from Edinburgh through Fife, the A92 from Kirkcaldy on the southern Fife coast will take you across the Tay Road Bridge right into the heart of the city.

The Dundee section of the A90 - the Kingsway serves as the city's main peripheral bypass. Note that the speed limit is 50mph, and is a notorious area for mobile speed camera vans and unmarked police vehicles - don't be tempted to drive faster, despite what the locals are doing!

By bus[edit]

Dundee Seagate Bus Station, also located in the city centre serves National Express [10] coaches, Scottish Citylink [11] and Megabus [12]. There are frequent services, almost every hour to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Be wary, if you take a non-direct Coach / Bus, your journey time may double to up to 2hrs! Average cost for a single ticket is approx £8. Check before you travel.There is no luggage storage.

Get around[edit]

To get around Dundee, there are good provisions for car transport. Taxis are available at taxi ranks in the centre.

The local bus service has extensive intra-city connections.[13]. All the local buses converge to the city centre and are relatively cheap. You can buy a 10-journey pass or an all-day pass.

See[edit][add listing]

  • McManus Galleries [14] The Galleries house a museum and art gallery with a collection of fine and decorative art as well as a natural history collection. The museum re-opened February 2010
  • The Howff An ancient cemetary in the heart of Dundee, it was used as a burial ground for the people of the city for centuries until the sepulchre was discontinued in the 19th century. There are many interesting gravestones to be seen, some dating as far back as 1603
  • Broughty Castle [15] 15th century coastal fort with a museum about the castle and Broughty Ferry.
  • Mills Observatory [16]. A "public" astronomical observatory, with free entry; its dome is made of papier-mâché, oddly enough.
  • Dundee Science Centre [17] Focuses mainly on the life sciences with particular emphasis on the senses and robotics.
  • Tay Rail Bridge part of which collapsed in the 1800's. Parts still visable in the river. Longest rail bridge in Britain.
  • Discovery Point (RRS Discovery) [ Captain Scott's famous exploration ship on permanent display at the quayside.
  • Verdant Works [18]Scotland's jute museum. Award winning museum housed in a former jute works and operated by Dundee Heritage trust. Admission: adult £8.50 (££6.75), child £5. Joint tickets with discovery Point available. West henderson's Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BT, phone 01382 309060.
  • Frigate Unicorn [19] This 46 gun sailing frigate built for the Royal Navy in 1824 is now preserved as a historic ship and visitor attraction. It is one of the six oldest ships in the world, is Scotland’s only preserved warship and is the most completely original ship in the entire world to have survived from the golden age of sail.
  • Dundee Law [20] Extinct volcano with war memorial situated on the summit. Impressive views of the city.
  • Camperdown Wildlife Park [21] Houses animals such as brown bears, lemurs, wallabies, maras, otters and various bird species.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Dundee Rep Theatre, [22]. Home to the Dundee Rep Ensemble, Scotland’s only full-time company of actors, as well as Scotland’s principal contemporary dance company, Scottish Dance Theatre.
  • Dundee Contemporary Arts, [23]. Houses two contemporary art galleries, a two-screen cinema, a print studio, a visual research centre and a café bar.
  • Caird Hall, [24]. The principal concert venue in the city. Regularly hosts the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and touring productions. Also used as a graduation venue for the University of Dundee and University of Abertay Dundee.
  • Ice Arena, [25]. Home to ice hockey team Dundee Stars who play in the Elite Ice Hockey League.
  • Flower and Food Show, [26].
  • Golf, [27].
  • Swimming, [28].
  • Go hill walking in the Highlands, e.g. Glen Clova [29].
  • Guided historical walks bringing the colourful and often bloody history of this old Scottish burgh to life, [30]
  • Whitehall Theatre, [31] Hosts concerts and comedy shows.


  • University of Dundee,[32] Founded in 1881 and a former constituent college of the University of St Andrews before gaining independence in 1967, the University of Dundee has gained a significant reputation for medicine, dentistry, life sciences and the arts. The student union is frequently cited as one of the best in the UK.
  • Abertay University, [33] Formerly the University of Abertay Dundee, the university is particularly renowned for computer games design and also performs well in environmental sciences, law and psychology.
  • The High School of Dundee, [34] Dundee's only private school founded in 1239.
  • Dundee and Angus College, [35] Further and higher education college.
  • Tayside Language Centre, [36]


  • Job Centres Wellgate Center & Gellatly Street
  • Adecco Meadowside / Albert Sq.

Buy[edit][add listing]

The Overgate and the Wellgate are Dundee's two main shopping malls which sit at either end of the city centre. Each has various national and international brands such as H&M, Debenhams, Gap and Next in the Overgate and Head Entertainment (formerly Zavvi), New Look, and more.

In addition to this, there are substantial branches of High street stores along the Murraygate and city centre area.

Dundee also has the usual large-scale out of town retail parks that are common in Scotland's bigger towns and cities.

Groucho's record store in the city centre has been a frequent winner of Dundee's independent retailer of the year award. The longest established music store in the city, Groucho's buys and sells vinyl albums and singles, books, CDs, DVDs and other merchandise as well as selling tickets for concerts in Dundee and the wider area.

Fife based Fisher & Donaldson have various outlets in the city which sell delicious cakes and pastries. Try the fudge doughnuts!

Eat[edit][add listing]

In recent years a Café Culture has flourished in Dundee City Centre. There are plenty of places to eat from fast food take away to cafés and restaurants. You can't miss them.

  • The Pearl of Hong Kong Menu and prices [37], 162 Arbroath Road, tel +44 1382 455883, mailto:[email protected] - a Chinese takeaway Home Delivery 6 Days (closed Tuesday) Order Online to save[38],(2 meals 2 starters £11.50).
  • "Duke's Corner", Brown Street. Excellent entertainment venue, serving burgers, salads, pizzas from noon. Perfect for lunch or dinner.
  • Twin City Café, City Square
  • The Parlour Café, West Port. Incredibly busy thanks to them having the best lunch-time menus in town. Menu changes daily, featuring lots of vegetarian options.
  • Malabar, Perth Road. A local favourite, serving the best Indian curries in Dundee.
  • Bon Appetit, off Commercial Street
  • Café Buongiorno, off the Reform Street.
  • Balaka on the Perth road
  • Jahangir on the Hawkhill (although note the improvement required food hygiene rating)
  • Antonio's Roseangle
  • The pepperpot Roseangle
  • Phoenix Bar on the Nethergate serves up good pub grub at reasonable prices.
  • Dil'se, Perth Road, [39].
  • Domino's Pizza, [40] at City Quay
  • City Harbour Chinese Buffet
  • Jimmy Chung's Chinese Buffet (part of a Scottish chain)
  • Tickety Boo's on the Seagate/Commercial Street junction. Chef Avril's chilli and curries are to die for. Excellent food. Filthiest toilets in town.
  • The Old Horse Shoe Bar top of Commercial Street. Excellent food.
  • The Old Bank Bar Union Street
  • Rancho Pancho Commercial Street. Mexican food. The margarita chicken us particularly good.
  • The Counting House Reform Street. J.D. Wetherspoon's
  • The Globe West Port / Hawkhill.
  • Don Michele's, [41] Perth Road. Italian Restaurant
  • Avery & Co South Tay Street. Emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients.

If you are self-catering, then you can get your supplies from Tesco [42] — indeed Dundee is often nicknamed "Tescotown" by locals given the chain's dominance in the city - largely due to it being the site of Tesco's Scottish headquarters. . There is a branch in the city centre, one next to the Railway Station by the river-side, one in South Road near Sterling Mills and another on the Kingsway (the main road running through Dundee). The latter of these is a large Tesco Extra superstore. There is a large ASDA at East Kingsway as well as a slightly smaller store at Gilburn Road. Both Riverside Tesco and Kingsway ASDA operate on a 24-hr basis. Morrisons supermarket is on the Forfar Road, north of the A90 Kingsway.

Drink[edit][add listing]

There is no shortage of pubs. If you want to do a pub crawl then head to the Hawkhill/Perth Road/West End of the city, where plenty of pubs line the streets, including a mixture of independent, themed and traditional bars.

The Nethergate is also a good place to go for plenty of bars that are popular with students. The city centre has fewer places that are worth going, although the Seagate has some nice bars, including outlets run by Wetherspoons. The student unions of Dundee and Abertay Universities have many good nights and are great for a cheap night out.

A gay scene, of sorts, is situated on the Seagate, including a nightclub called Out and its sister pub, Brooklyns, both of which are opposite the bus station. Also The Gauger (now changed hands and called Klozet) Dundee's premier a gay bar.

City Centre

  • Tickety Boo's - Seagate / Commercial Street.
  • The Old Horse Shoe Bar - Commercial Street.
  • Lennon's - Castle Street. For all you Beatles fans.
  • Coagie's - Very traditional working class pub.
  • Trades House Bar - Union Street.
  • The Old Bank Bar - Union Street.
  • The West Port Bar - North Lindsay Street. Handy for nightclubs.

Hawkhill/Perth Road/West End

  • The Globe - Westport / Hawkhill. Handy for nightclubs.
  • Tallys - West Port / Hunter Street.
  • Templelane - West Port . Student cocktail bar.
  • The Nether Inn - Nethergate. Cheap Student 'Scream' pub.
  • Phoenix - Nethergate / Perth Road. Traditional pub
  • Bar Rio - Perth Road / South Tay Street. Modern bar-restaurant
  • Social - South Tay Street. Cocktail bar
  • Number Twenty Five - South Tay Street. Boutique hotel, restaurant, bar.
  • DCA Jute Bar - Perth Road. Trendy bar attached to Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre
  • Braes - Perth Road. Modern bar, frequented by more middle-aged clientele during weekends.
  • Laings - Roseangle/Perth Road. Bar-restaurant with large locally-famous beer garden
  • Drouthys - Perth Road. Cocktail bar/music venue
  • Speedwell Bar - Perth Road. Locally renowned traditional pub

Night clubs[edit]

All the night clubs cluster around the city centre:

  • London[43] - Ward Road (now closed)
  • Out - Seagate. Gay club.
  • Fat Sams[44] - South Ward Road
  • The Reading Rooms - Blackscroft
  • Mondo's - Session Street
  • Deja Vu - Cowgate
  • Liquid - South Ward Road. formerly Mardi Gras.
  • Kage - St. Andrew's Lane - Alternative Club
  • Underground - South Tay Street. Bar/club.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Dundee has a variety of hotels in the city centre, catering to all markets and tastes, including:

  • Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa, 1 West Victoria Dock Road Dundee DD1 3JP, +44 1382 202404 (, fax: +44 1382 201401), [1]. checkin: 2.30pm; checkout: 12.00pm. The 4 Star Apex City Quay hotel is a stylish contemporary hotel, located in the heart of the new City Quay development. The hotel has views of the river and Quay. From £64 per night. (56.460822,-2.963192) edit
  • MalmaisonHotel[45] - 4 Star Hotel on Whitehall Crescent, city centre
  • The Queens Hotel - Nethergate, close to the University of Dundee
  • Number Twenty Five - South Tay Street
  • Premier Inn Dundee City Centre[46] - Riverside Drive, beside Discovery Point
  • Travelodge Dundee Central - West Port
  • Invercarse Hotel - Perth Road, close to the Botanical Gardens
  • Dundee Backpackers Hostel[47] - High Street
  • Holiday Inn Express Dundee - Dock Street, +44 1382 314330 [48] [email protected] Central Dundee.
  • During the summer, the majority of student accommodations are empty, it may be worthwhile contacting the local Universities to see if they have anything to offer. There are also various flats and apartments to rent over the summer.

There are also various hotels around the outskirts of the city, including:

  • The Landmark Hotel - South Kingsway, foremaly the Swallow Hotel Dundee
  • Premier Inn Dundee West - South Kingsway
  • Travelodge Dundee West - Camperdown
  • The Hideaway Experience [49] - Balkello Farm, Auchterhouse, Dundee
  • Piperdam Leisure Resort [50] - Piperdam, Fowlis, Dundee


Cellular network coverage is provided by the normal UK carriers.

Stay safe[edit]

The local police is Police Scotland and the headquarters is in the town centre at the end of West Bell St beside Dundee's Sheriff Court. Although in the UK, '999' is the number to call the emergency services, you may also want to take note of the non-emergency number: 101

Dundee has an extensive CCTV system, covering most of the city and the entire city centre. This is owned by Dundee City Council and run by Police Scotland and has helped reduce crime significantly.

Dundee, like any other major city, has its anti-social problems, mainly drugs. The area round the rear of the Wellgate centre (Hilltown) and Stobswell have a bad reputation and care should be exercised on The Law at night. Overall the city has a good reputation.

You may encounter loud and disorderly drunken locals particularly after sunset, but take no notice and walk away. You may also have the occasional encounter with drug users who may ask you for money or ask you questions, kindly say no and go about your day as usual.

Dundee has a dual carriageway going through it, the Kingsway, which almost splits the city in half. Be aware of speeding cars, as in any other busy city, as accidents are common.



The following is a list of established Christian churches in Dundee. Alongside the established churches in Dundee, Dundeeforchrist [51] works with many of the city's churches organizing many different events such as "Resurrection Day", with specially invited guests/bands.

  • Central Baptist Church [52].
  • City Church Dundee [53].
  • Dens Road Church [54].
  • Dundee Parish Church (St Mary's) [55].
  • Gilfillan Memorial Church [56].
  • Hillbank Evangelical Church [57].
  • Lochee Churches of Scotland [58].
  • Mains of Fintry Church of Scotland [59].
  • Midcraigie Parish Church [60].
  • St Andrew's RC Cathedral
  • St Andrew's Parish Church [61].
  • St Mary Magdalene [62].
  • St Joseph's RC Church [63].
  • St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral [64].
  • St Peter's Free Church [65].
  • St Salvador's Episcopal Church [66].
  • The Gate Christian Fellowship [67].
  • The Steeple Church [68].
  • Williamson Memorial Unitarian Church [69].


  • Dundee Islamic Society Central Mosque [70]
  • Jamia Masjid Bilal
  • Tayside Islamic & Cultural Education Society

Get out[edit]

  • If you want to visit the Glens and the Highlands then the best way to do it is by car. Enterprise Car hire is located next the Bus / Coach station. (131 Seagate, Dundee, DD1 2HW)
  • St Andrews is an ancient university town by the sea, the home of the oldest university in Scotland, the home of the Royal and Ancient (the ruling body of Golf), and the former ecclesiastical capital of Scotland. It is a short journey from Dundee by bus or car.Create category
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