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Druskininkai is an official resort in Lithuania since 20 Jun 1794 when King Stanisław August Poniatowski declared it a sanatorium area.


Druskininkai centre: sculpture “Vyturys” (“Skylark”, 1979, sculptor Dalia Matulaitė) and a Saint Virgin Mary Scapular church (completed in 1931 to the design of architect Stefan Szyller) on the background.

The name comes from the Lithuanian word druska which means salt. There are 12 mineral springs and their water is used for balnaeological procedures and drinking. Spa mud baths, applications and tampons are prepared from the peat extracted at Didžiasalis bog in the neighbouring district. The resort climate is another positive health factor, it is characterized by a high level of air ionization (-0.63), a gentle and warm microclimate (average low temperature in winter about -6°C, average high temperature in summer about +20°C, relative humidity 70%, prevailing SW winds with an average speed of 2 m/s). A special feature of the resort is its air enriched with phytoncides of surrounding vast pine forests that have a significant impact on a successful course of treatment. There are 8 spa/rehabilitation centres and 2 spa centres within the Druskininkai Aquapark complex.

  • Druskininkai, Gardino St 3 (near the bus station south of centre; close to the centre but surrounded with woods), +370 313 60800 (fax: +370 313 52984). M-Th 08:30-17:15, F 08:30-16:15; lunch break 12:15-13:00. Has a municipality camp site within Centre's territory (works only during the season 1 May – 1 Oct), which is suitable for camper vans (~€20); accommodation also is possible in cabins (~€35 for 1 or 2 persons for 1 weekday or 1 weekend), tipi (called a “Wigwam” here, ~€12 for 1 or 2 persons) or tents (a site for tent and all facilities for 1 person ~€7.50, each extra person in the same tent ~€3); possibility to rent needful equipment, contacts +370 313 60800, [email protected] , coordinates 54°0'33.69"N, 23°58'36.1"E . (54.009482,23.977281) edit
  • Central, M.K.Čiurlionio St 65 (very centre, across the street from a “Maxima” supermarket), +370 313 51777 (fax: +370 313 51777). M-Sa 10:00-18:45, lunch break 13:00-13:45; Su 10.00-17.00, without a lunch break. (54.015351,23.977292) edit

Get in[edit]

By bus[edit]

Regular buses from Vilnius and Kaunas are the way of getting here with the ticket setting you back in the region of €6-9. There is no railway line to Druskininkai. The one that can be seen on the older maps was dismantled in the end of 20th century.

Basically there are two companies operating on Vilnius-Druskininkai and Kaunas-Druskininkai routes: Kautra and Druskininkų AP (Druskininkai Bus Fleet).

Both the Vilnius and Kaunas buses take approximately 2.5h and depart every 1-2h 05:30-19:00.

  • Druskininkai Bus Station (Druskininkų autobusų stotis), Gardino St 1 (south of city centre, south east of Lake Druskonis), +370 313 59125 (, fax: +370 313 51272). Bus tickets in Druskininkai are obtained from the driver. (54.01217,23.975416) edit

See[edit][add listing]

Building of the Forest Echo (Girios aidas).
  • Forest Museum ‘Forest Echo’ (Miško muziejus Girios aidas), M. K. Čiurlionio St 116 (as you leave the A4 highway and turn towards town, you have to cross a piece of wood before you enter the actual town - museum is in the middle of that conjugation on the northern side slightly away from the road at 54°0'25.56``N, 24°0'13.69``E), +370 615 17266 (). W-Su 10:00-18:00. The museum was established in 1971. It has expositions of animals and birds. Witches and other legendary characters are hiding in the hollows of oaks, birds are singing and the forest sighs. The following exhibitions are organized: wood art works, jewellery works from amber, black ceramics works, works of folk artists, expositions of photographic masters, ethno cultural collections. Schoolkids, pensioners €1, adults €2. (54.0071,24.003804) edit
  • The Town Museum of Druskininkai (Druskininkų miesto muziejus), M. K. Čiurlionis St 59, +370 313 51024 (, fax: +370 313 51024). M-Sa 11:00-5:00. Expositions: "A collection donated by the honory citizen of Druskininkai Petras Viščinis"; "19th century Druskininkai in the artwork of Vasilijus von Rothkirch"; "First doctors of Druskininkai"; "Interwar Druskininkai". The representational villa "Linksma" build in the beginning of 20th century, where the Town Museum is located, is a beautiful architectural monument located on the shores of the Druskonis lake, in the centre of the town. Since 2001, the museum ha a permanent exposition, hosts events, shows, chamber music concerts and lectures. During the holiday season, the museum terrace hosts the traditional concerts "Serenades of Druskininkai" (“Druskininkų serenados”) and other town events.
  • The Memorial Museum of Jacques Lipchitz (Žako Lipšico memorialinis muziejus), Šv. Jokūbo St 17, +370 313 56077 (). Currently under the reconstruction. The former family estate turned into a museum; exposition about one of the most famous 20th century sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, born Chaim Jacob Lipchitz (1891–1973). The museum building is listed among protected objects of the Cultural Heritage Registry; the long term restoration work is carried out at present time there.  edit
  • The Memorial Museum of M.K. Čiurlionis (M.K. Čiurlionio memorialinis muziejus), M. K. Čiurlionio St 35, LT-66164, Druskininkai., Ticket office, excursion booking: +370 313 51131 (). Tu-Su 11:00-17:00. This is a subsidiary of M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum Of Art. Contains a memorial exhibition illustrating M. K. Čiurlionis' biography and photographs, documents, reproductions of the artist's works, as well as a collection of works dedicated to M. K. Čiurlionis by contemporary artists from different countries. Exposition: Authentic living atmosphere of the artists' family is restored in two little houses of Ciurlioniai family, expositions reflecting painter and composer M. K. Ciurlionis' (1875-1911) creative work, biography and family life is arranged in the other two buildings. Museum keeps contemporary painters' collections of works devoted to M. K. Ciurlionis.  edit
  • V. K. Jonynas’ Gallery (V. K. Jonyno galerija), M. K. Čiurlionio St 41, +370 313 55553 (). Tu-Su 11:00-17:00. Another subsidiary of M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum Of Art. The gallery was founded in 1993 and exhibits the works of the Lithuanian artist Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas (1907-1997), who worked for a long time in Germany and the USA, his drawings, graphics, paintings and stained-glass projects. Photographs and films show the most valuable interiors of churches and works of monumental architecture created by the artist. The excursions are organized in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Estonian and Finnish.The gallery hosts art exhibitions from the National Museum of M.K. Čiurlionis and private collections. For schoolchildren and kindergarteners art lessons are organised in the gallery which has 15 easels. Also projects with V.K Jonynas art school are organised. The gallery hosts traditional events – chamber music concerts, commemorations, meetings with painters, educational events and lectures on art. Ticket €2.  edit
  • Open air museum ‘Grūto Parkas’ (Grūtas Park - named after the village of same name), Grūtas, LT-4690 Druskininkai, +370 313 55511 (, fax: +370 313 47451). M-Su 09:00-20:00. In the shadows of pine and fir trees, soviet monuments which were dismantled in 1989 are exhibited. This is a heritage of several decades of the Lithuanian monumental art. These idols were forced on the Lithuanian people in tragic soviet era and reveal the historic truth about the soviet occupation of Lithuania. The exposition aims to show to the people of Lithuania, visiting guests as well as to the future generations, the naked soviet ideology, which oppressed and violated the spirit of our nation for several decades. Price for adult €6.06, audioguide ~€14.

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Druskininkai Health Centre (Druskininkų gydykla) Vilniaus al. 11, Druskininkai, +370 313 60508 (, fax: +370 313 60509). Offers facial and body massages, treatments with natural cosmetics, various body programs, hydrotherapy, Japanese "Bio Detox" procedure, Oxygen bar. Has a separate “East Island” SPA centre - an Eastern oasis of almost 500 m² size, as a part of Health Centre.
  • Spa Vilnius SANA K. Dineikos St 1, +370 313 53811 (, fax: +370 313 59059). Situated in the very center of Druskininkai, on the edge of Recreation Park created by professor Karolis Dineika (famous lithuanian specialist on therapeutic physical education, healthcare and diaphragmatic breathing, 1898-1980). Spa Vilnius SANA uses natural waters containing sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides of different levels of mineralization: Health-1 (very low), Health-2 (low), Health-3 and Health-4 (average) and Health-5 (high). The composition of mineral waters comprising a unique blend of macro- and microelements anions and cations is very similar to the best mineral waters in Western Europe. Offers various spa wellness packages: wellness package "Мom and baby", individual wellness package, package "Tranquil Rest", Detox and weight control package, Individual Treatment package, spa packages for children and many more. The center's eight-storey hotel, featuring functional Scandinavian style, has 177 rooms (pets are not allowed), conference centre with 10 modern, technologically equipped, different-size halls with professional technical equipment and the capacity of 900 people.
  • Sanatorium Draugystė (Draugystės sanatorija) V. Krėvė St 7, LT-66126 Druskininkai, +370 313 53132 (, fax: +370 313 53118). Draugystė (lithuanian for Friendship) was founded in 1962, located in the eastern part of Druskininkai at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Ratnyčėlė. Provides the adult outpatient Rehabilitation I services: impairments of musculoskeletal system, circulatory system diseases, respiratory system diseases, digestion system diseases, ionizing radiation diseases; inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation II services: nervous system diseases, impairments of musculoskeletal system, circulatory system diseases, respiratory system diseases, digestion system diseases; supportive rehabilitation. Offers ultrasound, compression, magnet, low-power laser therapy, kinesitherapy, ayurvedic massage, treatments for body and soul harmony. Standard packages of treatment and packages “treatment – all inclusive”.
  • Grand Spa Lietuva V. Kudirkos St 45, LT-66120 Druskininkai, +370 313 52414, reservation + 370 313 51200 (, fax: +370 313 55490). One of the largest and most up-to-date treatment centres in the Baltic States which has its own mineral water spring. Provides 110 services and special medical procedures, has a diagnostic and dental clinics, the water park, two hotels, the conference centre, the Sūkurys Leisure Club, a restaurant and café chain.
  • Sanatorium Eglė (Eglės sanatorija) Eglės St 1, LT-66251 Druskininkai, +370 313 60220, +370 313 60283 (, fax: +370 313 60238). Medical Spa “Eglė (Fir)” offers over 100 different kinds of massages, treatments, and preventive mineral water, therapeutic and white mud, kinesitherapeutic, physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic procedures. Therapeutic mud and mineral water from the own resources are used for the procedures, performed by experienced specialists. Owns two mineral water bores where the water Eglė 1 and Eglė 2 is enriched with mineral chloride (sodium-calcium) recommended by doctors to be used for therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic peaty mud is excavated at sanatorium's own quarry. Also offers diagnostic procedures, has electrocardiography, sonogram, veloenergometry, rectoromanoscopy, gynaecological and other facilities, as well as facilities for manual therapy, diabetical podiatry, and clinical and biochemical laboratories. Doctors assign therapeutic and diagnostic procedures to each client individually upon arrival, taking into consideration his or her needs and their state of health. Premises are adapted to the disabled.
  • Children Health Centre Saulutė (Vaikų reabilitacijos skyrius Druskininkų “Saulutė”) Vytauto St 2/Kurorto St 5, LT-4690 Druskininkai, Info and reception +370 313 48685 (, fax: +370 313 52268). Children's sanatorium "Saulutė" (lithuanian for Little Sun) was established in 1953. It was one of the largest and most important children's treatment centres in Lithuania. The PHARE and TACIS LIEN rehabilitation program for children with cerebral palsy (CP) is being implemented since Nov 1995. The price for a day: to the child 174 LTL (treatment, meals, accommodation), for a nursing person 70 LTL (meals, accommodation).


  • Druskininkai Aquapark (Druskininkų akva parkas), Vilniaus Al 13, ticket office +370 313 52338 ().
  • Snow Arena (Sniego arena), Nemuno kelias 2, Mizarai village, LT-67308 Druskininkai municipality (Nort-West from the centre, on the other bank of Neman river; walk North-East to the bridge, cross the river, then turn left.), ticket office +370 313 69699, Mob. +370 615 35415 (, fax: +370 313 69599). For adult 18+: 2h M-Fr - €12; 2h on weekend - €20, all day M-Fr - €16, 1 day during weekend or holiday - €22. Equipment combo rental €15-18.
  • Two bicycle trails (Dviračių takai), (town and its surroundings). Bike hire is possible during warm season. Trail "Žvaigždžių Orbita" South East of centre, between the river of Neman and the highway to Belarus, consists of 3 routes, the length: 9km, 12km, 24km. Trail "Žilvino takas" North West of centre, between the river of Neman and the highway to Vilnius, up to Grūtas village, consists of 3 routes, the length: 6km, 8km, 10km. Trail "Žvaigždžių Orbita" passes through 10 cultural, historical and natural objects of interest, trail "Žilvino Takas" passes through 15 cultural, historical and natural objects of interest.
  • ONE Adventure Park (ONE nuotykių parkas), Nemunas river bank at the end of Maironio street (200 metres to 'Aqua park' by the river Nemunas), +370 607 20911 (). Non depending on weather conditions, in March 10:00-20:30, Apr-Aug 10:00-22:30, Sep-Oct 10:00-21:30, Nov-Feb 10:00-19:30. Night expeditions only by a reservation. Reservation is also recommended for the groups. For adult: 5 courses ~€17-25, flight over Nemunas river ~€7.50, elephant jump ~€7.50 For kids: 4 courses ~€9-11, flight over Nemunas river for a kid with instructor ~€13.10. (54.025570,23.973198)

Buy[edit][add listing]

Three main retail chains are represented in Druskininkai. Grocery stores:

Maxima xx, Čiurlionio St 99 (Centre), +370 313 60323. 08:00-23:00.  edit
Maxima x, Čiurlionio St 50 (Centre), +370 313 51109. 08:00-22:00.  edit
Maxima x, Veisiejų St 31 (NE district, near the bridge over Nemunas river), +370 313 49589. Su-Th 08:00-22:00, F-Sa 08:00-23:00.  edit
Iki, Laisvės Square 3/1 (Near Aqua Park). M-Sa 08:00-21:00, Su 08:00-19:00.  edit
Norfa XL, Vytauto St 21 (Centre), Manager mob +370 610 06571, on workdays. 07:30-22:00.  edit
Norfa L, Gardino St 37 (Southern district). 07:00-22:0.  edit

Jewelry stores:

  • Sidabrinė kamėja, M.K. Čiurlionio St 63b, +370 313 52221 (). M-F 09:00-18;00, Su 09:00-17:00.  edit
  • Sidabrinė kamėja, M.K. Čiurlionio St 50, +370 313 58042 (). 10:00-19:00.  edit
  • Visanta, Ateities St 29-9, mob. +370 699 48520 ().  edit
  • Dzūkijos perlas, Balainės St 7, +370 313 51983.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Druskininkai municipality web site lists around 40 places to eat in 8 different categories. Some newer places appear, or some may disappear.

  • Aero Gallery Nemuno kelias 2, Mizarai village, LT-67308 Druskininkai municipality (on a top of the hill within Snow Arena complex), +370 620 24290 (). M-Th 12:00-19:00, F 12:00-22:00, Sa 11:00-22:00, Su 11:00-18:00. 106 seats, Druskininkai overview through the windows, suitable for banquets and gala receptions, tasting dinner, private events. European cuisine.
  • Forto Dvaras M.K.Čiurlionio St 55 (centre), +370 313 55438 (). M-Th 11:00-23:00, F 11:00-24:00, Sa 10:00-24:00, Su 10:00-22:0. A chain restaurant that specializes in traditional Lithuanian food and culinary heritage.
  • Sicilia Taikos St 9, +370 313 51865 (). M-Th 09:00-23:00, F-Su 09:00-24:00. A cozy and calm traditional Sicilian style place where you can taste our unique pizzas or other various dishes or just sit and relax with a glass of wine.
  • Leisure Club "Sūkurys" M. K. Čiurlionio St 51, Booking +370 313 52212 (, fax: +370 313 55490). M-Th 17:00-24:00, F 15:00-02:00, Sa 12:00-02:00, Su 12:00-23:00. Eating and amusement.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Once you're there, think about your health as probably you had not too much time to do that before. And think that this is the place of 12 mineral springs, the water of which can help to heal your disorders. This place is for this. Other places are for else.

  • Alka (Café Alka), M.K.Čiurlionio St 113A (close to the Alka pond and Ratnyčėlė rivulet at the edge of the forest, SE of the town itself), +370 313 52819, mobile +370 656 86580 (). Su-Th 11:00-22:00, F-Sa 11:00-24:00. Nice café with authentic rustic exterior and interior. Hardly noticeable from the street, coordinates 54°0'25.61"N, 23°59'24.83"E . (54.007113,23.990232)
  • Bebenčiukas, M.K.Čiurlionio St 83 (close to the main street near centre, within apartment district), +370 313 53514. M-Sa 10:00-19:00.  edit
  • Širdelė, Maironio St 16 (within Dainava complex in a separate authentic building, close to Aqua Park), +370 313 59093 (, fax: +370 313 59104). Mo 11:00-22:00, Th-Su 11:00-23:30. Traditional artist place in Druskininkai. Reasonable price and good food.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Since town is a popular resort, sometimes it gets tricky to find accommodation. Tourist Office may give you more and alternative accommodation options or links to search, if you ask them. Accommodation available not only in town itself but also in surrounding forests, including National Park. The latter option is suitable for those who prefer relaxation in nature refuge rather than in urban environment.

Within town[edit]

  • Hotel Dainava Maironio St 22 (Situated in the very center, close to Druskininkai AquaPark), +370 313 59100, mobile +370 650 85494 (). checkin: 12:00 midday; checkout: 12:00 midday. Has a campsite in the yard, place for 1 tent €2, place for 1 camper van €3, resort fee charges and WC per person €2.5, electricity €2.0. Prices season-depending. Reservation: single room ~€30, twin room ~€40, triple room ~€55, Lux ~€53.
  • Hotel Galia Has three locations, Booking: +370 313 60510 (, fax: +370 313 60512). Consists of 3 separate hotels not far from each other: Vita Hotel Maironio St 3, phone +370 313 60511, Tomas Hotel, Dabintos St 3, phone +370 313 60510, Aistė Hotel, Dabintos St 4, phone +370 313 60510. Prices season-depending.
One of the romantic places to spend the night.
  • Hotel Laima +370 313 52847 (, fax: +370 313 53754). 3 single rooms, 8 double rooms. Single 60 LTL, double 120 LTL, additional bed for 3rd person 35 LTL.
  • Hotel Medūna Liepų St 2, +370 313 58033, mobile +370 682 67293 (, fax: +370 313 58034). 14 double rooms with a bathroom, television and a telephone. All rooms are thematic and different in their interior. The price of a room includes breakfast in the hotel's restaurant (30 seats). Restaurant offers dishes of European cuisine, premises for the family celebrations, business meetings or romantic dinners. During the restoration works there was found an authentic stone hall. Now it is the wine cellar which is composed of two parts – the authentic, restored old stone hall with a cozy fireplace and the second hall decorated in Italian style. Perfect place for business meetings, meetings with friends or romantic rendezvous accompanied with a glass of good wine. The wine cellar of “Medūna” is the only place in Druskininkai that offers a wide list of different wines. Hotel prices season-depending.
  • Hotel “Pušynas” (Pine Forest), Taikos St 6, +370 313 56666, mobile +370 699 11620 (, fax: +370 313 56666). A 3-star hotel surrounded by trees and flowers offers a good rest, spa procedures, and organize business meetings, conferences and private celebrations. The architecture of the hotel reminds of a huge pine cone. Has 66 rooms of different types and standards, which are adapted for three persons to live in. There are single and double rooms and deluxe rooms. The hotel can accommodate up to 150 guests, the conference hall – up to 80 people, the restaurant – up to 80 people, the spa “Pušynas” - up to 15 people. All the hotel rooms have balconies, satellite TV, individually controlled air-conditioning system (the first floor business class rooms), also there is a work place in each room.
  • Hotel Regina T. Kosciuškos St 3, +370 313 59060, mobile +370 693 79000 (, fax: +370 313 59061). A 3-star hotel, suited not only for people looking for rest but also for organising business events like conferences, trainings etc. Offers two comfortable and fully equipped conference halls. Has 40 rooms: 8 single rooms, 26 double rooms, 3 triple rooms, 3 suite rooms. Each room has a telephone, the internet, bathroom, a hair dryer and flexible air-conditioning system. A big part of rooms have a small but very cozy balcony. Family, which has four members, can live in a suite room.
  • Hotel Violeta (Viešbutis Violeta), Kurorto St 4, +370 313 60600 (fax: +370 313 60602). 20 large rooms: 4 luxury (living room and bedroom), 13 doubles, 2 singles, and 1 luxury suite (complete kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, Jacuzzi whirlpool). Can accommodate up to 40 guests at once. Has a handicapped-friendly room, and rooms for non-smokers. All the rooms are modernly equipped. Doubles facing the Nemunas and luxury rooms big enough for families with children. There are safes in the rooms, luxuries have a minibar.

Outside town[edit]

  • Countryside tourism homestead “Dzūkijos Uoga” (Villa Dzūkijos Uoga - Dzukian Berry), Viršurodukis village No 9, Dzūkija National Park (5 km from south of the A4 highway Vilnius-Druskininkai: 18km from Druskininkai or 115km from Vilnius), +370 699 63565 (). checkin: 16:00; checkout: 11:00. The name refers to Lithuanian expression where a "berry" is an equivalent of a "gemstone". Pine forest and water frond location in the heart of the national park, full of mushrooms and berries. Great outdoors programmes for families and the extreme lovers. SPA procedures in sauna. Stylish and modern interior and silence of a remote ethnographic village with only 3 inhabitants. Accommodate only one group of guests up to 15 people per time. (54.087036,24.254379)


  • The Druskininkai phone code is 313 and the five digit local subscriber number.
  • Druskininkai post office (Druskininkų paštas), V. Kudirkos St 39 (near NE corner of Druskonis lake). M-F 08:30-18:00, Sa 08:00-13:00. All postal services, money orders, Western Union money transfers. (54.01673,23.976116) edit

Get out[edit]

  • Alytus - unofficial capital and the largest town of Dzūkija region, 55km north of Druskininkai.
  • Hrodna - an importan historical town in neighbouring Belarus, about 30min ride by bus (visa must be obtained beforehand).
  • Lazdijai - a town 46km NW of Druskininkai on the way toward Suvalkija region, close to Poland. Convenient place to stay or to set a base while traveling in the area. Has a Tourism Information Centre which serves all the western half of Dzūkija region and provides related information and services, address Vilniaus St 1, Lazdijai, +370 611 10 855 (). M-Th 08:00-12:00, 13:00–17:00, F 08:00-12:00, 13:00–15:45. Guide service: excursion around the town €5/1h, tour around the district €9/1h. (54.23431,23.51627)
  • Liškiava - a historic village 11km north of Druskininkai, accesible by land along the left (western) bank of Nemunas river or by leasure boat (3h trips are organized regularly from the passenger wharf at 54.01983, 23.97992).
Objects of interest:
  • the architectural ensemble of the Holy Trinity Church and the former Dominican monastery, address Bažnyčios St 7, Liškiava, excursions +370 614 67478 (). Exposition: Su, Tu-F 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00, Sa 14:00-18:00. No eating, drinking, littering, smoking within the territory. Visiting exposition: adult €2, kid €1, guide service €10. (54.0806,24.05663)
  • mythological stone Bull's Footprint (Lithuanian: Jaučio pėda) on a river bank at 54.08134, 24.05079;
  • Liškiava Hill Fort with preserved remains of unfinished 15th century castle tower at 54.08126, 24.04338;
  • sacred hill (site of pagan rites, Lithuanian: alkakalnis) at 54.08181, 24.04797 offer beautiful views.
  • Meteliai Regional Park - a popular outdoor recreation area featuring three large lakes: Dusia, Metelys and Obelija. Visitor Centre at Seirijų St 2, Meteliai village, +370 318 43649 (, fax: +370 318 43649). M-Th 08:0017:00 (lunch break 12:00-12:45), F 08:00-15:45 (lunch break 12:00-12:45), Sa 10:00-17:00 (since May 1 to Sep 30, lunch break 12:00-12:30). Offer bicycle, canoe rent, maps. Several trails around the lakes and surroundings. Guide service in English language ~€12/1h; organizing a cognitive trip with an English speaking guide ~€14/1h for 3 persons. (54.28348,23.74163) 40km NW of Druskininkai.
  • Veisiejai - central town of Veisiejai Regional Park, a popular outdoor recreation area for canoeing, bicycling and short hikes. Address of the Visitor Centre - Santarvės St 3, Veisiejai, coordinates 54.10037, 23.6937. 26km NW of Druskininkai.
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