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Dongying is a little city in the north of Shandong province which is an eastern province of China.


There are about 1,800,000 people live in Dongying, but it is still only a small city of China. However, it has the second biggest oil field in China and the estuary of Yellow River (the second longest river in China) located there. Because of the oil field, the oil industry is developed in Dongying and the University of Petroleum located there. Furthermore, it was oil that created this city, in 1974 people discovered the first oil well in a village called Dongying, so they named this new city after the name of this village. Now the city is divided into two districts called Eastern City which is new and has the city government, and the Western City which has more business streets. Both of them have perfect high ways which are ones of the best high ways in China. However, you have to be careful to the taxis, because they drivers always drive too fast and carelessly, but taxis are very cheap in the city (8 Yuan). Dongying could be boring to travelers since the soil contains a lot of salt so that almost no plants can grow there healthily. However, it is suitable to do business here because of the oil field and the citizens who have large disposable incomes.

Dongying is split into two areas, West City and East City. West City is the older and more developed area of Dongying, whilst East City is quieter and more residential. For expats the main difference is that West City has the Western restaurants and bars.

In 2008, Dongying received a formal introduction to the West when photos of the city and its people appeared in American travel photographer Tom Carter's photobook China: Portrait of a People. Carter was a former English teacher in Dongying and began photographing the city during his first year. Included in his journalistic photoessays are behind-the-scenes at Shengli Oilfield, KTV girls from Dongying's infamous karaoke street, nightlife at the old JJ's Disco, and many of Carter's primary school students. The tributary photos capture perfectly the sights most evident to expats living in Dongying.

Get in[edit]

By coach[edit]

  • Huanghe Lu Coach station - this is the main coach station and has links to many places in Shandong (such as Weihai and Yantai), and also to Beijing. Many coaches from here also visit the other coach stations, and generally seem to roam the streets for a while collecting other passengers before actually getting on the expressway.
  • West City Coach station
  • East City Coach station

By car[edit]

  • there are motorways passing through Dongying
  • it more expensive to take taxi

By plane[edit]

  • One airport in East City, which has domestic flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Dalian

By railway[edit]

  • Only one railway station, the trains only for big cities.

Get around[edit]

To travel in Dongying, you have 5 ways to choose: Bus There are many cars; even the bus system is not good enough. In weekday, the buses are not enough, you'll stay for 15 minutes to wait for your bus. The price is cheap, from 1yuan to 2yuan,it depends on distance. Taxis Taxis in Dongying are common. They are not especially cheap in comparison to bus travel, but you can navigate the majority of the city for 12 Yuan. The first 3 km will cost you 8 Yuan (from 15 October 2013), and then 1 Yuan for every 1 kilometre. There are also 'black cabs' - private cars that will stop and offer a ride to where you need to go. These are especially useful when there aren't any taxis or you require a longer journey to town such as Kenli or Hekou, as the price is not 'metered' like a taxi.

Bicycle Bikes are the cheapest way to travel. You can hire a bike to get where you want. You’d better ride on pavement.

Electric bike Electric bikes are quick & easy to ride & can be bought brand new for as little as 1500 Yuan. Electric bike are very common in China & provide a quick & easy way to get around. However due to the sheer volume of electric bikes in the city, they can often fall victim to petty thieves . Electric bikes are relatively quiet & as a pedestrian it can often be hard to hear them approaching - due care & attention is needed both as a driver & pedestrian.

Motor Bike It is a machine which uses fuel, and its speed is very fast. Sometimes it is not easy to control. If you are not able to control it, you’d better to choose another way to travel.

See[edit][add listing]

  • the temple of Guandi in Guangrao town
  • the Yellow River and the bridge because Dongying is the delta of this river
  • QingFeng Lake in East City is a very scenic area with lots to do including a beach, boats, a pagoda, KTV and occasional fairs
  • wetlands and associated wildlife, especially birds. As the Yellow River runs through Dongying there are lots of wetlands, both within the city and heading out towards the sea too. Going east down HuangHe Lu will take you along the river, and you can also go to the south-west of QingFeng lake to see a wildlife area with a beach
  • many fairs in Dongying every year
  • the amusement park on TianMuShan Lu (west of the expressway between east and west city) has a few rides, including 2-3 for the adrenaline junkies such as a reverse bungee that flings you up in the air. It's newly-opened and the whole street has been renovated and looks like it'll include some more bars and even clubs too.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • KTV(karaoke).Dongying has lots of ktvs. Some of them are big and some are small. However there is almost no price difference between them. KTVs in Dongying are really cheap.
    • Do not go to the very small KTVs, they may be illegal(drug .etc)
    • TangGuo and Royal QianGui are the two best KTVs. They are clean, cheap and safe. Do not miss them.
  • Bars. There are many small bars on Qingdao Lu(Road). They are quiet. One big Bar called 0546 is fantastic, the atmosphere is big. It can offer you many kinds of wine. But pay attention that this bar may not be safe for teenagers who are under 18.
  • Shopping. Dongying has lots of clothing shops along the Jinan Lu(Road). The clothes are fashion and cheap. Some big malls are also good choice for shopping such as Yinzuo, but the goods are more expensive. Window shopping is many Dongying girls favourate.
  • Walking.
  • Church. There is the church of Dongying (东营教会)which is gov't controlled but welcomes foreigners and is pretty open to new visitors - attendance is in the thousands every Sunday. It is hard-to-miss and one of the larger buildings in the city. It is close to China Petroleum University (中国石油大学). There are also local churches around, including White Lotus Youth Group (百合花青年团)which is inside the farmer's market next to China Petroleum University, which is affiliated with the Church of Dongying.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Dongying has all types of food around china,such as Sichuan food, northen food and southern food. Sichuan food is the most popular in Dongying

  • Hot Pot (the one that like a fondue with boiling water instead of cheese, you can put vegetables, meat to cook) Restaurant: chongqing xiao tian e
  • donkey meat Do not miss dongkey meat in dongying
  • Fish Head It is realy tasty, many people like to eat it. Restaurant: A Wa Shan Zhai
  • Sea Cucumber with rice Realy nutritious and healthy. It can cure asthma. Star restaurant
  • Pepper spicy fish This is a dish that from Sichuan; you can eat it on Zi Bo road.

For Western food there are a few MacDonalds, KFCs and a newly-opened Pizza Hut in West City.

Drink[edit][add listing]

In a restaurant it is best to order beer or green tea like the locals. There are plenty of soft drinks like coke available. Sparkling water is impossible to come by and the bottled water can be dreadful - buy an expensive brand. You can buy sweet soy-milk piping hot in restaurants and also from small shops on the street.

If a place does serve coffee it will most likely be instant coffee so good luck if you are a caffeine fiend. If you are desperate for a coffee you could try Simple Coffee on Qingdao/Bei lu. It is fairly drinkable but be warned that the cappuccino will be served with fake whipped cream on top. Otherwise there are some Cite Coffee shops on (Xi Si Lu and Huaihe Lu in East City). There are also coffee shops near ShengDa supermarket on DongSan Lu, and one in the Tesco supermarket on DongEr Lu.

For beer there are plenty of bars to choose from. The famous (in China) Tsingtao beer from Qingdao city on the coast is good. There is also LaoShan beer and Snow Beer (xue hua pi jiu). You can find other foreigners if you check out the small Music Bar on Xi Si Lu (near Cite Coffee). Jay Jays on Yu Hua Jie is for those who like to get drunk with other ex-pats who aren't coping with life abroad; opening hours are anyone's guess and you really need to find someone who knows where it is to show you.

There are a few western-style bars on Qingdao Lu, such as Casablanca which has a good mix of foreigners and Chinese locals and the staff are all dressed up in pretty cowboy uniforms. Also you can play foozeball there for free and buy expensive, and prettily-made, cocktails.

A new 'Western' bar, named 'I-Bar' has recently opened on Bei Er Lu (close to the Xi San Lu/Bei Er Lu intersection). The bar is run by foreigners & offers both somewhere to get a drink & later on, the 'Western' style club theme. Drinks are relatively cheap & you will find foreigners there every night.

There are a few newly-opened bars on the fashionable Yizhou Lu near the north entrance of QingFeng Lake in East City. The bars include a few 'international beer hall' bars, a jazz bar and the ubiquitous KTVs.

If you want to burn your throat try the spirit bai jiu. The hangover will probably leave you unable to move for hours. You can also try SanBianJiu, a delicious brandy-like drink made with special ingredients that will make you feel very invigorated.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Buy[edit][add listing]

Get out[edit]

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