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Desert areas[edit]




Moving sands dunes in Varzaneh
  • Varzaneh sand dune desert - 12 km from the ancient town of Varzaneh, 100km east of Isfahan, there are sand hills from 5 to 62 meters that always moving slightly when the wind blows. Varzaneh deserts end to Varzaneh-Khara salt lake which is another attraction around this region. Ghoortan 1000-year-old citadel is also just 30 km away from northern part of this desert, and 15 km from Varzaneh town. The desert is perfect place for activities like meditation. You may catch the opportunity to observe the sky at nights and sunsets. There is no regular desert transport, so a private taxi or car should be rented. For more information about desert, accommodation options and sport facilities, you may visit Varzaneh page.
Sand dunes,Mesr
  • Mesr desert - Mesr is a desert and also an oasis tiny village located in the central desert of Iran, being 420 km far from Isfahan city, (known as Dashte-Kavir in Persian). The central mountain ranges of Iran which are predominantly isolated oasis type mountains which run through the desert territory of Iran, are close by. The town’s only water source and therefore lifeline comes from a spring that flows out of the foothills of the aforementioned mountains quite close to the heart of the village. This is the only source of life for the gardens and Date Palm orchards that make this oasis such a special place. It is very suggested to see the sunsets and stars in this beautiful village.

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