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Delmenhorst [14] is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany with almost 80.000 citizens. It is first cited in a document from 1247. In the late 19. century Delmenhorst became an industrial city amongst other factories with the cities biggest factory, Nordwolle. In the present days a traveller can find a lot of exhibits of the history in the now modern city.


Due to it's long history, the style of buildings vary in the city's center. Around the turn of the century the city planners wanted to create an 'ideal city' with new building styles. Many buildings at the city's main shopping street, Lange Strasse, look very different yet interesting.

Get in[edit]

By air[edit]

The nearby airport from Bremen. There is a connecting hourly train service from the Bremen central station.

By train[edit]

There is a regular train service from Bremen, Oldenburg and other cities.

By car[edit]

The heavy used motorway 1 (Autobahn 1 - A1) connects to Bremen in the northeast or Cologne in the southwest. If you're coming from the Netherlands, then the more quieter A28 is your choice.

Get around[edit]

On foot[edit]

In the center everything is really close.

By bike[edit]

Riding a bike is one of the preferred means of transport. Bike paths are in excellent condition and usually exist next to every street and pavement. There are routes available for day trips in and around Delmenhorst. See Do section.

Bike rental[edit]

  • Kehlenbeck, Oldenburger Str. 161, (04221) 17704. Located on a major street, this small store offers some bikes to rent.  edit

By bus[edit]

Busses are widely available. The company for the busses is called delbus ([15], german). The central bus station (ZOB - Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof) is located next to the central train station. Normally every bus stop has it's own map of the bus system. There is one schedule for the weekday ("Tag", every 15 min.) and another one for evenings and weekends ("Freizeit", every 30 min).

The pricing system is connected to the over-regional VBN (Verkehrsverbund Bremen-Niedersachsen, Travel Association Bremen-Lower Saxony). Prices may have changed, look here for more information ([16], english). Adult starts at €1.60, depending on the zones you travel through. Don't mind to ask, but don't expect everyone to speak English.

By taxi[edit]

This is the most expensive but also the most flexible alternative. If you want to get back to your place, just ask the bar or restaurant you are in to call a taxi for you. In downtown there are stations for taxis at the central station. Tipping of 10% is a nice gesture.


English is not spoken all over the place, German is obviously the first language. The bigger hotels and young people mostly speak English. Also you can communicate in Turkish as Delmenhorst has a descent number of immigrants.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Burginsel (Castle Island), In the middle of the Graft. This is the the island of the Delmenhorst castle, destroyed in 1711. The castle was called Wasserburg (Water Castle). There was a small tower, Blauer Turm (Blue Tower), which stood a little longer - until 1787. The Blauer Turm is the main tile on Delmenhorsts Coat of Arms.  edit
  • Graft. The Graft is the big, green lung in the center of Delmenhorst. Its creation was concluded on May 8, 1905. There are two parts of it, the inner and the outer part. The inner part was created once to be a park around the castle. Walk around a little and enjoy the nice scenery with small creeks of the Delme. Also you can do some minigolfing or hire a boat (May to September).  edit
  • Kleines Haus (literally: Small House), Max-Planck-Str. 4, (04221) 1 65 65 (). The Kleines Haus is the theater in Delmenhorst. Of course most shows are in german, but maybe you just want to join one show to feel old-school theater style and friendly people around. €18-24.  edit
  • Kartoffelfest (Potato Festival). Beginning of October. Yes, the main setting is about the potato. But also you can see and buy hand-crafted goods and eat some potatoes in all different ways of preparation.  edit
  • Kramer market, Graftwiesen (The big parking lot next to the Graft). The Kramer market is a traditional folk festival with fun rides and tasty food. It occurs twice a year, in the end of April and in the middle of September. Almost every citizen is at least once a year there. In the opening there is a procession and fireworks take place in the night at the beginning and in the last night. One day, typically Tuesday, is family day. Everything is then a little cheaper. The festival is the oldest festival in the city.  edit
  • Museumsmühle (Museum Mill), Hasberger Dorfstraße 1, 04221/41803. The historic mill is located north in the city in the district Hasbergen. In 1950 an electric motor was installed to power the turbine. In 1986 the mill was deactivated. Later, in 1991, a museum was installed. It shows the history of the still working mill and the structure needed to build and use such a mill.  edit
  • Nordwolle (literally: North wool), Am Turbinenhaus 10-12, 04221/29858-20 (, fax: 04221/29858-15), [1]. Tu-Fr & Su, 9am-5pm. The Nordwolle was the biggest factory in Delmenhorst. It produced wool. The production started in 1884 and was stopped 1981. Afterwards, new businesses became part of the site. Now over 1000 people live and work there. Make a tour in the museum or just walk around at the site and take a look at the astonishing architecture out of 1890. The name of the museum is Nordwestdeutsche Museum für IndustrieKultur. The site is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage [2].  edit
  • Wasserturm (Water tower), (Next to the city hall). Sa, 11am-1pm. 1st and 3rd Su in month, 3pm-5pm. The old water tower is located next to the city hall. Years ago the 44 meters high tower should be the sign for a new Delmenhorst. Nowadays the well-known building is one of the highest ones in downtown. You can get up to the viewing platform and have a nice view over the city.  edit
  • Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market), City hall square. End of November until Christmas. The christmas market is another traditional market in Delmenhorst. Buy some Bratapfel (apple in a candy glaze) or drink some Glühwein (hot wine punch - it's really good!). Also some fun rides and more food is available.  edit
  • Wochenmarkt (Farmers Market), City hall square. Also called Rathausmarkt (city hall market). This is the biggest farmers market in Delmenhorst. Just walk around and see some traditional trading. But do that before 1pm, because the market closes then.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Bicycle tours. Delmenhorst offers six different bicicle routes through and around the city. All are well-marked and either off beaten pathes or separates lanes. The maps for the routes can be bought in the city hall at the Stadtmarketing GmbH. They are called Radwanderkarte and cost €2.90. You can find the signs for the tours all over the place. They look like the following description: On top you see a bicicler and in the lower part you'll see, e.g. R 1 for route 1. See the link ([3], german) for a picture.  edit
  • Delfina, Am Stadtbad (Next to the big parking lot Graftwiesen), (04221) 1276 - 3300, [4]. Mo-Fr, 10am-9pm; Sa-So, 8am-7pm. Delfina is a public swimming pool with lots of things to do. The name comes from the german word for dolphin (Delfin). You have a general swimming area inside and outside, a big slide, an adventorous area, a restaurant and more. Inside area: €4.60 adult, €3.10 6-15, younger free. Outside area: €3.60 adult, €2.60 6-15, younger free. Parking is free.  edit
  • Jute Bowl, Weberstrasse (Behind the central station), (04221) 123696. Jute Bowl is a bowling center located right in the middle of the town. They offer different kinds of events. Have a beer here or play some pool.  edit
  • Segelfliegen (Gliding), Große Höhe, (04222) 2710, [5]. March-October, every weekend 9am-6pm. If you want to do some gliding, here might be the right place. Since north germany is very flat it is easy to fly without obstacles. They offer weekend courses for beginners. The Grosse Höhe is located east of Delmenhorst. Look here ([6], german) for a map. €50 for a beginners weekend.  edit
  • Museumsbahn (Museum train), (04244) 9355-0, [7]. Only some days between May and October. The museum train "Jan Harpstedt" is located in the town Harpstedt. Take a tour in the old, steam-powered train over a station south in Delmenhorst (at the Grüne Strasse) to the town Lemwerder. You can buy food and they take your bicycle on-board. Adult: from €7, bike extra (buy in the train).  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Lange Strasse (literally: Long Street), Downtown. This is the main shopping street in Delmenhorst. Here you can find stores for clothes, restaurants and more. Also make sure you take a look into the Einhorn Apotheke (Einhorn Pharmacy). This pharmacy is over 100 years in the posession of one family. They have a chronology with pictures in the pharmacy. This is a pedestrian-only street.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

You can find a variety of different food styles in the city. Greek, italian, turkish, asian, mexican and of course german cuisine is served. Fast food chains are also present. Additionally, you can find many typical turkish snack bars which serve Döner Kebap. Some of them are located in the Lange Strasse.

  • Restaurant Athen, Brauenkamper Str. 88, (04221) 83875. This restaurant is located in the district Deichhorst. It serves well-tasting greek food as well as some common plates.  edit
  • Ristorante da Mimmo, Lange Str. 101, (04221) 16647. Serves good italian food. It is a little bit more pricy here.  edit
  • Zur alten Schmiede, Lange Str. 50, (04221) 13876. In this place you can find typical german food. Bring your dictionary as the menu is only in german.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

In Delmenhorst, there are many little bars scattered all over the place. There you can drink some german beers.

  • Mausefalle (literally: Mouse Trap), Weberstraße 10 (At the central station, in front of the cinema Maxx), (04221) 155145, [8]. Fr & Sa, in the evening. In this club there are two dancefloors with different kinds of music. The smaller one offers 70s-now pop music whereas in the Main Area you will mostly hear black and techno music. There are particular events, though. Try to get some flyers or take a look at the web page. The drinks start with €2.  edit
  • Slattery's, Stedinger Str. 40, (04221) 17420, [9]. Every day from 5pm. Slattery's is an irish pub. Dance, drink, have a good time there. Mostly filled at the weekends.  edit
  • White Lion, Schulstr. 25, (04221) 120447. Su. - Th. 7pm - 2am, Fr. & Sa. 8pm - 5am. The White Lion is a rock bar. It is not as big as the Slattery's but definitely worth trying it out! If you are female and kind try to catch a drink from the owner for free!  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hotel Zum Burggrafen, Brauenkamper Str. 28, (04221) 82546. The location is not too far away from downtown. This street is located in the district Deichhorst. You can find some nice restaurants and bars here. Also a small park is nearby. Single €23, double €46.  edit


  • Steller See (Lake Steller), Zum Steller See 15, 28816 Stuhr-Groß-Mackenstedt (Close to A1), (4206) 6490 (), [10]. The Steller See is a recreational area close to the city. It lies next to the clean bathing lake Steller See. You can find a bar, a restaurant and a kiosk for your needs. The surrounding area is a very beautiful, nature area. Make sure to go in the summer into the nearby corn maze. Adults beginning €4.50.  edit


  • Alt Hasberger Krug, Hasberger Dorfstraße 31, 04221 - 42223 (), [11]. This hotel is located in a part of the city called Hasbergen. Here you can see the nature part of Delmenhorst. Single €35-47, double €50-82.  edit


  • City-Hotel, Bahnhofstraße 16, 04221 - 12680 (, fax: 04221 - 126868), [12]. Located right in the middle of the town. The bus and train stations are nearby and the city center is just a stone throw away. Single €41-75, double €59-96.  edit
  • Hotel - Restaurant Thomsen GmbH, Bremer Straße 186, 04221 - 9700 (), [13]. This hotel is located a little away from the city's center, but with the well operating public transportation system that shouldn't be a problem. Single €49-89, double €69-119.  edit


In the city's main shopping street, Lange Strasse, you can find some cafe's with wireless. Also internet cafes are available.

Stay safe[edit]

Use caution at night at the central station. Avoid talking to the groups there. Use your normal precaution generally and you will be safe. You can talk to every police officer in the city. Normally the are wearing green-brown clothes, but maybe you will encounter one in black-blue.

Get out[edit]

  • Bremen - Home of the worldwide known Beck's beer and of the soccer team Werder Bremen. The beautiful, quiet city has an interesting history, a lot of nature and more. City is it's own state.
  • Hamburg - The city with the biggest harbour in Germany. Great nightlife and a lot of things to see. Also own state.
  • Hanover - The state capital of Lower Saxony surprises with much things to do and to see.
  • Oldenburg - A smaller city to the west. Oldenburg has a nice downtown part.

There is a special ticket for public transportation in Lower Saxony, called Niedersachsen Ticket. Please read here for more information.

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