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Day Trip to Block Island Itinerary

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Day Trip to Block Island Itinerary

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Day Trip Block Island Tour[edit]

The Block Island Tour is a guided moped or biking tour of Block Islands beaches, shops, sights, and restaurants. This tour is planned as a day trip but can take longer depending on how much time is spent at each stop along the way.

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When people come to Rhode Island most make a point to visit Block Island. Block Island is special and unique in so many different ways and provides visitors with numerous experiences unlike any other.

Block Island came to be thousands of years ago when a glacier hit leaving behind hills and ponds. The Narragansett Indians were the first inhabitants of Block Island and in 1614, Adrian Block, a Dutch explorer sailed to the island and gave it his name. He called it Block Island and in 1661 the island was settled.

Today the island is home to about 1,051 people and is free of big chain business, and busy streets, but is instead filled with natural beauty, pristine beaches, and many historic landmarks. Block Island is the ultimate escape from the bustle of every day so sit back, relax, and enjoy everything the beautiful island has to offer.


When starting out on your trip be sure to pack a few of the basics, first make sure to bring this guide. Additionally, you may want to bring a bathing suit, a change of clothes, lots of sunscreens, a camera, some cash or credit card, and your bikes if you are choosing to bike the island rather then rent mopeds. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing as it will be a long day filled with lots of activities. Also, you may want to check the weather before you head out as rain could really affect some of the activities planned in this itinerary. The ferry schedule times are listed at

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Stop 1: Ballards Inn[edit]

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The first stop on the tour is a short ride from the ferry and is known as Ballard’s Inn. Ballard’s Inn is located on the south side of the Old Harbor breakwater and features a private beach with a beach bar and restaurant. Additionally, it is also a popular destination for sunbathing, dancing, swimming, and volleyball. Upon arriving here you can sit down for some breakfast or a light snack and then head to the beach for a bit to soak up some sun.

Stop 2: Shopping[edit]

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Just a few minutes away from Ballard’s Inn also located in Old Harbor the heart of Block Island’s historic downtown are numerous shops. Most businesses are mom and pop and offer numerous varieties of items. Here you can take some time to go into the shops lining the streets such as The Mad Hatter, Bonnie & Clyde, Peppered Cat, and many others.

Stop 3: The Oar[edit]

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After some time spent shopping you will next head to The Oar for some lunch. The Oar is a casual restaurant located at the Boat Basin in New Harbor. While you wait for a table you can play corn hole, sit at one of the picnic tables, or sit in a lounger overlooking Salt Pond. The Oar serves lunch and dinner daily and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The Oar offers all different types of food including clam chowder, New England lobster rolls, burgers, and a full sushi bar. While enjoying your lunch be sure to look around at the thousands of decorated oars that line the walls and ceilings and have been donated by people.

Stop 4: Champlin’s Hotel, Marina, & Resort[edit]

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Upon finishing up lunch be sure to save some room and then head over to Champlin’s for their famous frozen mudslides and ice-cream and pastries for the kids. At Champlin’s you can find the bakery and ice-cream bar and which serves delicious desserts, pastries, ice cream sundaes, and milkshakes. While the under 21 are enjoying there treats be sure to find Trader’s Dock Bar also located at Champlin’s. Treat yourself to their famous banana mudslides or a frozen daiquiri. Additionally, every Saturday afternoon during the season Trader's dock bar features live entertainment and karaoke on Sunday afternoons.

Stop 5: Mohegan Bluff’s[edit]

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When you're done enjoying the treats at Champlin’s follow the route to the Mohegan Bluffs. You will park your bikes or moped in the lot and then walk down some stairs to where you will be standing about 150 feet above the beach below. These cliffs offer one of the most amazing views and on a clear day, you can see all the way to Montauk. Getting down to the beach below can be challenging as there are no longer steps but a steep path with many rocks, but it is well worth it for the beautiful and unique scenery as the Bluffs are often a favorite part of someone's trip to Block Island. Here you can spend some time relaxing on the beach, taking in the breathtaking scenery, swimming in the Atlantic, and exploring.

Stop 6: The Spring House[edit]

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You will end your day relaxing at The Spring House on the wrap around porch overlooking the ocean while you enjoy appetizers and dinner. The Spring House is known for its beauty and is considered to be one of the island’s most elegant historic landmarks. Dinner guests are offered the choice between bistro or dining room menus and both offer indoor and outdoor seating. Additionally, while waiting for your food you can walk around the inside of the hotel and explore its historic beauty.


When you're finished at The Spring House your trip on Block Island has come to an end. Head down Spring Street back into town and back to the boarding dock of the Block Island Ferry and set sail.