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Dawei (Tavoy) is the capital of Tanintharyi Division, in Southeastern Myanmar. As this area has been closed for tourism until early 2013, it is largely undeveloped and unexplored and makes for a very authentic and rewarding experience. Don't expect to find any packaged tours or trips yet.

Get in[edit]

By Bus[edit]

Road trip takes 12-15 hrs from Yangon (2017) and 7 hrs from Kanchanaburi in Thailand through Thai-Myanmar border (Phu Nam Ron Border Crossing)

Bus or minivan from Kanchanaburi bus station to Phu Nam Ron: 70/80 TBH. Bus from Phu Nam Ron to Dawei: 800 TBH.

Foreign (Non-Thai/Myanmese cititzens) travellers are strongly advised to check entry requirements into Myanmar through the Myanmese Embassy. Arriving into Myanmar at their international airports should not be too much an issue, however there may be a different set of requirements when entering Myanmar at their land border checkpoints.

The unpaved road from Thai border to Dawei seems to be now mostly in good condition (as of September 2016). Joint minivan ticket from Thai immigration to Myanmar immigration and from there to your hotel in Dawei costs 800 THB. From Yangon Aung Mingalar bus station, daily 3-5 buses at 14-17 PM and 5 AM, 13000-25000 kyat (VIP), 15h.

From Mawlamyine mini-buses depart from the Zeigyo bus station (NOT the main bus station where buses from Yangon, Hpa An, etc., arrive) at 6:30am & 6:30 PM for 12000 kyat and arrive at 3pm & 3 AM at the bus station behind the airport. 1000 kyat per person moto taxi into town, ca. 3000 kyat Tuk-Tuk. The busy & mostly single lane road from Mawlamyine is being widened so expect hold ups for roadworks, new bridges are also being built. mini-buses stop in all major towns for aprox 15 mins each time.

From Ye there are two daily buses (6 am and 10 pm, 4 to 5 hrs, 8,000 MYK). The early morning bus leaves near the market.

By plane[edit]

Myanmar Airways fly " Daily" Dawei- Yangon and Dawei- Kawthaung. FMI airline fly Mon,Tue, Wed and fri only for Dawei- Yangon and Dawei - Kawthaung. No flight to Myeik and Mawlamine .

Nowadays it is easy to book a flight through local agents or your hotel and Travel agents. Most likely agents deliver the ticket to your hotel or thanks to Internet print it straight away.

By train[edit]

From Mawlamyine to Dawei or Ye foreigners are allowed to use the local train. There is one daily train from Yangon to Dawei via Mawlamyine and Ye, which takes just over 24 hours. It departs Yangon at 18:25, departs Mawlamyine at 04:30, departs Ye (where you change to a different train) at 10:25 and arrives in Dawei at 19:00 (at least according to the schedule - delays are common).

By boat[edit]

The ferry between Dawei and Kawthaung/Myeik has been suspended in 2016 due to an improvement of the region's road network.

Get around[edit]

There are plenty of pickups, motorcycle taxis and trishaws in town to comfortably get around for just 500 to 2000 kyat. Another option is to rent a motorcycle and go around at will, most hotels can arrange one for 7000-10000 kyat a day.

See[edit][add listing]

The town itself is surprisingly pretty and laid-back. The architecture is a charming mixture of colonial style and traditional wooden stilt houses. This probably won't last very long, as there are signs of new (less pretty and laid-back) times to come, so now might be a good time to check it while it's still there.


  • Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few miles south of town.
  • Shin Datweh Pagoda, in the north.
  • Shin Maw Pagoda, on the Dawei promontory.
  • Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda. Houses a 75-metre long reclining Buddha image.
  • Myaw Yit Pagoda. On the small island visible approx 10km south of Maungmagan beach. Coming from Dawei, take the first road left out of Maungmagan town and continue on this road, keeping left at the fork with the big Coconuts Guesthouse sign. The road degrades in quality and seemingly goes past the destination, however note that if you continue it curls back and you will reach your destination, after passing a small fishing village with many flag-adorned boats moored. Continue up the steep dirt hill and keep right and you will come to the foot of the boardwalk where there are a few shops and decent small restaurants.

Please dress modestly (cover shoulders, knees etc) in temples and pagodas.

Do[edit][add listing]

Hunting for undeveloped beaches by motorcycle (7,000-12,000 kyat per day, rented via most hotels or travel agencies) is a fun way to explore the peninsula to the west of Dawei. It is very easy to get to the beach at Maungmagan, it takes about 30 minutes and during high season there are many restaurants at the beach that serve excellent seafood dishes. However, first check the kitchen of the place you want to sit down at.

A little rougher is continuing north on the road towards Nabule. It soon becomes a dirt road and requires better bike handling skills. A few kilometres before Nabule there is a straight pebble road to the left, which will take you past the (seemingly abandoned) Dawei Sea Port project site, towards a giant undeveloped beach.

It is also possible to take coastal road southwards from Maungmagan to Panyit village and all the way to Launglon, and then turn back to Dawei, or go to San Hlam or Teyzit beach. Take direction to Boa Say from Maungmagan town and continue towards San Maria Bay. Before San Maria Bay Beach is a small village where you need to turn left at crossroads with a sign with a picture of a pagoda (this is likely the same as the way to Myaw Yit Pagoda described above). The road is in quite good condition up to Panyit, although you need to cross a couple of shallow water streams in the rainy season. At Panyit take left turn and keep left at the end of the village, but it is better to ask the locals which direction is Launglon (it is easy to lose right direction here as there are few small crossroads without any road signs - but you could as well go exploring and find your way to Panyit beach while there). The road right after Panyit village is quite demanding with a steep rocky ascent but manageable for moderately skilled scooter driver, and gets much easier when you reach a stretch of concrete road. The scenery towards the sea is very nice at this part and you will meet a lot of local villagers on your journey trough idyllic country side, highly recommended.

Really tough and adventurous is going to the south, and taking a dirt road westwards out of Langlon. These 'roads' are rocky, steep and require top motorcycle skills to navigate. At the end you will find different beaches where only a few curious local fisherman families reside. They will gladly invite you to take a swim with them. There is also a path towards a small empty beach and a golden rock. From Launglon, take the first intersection left, then a few km further continue straight when another path goes left up a hill, and park your bike at a little shrine at a 3 way intersection. From there take the path to the right that leads up (not the smaller one going down), cut through the fresh overgrown bushes to the end, and climb the rocks to the golden rock with the Buddha statue and on towards the beach. Study satellite imagery beforehand to prepare for the trip.

On the left side (150m) of Buddha statue, if you climbe (very easy) the beach rocks, you will find a very beautiful your own beach.

Spend a day on a boat discovering and snorkeling the nearby Island of the Moscos Wildlife Sanctuary Three operators offer full day boat trips along the beaches of the Dawei Peninsula and to the southern islands of the Moscos Wildlife Sanctuary. The Moscos Islands, a protected area since 1927, offer probably the best coral (snorkel and diving) in Myanmar while the undeveloped sandy beaches are very beautiful and for most of the time completely empty - with only some local fishing families stopping there occasional for a rest.

Hire a Motorbike and explore surrounding. Automatic is for 11000 Kyat for 1 Day or 7000 Kyat for Half day. Cheaper option available with Manual Motorbike for 11000 Kyat 1 Day or 7000 Kyat for Half day. Keep Overnight & until 9pm on final Day. Bring international driving license and passport for renting motorbike.

Play snooker with locals. In the neighbourhoods there are many snooker places that open at night. Rent a table to challenge some locals, likely they'll beat you with a giant smile on their faces.

  • Mall rooftop. There is a mall near Zayar Htet San Hotel (big luxury hotel) which has a rooftop with a coffeeshop on it. It makes a nice option to get a view of the city.  edit
  • Massage & Spa (Massage), Swimming Pool Side at Hotel Dawei 7/A Arzarni Road, Dawei 14001, +95 9891413707, [1]. Take a Massage and Relax at Hello Dawei Massage & Spa near the pool at Hotel Dawei. Enjoy relaxing Oil Massage, Thai Massage, Foot, Back & Shoulders Massage, Face Treatments and Foot scrub. Massage starts from 12000 Kyat for 1 hour Foot Massage and 15000 Kyat for 1 hour Traditional Myanmar Massage. Opening Time: 1pm to 10pm  edit

Sin Htauk Beach provides you with the opportunities for water spot activities such as snorkeling and tubing for free. If you don’t bring back the equipment, it will charge a fee for the lost things.So,you should be very careful in the waves.

You may enjoy watching the sunset from bungalow, listening to waves rolling in with a beer in hand. It’s so soothing and really takes you away to another world. When it goes dark, look up to the sky and admire the lovely stars. You can retreat to your room and read yourself to sleep with the sound of the waves. There isn’t a more peaceful sleep than hearing the crashing waves with a light breeze flowing across the room. It is possible to do an island boat tour organized by the owner of the resort but you will need a minimum of three people to book the boat. Some neighboring islands are uninhabited so you can spend a few hours snorkeling there.You need to make sure asking in advance when the driver is available for a tour if you don’t want to miss out.

As for other activities, the beach is perfect for swimming and having fun in the waves. Take the time to explore the nature surrounding the beach by going on a little hike. This is also the perfect place to just sit still.

  • Hello Dawei Travel & Tours, 176, Anauk road (City Centre), + 95 9 44 362 7636, [2]. 8.00. Local travel agency places in city centre of Dawei. Motorbike rent from 9000 Kyat, daily tours, transfers from/to Dawei, accommodations and bungalows on main beaches. 21.30.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

ATM's CB Bank down the road from New Light Hotel on Arzarni Road has a functioning ATM. Also, Ayeyerwady Bank on the same road but nearer the river--can't miss the sign-- has one.

  • Longyi (a sarong) is a famous local product.
  • Cashew nuts and betel nuts are grown for export as well as a variety of tropical fruits including durian ("the King of Fruits").
  • Zin thi (in local language) is only found in Dawei and surrounding areas. It is sweet and slightly sour.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • QQ. Excellent thai food. Right next to the main street, near the big hotel.  edit
  • Sawatdi Restaurant. Malaysian food, very good rice and chicken for 1500 kyat with delivery ph: 05922534, 09250833323 or 0949735117  edit
  • MK5, No. 8 Arzarni Rd. Nice pastries and some shakes, juices and coffee.  edit
  • Tavoy Kitchen, on Payar Rd 50m north of junction Niban Rd, 09455192525. Delicious and very affordable food (from 1,500 to 4,000 kyat) in a small restaurant.  edit
  • Zayar Htet San, 566 Ye Yeik Thar Street (part of hotel), 05923902. This Restaurant is in the grounds of the hotel Zayar Htet San, exit from the hotel turn left walk 50m or walk in from the street and go straight past the hotel, clean modern AC restaurant, two floors. Bonus is the large outdoor garden area for kids to run around in.  edit
  • Star Kebab and Fruit juice (Kebab, Burger and fresh fruit juice), No(580) Ye Yeik Thar Road, Dawei. (opposite of Sein Shwe Moe Guest house and Zayar Htet San Hotel.), 09404178782, [3]. 10. Star Kebab is the only one kebab shop in Dawei and it also available fresh fruit juice and Thai food such as Pha Thai and spring roll. The same place with Dawei Panorama Travels office in the wooden garden. 1000MMK.  edit
  • Old House Cafe (Old House Cafe, Pizza, Pasta, Myanmar Food,), 174 Anouk Street, +959887469706, [4]. This Cafe is in one of the Old Colonial Style Teak Wood Houses with Terrasse and Garden. They serving local Myanmar Food, Home Made Pizza, Pastas, Salads, Snacks, Drinks, Coffee and Desserts They also offer French Baguette & Italian Wholemeal Bread which is Baked Fresh everyday. Free Wifi is also available at the Cafe. Opening Time every day from 8am to 9.30pm.  edit

There are many good restaurants. You can choose the set meal or can order various fried rice or fried noodles dishes and coffee and tea were always available. The menu at Sin Htauk can vary from day to day since the nearest village is a couple hours away, they don’t necessarily do daily runs.The prices for food and drinks are a little more expensive than the normal Burmese towns because of the transportation costs. Being so isolated means you rely on them for everything.There’s a restaurant onsite because getting into town will take you almost two hours there and two hours back. Unless all you are looking for is fruit and vegetables, then you can find this in the nearest village maybe an 30 to 40 minutes away by motorbike.You can rent bicycles but the best way to get around is on a motorbike because of the uneven terrain.

It is possible to get there by minivan and than by motor taxi for 5,000 kyats so all will cost around 6,7000 kyats .So it's a great price and you won't get in any troubles.Acoording to all of the facts I mentioned above, it is clear that you should not miss visiting Sin Htauk beach if you go to Dawei.

  • Maungmagan Beach, (12 miles from Dawei City, about MYK5000 by motorbike taxi), [5]. (,simple beach with very good seafood, lots of accommodation springing up. very popular with locals at the weekend but quiet during the week) edit
  • Grand Father Beach, Dawei Peninsula, Launglon township. (2 hours drive to Dawei Peninsula.). The longest beach with white sand and clear blue water and at the middle lagoon is fantastic. It far 70 Km from Dawei and 2 hours drive with motorbike or car.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • The Mandolis Hotel and Restaurant (The Mandolis at Dawei), 10 Mingalar Thidar Street, We Kyun Htein Le Ward, Dawei 14011, Myanmar (5 minutes driving distance from Dawei airport), +95 59 2023857, [6]. 24. The Mandolis Hotel and Restaurant is a unique newly opened garden hotel in Dawei, 3 minutes driving distance from Dawei Airport and 45 minutes driving distance from Tizit beach. Discover there the little heaven of The Mandolis. Delectable signature dishes and authentic European cuisines to delight your taste-buds. Also try our finest range of fine wines and beverages. King bed with hot/ cold shower, continental breakfast, FREE WiFi, Free airport transfer. Price starts from USD 65. Book direct from Tel: +95 59 2023857. email: [email protected] 75. (14.097587,98.199132) edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Shwe Moung Than Hotel is new, central location all room AC. The cheapest rooms are on the 4th floor, double/twins, bathroom inside (no hot water), breakfast included, 25,000 kyat. The rooms on the lower floor are more expensive, double 32,000 kyat, and a triple which comes with a bath tub, hot water and fridge 57,000 kyat. Prices as of Nov. 2017. No. 655, Pakokku Kyaung Street, tel. 059 23764
  • Sein Shwe Moe Guesthouse. Familiar place with comfortable beds. Wifi. No breakfast. Cheapest in town!: s9000k / d16000 (fan rooms with shared bathroom, Nov/Dec. 2017). Slightly cheaper bus tickets. Near to Swe Moung Than Hotel. 577A Ye Yeik Thar Street, Myauk Ywar Quarter. 05924073 / 098740208. 14°04′28.89″N 98°11′46.48″E
  • New Light hotel 1-1.5km from centre, AC, double 27000Kyat. No29 Arzarni Rd, Dawei. Tel. 059-23951
  • Dream Emperor Hotel is in a good, central location and has simple but comfortable rooms for MYK20,000 (twin or double). There are several other hotels within walking distance. AC and own bathroom. 20$ at Okt.2015
  • Golden Guest Hotel, no 59, Myotedwin street, Anauak quarter, is a decent newer option in town with rooms from US$45.

For hotels closer to the beach, you need to transfer to Maungmagan:

  • kanbouk tide hotel, right on the beach. singles 20000 or special isolated room with double bed 15000. No WiFi, no breakfast. 14.1328357, 98.0963109
  • Coconut Guesthouse, location: 14.1385543, 98.0978126. Tel: 09 8752293
  • Maungmagan Beach Resort, 09 422201819, [email protected]

You can also stay in beach bungalows on the Dawei peninsula:

  • Sin Htauk Beach Bungalows, (), [7]. The place is not a luxury facility but a natural resort, situated in a breathtaking bay with fine white sands and azure waters. The obvious feature of the bungalows are the large panoramic windows that allow a view directly from bed to the Andaman Sea.
    An airy restaurant with excellent food is also located right on the beach
  • Paradise Beach Bungalows, [8]. Secluded bay with 10 spacey bungalows with own bathroom and onside restaurant serving delicious fresh seafood.  edit

They are fully booked throughout the high season (February-March), so contact them 2-3 weeks before. This also means that further development is pending soon.

  • The Mandolis Hotel and Restaurant (The Mandolis at Dawei), 10 Mingalar Thidar Street, We Kyun Htein Le Ward (5 minutes driving distance from Dawei Airport), +95 59 2023857 (), [9]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Stuff about the hotel. USD 75. (14.097587,98.199132) edit
  • Sea View Beach Bungalows, Sin Htauk Beach (At the end of the road to Sin Htauk Beach), +95 09 662 551008, [10]. checkin: 12.00; checkout: 14.00. This brand new bungalow hotel is located in Sin Htauk Beach, it features nice wooden bungalows and a restaurant overlooking beautiful Sin Thauk Beach 30$.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Train to Yangon, Bago, Mawlamyine, Ye, 5:30 am. Sometimes there is no Upper Class until Ye, where you have to change trains. The station is in the south end of Dawei. A motor taxi from/to the center costs 2000 kyat (because of early morning surcharge), in daytime 1000 kyat.
  • AC bus to Ye and Mawlamyine three times a day at 5 am, 1 pm and 5 pm (check times from your travel agent). Road has been improved and should take less than 4 hours to Ye (as of September 2016). 9,000 kyat. Also minivans run the same route at about the same price, pick up from hotel included to the price. In Nov 2017, minivan to Mawlamyine between 9 am and 10 am, pick up from hotel, 12000 kyat, should take more than 8 hours to Mawlamyine.

VIP bus ( Business class with own TV and big confortable seat) to Mawlamine and Yangon and departure at 5:30 pm from main bus station. The price is 23500 Ks. VIP bus companies are Mandalar Min, Moe Kaung Kin, Unty Win Bus. Some VIP bus company has free pick up service and ask at the travel agent in Dawei.

  • Mergui / Myeik. Normal bus leave at 4:30am and 23:59 (6,500 kyat), AC bus leave at 7:30 am (13.500 kyat). Minibus leave at 5:00, 10:00, 17:00, 12,000 kyat. 6-7 h to Meyek. Updated 16.02.2020

The bus station is far from the city centre, 15min with car or with moto, behind airport. 14.107064, 98.205830 GPS

  • Onward to Thailand

Several companies run minibuses from Dawei to the Thai border town of Hteekee departing daily in the morning between 8 and 9 am. Hotels in Dawei and Coconuts Guesthouse at Maungmagan beach can easily arrange tickets, price 20000 Ks ( share seat in probox) and 23000Ks ( Minivan with own seat). Bus tickets are easy to bus travels agents in Dawei and hotels receptions. The bus pick up and drop off at Thai immigration.

There is a minibus station located close to the southern end of the airport not far from Kyat Thadiang Pagoda. It isn't clear if it is any cheaper to purchase tickets directly from the minibus companies at the station.

The trip to Htee Kee takes around 4-5 hours . The road takes you over some beautiful terrain with forested mountains. The road passes through Karen National Union (KNU) controlled territory and there are 3 Myanmar government checkpoints and two Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) checkpoints. After an hour, there is a passport check. Then the road becomes rocky and bad for 3 hours. Then there is Myanmar immigration in Htee Kee (a small village with nothing of interest), where you will also pay any overstay fines (only $3 / day as of March 2016). After this you must get another bus across no man's land between Myanmar and Thailand, the price of which is highly negotiable (aim for 50 baht/person). It is a short 5-10 minute ride. Then you reach Thailand entrance immigration. Note: there are no visa on arrival facilities at this Phu Nam Ron checkpoint so those nationalities that do not have visa waiver agreements must have a Thai visa to enter Thailand. From here, buses to Kanchanaburi are 70 baht (the big Wi-Fi bus) or minivans 80 baht.

The last bus to Kanchanaburi leaves at 4 pm.

  • Maungmagan

Only motorbikes or taxis are available. Motorbike is 4.000-5.000 kyatCreate category

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