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Damash is the name of a village in Jirandeh county in Gilan province, which is located in Iran.


It is 1800 m above mean sea level in a mountainous district. One of the rare species of flowers which is named Lilium ledebourii grows in Damash between 10th to 20th day of June and it is in danger of extinction. It is seen in two areas of the earth, one in Damash and two is an area in Azerbaijan country. There are beautiful forests around the village and natural springs. One of these springs is located in the residential area and the others are in the forests and you can promenade to see them.


The weather is cool at the most times of summer and sometimes foggy with dewdrop. This weather is so delightful. The positive point about the weather of Damash is the cool weather in summer and it isn't sultry at all, unlike the weather in low altitude flat area of Gilan like Rasht and other cities near the Caspian sea. Jirandeh is windy most of the year and it has many walnut gardens.

Get in[edit]

If you want to go to Jirandeh and Damash, first you should go to Loshan city which is located in Gilan province. If you are in Tehran(capital of Iran) you can take a bus or taxi from Tehran to Rasht. After about 220km you reach to Loshan city. Here you should get off the bus. you should go through the Loshan city. Ask the locals about Jirandeh taxi stand. When you got there, go to Jirandeh. It is about 40km from Loshan. At last, ask the driver about Damash. He can guide you. It is about 8km far from Jirandeh.

If you are in Qazvin, you can take a taxi to Loshan. The taxi stand is located at "Darvaze Rasht" square.

If you are in Rasht city, you should go to Loshan city. Ask the locals about the Loshan taxi stand.

Get around[edit]

See[edit][add listing]

In the middle of the road from Jirandeh to Damash, there is a high 2200m mountain with rocks and trees that its name is Gonga. The locals believe that the peak of Gonga is mysterious and they narrate mysterious stories about it.

About 12km beyond Damash, there is Viastan lake with an amusing view. To reach to this lake you should go from Damash to Baresar. When you arrive to Bresar, ask the locals about Viastan. Furthermore, there is another lake which is named koleshkoo. It is located 21km far from Damash and 30km far from Jirandeh. If you are in Jirandeh, you have two choices. one to go from Jirandeh to Kelishom village and then go to Baresar road and the second choice is to go to Damash, then from Damash to Baresar road. But take care that after 5km from Damash, you should turn right to Kelishom and you shouldn't continue the road to Baresar.

Do[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

Jirandeh and Damash are very famous for their special food. This food is kebab and the locals love it and you can see many roasters among the road from Jirandeh to Damash.

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Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are rental Houses in Jirandeh and Damash and you can rent to stay there and enjoy.

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

Try not to go to Damash in winter from October to March. Start your journey from April to October. But if you want to go to Jirandeh, there would be no problem in winters.

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