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Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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New Born Turtle entering in to the sea
At Cuthbert Bay kinds fun
Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Map
Cuthbert Bay location map

The Sanctuary comprises about 8 kms of sandy beach at the coast of the Middle Andaman Islands and continues for about 600 mts inside the land from the high tide mark along the coast.

One can enjoy the quiet village life and solitude of virgin nature in this part of Middle Andaman Island. You can also breathe unpolluted air, a rare availability for the city dweller. Cutbert Bay is a turtle-nesting ground.

Basic Information[edit]

Area of the Sanctuary: 5.82 km sq

Distance from Port Blair:196 km

Best season to visit: October to Aprial

Get in[edit]

Rangat (170 Kms. by road and 90 Kms by sea from Port Blair)Amkunj beach (15 kms away from Rangat bazaar/jetty towards Mayabunder) and Cutbert Bay beach (20 Kms. away from Rangat bazaar/jetty towards Mayabunder) are the beaches near Rangat.One can also go to Mayabunder and Diglipur from here.


The walk in the coastal zone vegetation is equally pleasant as the long walk on the 8 kms white sandy beach in the sanctuary. The Eco-hut made there provides rest and information to tourists on the way during excursions. The terrestrial and the mangrove diversity are source of attraction with the coastal habitat.

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The sanctuary is known as one of the most important turtle nesting beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Turtles come to the beach only to lay eggs They dig a pit,lay eggs and go back to the sea. This event takes during the night. In the Sanctuary the turtles come on the beach almost every single night during the season.One can see the turtles laying eggs when they come to the beach for nesting.The process of the turtle egg transfer to the hatchery can be enjoyed and one may get a chance to release the turtle hatchlings in the sea and contribute to the ongoing marine turtle conservation efforts.

It is mostly visited by Olive Ridley turtle.Green sea turtles often visit this beach and Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles have also been reported to visit occasionally.Turtle nesting takes place from Nov-March every year.


  • Spotted Deer

The spotted deer was introduced by the British Government and has become one of the important wild fauna of these islands.The spotted Deers can be sited easily in the vegetation near the coast , in the mangroves and some times on the beach too.

  • Bird and Butterflies

The number of different species of Birds can easily be located on the way to beach. Varieties of Kingfishers including the Stork billed Kingfisher,Pond Herons, Lesser Whistling Ducks and Curlews can be seen while entering the sanctuary by boat in the creek and also near the beach.Some of the endemic butterflies like Andaman Mormon are very commonly seen in the area.


The coastal vegetation is dominated by the Ipmea species.The walk between the tall and long Casuarina trees is really pleasant and makes the trip more enjoyable.The sanctuary has almost all major species of mangroves found in the Andaman islands.The deciduous and semi-evergreen forests with some of the endemic species of trees like Padauk,Thitpok,Thipok and Gurjan behind the mangroves are among the commercially valuable trees of the Area.


To enter into the Sanctuary by boat, one has to travel through the creek. During the boat journey one can see the Salt Water Crocodile.The water Crocodile. The water Monitor Lizads with other terrestrial Lizards can be located easily while walking trough the trail close to the beach.The water and terrestrial snake in the forest and mangroves are other attractions.

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Sleep[edit][add listing]

Directorate of Tourism

Hawksbill Nest Guest House managed by the Tourism Department is near the Cutbert Bay beach.

Reception No: (03192) 232694 & 232747 Manager Booking: (03192) 244081 & 230933 (Fax) E-mail: [email protected]

Hawksbill Nest Cutbert Bay, Rangat

AC D/B NAC D/B NAC Dormitory (per bed)

Rs. 800/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 150/- Call Ph: 279159

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