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Coron[[31]] is a tropical island in the province of Palawan, Philippines that is best known for world-class WWII-era wreck diving, though the area also offers limestone karst landscapes, crystal-clear freshwater lakes and shallow-water coral reefs. Coron also refers to nearby Coron town, a basic transit hub on neighboring Busuanga Island where the airport and most accommodation is located, as well as daytime boat trips that are the only way to visit the tribally-protected island itself. Many visitors travel onwards to the El Nido region.


The Coron island area is famous primarily for its World War II wreck dives, and the site has been named in many lists of top dive spots in the world. In September 1944, a fleet of Japanese ships hiding in the harbor were sunk in a daring raid by the US Navy. The result is around ten well preserved underwater shipwrecks surrounded with coral reef.

Coron Island itself hosts the pristine Barracuda and Kayangan lakes, well worth a day trip to explore the perfectly clear, mixed fresh and salt water environments with a visible thermoclines and an unusual amount of aquatic life. Coron and many nearby islands are dotted with tiny white sand beaches, often surrounded by large limestone cliffs and wildlife, as well as extensive reefs for snorkeling. The island is the ancestral domain of an indigenous tribe who are managing the island in a sustainable way, preventing the encroachment of garbage and disallowing overnight access.

Visitors should note that Coron town and Busuanga island have limited tourist attractions beyond their excellent public hot springs, as steep cliffs mean that there are virtually no beaches on Busuanga itself. Almost all beaches and attractions are located on nearby small islands, which are only accessible via package boat tour (Php950-1500 per person), daily boat charter (Php3,500+ per boat) or by staying in one of the higher-end resorts (Php6,000-8,000 per night) that are the only accommodation option on most populated islands.


The first inhabitants of Coron were the Tagbanuas who belong to the second wave of Indonesians who migrated to this area some 5,000 years ago. They were a nomadic, seafaring people, living mainly by fishing and subsistence agriculture. Although they are now sedentary (with the young using cell phones, etc.), they maintain many of their old customs, traditions and beliefs. Today, the Tagbanuas remain the dominant if not entire population of Coron.

In 1902 that Coron was registered as a town and the name of the town was officially changed from Penon de Coron to Coron.

From 1939 to the outbreak of World War II, the municipality experienced the mining boom. Labor shifted from farming to mining. In July 1942, the Japanese occupied the mining camps and resumed operation of the manganese mines. On September 24, 1944, a group of Japanese ships were sunk by American warplanes in Coron waters as the ships retreated from Manila Bay. To this day, about 10 or 12 of these World War II Japanese shipwrecks comprise what is considered one of the best dive sites in the world.

In 1947, large scale deep sea fishing was introduced to Coron, and the town experienced another boom, a fishing boom. The population increased, as many people from Luzon and the Visayas came to work either as fishermen or miners.

On June 17, 1950, Busuanga was officially created as a separate municipality from Coron and in 1954, Coron was further reduced by the official creation of the Municipality of Linapacan. On September 12, 1992, Coron was finally reduced by the official creation of the Municipality of Culion.

In the past, Coron was virtually unknown outside of Palawan. It remains a small, quaint fishing town with laid back charm but with increasing media exposure it is growing, slowly but steadily, Coron has taken an important position in the tourism industry. In the past decade, there has been a rapid influx of scuba divers and other tourists coming in, making tourism the major industry player in Coron today.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • Fly into Busuanga from Manila with Airphil Express, Cebu Pacific or [32]. PAL Express has 2 flights daily from Cebu. SkyJet Airlines has 3x daily flight. SkyJet is the largest Jet (99 seater jet) and is also the fastest flight to coron busuanga airport (30 minutes flying time only) .
  • Airport to town: Van transfers P150/person, P1500 for the whole van

By boat[edit]

  • Travel 2go ( [33]/ )offers bunk bed ferry from Puerta Princess and from Manila to Coron. Ferry is bigger than a banca, similar to cruise ship facilities but really local.
  • There is a boat to Coron that runs from San Jose, Mindoro several times a week. The boat leaves at 09.00; make reservations beforehand, as the boat is often full. Ask at your hotel, or, alternatively there is supposed to be a booking office in San Jose, close to the market.
  • There are four daily trips to Coron from El Nido by a fast boat (3.5 hours) and slow boat (8 hours) leaving at 6am and 8am, respectively. The fast boat cost is approx 1760 pesos with the slow boat costing 1250 pesos.

Get around[edit]

  • Tricycles are everywhere downtown and super-cheap as P10 for rides around town (per person)
  • Motorcycles are available for rent, though not useful for much more than getting to the nearby hot springs
  • There are no taxis in Coron, but many vans to take you from the town to airport, so check with your accommodation
  • Buses and Jeepneys depart from the Jeepney Terminal near the Tourist Center.

See[edit][add listing]

  • There is a new cross on the mountain above town, on Mt.Tapyas, after the old one has been blown down by Typhoon Haiyan. You can walk up the stairs with 700 steps, to the top for a panoramic view. The climb up is worth to see the view of the small islands surrounded by glass-like water.
  • CORON sign Noticeable from the water is a Hollywood style sign up on a hill overlooking the town.
  • Mangroves, natural mangroves are abundant, with magnificent kayak paddling trails. (Local mangrove kayaking tours available through Kingfisher Park)
  • Kayangan Lake P300 entrance fee. Before approaching the lake, go over the cave and glimpse at the great view on top of the mountain. This view is the most photographed area in Palawan. It is also judged as the cleanest lake in the country.
  • Twin Lagoon. The water and towering rocks are great photos. On low tide, experience kayaking under the hole of the rock. At high tide, one can swim through the hole of the rock or a walkway can be used to get to the other side of the lagoon. P100 entrance fee.
  • Barracuda Lake is amazing. Entrance fee is P200. Bring goggles or snorkles to observe underwater rock formations.
  • CYC Island is nice but gets very busy. It's the only free beach in the area. Entrance fees for the other beaches aren't too steep (P100).
  • Banol is very picturesque with its flower trees set against the rocky island. It has sugary fine white sand in its beachline.
  • Beach 69 is not as good as Banol. Free if you come from Kayangan lake however seems unmaintained. Beware of jellyfish.

Do[edit][add listing]

Island hopping[edit]

Head down to the Market Pier and rent an authentic Filipino bangka and captain (standardized rental costs vary by destination) Boats generally handle around 6 passengers. It costs Php3,500 (peak season, may hit 1,500 in off season) to rent a bangka boat - irrespective of whether you rent it for half a day or full day. Click here for the current official boat rates. Grab a lunch before you head out, as food is rarely available on any of the outlying islands. You can also buy meat, fish, veggies from the wet market and request the boat captain to barbecue or cook them for you or your group.

  • Coron Island - is a black limestone island with breathtaking cliffs cascading down to thirteen magnificent lakes (only two open to public) and powder white sand coral beaches. It is the home to local attractions Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, and numerous snorkeling areas. Bring mask, fins, and snorkel to observe underwater rock formations. There is a pronounced thermocline, as the island's geothermal energy heats up the water as you decend into the lakes and water around the island. Ancestral home of the local Tagbanua people group. Check with your guide on how much access you will have these lakes, since as of January 2017 the government has reacted to the unfortunate death of two tourists in alleged amateur freediving incident, by restricting swimming access to a 50mx50m corner of Barracuda lake.
  • Siete Pecados - among the best sites to snorkel in Coron. It was popularized by the shoot of a local television show of a mermaid love story. Experience swimming in an aquarium, beautiful corals and a great variety of fishes. There is a caretaker who will collect P100 from tourists. Anytime from 9 am to 4 pm is good for snorkelling. Current can sometimes be strong in the morning and i can get chilly - take an extra t-shirt to wear when snorkeling. Myth suggests that seven kids swam from the main island to escape it and follow their parents. They all drowned and the place where they drowned is where the islands are now present.
  • Culion Island - the former leper colony. Offers a medical museum and presentation of the old leper colony highlighting the cure of leprosy. The public boat leaves Coron town at 12 noon daily and returns at 7:30 am the next day. Fare is P175.
  • CYC Island - is nice but gets very busy. It's the only free beach in the area. Entrance fees for the other beaches aren't too steep (P100).
  • Smiths island - is a small island with white sand beach, a care taker family who stays there during the day, eatables (snacks and drinks) and stunnign views of white sands and blue seas. The fee to spend some time here is 100 pesos per head. One can reach it while island hopping on a bangka. It takes 20 minutes sailing from Kayangan lake to reach here.
  • Tangat Island - black limestone island with white sand beaches near most of the major WW2 wrecks in the area.
  • Malcapuya Island - Beautiful Island with very fine white sand beach just like Boracay (or better) but without construction. Entrance is P150-200 and is included in tour prices.
  • Banana Island - A longer boat trip from town is beautiful Banana Island, with it's white sand beaches and numerous Pacific Giant Clams (local accommodations recommended as it is far from Coron, but it is available as a tour along with Malcapuya)
  • Bulog Beach is visited as part of a tour along with Banana Island and Malcapuya Beach. It's a very small but stunning beach and you'll likely have it all to yourself.
  • Black Island - another limestone island with white sand beaches located far from town. Nearby are tourist attractions North Kay and Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary (local accommodations recommended as it is far from Coron)


Lots of wreck diving and some decent coral as well. There are 6 big wrecks and 2 smaller gunboats, all bombed on 24 September 1944 by the Allied Forces, and they are well worth diving on!

  • Coron Divers, [1]. Is the only Dive Center owned by a Filipino, Arni is the big boss and his sons are divemasters. Everything makes you feel in a Filipino family.  edit
  • Corto divers, +63 947 708 7304 (), [2]. fun dive and course in English, French, Tagalog. Accomodations available above diveshop  edit
  • Discovery Island Dive Center ([email protected]), Dicanituan Island, +63 977 839 9147, [3]. Tucked away on 'Discovery Island' a 10 minute boat ride from the pier. Visit their office on National Highway or give them a call to book diving and accommodation.  edit
  • Dive Calamianes, Located between the Discovery Bar and downtown, [4]. DiveCal offers a regularly schedualed live aboard trip to the Apo reef.  edit
  • Divingworld, (), [5]. exclusive located in mangrovedschungel on island Popototan some 30 minutes boat ride out of town and offers ADP/CMAS and PADI in the middle of a private bay (only accessible by boat). The staff can help you arrange things to do around the island, own house reef and house wreck (35 m). It is diving base of divingwelt-group (international scuba school with German, English, Russian, Ukraine, Polish and Czech advising)  edit
  • French Kiss Divers, +63-966-334-6443 (), [6]. 08:00-20:00. French Kiss Divers is a dive shop in Coron. The latest location for French Kiss who operate in 4 other locations.The team is very experienced and safety is top priority. Max 4 pax per dive guide. Courses in English, French, Spanish and much more to offer. (, edit
  • Neptune Dive Center, +63-921-760-7492 (), [7]. 08:00-19:00. Neptune Dive Center is one of the newer dive shops in Coron, but is owned and operated by a team that has been living and diving there for years. Emphasis is on small groups and personal service. Neptune Dive Center is the only purpose built dive shop in Coron. Prices are mid-range compared to the other dive shops in the area. ( N, edit
  • Rocksteady Dive Center, [8]. Rocksteady Dive Center is a German owned and managed dive shop in Coron. Employs competent German and Filipino instructors. Has 3 boats and are always small groups on each boat. Rocksteady Dive Center is located a 1 km. walk from town center, very near the hospital.  edit
  • Sanho Diving aka coral aqua air diving, (the center of the coron town), 0927-814-2346 (), [9]. 7:00(am)-9:00(pm). is one of the Korean dive shops in Coron. fun dive and DSD and any course in English, Chinese, Korean. .  edit
  • SeaDive, +63 920 945 8714, [10]. They have the only re-compression chamber in all of Palawan onsite. The biggest dive shop in town, with divemasters who claim to have over 10,000 dives on the Coron wrecks. Priced higher than the other dive shops. Known for crowded boats and high diver to divemaster ratios.  edit

Other activities[edit]

  • Maquinit Hot Spring is on Busuanga island offering large pools warmed by the geothermal water spring in the area. The hottest pools cascade into a large pool that empties into the ocean. Beautiful place to hang out in the evening and recommended after a long day of activities. (entrance P200) Accessible by boat or by tricycle from town. Tricycle is normaly 300-400p,(4pax) including bringing you back to town after 1-3 hours. The hot springs close at 8 pm. last entry at 7 pm.
  • Freediving, [34] AIDA Freediving courses. Learn how to do breath hold diving and visit the wrecks without tanks. AIDA* to AIDA*** courses available, from one to three days.
  • Kingfisher Park, [35] offering guided mangrove kayak tours (P500), trekking Mt Lunes Santo + bamboo cooked lunch (P500), and Starry Starry Night mangrove firefly/plankton cruises (P200). visit the website for tour booking details.
  • Banol Beach Gorgeous white sand beach that is accessible only by boat (it's standard that from Coron town every beach requires a boat trip, this one is only about 20 minutes), features limestone cliffs going down to this beautiful white sand beach adorned with numerous large Kalachuchi flower trees and tamarind trees. Nipa huts for lunch are located in the shade of the Kalachuchi trees.(entrance P100)
  • Skeleton Wreck is a snorkeling destination near Banol Beach off the coast of Coron Island where there is an old fishing boat wreck. Around it are beautiful corals. Beware of sea urchins. (entrance P100)
  • Atwayan Beach located on the backside of the Skeleton Wreck island near Banol Beach, Atwayan Beach features Nipa huts to have lunch, and a beach volleyball court. (entrance P100)
  • Beach 91 is not as good as Banol but has great snorkelling. Free if you come from Kayangan Lake however seems unmaintained and many tour boats since they provide lunch on beachside buildings. Good clownfish area but beware of jellyfish.
  • Mt. Tapyas hike - If you are staying in Coron town, you can walk to the foot of Mt. Tapyas or grab a tricycle for P8. The hike reportedly is a 700+-step stairs to the top, the entrance is found at the side of community basketball court. Experience a nice view of the sunset, recommended to start setting out at 4pm.
  • Calauit Wildlife An island inhabited by imported African wildlife living in harmony with Palawan wildlife. Safari tours available. (local accommodation is required as it is about a 4 hour boat trip from Coron)
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Jungle Treks
  • Helicopter Ride Experience the island like no other. See the awe-inspiring landscapes from a bird's eye view. (Coron Helicopters +63998 451 7743 or +63966 654 5764)
  • Massage and spa The city offers a wide range of salons with different types of massage and spa, beautifying services.
  • Sauna Kalipay Spa Coron, [36] offers free sauna after massage. Call one hour in advance to preheat the room. (+63 977 04 8659)

Buy[edit][add listing]

The Market Pier is home to shops, stalls, slaughter houses, diners and karaoke. Great for hearing early morning karaoke and picking up supplies. The smell can get pretty bad close to the slaughter houses.

  • Water - aquapure can hook you up with large containers of water and you can buy bottles at many places in 500 ml, 1 litre and 4 litre sizes.
  • Drugstores - plentiful. Contrary to what you may hear you can buy sunscreen, Off (bug repellent), shampoo and all that other good drugstore stuff.
  • Cashew Nuts - Hand roasted "kasoy" as this delicacy is called in the local language. A must try when you are in Coron. Better then what you can buy in your local supermarket.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Food can be purchased at Coron Market and numerous bakeries around town. It is also recommended to buy fruit from the town market and have them prepared free of charge at one's hotel or lodge (leave a tip if you want). Try the local fruit such as mango, watermelon, starapple, jackfruit, coconut, starfruit and cashew fruit but they are all seasonal. The fruit in Coron is quite expensive compared to other parts in the Philippines because almost all fruit must be "imported" from Manila since the Coron soil is not good for growing, and the same is true for vegetables.

  • Bistro Coron Owned by Bruno, who can be seen in the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel and a scowl in the mornings, serves both French and international food at prices well above the local average. Starter dishes cost from P155-270, mains are more but crab and lobster meals cost even more. Recommended are the onion soup, the apple pie, the coq au vin, the basquaise, the salade nicoise, the cordon bleu. San Miguel costs about P50. The good pizza would be excellent if the cheese was better. Appears to br coasting due to their Lonely Planet mention, service is slow, staff are rude and the place is full of only foreigners. Although others report the bistro is excellent and the staff are friendly and work hard as the restaurant is so popular because of the wide selection of amazing food. Breakfasts, fresh baked baguettes, homemade jam, fish and meat dishes with superb French sauces, great pizzas and salads. It is worth the steeper prices.
  • Blue Moon Restobar, National Highway (near center of Coron), [11]. 7.30 to 2am. Cold beers, good wine, cocktails, friendly staff and a late night watering hole for locals. Filipino specials, international dishes plus hams, spicy salami, pastrami, gruyere, emmental etc meat and cheese platters plus amazing thin crust pizza. Only opened March 2014 but already earning a good reputation. * <eat name="Brujita" alt="" address="" directions="The main road towards the airport, on left hand side after Angel motorbike rental and Coron Backpacker Guesthouse" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="100-250">Serves western, local and vegetarian food. Also a nice place to have some beers. Some foods, such as the Hummus has to be ordered a day in advance. 80 - 250.  edit
  • KokosNuss Resort has a good kitchen. They offer a Palawan-style all you can eat BBQ. 6 or more people required at P475 each. They also have a Christmas feast on Dec 24 which is the BBQ and definitely worth going to if you are around (tell them in advance if you are going) San Miguel is P32. Breakfasts are good as well. Their wienerschnitzel is highly recomended.
  • La Sirenetta Beautiful waterfront restaurant on stilts offering international food with entrees ranging from P200-400. Recognizable on the water as sculpted mermaids adorn the posts supporting the roof of the open air dining area. (accessible through alleyway beside Coron Divers and Coron Reef Pension House and also by boat)Their service varies so be patient, its a bit pricey but the breeze and view is great.
  • Lolo Nonnoy's, Coron (Main road near coron's center). Coco Lonnoy's is a local restaurant serving filippino food and variations. It is operated by a crew of local women who make some of the best cost-quality food in Coron. You can choose from the menu or from the dishes of the days (cheap). Also, their Leche Flan is amazing. 60-300.  edit
  • Seadive Resort Overpriced continental variety of food. Slow service. Situated Over the water, seafront view. People only go because of a mention in very very outdated information from Lonely Planet.
  • Trining Bacsa Locally owned and operated restaurant located around the corner from Coron Market. Offers authentic Filipino cuisine.
  • Winnies Locally owned Swiss and Filipino operated restaurant with a kitchen that you watch all food preparation being done. Reasonable prices, extensive menu, and some would say it is the best restaurant in Coron.
  • WG Restaurant The owner William gives free tourist advice with your meal, and is extremely helpful and friendly. You'll get local prices if he is helping you. He also has accommodation (LM & Pe Lodge 2).
  • Kawayanan Grill Station, National Highway, Brgy 5, 9175229042. 8am. Top Seafood, Filipino & Exotic Restaurant in Coron- serving Grilled Kibao, Crocodile Sisig, Bicol Express Octopus and Traditional Nido Soup. K-Grill has an indoor aircon dining, outdoor and Al Fresco native huts , billiards area, and Videoke Room. K-Grill also caters to group buffet and arranged banquet settings. The place can be quite full in the evening, but it accepts reservations. It also has delivery services within town area. It is owned by K-Corp, affiliated with K-Tours, Coron Vista and K-Heights Inn. 11:30pm.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Noname Bar - Island themed bar that caters to both locals and foreigners, only on the only busy night spots in town. Located on the main street in the middle of the main tourist area. Snacks available, the homemade potato chips are great! There is a reggae bar about 100m down the main road that is similarly popular, also with live music.
  • Coco - Coron’s newest tiki bar, serving up the best drinks, eats, and conversations. Here’s where people can come together for a shared authentic and memorable Coron experience. Coco aims to be a great neighborhood tiki bar offering amazing cocktails and service that make it an easy destination sport.
  • Coron Bistro - you can also drink and play billiards at this amazing eatery.
  • Ottos - Rock out to some AC/DC and enjoy spying on the hustle and bustle of Coron's main street.
  • Seadive Helldiver's Bar" - Their signature drinks are great for the adventurous drinker, all for reasonable prices, though the view is far better if you go to the restaurant area just beyond. They have a billiard table, music and a TV. You can ask for free popcorn at the bar.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Most backpackers will stay in Coron town, a dusty transit hub with prices that are often double elsewhere in the Philippines (eg Php 600 for motorbike rental instead of Php 250). Few budget options exist in Coron town itself and fewer on surrounding islands, but some options are listed below are for those on a budget. Note that you can camp on several of the (somewhat) deserted islands.

Brownouts (periods of no electricity) occur in Coron. Many hotels have a backup generator, but be sure to ask when booking your room. Otherwise, you'd have to get used to waiting around for the lights to work. Visitors staying in town should also check reviews for noise complaints, as some accommodations are built directly beside the central highway and/or directly above poorly-patronised but music-loving bars, resulting in difficulty sleeping even with earplugs. Staying on surrounding islands is much preferable as the main town is dusty with no clean swimming or beach options, though note that most of islands only offer high-end resorts starting at Php6,000 per night. Many island resorts have clean enough water for swimming, with private beaches and reefs, but only offer electricity for set hours of the day via generator.

  • Abrhys Ridge Inn, Brgy. 6 Coron, Palawan, (), [12]. Located in a quiet area near town proper with 16 airconditioned rooms, private toilet and bath in each room with hot and cold shower, cable TV and wifi. It also offers tour packages and airport shuttle service. Rates starts at P1,500 php.  edit
  • Amphibi-Ko Resort, Brgy. 5, Bancuang, Coron, Palawan, [13]. checkin: 2 p.m.; checkout: Noon. Amphibi-Ko Resort Lodge offers budget accommodation and island tours in Coron. The lodge has clean rooms with a cozy ambiance and has an in-house restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine. Php1,350.00.  edit
  • Apartelle de Gabrielle, 09495614901. Ten-minute walk from the market and seaport. Lots of room options. Nice restaurant with a view of Coron Bay.  edit
  • Coron Backpacker Guesthouse, +639164004871 (), [14]. From town center, follow Coron-Busuanga Road toward the airport and follow the signs on the left after a short walk. Fan rooms with double beds, kitchen, common area and two shared showers and bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi, fresh water and coffee. PHP 500/double room.  edit
  • Coron Ecolodge Hotel (coron ecolodge), 0906.455.6090, [15]. Located in a quiet area near the town center, near stores, banks, restaurants and bars. Offers 22 air-conditioned rooms with en suite hot and cold shower and cable TV. Wi-Fi available at reception area and dining lounge. Also offers tour packages. 1,898.  edit
  • Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites, Barangay Poblacion 1, (+63 2) 887 7107, [16]. All rooms are equipped with private balcony, 32-inch LCD TV, reverse-cycle air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, plush beds adorned with the softest feather-down quilts and pillows, and hot and cold shower facilities. Facilities and services include a restaurant, coffee shop, safe deposit boxes, room service and airport transfer. Rates start at 3,465.00 PHP.  edit
  • Coron Hilltop View Resort, Brgy. Poblacion 6, Sitio Dipulao, [17]. checkin: 2:00pm. Coron Hilltop View Resort offers fully-air conditioned deluxe villas. It also offers tour packages for island hopping and scuba diving. Restaurant serves Asian cuisine and authentic Philippine food. Php4,000.  edit
  • Coron Reef Pension, [37] is a few steps from Coron Divers. Air-con rooms for two guests with toilet and bath seaside Php900, other rooms Php600, Php 100 for an extra bed. A single can be had for 300Php if they're not full. Mobile phone number 09198877151 and 09194501606
  • Coron Village Lodge, [38] twin room 950Php, triple 1,200Php, deluxe room 1,300Php, extra bed 200 (all rooms can accommodate one extra bed). They are all air-conditioned, with hot and cold shower, TV, private toilet and bath.
  • Discovery Island Resort & Dive Center, Dicanituan Island, Barangay 5 Poblacion, +63 918 398 7125, [18]. Quiet island resort only a 5 minute banka boat ride from town on an island directly next to Busuanga, this is one of the only nice budget island resorts available, though this island lacks beaches and snorkelling. Close to town with nice pool and free on-demand bankas transfers. Air-con and native fan cottages on the hillside available, plus bar and decent restaurant.  edit
  • First Oriental Lodging, Brgy. Don Pedro St., Poblacion 3 (in front of Coron Tourism Centre near Mt. Tapyas Point and Maquinit Springs.), [19]. Aircon and fan rooms for travelers on a budget. All rooms are equipped with basic hotel amenities. Php1,127.  edit
  • GMG Hotel Coron, National Highway, Cor. Don Pedro St., [20]. checkin: 1:00pm; checkout: 11:00am. In the town proper. The hotel has a swimming pool and offers scuba diving and island hopping packages. Php2,550.00.  edit
  • Into The Wild, San Doval Building, San Augustine St, Barangay 2 (Historical center of the town), +63 918 447 4702 (), [21]. First concept hotel in all Palawan, 4 luxury rooms, 1 garden room, 1 penthouse, sky spa swimming pool resto & bar, free Wi-Fi ₱1,490-2,990.  edit
  • KokosNuss Resort, [39] is outside of town a 10 minute walk up the main road. The rooms all surround a beautiful garden great for lounging around on less adventurous days. Double is 600 peso. The staff can help you arrange things to do around the island but it may be cheaper to arrange elsewhere.
  • Krystal Lodge, Kryz: +63-908-357-3309 / +63-915-546-0574, [22]. A humble lodge situated over the water in the mangrove area of Coron Town. It has 8 cottages in total and 10 rooms. Single rooms are from P400-P500. Other rooms are from P600-P1300 (2pax). Cottages starts from P1000-P1600 (2pax) depending on number of people, P250 additional person. They offer breakfast & drinks only. Email:[email protected]  edit
  • Marleys Guesthouse, National Highway (On the main road, big orange guesthouse), 09297725559. A Backpacker Style Guesthouse, 2mins from Town Center. All rooms are fan rooms with a double bed, 500 per room per night, good for 2. Free Kitchen to use, Large Balcony, Large Dining and Coffee Area, Outside Area, own Shop, Wifi. Shared facilities, 3 Showers, 3 Bathrooms. Pesos 500.  edit
  • Nici Island, [23]. Private island with a private beach including a sand bar, swimming pool, tennis court and cook a few minutes from historic WW2 shipwrecks diving sites.  edit
  • Coron Soleil Express Hotel, Mabentangen Road, Sitio Banga, Barangay 6, Coron, Palawan, +632 8066377, [24]. Coron Soleil Express Hotel is a tropical hideaway located in the heart of Coron Town, in Palawan, Philippines. It offers The Standard Queen and Standard Twin, all equipped with ultra comfortable mattress with imported linens, LAN internet, Hot & cold shower etc. Some of its facilities and services are express cafe, Wi-Fi internet in public areas, massage services etc. Coron, of course, has been a go-to destination for vacationers hoping to get a glimpse of this piece of Palawan paradise. Its serene powdery white sand that encompasses the island, its cool azure waters and thriving coral reef, pictures the raw beauty and serenity of nature. Its awe-inspiring scenery alone makes it worth a visit. But there’s more to Coron than its sightseeing opportunities. Amp up your indulgence with a wealth of fun activities and exciting adventures you’re not likely to experience elsewhere.  edit
  • Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse, Coastalroad, Brgy 5, +639279531407, [25]. Swedish owned and managed guesthouse. No 1 at Trip advisor, 3 min walk from town proper. The Guesthouse is built on stilts on the water. 2 double bed rooms (queen size bed) - 600p/night, 2 twin bed rooms (2 single beds) - 500p/night. 2 shared cr´s with hot shower, living room w ref and TV, Wi-Fi, veranda with tables/chairs and a small pool, standby generator until 11pm. Motorbike rental - 400p/24hrs (11.999156,120.201336) edit
  • The Palladium Hotel, National Highway, Brgy. 6 Coron, Palawan Philippines, [26]. Experience the allure of the famous Greek isle in one of the Philippines’ premier island destinations. The Palladium Hotel in Coron, Palawan evokes the picture-perfect charm of Santorini, with whitewashed walls and cobalt blue accents in every corner of the property.  edit
  • Princess of Coron Resort, Nueva Street, 6, Barangay 1, Coron Town, [27]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00nn. Princess of Coron Resort offers airconditioned guestrooms from Standard to Family hotel rooms furnished with complete amenities. The resort is located in Busuanga Island near El Nido, Sabang Beach and Estrella Falls. Php1,800.00.  edit
  • R n R Hotel, 09287609453. Near the town proper. It's a basic clean hotel with shower/AC/without AC room. Free Karaoke/TV. Another option if other hotels are full. They will offer for travel package but you can still bargain. Just rent a boat for 2000 a day and you can go to different islands for a lower price instead of per head (1000). Php1,500.00.  edit
  • Sea Dive Resort, [40] on the water overlooking bay. Fan rooms on the ground floor with shared bathroom are 450p. Rooms are basic but spacious, with a fan and double bed, and there is a generator. Air-con rooms cost either 1,300 or 1,600. Bookings can be made through website or phone. Be careful. Quite often Seadive will book a cheaper room only to have the more expensive room when you arrive. They have 32 rooms, dive shop, restaurant and bar.
  • Villa Hermosa Bed and Breakfast, San Agustin St. Brgy 2, [28]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00nn. In the heart of Coron. Continental or Filipino breakfasts are served. Php650.  edit
  • Coron Bancuang Mansion ([email protected]), Coron Palawan Philippines (Town Proper), 09177733557, [29]. checkin: 1200H; checkout: 1400H. A boutique hotel with rooms classily furnished with native interiors and Asian details, it dominates the view of Coron Island, bay and town. *Deluxe Rooms = Php 2,250.00 good for two (2) with breakfast *Superior Deluxe Rooms = Php 4,550.00 good for four (4) with breakfast Php 2,250.00 to Php 4,550.00.  edit
  • Two Seasons Hotel Bayside, [30]. Two Seasons enters Coron Town with a bayside hotel that’s truly one of its kind, making vacations in Palawan a lot more delightful in more ways than one. The 48-room Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel is Coron Town’s newest top destination for the most breathtaking ocean views and island adventures. Setting a new standard by being the only first-rate accommodation in Coron Town, our hotel offers spacious rooms and suites that spell sheer comfort and undeniable class.  edit

Get out[edit]

Coron is also a gateway to some of the other islands in Palawan, such as as a Culion via daily ferry trip, Linapacan, or El Nido.

A cargo/ferry banka makes regular trips between San Jose, Mindoro and Coron. As of January 2014 there were 4 trips weekly, departing Coron on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday by bangka for 800pesos. A larger boat departs at 8:00am Saturdays.

2GO ferry boat offers a 14 hour ride to Puerto Princessa and Manila weekly.

The best way to get to El Nido is the daily fast ferry, currently departing at 6am from Coron and 9am from El Nido (Jan 2017) for around Php 1,800 one way and taking around 4 hours. Visitors looking for alternatives might investigate the three day island exploration tour run by Tao, however this is a very pricey $450 USD per person as there appears to be no competition yet. Tourist banka boats (Jessabel, Overcomer) have scheduled trips to El Nido. There is a regular slow boat scheduled for every day of the week supposedly at 08:00 (but expect it to be delayed by the coastguard, often by up to 3 hours). It may also be cancelled if, for example, the boat's engine needs a service. The price is the same everywhere in town, 1,800 pesos one way. The trip takes 7-9 hours depending on the weather and includes a local style meal (fried chicken, chicken adobo, rice, etc). If you are a big eater bring your own food and drinks. You can buy the tickets pretty much anywhere in town - you'll see signs up everywhere advertising them. Departure and arrival is the port in Coron, it's located at the other end of the town towards Maquinit Hotsprings. From the port to Coron center (and vice versa) with a tricycle costs 10p/person, and 10p extra if you have big luggage. Be wary if the boat does not leave from the town pier, these are not regulated by the Coast Guard. Unregulated boats have been known to drop the guests 1 hour outside of El Nido to avoid the fines for operating an unlicensed boat. The sea can be rough in in the Linapacan strait. The luggage is stowed either in the hull of the boat or on the roof of the cabin if they run out of room. To be safe, package important items in plastic to keep them dry.

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