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Cluj-Napoca (Hungarian: Kolozsvár) [7], as capital of historical region Transylvania, is one of the most visited cities in Romania. The city, with 324,576 people, is very pleasant, and it is certainly a great experience for those who want to see urban Transylvanian life at its best. Along with fine dining, excellent cultural activities, a wonderful historical legacy and a great atmosphere, the city will certainly not disappoint those who add it to their travel itinerary. What's more is the fact that Cluj (as it's called for short) is so easy to access and get around.


The statue of Matthias Corvinus in Union Square, the icon of Cluj-Napoca.


The official language is Romanian. Most educated people born after about 1970 will speak reasonably good English and will likely be proficient in one or more second Romance languages; most educated people born before about 1970 will speak reasonably good French and Italian. Hungarian is a common language, spoken by the relatively large Hungarian minority. The Roma people (Gypsies) speak their native Romany, as well as Romanian, and sometimes English as well. Beyond that, as in any major city, there will be a smattering of other languages.

Getting there[edit]

Getting to Cluj-Napoca is easy due to its position and its status as a major Romanian city.

By train[edit]

Cluj-Napoca Central Train Station

There are train connections to most Romanian cities, including fast InterCity connections to Oradea, Arad, Timisoara, Brasov, Sighisoara, Ploiesti and Bucharest. A direct train between Vienna and Cluj via Budapest was introduced 2018 with a journey time of ca. 10 hours 45 minutes and tickets starting with 34€. Check out the website of the Austrian Railways The average trip from Cluj to Budapest is around 8 hours. Cluj to Bucharest can vary between 8 and 14 hours. Recommend a cheap Wizz airline flight.

When planning a train trip in Romania, allow 2 hours for each hundred kilometres of journey.

By plane[edit]

Cluj-Napoca International Airport

The International Airport of Cluj-Napoca[[8] has flights to Bucharest, Istanbul, Munich, London/Luton, Vienna, Milano/Bergamo, Bologna, Bari, Rome, Venice/Treviso, Paris/Beauvais, Brussels/Charleroi, Bratislava, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Geneva, Basel, Malmo, Stockholm/Skavsta, Billund, Nuremberg, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund and Tel Aviv. Airlines are Wizzair, TAROM, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Vueling.

WizzAir, the Polish-Hungarian budget airline, started flying to Cluj-Napoca in October 2007.

Romanian budget carrier BlueAir recently added Liverpool and Birmingham to it's list of UK destinations along with Dublin, Ireland.

For budget European travellers, a cheap alternative is to fly to Budapest Ferihegy Airport with a low-cost company, and then shuttle to Cluj-Napoca. The shuttle takes six to eight hours to make the travel. Many companies travel this route. You can find shuttles from early morning till late night. Reservations have to be made in advance. Make sure you leave at least two hours between your flight arrival and the departure of the shuttle, to allow for any flight delays. Prices are around 60 to 80 RON (25 EUR).

Car rental by Avis, Budget, Europcar, VAG24 and several local providers is available, as well as on request by Hertz.

City transfer[edit]

  • The Airport of Cluj-Napoca has transport connections to downtown Cluj-Napoca. To get there, travelers can choose between car rentals, taxi, limo service and public transport (trolleybus line No.5 with frequent service to the city centre). The trolleybus stop is close to the airport building (walk to the road in front of the airport and then turn right). There is a booth at the trolleybus stop selling public transport tickets (one ticket is for two journeys, 4 RON in total) as well as a ticket machine which accepts coins, banknotes and credit/debit cards. It is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver. Ticket inspections are frequent on this route.

A regular taxi fare from the airport to the city center (about 10 km) is around 15-25 RON (4-6 EUR) - the current tariff (2017) is about 2.25 RON/km (~ 0,5 EUR/km). Look only for company taxis and clearly ask the driver for the price! The airport is within Cluj-Napoca city limits and extra-urban charges should not be applied. In Romania the taxi (cab) should have a valid badge, and taximeter. Do not look for bargains, it's not worth it, the official rates are low!

  • Also, WizzAir company introduced a bus-shuttle to the center of fixed price of 15 RON (about 4 EUR).

By car[edit]

A3 Motorway near Cluj

Cluj-Napoca has good road connections. European road E60 links it to Bucharest and Brasov to the south, Oradea and Budapest to the west, through Bors customs. E81 leads to Zalau and Satu Mare to the north, Brasov and Bucharest to the south. E58 links Cluj-Napoca to Dej, Bistrita, Baia Mare and Vatra Dornei.

By bus[edit]

Cluj-Napoca can be reached by bus from Bucharest, major cities in Romania, most cities in Transylvania, and a number of major cities in Europe. Search for a route online [9].

OrangeWays [10] has modern but "low cost" style buses that circulate between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. You can catch a bus to Cluj-Napoca from the Nepliget bus station in Budapest. Online booking available.

Royal GTS [11] offers daily comfortable afternoon bus from Budapest Nepliget bus station stopping in Cluj before Billa supermarket in Mănăștur. This coach doesn't start in Cluj so phone reservation is necessary for the way back.

Eurobusways [12] offers door to door transfers from any address in Budapest or Vienna airport, directly to address in Cluj Napoca, WiFi, english speaking drivers.

Minibus connections to Budapest have Huben [13], Optimus trans (online booking) [14], President tour (online booking)[15] and Kolumbus Express [16]. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses are mostly used for this way. Going by minibus is less comfortable but about 1 hour shorter than by large coach.

There are lot of another buses and minibuses connecting Budapest with Transylvania, which depart between late afternoon/late evening from Nepliget parking place (about 5 min by walk from the bus station). Just choose the best looking coach and ask, if they will take you to Cluj, as they may go another way or on the highway around Cluj but mostly they will agree. On they way back is necessary phone reservation or just between 19:00 and 21:00 passing bus stop before Billa supermarket in Mănăștur lot of coaches and minibuses on their way from another places in Transylvania. Just wait when some of them will come to pick up passengers with their phone reservation.

Get around[edit]

By public transport[edit]

Cluj route map

Public transport in the city is good - 25 bus lines, 7 trolleybus lines, and 3 tram lines, all operated by the RATUC company (Regia Autonomă de Transport Urban de Călători). Complete routes can be found on the company's website [17]. Schedules are available online [18]. For most lines servicing the city center, you won't need to wait more than 15 minutes. The tariff is 5 RON (about 1.05 euro) for two travels (= one ticket for two travels costs 5 RON). Tickets can be bought for cash at special booths at most stops, identifiable by the RATUC logo and possibly the text "Bilete si Abonamente" (meaning "short and long-term tickets"). Be careful to correctly punch an unused half of your ticket once in the vehicle, ticket control is relatively common and the fines are sizable. At some stops, there are also new modern-looking ticket machines accepting coins, banknotes and debit/credit cards. There are also machines directly on the buses that accept contactless payments, the tariff is 2.5 RON per journey and you receive a receipt that you can use if ticket control comes. If you have a Romanian SIM-card, it is possible to buy SMS tickets.

Transport in the Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area is covered by many private bus companies, one of the most important is FANY [19] which provides numerous daily connections to neighbouring towns and villages. More information about the transportation to and from the metropolitan area is available online [20].

By taxi[edit]

Taxis are relatively more expensive than in other parts of Romania, but still cheap by European levels, and very convenient. The tariff is around RON2.25 (c. 50 eurocents/ USD0.70) per kilometre, and the same is applied as start fee. All the respectable companies charge the same price. Typically you won't pay more than RON10-15 (€3-4) for a travel between the city centre and some point in the suburbs. Payment is always done in cash, and paying by credit card is not possible. It is customary, though not mandatory, that the sum is rounded up to RON0.5 multiples (e.g., if the meter shows RON3.2 you will probably be expected to pay RON3.5, leaving the extra RON0.3 as a tip). If you do not have exact change, the driver might keep this tip himself when paying back the change. If he tries to keep too much (like rounding from RON3.5-5, for example), do ask for the change.

Palace of Justice and National Theatre in Avram Iancu Square

Taxi cabs come in all shapes and colours, they are identified by the company logo on the sign on top of the car, which will also be placed somewhere on the car body. Taxis cluster around important locations in the city, and clusters are usually no more than 1 kilometre apart. Take care to always use respectable companies, such as Atlas, Diesel Rapid, Diesel Taxi, Pritax, Nova, Terra & Fan, Pro Rapid. There might be underground, "shark" drivers as they are called, which try to exploit unknowledgeable strangers by overcharging. You should avoid them as they charge at least several times the normal fee. They mostly hang around the train station and the airport. Shark drivers might sometimes "helpfully" offer a ride themselves; you won't see a usual driver do that. Usually shark drivers' cars are marked TAXI and nothing else. Search for the name of the company on the door of car! Respectable firms typically have several cars parked at each station; that's an easy way to identify them. Also, the price per kilometre is sometimes displayed on the cab door. It should be no more than RON2.25.

Building in downtown Cluj

Cabs can also be phoned in. You typically need to give a name, and wait for the number of the car to be relayed to you. Cars will arrive after a period on the order of minutes.

It may happen that you will be driven around on a longer route if you don't know the city. This may happen even with respectable firms. You can't do much to help that, unless you are able to read a map very well, especially if you're easy to spot as a foreigner. The best thing to do is to appear confident, jump in the car and state your destination unhesitatingly, as if you knew exactly where it was.

Some of the taxi companies in Cluj-Napoca:

  • Nova Taxi - (0264) 949, +40-745 151000
  • Diesel Rapid - (0264) 946
  • Atlas Taxi - (0264) 969
  • Diesel Taxi - (0264) 953, +40-744 646663, +40-745 381532, +40-722 859093
  • Pritax - (0264) 942, +40-744 159720, +40-788 550000
  • Pro Rapid - (0264) 948
  • Terra Fan - (0264) 944
  • Clima&Confort Taxi - (0264) 943, +40-742 012280, +40-723 012280, +40-768 347379, +40-264 422224, +40-364 310673

Uber is also present in the city, as well as Bolt (both ridesharing apps). Download them from one of the many places with free wifi (most coffee shops or the city centre, for example). Payment will only work by card, you will have to link a valid card to your account. Uber is a bit more expensive (3-5 RON more than taxi, about 1€) but offers generally better comfort and posibility of booking cars for special needs (big luggage).

By car[edit]

Tailors' Bastion

Cars can be rented from the numerous operators throughout the city. Many small tourism agencies also act as intermediaries for renting cars, and you might be able to get better rates there. You can find such agencies scattered throughout the city centre.


A good idea to get around the city is by bike. There are many opportunities to rent a bike in cost-free bike-sharing system from Down Town Rent a Bike, I’Velo or StudentObike, Other rent offices are at Raiffeisen Bank agencies. There is a developing public-funded program of a 50 self-service bike-renting-stations and 500 bicycles network in the city, to be full operable in June 2015. A similar announcement was made before. In March 2015 it proved impossible to rent a bike anywhere because of the "winter" period. When going by bike take care of the traffic! There are yet only a few special bicycle lanes in the city - usually sharing the road with the vehicles - and the drivers are hardly accommodated to cyclists, so look twice and think about the driver who is driving on automatic as well! Even if the drivers in Cluj are known for being polite and calm and the traffic is not suffocating even during the rush hours, commuting by bike from a place to another can be sometimes dangerous. Also keep in mind that, although the downtown is flat, Cluj-Napoca is a city in a valley, surrounded by high hills. Even some districts of appartments and student campuses are on the hills. It's OK if you plan to go on a ride with an MTB on the hills (you have plenty of excellent biking opportunities and there are specialized clubs which can help - see but if you plan a pleasure cruise, stay on the valley.

What to see[edit]

In Cluj[edit]

St. Michael's Church, with the statue of Matthias Corvinus.
The Orthodox Cathedral, with the statue of Avram Iancu.
Interior of artisan house at National Ethnography Park "Romulus Vuia".
Transylvania Hotel with memorial cross monument on Cetatuia Hill.

You should see Matthias Corvinus' mounted statue and the old St. Michael's Church in the Union Square -- right in the middle of the city. This Gothic architecture piece is one of the most valuable in Transylvania. Its murals date from the 15th century, and the 50m neogothic tower was built in 1860. The statue is always scaled by tourists, although officially this is not allowed.

The area around the Union Square is also a must see for the visitor, with the Teleki and Banffy Palaces (the former now housing the National Art Museum), the Franciscan Monastery, the first Unitarian Church in the world, the Piarist Churches, the Mirror Street (Iuliu Maniu Street - a unique architectural accomplishment dating back to the late 1800s) and Matthias Corvinus' place of birth, a former 15th Century hotel now home to the Visual Arts Academy.

Smaller streets around the Square can take you into splendid inner courts, old houses and isolated Churches. The Tailors' Bastion and the corresponding section of the medieval wall is very well preserved, South-East of the Union Square.

The Museum Square, a 2 minute walk from the Union Square, is home to the Franciscan Monastery (a combination of baroque and gothic architecture dating back to the 14th Century), the Transylvanian History Museum and the old Obelisk of the City, offered to the City as acknowledgement of its statute by the Austrian Emperor Franz Ferdinand in the 19th Century. You can have a nice coffee right by the Obelisk, as during daytime the surrounding clubs and cafes move out of their inside locations into cool, relaxing terraces.

The Botanical Garden [21] (Republicii no. 42) spreads over 14 hectares and contains among others a small Japanese garden, greenhouses for ecuatorial and tropical plants, a small water course through its middle, and a tower which can be climbed to get a better view of the garden arrangements.

The Central Park is a welcome break from the rush of the city. The middle of the park hosts a small lake and the Chios Casino, from the terrace of which you can rent rowboats and hydrobicycles to circle the small island in the centre of the lake.

The Cetatuia hill (Fortress Hill) used to hold a stronghold, as its name implies. People were also jailed there. Not much of the old fortress remains, but the Transylvania Hotel (also known to the locals as Belvedere) was built on top of the hill, and besides the great view offers a good restaurant as well. The hill can be climbed by stairs from the centre of the city. On the way you will also find a large iron cross monument. A walkway circles the crown of the hill just below the Hotel, offering a nice view to the city.

Other objectives include:

  • National Theater, Ştefan cel Mare Square nr. 24
  • Hungarian State Theater, Emil Isac nr. 26-28; [22]
  • Palace of Justice, Calea Dorobantilor nr. 2
  • Babeş-Bolyai University, Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 1B; [23]
  • The Hazsongardi Cemetery,

Fabrica de Pensule (Paintbrush Factory), Strada Henri Barbusse 59-61: Contemporary arts center. The artists, galleries and organizations – active in the fields of theater, contemporary dance, visual arts, arts in public space, music – are jointly engaged into delivering relevant cultural content, both for the artistic community and the wide audience. Besides artist studios and production spaces, Fabrica de Pensule also hosts events of local and international partners. It acts as a major player in cultural and urban policies in the Romanian context. [24]


  • Etnography Museum of Transylvania, Memorandumului nr. 21;
  • National Etnography Park "Romulus Vuia", Tăietura Turcului

The Ethnographic Museums provide an interesting distraction for visitors to Cluj Napoca in either cold or sunny weather. The centrally located Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania was the first ethnographic museum in Romania and hosts a stunning variety of local crafts, including an extensive exhibition of traditional clothes, fabrics, ceramics and tools as well as a fascinating insight into local customs and festivals. Open Tuesday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed on 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th of May 2013

The "Romulus Vuia" National Ethnographic Park is somewhat difficult to find, but provides a welcome break in the summer heat. This little oasis away from the bustle of the city features beautifully preserved buildings from the surrounding area, including wooden churches and artisan houses furnished with traditional wooden furniture and textiles. Open from May: Tuesday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Last entry at 4 p.m.) Access: buses - line 37 which stops at Tetarom, at the NE corner of the park.

  • National Art Museum, Union Square nr. 30
  • National Museum of the History of Transylvania, Constantin Daicoviciu nr. 2
  • Emil Isac Memorial House, Emil Isac nr. 23
  • Zoology Museum, Clinicilor nr. 5-7

You can see many objectives live on the LiveCam [25] on top of a tall building on C. Daicoviciu Str. Cetatuia hill, Transilvania Hotel, the St. Michael Cathedral, the Hungarian State Theatre, as well as most of the city centre, can be seen by rotating and tilting the camera via the webpage controls (you might need to wait to get your turn in controlling it).

Around Cluj[edit]

Building in downtown Cluj
  • Somesu Rece fortress
  • Cuzdrioara fortress
  • Bologa fortress
  • Gherla fortress.
  • Liteni fortress
  • The Salt Mine in Turda
  • Gilau castle
  • Bocskai castle in Aghiresu
  • Banffy castles in Bontida, Rascruci and Borsa
  • Beldi castle in Geaca
  • Haller castle in Coplean
  • Kemeny Banffy castle in Luncani
  • Kornis caslte in Manastirea
  • Teleki fortress in Luna de jos
  • Ciucea, with the memorial house of Octavian Goga
  • Belis agrotouristic village with the Fantanele lake
  • Padis[26] and Doda Pilii, in the Apuseni Mountains

Buy[edit][add listing]

Cluj-Napoca is one of the best cities in Romania for shopping, with two of the largest malls: Iulius Mall and Polus Center. You can also visit Sora Shopping Center, Central and Galeriile Ferdinand. There are various smaller shops in the city center (especially in the Mihai Viteazu Square area) and Marasti Square (sometimes a cheaper alternative).

  • Transylvania The Land Beyond The Forest Souvenir Gift & Design Shop, 22-26 Strada Regele Ferdinand (Centrul Comercial Central, ground floor), [1]. This is the official shop of the brand of Transylvania.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Kurtoskalacs - Transylvanian pastry
Panoramic view of Cluj-Napoca, as seen from the terrace of the Panoramic restaurant [6].

Cluj dining is some of the best in Romania. Ranging from traditional Romanian, Hungarian and Transylvanian (a combination of the previous two) to Italian (very good Italian food), Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, American and International Cuisine, the city can offer great dining for all tastes. Fancy restaurants are available as well as local fast food shops and a few international chains (McDonald's, Pizza Hut). You will find budget fixed menus as well as a-la-carte menus in almost each part of the city. The breakfast (typical continental or English) is around 10-15 RON (3-4 EUR) and a fixed lunch is 10-20 RON (2.5-5 EUR); A regular pizza (350-500 gr) or pasta costs between 12 to 30 RON; A soup (very usual in Romania as the first dish) you will find in sweet (supa) or sour (ciorba) variants for 8-15 RON; A main course (nothing extravagant, meat + side dish) between 12 - 30 RON; A large variety of other cuisines is available, but you may like to try the local flavours (Varza a la Cluj - sour cabbage with pork chops, mamaliga cu smantana - corn polenta with cream, goulasch - which you can find in Cluj in various variants - from soup to main dish - and ingredients - beans, potato, pork, veal, chicken, more or less spicy etc.).


  • Academia More - Pizzeria, Clinicilor st. 9A. Pizza & pasta, sports bar[27]. Near University campus and downtown, with biggest summer garden in Cluj-Napoca (+400 seats). Pizza delivery also available: 0040-264-590823, 0040-745-983100. Big groups reservations.
  • Elite Pizza, The oldest pizza place in town.[28]. Pizza delivery also available: 0040-264-597.
  • Casa țărăncuței, Street. Motilor 35 / B-dul 21 Dec No. 51/Sigma Shopping Center. Traditional sweet and savory pies "plăcintă pe lespede" (5 lei each), traditional decorations, non-smoking environment. Open 6:30 - 21 Monday-Friday and 9-17 on Saturdays. 0040-753-436-646
  • Panemar, pastries and non-alcoholic drinks. Many locations in the city.
  • Hera, B-dul 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 148. Restaurant with self-service. Menu of the day (soup and second course) costs around 12 lei. Non-smoking. Closed on weekends.
  • Canteen inside Piața Mărăști. Canteen with self-service. Menu of the day (soup and second course) costs around 13 lei. Smoking and Non-smoking rooms.
  • Bolta Dorobanților, Dorobantilor, nr 6. Menu of the day (soup, second course and desert) costs around 14 lei. Offers vegetarian alternatives ("de post"). Smoking only. 0040-748- 505-848
  • MEMO 10, str. Memorandumului nr. 10. Restaurant with self-service. 0040-727-892-831
  • Doo It!, strada Andrei Saguna numarul 4. A small but cozy vegetarian bistro with vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, soups and salads. English-speaking staff.


Franciscan church of Cluj
  • Aroma, on the Feleacu hill. International cuisine with a great view.
  • Beijing, Str. A. Iancu nr. 12-14. Chinese eatery.
  • Bolero - International.
  • Casa Ardelenească[29], Bd. 21 Decembrie 1989 no. 5 (in the Sora Shopping Center), [30]. Traditional Romanian menu, popular with the locals, and decorated with local art.
  • Casa Vikingilor - International cuisine with huge portions.
  • Chicago's - American fare.
  • Club Italia - Italian Dishes
  • Fahid - Middle-eastern cuisine.
  • Fair Play - International.
  • Hao Yi - Chinese.
  • Il Milanese, Str. Avram Iancu Nr. 85, Comuna Floreşti. 12 kilometers from downtown Cluj-Napoca in neighboring Comuna Floreşti. Specializing in Italian dishes.
  • Maestro - International.
  • Maimuţa Plangatoare - Traditional Romanian and Hungarian[31].
  • Marco Polo, in the City Plaza Hotel. Japanese food.
  • Marty Caffe, Str. Victor Babeş nr. 39, tel. 40 264-591212, [32]. International.
  • Mint Bistro, Street Gheorghe Sincai 11, 40 746-213394. Non-smoking, English menu.
  • Off The Wall , Strada Georges Clemenceau nr 3, Cluj-Napoca, tel. 40 0749-619240, [33]. Local produce. International recipes. Non-smoking restaurant.
  • Pizzeria Michelangelo, Str. Memorandumului nr. 6, tel. 40 264-596969, [34]. Romanian, Pizza,Restaurant.
  • Panoramic, [35]. International cuisine on the Cetatuia with a great view from above downtown.
  • Pizza Y - International.
  • Red House - Transylvanian/Hungarian.
  • Roata, near the City Hall. Romanian/Transylvanian.
  • Shanghai [36], Calea Turzii nr.42, tel. 0264 - 442.027 ; 0264 - 431.444 or

0727-833.453. Located near a residential neighborhood a few kilometers from the city center, Shanghai has one of the most varied selections of Chinese dishes.

  • Tokyo [37] - Japanese.
  • Vila Tusa Located in Padurea Faget - International.
  • Pizza Acrobatica [38] - Italian & Mediteranean food, multiple times awarded pizzaiolo, Str. Avram Iancu, nr. 13 tel: 0364-405.719.


  • Baracca Str. Napoca, nr. 8A, tel. 40 0732.155.177. New restaurant, opened up in October 2008. Very good Mediterranean food with french cuisine influence, great atmosphere.This restaurant changes its menu every 6 months, in collaboration with a Chef from France .
  • Bricks, No. 2 Horea Street, +40364 730 615, [2]. 11AM-12AM.  edit
  • Hubertus Str. 21 Decembrie 1989 no. 22, tel. 40 264-596743, 40 264-439405, [39]. One of the oldest and most select restaurants in the city, with a wide selection of traditional Romanian dishes.
  • Matei Corvin Intim, Str. Matei Corvin nr. 3, tel. 40 264-597497. International cuisine. This restaurant frequently receives national and international celebrities.
  • Topaz, Str. Septimiu Albini no. 10 (inside the Best Western Topaz), tel. 40 264-414066, . Refined menu of international selections in an elegant atmosphere.
  • Lugano, Str. G-ral Eremia Grigorescu, nr. 51. International cuisine.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Art bar in Cluj

Cluj has a vibrant night life, guaranteed by the over 60000 University students living here. There are bars, cafés, clubs for all preferences and budgets.

  • Corvinus - Str. Memorandumului - A pub popular with the Hungarian community.
  • Diesel, Piaţa Unirii no. 17, 40 264-598441, [40]. One of the oldest and most expensive clubs in Cluj-Napoca. Cosmopolitan events on three floors with some of the most popular groups in Romania.
  • Euphoria, café-bar style with a popular and large outdoor setting in a square. Nice food.
  • Insomnia, opposite the cinema next to the bookstore on Piaţa Unirii. Bohemian and ever changing decor and nice personnel. Also serve light meals.
  • Kharma, Piaţa Păcii nr. 1-3, 40 722-365342, [41]. Nice decor and good DJs.

  • XEN, Samuel Brasay street(downtown), no 9, Underground decorations, grafitti painting, electronic music, bar and club, open between 07hr-last client (late night). A place to meet students and to hear new music, especially electronica.

  • The Jack Pub - the smallest pub from the town.
  • L'Atelier (also known colloquially as the cardboard place), Str. Memorandumului 9 (1st floor), is a relaxed café-bar with furniture made from cardboard and scrap materials. Music ranges from jazz to alternative rock.

  • Molotov Pub - Str. Virgil Fulicea nr. 13. A popular place situated in a medieval house, in the historical center, close to Matei Corvin House. They have a very good coffee and tea specialties, and the famous, personal, recipe of the 'Molotov Cocktail'. Bhoemian and challenging decoration, [42] Reservations: 0040.756.393.785.
  • Beraria Ursus (Ursus Brewery) PUB - Pta. Unirii 20.
  • Fabrica de Bere Ursus - Ursus - The Brewery PUB (food & drink) - large terrace and generous serving spaces on the place of the former local brewery (Ursus). Unique speciality of beer (lager and unfiltered beer made only in this singe location with a unique receipe);
  • Bricks, Str. Horea nr. 2, 40 264-530786, . A place unique for its plain style.
  • Stone, Str. Gheorghe Fulicea nr. 17, 40 264-408167.
  • Zorki, Str. Ion Raţiu 10, cafe-bar with jazz & alternative rock music. Regular photo exhibitions. Sometimes small, acoustic concerts.
  • Zorki Off the Record is located in the basement under Zorki. Where concerts sometimes happen. You can grab a beer or a glass of wine.
  • VERTIGO Espresso Social Bar, 9 Unirii Square Cluj Napoca, [3]. A visionary design and futuristic lighting which challenges the borders of imagination. A setting that appears to be cut out of an OP Art expo – a place where spirit meets style, where energy becomes conversation.  edit
  • Griff jazz&blues, republicii 14 Rock, blues, jazz, concerts and beer.
  • Janis, No. 5 Eroilor Blvd, +40724652647, [4]. Very popular among the students  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

The last three years have seen a boom in the Cluj lodging scene. There are lodging options for all budgets, including a newly opened 5 star hotel. Other than that, you can find something that suits your needs.


  • Cluj Pension, Str. Str. Meteor Nr. 71B Cluj Napoca. Tel: +40 264 438 593 or +40 741 369 403 [43]
  • Cosy Spot Hostel, Piata 14 Iulie Nr. 25, Cluj Napoca. Tel: +40 758 350 037 email: [email protected] Great guesthouse with dorm accommodation and double rooms. Helpful friendly staff. In a quiet area with a garden not too far from the city center. Part of the Best Balkan hostels organization.
  • Do - Re - Mi, only between July and August, Str. Braşov nr. 2-4, +40 264 186616.
  • Hotel Cristal, Str. Moldovei, nr. 17

TEL: 0040-264-594.675 and FAX: 0040-264-594.677 [44]

  • Meteor, Eroilor nr. 29, +40 264 591060. Situated in the commercial center of Cluj, close to important economic and administrative sites.
  • Mioval Pension, Non Stop B&B Accommodation,Str. Partizanilor Nr. 33 Cluj Napoca (5 min far from the Train Station) Tel: +40 726 147 593 or +40 742 706 077 [45]
  • PAX, Station Square nr. 1-3, +40 264 432927.
  • Retro Youth Hostel, +40 264 450452, [46].
  • Sport, George Cosbuc nr. 15, +40 268 593921.
  • Transylvania Hostel, Str Iuliu Maniu 26, +40 264 443266, [5]. A comfortable hostel in the city center with a friendly knowledgeable staff. Large social areas including a lounge, a game room, a guest kitchen and an outdoor terrace.  edit
  • Vlădeasa, Regele Ferdinand nr. 20, +40 264 594429.


  • Belvedere (ex. Transilvania), Călăraşilor nr. 1-3, +40 264 432071. Facilities include a pool, gym, conference rooms. Nice view, on top of Fortress hill close to the city center.
  • Best Western Hotel Topaz, Septimiu Albini nr. 10, +40 264 414021. Quiet area close to the city center. Besides its own restaurant, also contains the Ciuleandra Romanian-food restaurant, [47].
  • Fullton, Sextil Puşcariu nr. 10, +40 264 597898, [48].
  • Olimp, Observatorului 82-86, 0264 595 900. Facilities include WiFi, conference room.
  • Panorama Hotel, Calea Baciului nr. 28D +40 755 084 342; +40 364 566 784. Accommodation in hotel management at apartments. [49].
  • Pensiunea Orient, str. Caisului nr. 22, +40 731996746, +40 364144813, a lovely furnished place in oriental style, inspired by a trip to marocco, approx. 35 EURO for a double room, Wifi included [50]
  • Victoria, 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 54-56, +40 264 591441.
  • Villa-Hotel Escala,33 Crisan Street, 400177 Cluj Napoca, Phone: +40 0264-444.002 , 444.062. Facilities include Gym and pool.
  • Pensiunea Bellagio str.Mihai Veliciu nr.39 +40 748129138 Facilities include WiFi, conference room,and here we can see the Lavazza training center (italian esspreso coffe art)


  • Agape, Iuliu Maniu nr. 6, +40 264 406523, [51]. Set in the city center a few minutes walk from the statue of Matthias Corvinus.
  • Casa Albă, Emil Racoviţă nr. 22, +40 264 432277.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cluj - City Plaza, 9-13 Sindicatelor Street, +40 264 450101, [52]. Set downtown near Central Park and the Somesul Mic River, the hotel is close to major businesses and tourist attractions like the Botanical Garden, Museum Square, the Matei Corvin House, St. Michael's Church, the Romanian National Opera and Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.
  • Deja Vu, Ion Ghica nr. 2, +40 264 354939.
  • Golden Tulip Ana Done, Observatorului, nr. 129, +40 264 540000, [53].
  • Onix, Septimiu Albini nr. 12, +40 264 414076. Situated in the center of the city, the Onix has 3 and 4-stars rooms and suites, all of which have a jacuzzy, PCs with Internet access, air-con, cable television, minibar, and telephone. [54].
  • Opal, Constantin Brâncuşi, nr. 148-152, +40 264 403136, [55].
  • Premier, Donath nr. 100, +40 264 307200, [56].
  • Rimini Plaza, Cometei nr. 20A, +40 264 438028, [57].
  • Tulip Inn Sunny Hill, Fagetului, nr. 31A, +40 264 480325, [58].
  • West City Hotel, Str. Avram Iancu nr. 442-446, Floreşti, Cluj, +40 264 501 820, [59]. The first Design Hotel in Cluj-Napoca

Stay safe[edit]

Cluj-Napoca is in general a safe city. Even after dark, it is safe to walk through the city center and some of the other neighbourhoods. To be on the safe side, unless you know exactly where you're going and how to get there, suburbs should be avoided at night, especially the neighbourhoods of Manastur, Marasti, and Iris, and the train and inter-city bus station areas.

You should, as always, take care of your belongings and pockets. In the unfortunate event that your wallet is stolen or lost, it is likely that it will resurface after a while, but without the money and credit cards (so be sure to call your credit card company and lock the credit card as soon as you notice it's missing).

Emergency numbers[edit]

As throughout the rest of the European Union, the police, ambulance, and fire department are reachable at the number 112.

Get out[edit]

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