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Cixi City

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Cixi(慈溪市) is a city in the Zhejiang province.


Cixi is a city with rich culture and long history. It belongs to the State of Yue in the Spring and Autumn period of the Zhou Dynasty (770BC-476BC) and the county was set up in the Qin Dynasty. At first it was called “Juzhang” and has been using the name of “Cixi” since the Kaiyuan reign of Tang Dynasty (AD 738).

Cixi City is located on the south of the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta, which is the most promising area for future development. Being the anchor of the Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo Economic Golden Triangle, Cixi is 60 km from Ningbo in the east, 148 km from Shanghai in the north and 138 km from Hangzhou in the west. Cixi has a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16℃. With the emphasis on the city’s infrastructure, Cixi has an effective public transportation system that provides convenience. Highway: Roads within the city lead to all directions and there is 1.5-hour drive to Hangzhou, 1-hour drive to Ningbo, and 1.5-hour drive to Shanghai. Airvation: Within an 1.5 hour transport circle are the four major airports: Ningbo Lishe International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Water Transport: Within a radius of 150 kilometer, there are two international ports: the port of Shanghai and the port of Ningbo

Ranks 3rd among the top 100 cities for the national county-level economic development competitiveness

Cixi is accelerating the construction of a mid-scale modern city. 2012,It covers a total land area of 1,361 square kilometers and has a population of 2.04 million, including 1.04 million registered permanent residents and 1 million temporary residents. Fifteen towns and five subdistricts are under the jurisdiction of Cixi City and there are 325 administrative villages including committees and communities.

Get in[edit]

There are three major cities with airports surrounding Cixi. Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Ningbo. From Shanghai, take a bus from the South Station (Pinyin: Nan Zhan Hanzi: 南站) It takes approximately 2 hours and ¥82 as of November 2009.

Get around[edit]

Taxis start at ¥10 and up. All licensed taxis are equipped with GPS locators. If do not see any taxis on the road, dial (0574)63981234 and the dispatcher will find a cab within your vicinity and send him your way. 3-wheel coaches are available as well.

See[edit][add listing]

Zhishan Park.

  • Butterfly Temple (梁山伯庙). The story, to the Northern Song Dynasty has been very popular, the" Butterfly Lovers in the office around the legend" Zhejiang Ningbo, Jiangsu Jiangdu, Shandong Jiaxiang, Anhui Shucheng, Gansu water as many as seven, but the real Shi Ke test in Ningbo bridge township.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Enjoy the local saunas/massage services

  • Shui Mu Nian Hua (水木年华), 0574-23708888. 24. 5 floor complex. 1st Floor is reception and shower area with large heated jacuzzi and pools. 2nd floor is the lounge, computer, gym area. 3rd floor is the massage area. ¥278 for oil massage, and ¥378 for oil massage in the VIP rooms. admission charge is waived if you get an oil massage. foot massage is ¥60 for 60 minutes. 4th and 5th floors are the mahjong rooms. Open 24 hours a day. If you get an oil massage after 1am, you can sleep overnight in the massage room for free. 50 admission.  edit
  • Water Cube (慈溪水立方大浴场), (walking distance from Phebe), 0574-23667777. close 2am. has a show from 9pm to 11pm daily with singers and dancers on the 3rd floor. also a hotel in the same building. 238.  edit
  • Jindao Zuyu (金岛足浴), 慈溪市鸟山南路金岛宾馆三楼, 0574-63926318. close 1am. located on the same floor with a KTV. 78.  edit
  • YinXiangGe Stone Therapy Center (樱香阁石疗会馆), 浙江慈溪市浒山街道明州路420号 (Near Tera Wellness Club), 0574-56337777, [1]. close 2am. japanese style sauna massage center 238.  edit
  • Cixi Gu Lang Yu Xiu Xian Yan Yu Chang (慈溪谷浪雨休闲盐浴场), 孙塘北路810号, 0574-63028836.  edit
  • Bai Guang Da Yu Chang (百光大浴场), 0574-87338088.  edit
  • Fu Ying Yang Sheng Zu Dao (富盈誊养生足道), 慈溪市开发大道799号 (担山池旁), 0574-63007799.  edit
  • Qiaocheng zuyu xiuxian zhongxin (桥成足浴休闲中心), 慈溪孙塘北路986号, 0574-63800456.  edit
  • Fu Qiao Zu Yu tui Na xi Yu Xiu Xian Zhong Xin (富侨足浴推拿洗浴休闲中心), 慈溪市孙塘北路1101号, 0574-63930990. Big korean letters indicating it uses a korean system or style  edit
  • Bi Ta Hui (碧塔诲全国连锁慈溪店), 孙塘北路1001号, 0574-63024448.  edit
  • Fu Quan Bao Jian (富泉保健), 孙塘北路与开发大道交叉口, 0574-63240777, [2].  edit
  • Hui le Zu Dao (汇乐足道), 慈溪市北二环中路238号, 0574-23669966.  edit
  • Zhuan Shi nian Dai (钻石年代娱乐商务会所), 南二环线661-665号, 0574-63899588.  edit
  • HCJDZD (皇城经典足道), 慈溪市古塘街道孙塘北路1127号, 0574-63901111.  edit
  • Zi Zun Ge Xiu Xian Hui Suo (紫尊格休闲会所), 慈溪市孙塘北路957号, 0574-63088111.  edit
  • Da Wei Ying International Hydrotherapy Hotel (大卫营国际水疗度酒店), 浙江省慈溪市浒山前应路1号 (东方明珠侧), 0574-63715555, [3]. The biggest and best spa in Cixi. They have a theater with performers and a transvestite from thailand, resting area, private hotels. A massage in the lounge includes admission fee for ¥89• ¥59.  edit
  • Xin Zhong An Yu Chang (新众安浴场), 坎墩镇街邮电局向东200米. they claim to not have oil massage, only thai massage, but the masseuse will give you an oil massage by charging you two hours thai massage, but give you one hour oil massage.  edit
  • Xiu Xian Yu Chang (休闲浴场), 慈溪峙山路137号, 0574-63896428.  edit
  • Hai Na Bai Chuan (海纳百川), 浙江省慈溪市浒崇公路225号 (walking distance from kingsport), 0574-63030777. recently opened, don't have all furniture yet, and haven't bribed local officials yet. extremely attractive girl working at front desk, but is married to boss. 288 oil massage.  edit
  • ShijiHuangJiaZuDaoHuiGuang (世记皇家之道会馆), 古塘街道浒崇公路188号 (walking distance from kingsport), 0574-63900999. legit foot massage place.  edit
  • Feng Xin Zi (风信子美容休闲), 开发大道, 0574-63033333. close 2am. happy ending 249 oil massage.  edit
  • Bison, 慈溪市上林坊钱塘国脉大酒店旁, 0574-63819393. Near Pu Le Di  edit


  • Dong Fang Gan Xi (东方干洗), 慈溪市青少年宫北路37-39号, 13486603894. close 9pm. will pick up your dirty laundry from your hotel and deliver it back to you. 6 per shirt.  edit


  • Ji Feng Mei RongMeiFa (奇峰美容美发), 慈溪市青少年宫北路233-239号, 0574-63040305. (68,) edit
  • Shanghai ShiShangJia Beauty Salon (上海时尚嘉美容美发), 慈溪市三北西大街9号-11号 (Across the street from Bossman Hotel), 0574-63893756.  edit


  • WuXing International Fitness Club (五星国际健身会所), 浙江省慈溪市新天地118号(三楼), 0574-63885858. decent gym 1600 a year.  edit
  • King Sport (金仕堡健身会所), 慈溪市浒崇公路635号1-4号, 0574-63016000, [4]. close 10pm. second largest gym in cixi 2800 year.  edit
  • Tera Wellness Club (一兆韦德健身启明运动馆), 中国宁波慈溪市青少年宫北路458号, 0574-63018888, [5]. close 10pm. the most expensive and highest class health club in cixi. has a heated pool. 3 floors. golf, bowling, restaurant, table tennis, badmington, weights, pole dancing, yoga, spin room. 4880 year.  edit
  • Cixi Perfect Healthy Club (慈溪市帕菲克健身俱乐部), 新城大道南路1119号 (Near da wei Ying), 15168122266. This gym has an Olympic size swimming pool. Dance classes, yoga, table tennis, weights.  edit
  • Vigorous (活力多健身会馆), 慈甬路2号新时代大夏六楼, 0574-63809188. first and least expensive gym in cixi ¥1280 year.  edit

Watch a Movie

  • Cixi Shidai Movies World (慈溪时代电影大世界), (On pedestrian road on top of Korean restuarant). ¥50.  edit

Shoot Pool

  • Ge Jue Yin Yue Tai Qiu Ju Le Bu (各爵音乐台球俱乐部), 孙塘北路858号 (阳明餐饮二楼), 0574-63029991.  edit

Buy a Mac

  • Joyhe (嘉和数码体验站), 慈溪市浒山街道慈甬路106-108号, 0574-63826076. One of the handful of Apple authorized dealers in Cixi. Get your iPhone fix here.  edit
  • Bison (碧爽800), 慈溪北二环西路68号, 0574-63232222. Large building. Includes a free buffet.  edit
  • Zi zun ge Zu Dao (紫尊格足道), 慈溪市孙塘北路957-959号 (海城大酒店旁), 63088111.  edit
  • Bi ta hai (碧塔海), 孙塘北路1001号, 0574-63024448.  edit
  • iPhone 手机专营店, 慈溪市上林坊解放中街302号 (Near pedestrian road), 0574-23661877.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Yang mei (red bayberry)products: dried, steeped in wine.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Yang mei when in season. There are chestnut vendors at many intersections in downtown.

  • C. straits Cafe (两岸咖啡), 浙江省慈溪市青少年宫北路96号p.c.315300 (inside Olai Hotel, across from Zhong Yi Hotel), 0574-63987777. 3 floors with private booths and rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  edit
  • Sunparty Coffee (圣巴里咖啡南门店), 慈溪市南门大街4号, 63817677. a starbucks clone that serves food as well. 2 floors.  edit
  • sweettalk (甜言密语), 慈溪市上林坊龙兴街10-14号, 63896603. 9:30am to 10pm. cute place to eat  edit
  • Ming Ren Xi Can Ting (名人西餐厅), 中国浙江慈溪市三北西大街28号 (2nd floor of the bossman hotel), 0574-63933333. close 8pm.  edit
  • Pizza Hut, (Downstairs the Bossman Hotel). close 10pm. a high class Pizza Hut. You will be seated by a waiter. It's not easy flagging down the waiters though. You have to yell out loud, "FuWuYuan!" to get their attention to order something.  edit
  • yumm savoring (品会), 浙江慈溪市新华东-曙光小区内 (Next to the 水沐年华sauna), 0574-23719988.  edit
  • Patton Coffee (巴顿咖啡), 慈溪市浒山路83号, 0574-63100707, [6].  edit
  • Qian Wei Shuan Huo Guo (千位涮火锅), 慈溪市浒山林坊肯德斜对面, 0574-63806000. Hot pot place where you can mix your own sauce ¥88 for two.  edit
  • Sunparty Coffee (圣巴里咖啡孙塘店), 慈溪市孙塘北路953号, 0574-63072211. Close 2am. (W,) edit
  • Gangxuan tea dining room (食尚港轩), 慈溪中央大夏北楼3f东侧, 0574-63896777. Om the third floor of the building where 88 is  edit
  • Sunparty coffee (圣巴里咖啡乌山店), 慈溪市乌山南路 (Next to club gaga), 63122577. Close 12. There's three Sunparty coffee's in Cixi. This one is near gaga  edit
  • KFC (肯德基), (across the street from the bossman hotel), 4008-823-823, [7]. 24 hours.  edit
  • Classic Coffee (经典咖啡), 慈溪市峙山公园北大门东侧 (Near the entrance of Zhishan Park), 0574-63111779.  edit
  • ZonDan Steakhouse (尊典牛排), 慈溪峙山路375号 (慈溪大酒店东侧), 0574-63900777.  edit
  • Houcaller beefsteak (豪客来牛排), 三北大街青少年宫路波斯曼酒店对面 (2nd floor of KFC.), 56333228.  edit
  • Shore Coffee (香榭彼岸咖啡), 慈溪市浒山三北西大街189号, 0574-63811777.  edit
  • banana leaf (蕉叶), 慈溪市浒山区南二环西路78号 (Near Zhishan park), 0574-63902777, [8]. The only thai restaurant in town  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

There is no designated Bar Street like in other Chinese cities. The clubs are scattered throughout the main part of town. This is not a bottle service town. When you go into the clubs, you will not see anybody drinking whiskey. Everybody drinks beer because the whiskey is counterfeit. The market rate is ¥350 for 24 bottles of beer. Or ¥200 for 12 bottles of beer.


  • BoJue No. 88 (伯爵No. 88), 慈溪市中央大夏南门大街77-79号 (Walking distance from Pedestrian Road), 0574-63088888, [9]. close 2am. ”全球连锁酒吧“ (Global Franchise Bar) Plays western music and has an L-shaped counter bar for casual conversation with strangers. Best chance of meeting civilian girls here. Most of the other clubs' girls are promoters keen on making commission off of you by having you buy drinks or flowers for them. ¥350 for 24 bottles.  edit
  • Club MT(Multi Track) (MT酒吧), 慈溪市天九街183号(南苑柏隆旁) (next to Liang Jing Jing Karaoke and Sogo)), 0574-63110777. close 2am. This place features 20-40 dancers on stage a few times a night. They earn a low salary, so if you want them spend time with you, you either have to buy them drinks or buy them flowers. They earn 50% commission on the flowers, and they expect you to buy them ¥300 worth of flowers. So they earn ¥150 to spend time with you with no guarantees of taking them home. There is bouncing stage and the guards wear bulletproof vests and helmets. There is not counter bar to meet loners, so if you want to meet people you have to walk around and approach people at their tables. 350 24 bottles of beer.  edit
  • SOS Entertainment Lucky Bar Clubbing ROAMKTV (慈溪SOS酒吧), 慈溪市北二环线西路136号, 0574-63916777. This is the largest club in Cixi. although the facilities are getting old. It's got two levels and private rooms as well. There is a counter bar on the first floor for the loners. bouncing dance floor. 350 24 beers.  edit
  • Phebe (菲芘酒吧), 慈溪市南二环东路1277号 (walking distance to Water Cube), 0574-63245555. close 2am. This is the most recently opened club in Cixi. The renovations are very upscale. You will find the most amount of foreigners here. The atmosphere is better than the other clubs in Cixi. 350 24 beers.  edit
  • Gaga (嘎嘎时尚潮流夜店), 中国慈溪鸟山路888号 (鸟山站对面), 0574-63108999. close 2am. Used to be named 八号公管。Newest club to open in Cixi. bouncing dance floor. 350 24 beers.  edit


  • Liang Jing Jing (靓晶晶), 浒山七房池东南(新天地12-13号) (next to MT), 0574-23681999. close 2am. There is a karaoke lounge with a dance floor. The night will vary between customers singing, hired professional singers, and a DJ playing music. 350 24 bottles of beer.  edit

KTV - with female hosts for hire

  • Yin Du Ju Le Bu (银都俱乐部), 浒山孙塘路198号p.c.315300 (银都大酒店二楼), 0574-63911888. Once in the lobby at around 7:30pm, you will find 20-30 girls sitting around waiting for customers.  edit
  • Jin Xing (金星), 慈甬路新时代大夏5楼 (5th floor of where the Vigorous gym is), 13586648297. close 2am. you will find all the girls sitting in the lobby at around 7:30  edit
  • HSH Club (豪商汇会所), 慈溪天九街恒隆商会大夏 (Near Bo Jue 88), 0574-58589998.  edit
  • One Hundred Chambers KTV (壹佰号会所), 浙江慈溪青少年宫北路100号 (inside ZhongYi Business Hotel), 0574-63930000. close 2am. once you enter the main entrance and exit the elevators, you will see a row of DJ girls on your right to greet you and there is another room on your left with all the KTV girls.  edit
  • Fascination Destination (魅力金座), 慈溪市浒山镇乌山路255号, 0574-63891818. Big fancy ktv with many working girls  edit
  • Guohui (国会金座娱乐会所), 慈溪市孙塘北路1177号 (与明州路交叉口(原国会2楼)), 0574-23619992.  edit
  • Jindao Entertainment Club (金岛娱乐会所), 慈溪市乌山南路8号金岛宾馆三楼, 15967883333.  edit

KTV - bring your own girls

  • 钱柜PartySpace 量贩式KTV, 孙塘北路701号, 0574-63030058. Regular KTV.  edit
  • Pu Le Di KTV (普乐迪量贩式KTV(慈溪旗舰店)), 慈溪市南门大街288号2-3楼 (钱塘国脉大酒店旁), 0574-63896666, [10].  edit
  • Sogo (搜歌量贩KTV), 浒山南苑柏隆北大门 (Across from MT club), 0574-58586565. largest, newest regular KTV in cixi  edit
  • Mai Le De KTV (麦乐迪量贩KTV), 慈溪市青少年宫路五楼 (across the street from the bossman hotel), 0574-63036811.  edit
  • Pu Le Di Liang Fan Shi KTV (普乐迪量贩式KTV), 慈溪三北西大街波斯曼酒店三楼 (3rd floor of the bossman hotel), 0574-63933999. The newest ktv to open in Cixi. This is the second location for Pu Le Di in Cixi.  edit
  • Le kai ge Liang fan ktv (乐凯歌量贩式ktv), 慈溪北二环西路134号太阳洲大酒店4-6楼, 0574-63222666.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • hy york (恒元悦客酒店), 慈溪新市路东36号(新都汇), 0574-5858 7999. checkout: 12. The 8th,9th, and 10th floor of this building are hotel rooms. The rest of the building is available for rent for 1800 a month, but you must pay 6 months in advance plus 3000 deposit. 258.  edit
  • ZhongYi Business Hotel (中益商务酒店), 浙江省慈溪市青少年宫北路100号 (across the street from the Olai hotel), 0574-63938888, [11]. 4 star hotel with ktv on 2nd floor  edit
  • Natural Garden Hotel (天地花苑酒店), 浙江省慈溪市三北大街2085号, 0574-63921111, [12].  edit
  • HanJue (慈溪汉爵商厦大酒店), 慈溪市浒山青少年宫路1号, 0574-63813333, [13]. laptop computers available for rent.  edit
  • Tuan Juan Lu Guan (团圈旅馆), 慈溪市浒山街道青少年宫北路波斯曼东出口(后面)对面, 0574-63011685. ghetto, but cheap 30 single, 40 double, 70 Standard.  edit
  • Glean Business Hotel (格兰商务酒店), 慈溪孙蹚北路1009号, 0574-63935555.  edit
  • Hai Cheng Da Jiu Dian (海城大酒店), 慈溪市孙塘北路947号, 0574-63001111.  edit
  • Mezzo Hotel (麦爵时尚宾馆), 浙江省慈溪市孙塘北路1177号, 0574-63337666, [14].  edit
  • Hangzhou Bay Hotel (杭州湾大酒店), 中国浙江省慈溪市峙山路301号 (Walking distance from Zhishan Park), 0574-63914888, [15]. the only 5 star hotel in cixi. has gym, pool, restaurant, bar on second floor with performers.  edit
  • Cixi Hotel (慈溪大酒店), 中国慈溪市环城南路407号 (Walking distance from the long distance bus terminal), 0574-63912288.  edit
  • Hengyuan Hotel (恒元大酒店), 中国宁波杭州湾新区滨海一路55号, +8657458589999, [16]. the other 5 star hotel in cixi, but it's far from city center, from the bossman hotel, a taxi will cost around ¥60. they have very large gym facility with tennis courts, pool, etc, massage on 2nd and 3rd floors.  edit
  • Mingshi holiday hotel (名士假日酒店), 宁波慈溪市新江路677号, 0574-63901888.  edit
  • Offshore Platform (慈溪海天一洲酒店). The Offshore Platform (Haitian Yizhou Jiudian) is one of China's first offshore hotels located 1.7 km south of channel bridge of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. This hotel's spacious rooms command splendid ocean views and fully equipped with up-to-date amenities including hair dryers, in-room safes, iron/ironing boards, mini refrigerators and bars.  edit


The area code for Cixi is 0574. When calling from overseas, dial +86 574 XXXX-XXXX. For information and services dial 114. For a taxi near you, call (0574)6398-1234

Get out[edit]

You go to either Ningbo, Hangzhou, or Shanghai for air travel. To get to those cities, you would need to take a bus or a taxi. There are two bus terminals in Cixi. The East Station or the South Station.