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Camiguin is a small island province of the Philippines.


Camiguin Island is divided into 5 regions:

- Mambajao: the most populated area and home to the majority of tourist accommodations.

- Catarman: the second most populated region of Camiguin. Catarman shares the west coast with Mambajao.

- Sagay: home to springs and waterfalls.

- Guinsiliban: at the southern tip of the island, Guinsiliban has some beautiful views of fields and mountains.

- Mahinog: seafood capital of the island.


Mambajao is the capital of Camiguin, and Catarman is the second largest town on the island.

Other destinations[edit]

The island of Bohol is just a small ferry ride away.


This island is definitely off the beaten track for travelers. It is a real gem and feels extremely safe compared to its neighboring islands.


English, Visayan languages (or Bisayan languages) of the Philippines, along with Tagalog.

Get in[edit]


In February 2020, the port of Balbagon in Camiguin is turning away travelers who have been in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (even just a layover) in the past 90 days. [9]

The ports in Camiguin are located in Benoni and Balbagon. There is also an airport located west of Mambajao. Cebu Pacific and Philippines airlines fly to/from Cebu daliy.

There are 10 x daily Super Shuttle ferries from Balingoan port (2 hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro) (75 min too Benoni port) . The only way to go directly from Bohol to Camiguin is with the (Super Shuttle Ferry). As of June 2019 the ferry leaves Balbagon, Camiguin daily at 08:00 AM (arrival 12:00 PM in Jagna) and back to Balbagon port from Jagna daily at 13:00 PM (arriving 17:00 PM in Balbagon). The journey takes four hours (450 PHP). Upon getting to Jagna with bus/jeepney, you can walk to the port, no need to take a tricycle, as it's a 5 minutes walk.

As at June 2019 - The Super Shuttle Ferry makes daily trips between Jagna (Bohol) and Camiguin. The journey time is 4 hours. Price is 450P or 375P with student card. Ferry has a small shop selling snacks. Departure from Camiguin is 8am with boarding at 7am. Departure from Jagna is 1pm. Tickets are bought at the ferry terminal. This info is still valid (June 2019).

Get around[edit]

Ask your hotel/hostel for information about renting motorcycles. Expect an informal process. Usually 300-500pesos/day. There are several gas stations around the island, along the main road.

Take a jeepney around the island. A jeepney within Mambahao, from your hotel to town, costs 8-10P.

Rent multicab to tour around the island ( The mulitcab from Mambajao town to Benoni Pier costs 25P.

Upon arrival at the airport, there were a number of vans and bikes waiting for guests. It is 20 metres from the terminal to the road, should you prefer to take a trike in either direction. You can rent a bike immediately at the airport for 350P a day.

See[edit][add listing]


Do[edit][add listing]

  • Ardent Hot Springs. Make a nighttime visit to these hot springs. It is the perfect time for a warm soak or swim. Drinks are served at the resort. Water temperature is lukewarm. (34 degrees in the warmest pool) 50 peso.  edit
  • Katibawasan Falls. A waterfall at 50m. There are a few picnic benches and the water is cold and refreshing. Entry 50P. A must see!  edit
  • Mantigue Island, [1]. An islet with beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters off the coast of Maninog.  edit
  • Sunken Cemetery. Sunken by a volcano, this cemetery makes a good spot for snorkeling or diving. Snorkeling costs 250P with a guide (100P entrance and 150P guide). Equipment hire is extra. Cannot be done without a guide. Very good snorkeling. Inexpensive souvenir shops  edit
  • Giant Clam Sanctuary. (update august 2019: closes temporary « for political reason” Located in the south east corner of the island, this site has a giant Clam nursery and other marine animals. Well worth the small entry fee, you get lots of information about the clams and can see them in a tank (1m in size!). Snorkeling available for approx 300-400P including guide. Best accessed by motorbike 25P"".  edit
  • Taguines Lagoon Aquapark. Visible from the road, south of Benoni ferry terminal, on the lagoon. Inflatable "Total Wipe Out" style assault course on the lagoon. Stand up paddle board, kayak and pedalo available for hire. Entry is 50P (retained as credit for food, drinks, water sports), inflatable course is 250P for 1 hour. Watersports are 100-200P an hour.  edit
  • Fiesta. Talk to the locals and see if there is a fiesta happening on the island. It is a must do!  edit
  • Freediving, Yumbing, Manbajao (At Kurma Freedive & Yoga Resort), (+63) 916-469-8912 (), [2]. Kurma Freedive is the only freediving school in Camiguin. Freedive is diving with no tank and free of your moves, not like scuba diving. It is the purest relationship with the ocean, and a great way to experience your body and mind. Kurma provides WSF/RAID courses from Level 1 to Instructor and also organises fun/adventure freedive days in some of the beautiful location of Camiguin, like Mantigue and some secret places of them. The owners Diggi and Valerie also run Kurma Resort with few ocean view rooms. Valerie is also a certified yoga teacher (Php400 per pax per session for group class - May 2017 price).  edit
  • Binangawan Falls. Binangawan Falls is north of Sagay. Entry is free. If you want a guide it will cost around 600php. It is about a 1-hour jungle hike to a very refreshing waterfall. Free.  edit


The island of Camiguin is part of the Northern Mindanao earthquake epicenter. It is basically volcanic in origin and is entirely made up of deposits attributed to its volcanoes.

  1. Mt. Hibok-Hibok
  2. Mt. Vulcan
  3. Mt. Guinsiliban
  4. Mt. Mambajao
  5. Mt. Timpoong
  6. Mt. Tres Marias
  7. Mt. Uhay

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Gaisano Mall, P Reys Street. 08.00-20.00. 1st big mall on Camiguin Island. has a supermarket  edit
  • PNB Bank, Aranas Street. 24 hour atm. has a visa card atm  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]


Most resorts on camiguin offer food of some kind to their guests. Of the few that are also open to outsiders, Paras resort ( filipino food mostly), Camiguin action gekkos ( western and some filipino) and Casa roca inn (western food) are the most frequented places. If you choose to dine outside your resort, you have quite a few options from full restaurants to roast chicken shacks and barbeque stands.

Filipino and Filipino-style restaurants[edit]

"Value for money" is often used by Filipino diners when they approve of a restaurant.This generally translates to : large portions of really really cheap food. Quality, presentation, freshness, creativity are not part of the definition and this is an important thing to understand for westerners. But rather than condescend to this fact of life in the country, remember that when you are on a certain budget and have to feed many people, this way of dining makes perfect sense. What is more curious is that most the food served in restaurants that fit this description are easily prepared in the home without much trouble or culinary training.

Most of the restaurants that usually appeal to Filipino tastes and budgets are located in and around Mambajao, Camiguin's capitol. Buffets are often available. There are also several inexpensive establishments stretched along the main road from the town all the way to barangay yumbing, where white island and most of camiguin's resorts are.

These mostly serve localized versions ( not likely to appeal to non-locals that is) of pizza and a mixed and often random selection of western dishes--along with the usual filipino noodle, rice and soup staples. These restaurants , apart from location are more or less the same in quality in food and service, both of which are what you'd expect for budget establishments. Among these are :

Shardana: offers german along with filipino and pizza etc. Native decor. Nothing special. In bug-ong Camiguin.

Checkpoint: --a frozen and processed food lover's paradise. Has some retail on ground floor, none of which adds to the lack of ambiance. Yumbing, Camiguin.

Camiguin Northern Lights: --decent views cannot be saved by some really average food and mind-numbingly slow service. On the main road in Yumbing and in central Mambajao, Camiguin

La isla cocina: some really uninspired mexican and spanish dishes mix with the usual pinoy food. Nice old house but food is really sub par. In bug ong on the main road

Terrasse:mostly filipino food. Expect to see a lot of drunk looking foreigners. Along the main road in yumbing

Pat's pizza;pat's makes the crusts for all the copycats not making their own pizza , which is most the island. They have a small hut serving the same. On the main road in Yumbing

Samuel:from the chieftains of the islands #1 edible souvenir, the pastel. Higher end than the other filipino-style restaurants. . Filipinos looking for familiarity and a sit-down family meal will be comfortable here. The proprietors are certainly trying hard to impress. And for foreigners, this might appeal , or it may come off as "trying a bit too hard.". When Filipinos try to emulate upscale western styles, it too often ends up forced, amateurish and tacky. Central location in urban and concreted mambajao offers little ambiance given the natural wonders Camiguin offers. Rooftop dining area feels more like a basketball court.

Isla filete resto steak house-average, straight from the freezer steaks and mostly typical filipino food. On the main road , just outside mambajao

J & A Fishpen & restaurant: in Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin is unique in that they allow guests to choose from live seafood from their pens. Crab is sometimes available but is probably the most expensive dish on the island. While located well far away from most resorts, it can be made part of a motor bike tour of the island. Preparations are mostly filipino style and this can be disappointing to foreigners. Locals with a little money tend to enjoy.

More for westerners and foreigners[edit]

La Dolce vita: is run by an italian gentleman who also does most of the cooking. It offers some freshly made pasta and pizza. Decor is "native al fresco" and being on the main road, there is not much to look at other than the airport terminal across the street. Ambiance is spartan and it can get loud if a large family of locals pops in or when trucks roll by. The pizza is a cut above filipino style pizza, which uses processed cheese and premade tomato sauces, rather than the fresh and imported ingredients used at Dolce. This accounts for the higher prices and the scattering of foreigners mixed in with the mostly local clientele. The chef owner is welcoming and is usually present, but may be better served with more presentable attire than the sleeveless shirts he often wears. Located across from the airport just outside of mambajao, Camiguin.

La luna ristorante is also run by an italian and was the original establishment serving pizza on camiguin well before it became copied by nearly every other restaurant. Most consider Luna's pizza to still be the king of the hill. Brick oven pizza is the specialty and those who like the crispy charred crust will be pleased. Pastas and a few filipino dishes are also served but do not stand out like the pizza. Decor is mostly al fresco but the views of the surroundings are obscured. The lighting is fiesta like and those who like the native outdoor vibe will enjoy luna. The place appears to need some refurbishing,as shown by rusty tins roofs and worn furniture. Prices are a bit high for camiguin but well worth it. Service can be uneven particularly when ownership is absent, which is a regular occurrence. Located on the main road in yumbing, around Paras resort.

Guerrera restaurant-yumbing, camiguin is an Asian restaurant that mostly caters to foreigners. It is located in a rice paddy, on the beach ,and the natural views are impressive. Mount hbok hbok looms large on one side, white island on the other. Ambiance is cozy and natural. The small , ( some say too small) , under-stated menus reach international levels of creativity and quality. Service is casual and owners are hands-on.They cook Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian foods, but curiously not Filipino , and they grow their own produce right on the premises. Best for foodies, couples and small groups as large gatherings, (particularly Filipinos) may feel they get more bang for their buck elsewhere. The brief rough patch of road one must travel can be a challenge at night and in the rain. In yumbing, directly across from white island, down the street from paras resort and yumbing national high school.

Kurma's Kitchen in the Yumbing area, located in Kurma Resort by the ocean in a cove with a lovely peaceful garden. Delicious fusion food, meat and veggie friendly, yummie homemade food (pesto, tomato sauce, jams, ice tea, desert, etc!) and local products. The owners Diggi and Valerie are very accommodating, and the Filipina Chef Ai is talented and brings soul and creativity in your plate :) Very good value for money on the island if you want to eat something different and crave for simple but yet good food. Suitable for both Filipino and Western palate, also have home made fresh juices, smoothies, ice coffee, beers and few cocktails. It's in front of Yumbing church, homely beach atmosphere, good music, professional and friendly staff. Open from 7am - they serve breaky, lunch and diner all day. They also have few colorful rooms in the garden, give yoga class, freediving courses, adventure trips and rent kayak to go to white island. Also perfect for sunset!

Casa roca restaurant--on a wind swept cliffside, diners enjoy mostly western dishes served with a side of hospitality. View of the water far below is limited to a couple of tables but the garden and property has an appealing natural touch,with elements of carved rock and driftwood. The menu is basic comfort food, heavily studded with meat and potatoes and sides of veggies. One can find similar dishes around the island but the service is at least "awake" at casa roca and justifies its considerably higher prices. Owners are usually there to lend a hand. Local retirees, many of whom are on pensions, appreciate the hospitality, and don't mind paying extra for it. Casa roca also has a few rooms to let right on the property so if you like the cuisine, you'll feel right at home. Location is on the outer edge of the mambajao , and you will need a motorbike to reach it. Returning at night can be an adventure. Volcan eco resort is just next door and they too have a mixed western menu.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Kurma Freedive & Yoga Beach Resort, Yumbing, Manbajao, (+63) 916-469-8912 (), [3]. Nested in a cove, in front of the ocean, the resort is very peaceful. The dynamic couple who now owns it since Nov 2017, Diggi and Valerie, are very interesting, friendly and accommodating. The place is like home, with garden and hammocks, helpful staff, their new Filipina Chef Ai who makes delicious fresh-homemade-healthy-veggie-meaty food with local products at a very reasonable price, the atmosphere is very beachy and relax, so are their new refurbished rooms decorated with natural elements. Suitable for couple, family, solo traveler. They also run freediving/apnea courses and adventure dives, retreat package, private and group yoga class, adventure day trips customed to your needs. from Php1,900 per night for double room with fan.  edit
  • Treehouse by the Sea. A relaxing treehouse with electricity that borders the ocean. It includes a double bed and attached bathroom. Ask locals for directions - it is near the airport. It has a great view and friendly staff. For a reasonable price they will make meals for you. It costs anywhere from 500-700peso/night depending on the season and is a great place to relax and reflect.  edit
  • PABUALAN COTTAGES. Located in the town of mambajao, accessible to any transportations. They offer the lowest rate  edit
  • Catarman Coral Dive Resort, [4]. The Catarman Coral Dive Resort is located in town of Catarman and has three (3) acres of live coral reefs under a crystal clear deep blue sea, located just twenty (20) meters away from its beach front.  edit
  • Catarman Inn. The Catarman Inn is located in town of Catarman, the Inn is located across from the elementary school. Room rates are 1,000.00 PHP per 24 hour stay.  edit
  • Caves Dive Resort, Agoho, Mambajao, 9100 Camiguin Island, (63)88-387-0077, [5]. Caves Dive Resort is located in the northern part of the island, west of Mambajao. In addition to accomodation, they arrange diving.  edit
  • Camiguin Action Geckos, Agoho, Mambajao, 9100 Camiguin Island, +63(0)88-387-9146, [6]. Camiguin Action Geckos is located right east of Caves Dive Resort. Geckos arranges daily diving and trekking trips.  edit
  • Pabua's Cottages, Rocky Village, Yumbing, Mambajao, 9100 Camiguin Island, +63(0)88-387-9033, [7]. Pabua's Cottages offers clean and affordable accomodation. Cottages are fully equipped with aircon, cable tv and free wifi internet  edit
  • Seascape, Bug-ong, Mambajao, 9100 Camiguin Island, +63(0)910-920-6152. Seascape is next door to Jasmine by the Sea and 5 minutes walk along the beach from Camiguin Action Geckos. It offers budget rooms set within a well maintained garden and with great views of the sea. The restaurant serves good food at cheap prices. There is also a good deal on renting a motorbike if you stay there. Room rates are around 500 PHP in low season for a large room with it's own bathroom (cold water only though). The staff are very friendly although not always easy to find.  edit
  • Jasmin By The Sea, 9100 Mambajao, Camiguin Island, +63 88 3879015; +63 9106732784, [8]. Free wifi. Spotless rooms with private bathroom. The hotel is right on the beach and room #4 is particularly nice. The restaurant has excellent breakfasts with home-made bread. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and informative; motorcycles are available for 350P. Single with fan: 500P; Double with fan: 800P.  edit
  • Sunriser pension house. Big house with single and double rooms, with fan or aircon, from 150P for a single fan room, located at the back of Mambajao market. There is a small shop selling snacks.  edit
  • GV Hotel (, Bugaos Street Mambajao, +63-88-3879015. checkin: 12noon; checkout: 12 noon. fan and a/c double rooms with own bathroom and cable tv. 450-580.  edit

Get out[edit]

The main pier serving ferries leaving Camiguin is Benoni Pier. A Van from Mambajao city to Benoni costs P30.

To/from Mindanao: Benoni Pier has excellent Super Shuttle ferry connections to Balingoan on Mindanao. From Benoni Pier, ferries depart from 4am to 6pm, leaving every 30-45 minutes. There are a total of 21 ferries, alternating fast/slow boats. Ferries from Balingoan on Mindanao travel to Benoni from 5:15am until 5pm. The slow ferry costs 170P. The ferries run every day, including Sunday.

To Bohol: Super Shuttle ferry To Bohol runs every day at 8am. The pier is a few minutes south of Mambajao. Boarding starts at 7am, tickets recommended to be bought from 6am at the office on the small road to the pier. Price is 450P or 375P for students. There is a small cafe next to the ticket office, with small dishes at around 10-15P. Proceed down to the pier at 7am and enter the waiting room. Ferry has a s shop for snacks, and an air conditioned room showing films

From Jagna Bohol to Camiguin, there is a ferry at 1pm daily. The cost is 425P and the journey takes 3 hours. Note that ferries from Bohol arrive into Mambajao, not Benoni.

As of May 2013, there is no longer a fast ferry service to/from Bohol. or a overnight ferry to Cebu.

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