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Brianza (Lombard dialect: Briansa) is a subregion in the North-West of Lombardy, which encompasses the entire administrative area of the Province of Monza and Brianza, a part of the administrative areas of the Province of Lecco and Como and some municipalities of the administrative area of the Province of Milan.


The territory of Brianza can be divided into two subareas:

  • the Lower Brianza - it includes the southern and the western parts of Brianza and it is mostly flat;
  • the Upper Brianza - it is the mountainous area in the North and East of Brianza.


Brianza is a conglomerate of small towns, but the most important among them are:

  • Monza - the capital city of the Province of Monza and Brianza. It is the right place for a great shopping, a lively nightlife and for visiting inspiring cultural attractions;
  • Cantù - a small and quiet city on the hills, particularly famous for its basketball team;
  • Seregno - a small but lively city, perfect for fashion victims and for a trendy nightlife.


The history of Brianza is ancient; the first settlements date back to the Celtic rule which, as all the later dominations, left traces in the cultural panorama of the place: traces that you will be able to recognize and admire while visiting the cultural attractions offered by this territory. In addition you should know that some famous Italian personalities are linked to Brianza, for istance: Cesare Cantù, Eugenio Corti, Piero Corti, Don Luigi Giussani, Ariberto da Intimiano, Giuseppe Parini, Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, Filippo Turati, papa Pio XI, Egidio Brugola and Lucio Battisti. In Brianza you can experience the connection between historical heritage and nature: thanks to this peculiarity the region is particularly inclined to eco-tourism. Any season is suitable to visit this territory: even in winter time you can appreciate beautiful landscapes. Generally it is characterized by a continental temperate climate, even though there is a slight difference between the Upper and Lower Brianza, because the second one is affected by Milan’s blanket of heat. The geographical, economical, social, cultural and linguistic features of this area play an important role in making it different from the other parts of Lombardy and its inhabitants strongly agree up to this point: as a matter of fact, the so called Brianzoli have a deep sense of belonging.


The main language spoken in Brianza is Italian, but there are still many proud Brianzoli, especially among old people, speaking a dialect of the Lombard language similar to the one of Milan. It has many local variants according to the town or subarea where it is spoken; for instance the one of Brugherio, called paltitt by the inhabitants of the Upper Brianza, the one of biutt e grass monsciash in Monza and the brianzeou, that is the most spread version of this dialect. In the upper Brianza the local dialect is affected by those of the surroundings of Lecco and Como. Today this local idiomatic characterization is becoming weaker and weaker, because of the arrival of immigrants from other parts of Italy and of the world into this wealthy area of Lombardy, which contributed to the creation of a little melting pot.

Get in[edit]

Thanks to its transport network Brianza is very easy to reach. You can travel to its different localities by train, by car and by bus. It is also well connected to the three airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio. In particular the motorways and orbital roads which bring you there are:

  • A 4 Torino - Trieste
  • A 52 Tangenziale Nord
  • A 51 Tangenziale Est
  • A 9 Lainate - Como - Chiasso
  • SS 35 dei Giovi
  • SS 36 del Lago di Como e dello Spluga
  • SS 342 Briantea
  • SS 639 dei Laghi Pusiano e di Garlate

If you prefer to travel by train the railway lines are the following:

  • Milano - Chiasso
  • Monza - Lecco
  • Seregno - Bergamo
  • Monza - Molteno
  • Como - Lecco
  • Milano - Asso
  • Saronno - Como
  • Novara - Seregno

Get around[edit]

Brianza is serviced by buses and trains (if you need some information about timetables, lines and fares, visit the websites: and . If you have time and endurance, you can also go around by foot and by bike along the cycling paths which pass through the parks and woods spread all over the area (mainly in the Upper Brianza) and connect different towns. While experiencing Brianza, a peculiar mean of transport that you should travel by is the ferry-boat which crosses the Adda river and connects Villa d’Adda and Imbersago. This is not a common ferry-boat, but actually it is the only one originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci that still operates regularly..

See[edit][add listing]

If you see Brianza with the eye of the tourist, you may discover how fascinating it can be. Its geography and history are two relevant features of the local tourism. You can enjoy a visit to one of the 49 ancient aristocratic villas situated here. Among them you should visit:

Via Borromeo, 12 – Cesano Maderno – tel 0362-513550 An imposing architectural complex of the middle of the XVII century surrounded by its huge park.

  • Villa Trivulzio (

Piazza Trivulzio, 1 – Arcore – tel 039-634091 A noble residence of the XVI century in the countryside.

  • Villa Tittoni Traversi

Via Giovanni Maria Lampugnani, 68 – Desio – tel 0362392240 One of the most monumental villas in Brianza , built in the XVIII century.

  • Villa Bagatti-Valsecchi

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 48 – Varedo An aristocratic heritage of the XVI century. Once in Brianza, why not pay a visit to its main city, Monza? Many cultural attractions await you. The most important ones are:

  • Villa Reale with its huge park hosting other two villas: Il Mirabello and Il Mirabellino (

Viale Brianza,2 – Monza – tel 039-323222 Imposing neo-classical building used as the residence of the Austrian and then of the Italian monarchy.

  • Duomo di Monza and Museo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza (

Via Canonica, 8 – Monza – tel 039389420 The ancient VI century basilica linked to the Longobard domain with its museum.

  • Museo Etnologico di Monza e Brianza (MEMB)(

Viale Brianza, 2 – Monza – tel 039-2304400 A museum focused on man’s intervention on the surrounding territory.

You can find more museums in some of the other towns as for instance:

  • Museo del Territorio (MUST) (

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 53 – Vimercate – tel 039-6659488

  • Museo Agricolo

Via IV Novembre – Ronco Briantino – tel 039-6079023

  • Museo Etnologico Naturalistico del Territorio

Via IV Novembre, 20 – Giussano – tel 388-6042840

  • Museo degli attrezzi per la lavorazione del legno

Via Marconi, 26 – Bovisio Masciago – tel 0362-593518

If you are interested also in discovering churches and cathedrals, these are the ones you should visit:

  • Brugherio – S. Anna and S. Damiano Church, S. Bartolomeo Church, S. Ambrogio Church;
  • Carate Brianza – Basilica of Agliate;
  • Lesmo – S. Antonio Abate Church;
  • Meda – S. Vittore Church and S. Maria Church;
  • Vimercate – S. Stefano Cathedral


Here you can find some two-day itineraries based on the concept of eco-tourism: they should increase your awareness of the cultural assets and of the territory of this area.

  • “Brianza dalle stelle alle stalle” – a route starting from the splendour of the court in Monza to the rustic local agriturisms;
  • “Brianza, natura e sport” – a cycling itinerary through the major points of interest of Brianza;
  • “Le ville della Brianza” – visiting some of the beautiful villas of Brianza;
  • “Brianza: legno, cultura e design” – the route to discover the reign of furniture and interior design;
  • “Brianza: acqua, fascino ed energia” – an itinerary focused on water in terms of art and technique.

For further information visit the website:

Do[edit][add listing]

In Brianza you can spend some time in challenging excursions through its parks and woods, which you can explore by foot or by bike (bike renting service is at your disposal in the major towns and cities). The main parks are:

  • The Brughiera Briantea Park
  • The Colli Briantei Park
  • The Groane Park
  • The Grugnotorto Villoresi Park
  • The Valle del Lambro Park
  • Montevecchia and Valle del Curone Park
  • The Valle del Molgora Park

Be aware that these aren't walled parks like Monza park, but rather protected countryside areas with open fields and woods.

Depending on the period of your vacation you can join many kinds of sagra, which is the traditional festivals lasting several days and focused on local food and crafts. This is a list including a festival for each season:

  • Muggiò - Sagra della Castagna

Last Sunday in October Location: Parco di Villa Casati Info: Town Hall - Muggiò - 039 27091 -

  • Biassono - Gran Falò di S.Antoni del Purcell

January 17th Location: Near the railway station Info: Associazione Festa di San Martino -

  • Desio - Palio degli zoccoli

Last week in May Location: Piazza della Conciliazione Info: Town Hall - Desio - 0362 620172 -

  • Aicurzio - The Town Fair (Sagra del Paese)

Last week in August Location: City center Info: Aicurzio Town Hall - 039 6900067 -

  • Oreno - Sagra della Patata (Potato Festival)

Ten days in September in odd years Location: Historic Centre Oreno (part of Vimercate township)

Eat[edit][add listing]

Cuisine is an important cultural feature of Brianza as in the whole of Italy. It is similar to the one of Milan, but more basic thanks to its local agrarian tradition: its dishes derive from a mixture of plain ingredients associated with the simple way of life of the countryside. The main ingredient is pork: almost every single part of this animal is used for cooking, boiled, stewed, cured, generally served with polenta or other sauces. One of the most famous dish of traditional Brianza cuisine is cazzoeula, but when speaking about traditional dishes you have to keep in mind also buseca (the typical thick vegetable soup), el pan moijaa (a soup made with chopped lard and served with bread) and risotto alla monzese, the risotto with saffron and luganega (sausage) which for someone represents a sort of compromise between the cuisines of Monza and Milan. Among the traditional sweets the best-known cake is for sure the "torta paesana" (village cake) made with chocolate and pine nuts, but you can taste also San Gerardo biscuits and San Gerardo bread. In Brianza you can find all the kind of restaurants you prefer: there are pizzerias, typical Italian restaurants, but there is also a wide choice of ethnic restaurants, in case you are fond of ethnic food.



  • Antico Ristorante Fossati, Via E. Filiberto, 1 – Triuggio, 0362-997799 (). 12.00 am – 2.30 pm / 8.00 pm – 10.30 pm – closed on Mondays. Refined local cuisine and wide selection of wines.  edit
  • Osteria del Mes…Dì, Via Bianchi, 57 – Carate Brianza, 0362-906646. 12.00 am – 00.30 am – closed on Sundays and bank holidays. Restaurant and trattoria with wine tasting.  edit
  • Osteria del Pomiroeu, 0362-237973, [1]. 12.00 am – 2,30 pm / 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm – closed on Mondays and on Tuesdays lunchtime. Refined local cuisine and wide selection of wines.  edit
  • Brianteo, Via Martin Luther King, 3/5 – Burago di Molgora, 039-6080436. 12.00 am – 2.30 pm / 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm. Traditional restaurant with a good selection of wines.  edit
  • Kangaroo, Via Velasca, 21 – Vimercate, 039-669010, [2]. 7.00 pm – 1.00 am – closed on Wednesdays. Australian cuisine and pizzeria.  edit
  • Bai Fu, Piazzale Libertà, 7 – Nova Milanese, 0362-40010. 12.00 am – 3.00 pm / 7.00 pm – 11 pm. Chinese restaurant and pizzeria.  edit
  • Osteria della Buona Condotta, Via Cavenago 2, 20876 Ornago, Italy, +39 039 691 9056. Opening hours: Sun - Sat 19:30 - 22:30 Mon - Tue 12:30 - 14:00 Wed - Sun 12:30 - 14:30. Traditional local cuisine with a few more creative options.  edit


Drink[edit][add listing]

Brianza’s nightlife is mostly animated and trendy. In some localities, especially in the main cities (Seregno and Monza), you can find a remarkable number of pubs and discos. Moreover some municipalities organize the so called Notti bianche, which are shopping-dedicated nights with the majority of the shops open until late.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

In Brianza you can find all the kind of accommodation you want, from luxury hotels to cheaper ones, agriturisms, B&Bs and guest houses. Some suggestions:



  • Agriturism Al Roccolo, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 150 – Lazzate, 02-9632116. Familiar atmosphere, traditional location and beautiful landscapes.  edit
  • B&B Villa Elvira Brianza, 338-7754057, [3]. Inspiring panorama, hearty welcome.  edit


  • De La Ville, Viale Regina Margherita di Savoia, 15 – Monza, 039-39421, [4]. Luxury 4-star hotel, comfortable and elegant rooms, excellent services.  edit

Get out[edit]

If you wish, you may visit some places of interest not too far away, for instance:

  • Milan - the capital city of Lombardy. It is fun and funky, full of cultural attractions and you can enjoy great nightlife and shopping;
  • Bergamo - a lively city both ancient and modern;
  • Como - a city with many relevant cultural features and breath-taking panoramas;
  • Lecco - beautiful scenery in a culturally rich city;Lake Como – the right place to relax and to enjoy inspiring panoramas, quietness and a temperate climate.