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Beijing : Wangfujing
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Wangfujing is a street and precinct in the Dongcheng district of Beijing. It's the central commercial and shopping street of Beijing, located just east of the Forbidden City.


Get in[edit]

The precinct is served by the wider Beijing public transport network. Wangfugjing Station on subway Line 1 runs at the southern end of the street. Line 6 runs through the northern end. The busiest part of Wangfugjing Street is a pedestrian plaza.

See[edit][add listing]

  • St Joseph's Catholic Church
  • Wangfujing Paleolithic Museum


  • National Museum of China (中国国家博物馆 Zhōngguó Guójiā Bówùguǎn), 16 E Chang'an St, Dongcheng District (On the E side of Tian'anmen Sq), +86 10 6511-6400, [1]. 09:00-17:00, closed M. World class museum with an excellent collection of ancient Chinese history and artifacts. In addition the modern China history is well presented, albeit not very objective and misses many politically sensitive events. Well worth a few hours visit. Free.  edit


  • Legation Quarter, (E of Tian'anmen Sq). Once famous in the Boxer Rebellion, the legation quarter is now occupied by government offices and army offices but can still be seen from outside. There's a wonderful bakery store called "Sapporo" near the legation quarter, famous for its breads and cheesecakes.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]


Concert hall[edit]

  • Goldsail Concert Hall (金帆音乐厅; Jīnfānyīnyuètīng), 24 Wangfujing St (24 Wangfujing St (王府井大街24号; Wángfǔjǐng Dàjiē), +86 10 6528-9047. Small concert hall without speakers. Suitable for chamber music also.  edit


  • New China Children's Store (新中国儿童用品商店; Xīnzhōngguóértóngyòngpǐnshāngdiàn), 168 Wangfujing St (王府井大街168号; Wángfǔjǐngdàjiē), +86 10 6528-1774. 09:00-22:00. Play center for children where the kids can catch goldfish, play in the gigantic sandpit or other. They also sell all kind of gear for children. ¥10-20 each ride.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Wangfujing (王府井大街 Wángfǔjǐng Dàjiē), (Wangfujing Stn (Line 1)). Beijing's most famous shopping street, nowadays with mostly the same international brands and modern malls you will find anywhere else in the world. The street is pedestrianised for several blocks, making it more pleasant than many parts of Beijing to walk around. Several large malls in the area such as Oriental Plaza (see below) and Sun Dong An plaza. One useful shop is the Foreign Language Bookstore, at the northern end of the pedestrian area, which has a good selection of guidebooks and maps (although expensive). Wangfujing snack street (see also "Eat") in the alleys just to the east has vendors selling souvenirs and crafts. Bargain hard.  edit
  • The Malls at Oriental Plaza (东方新天地 Dōngfāng Xīn Tiāndì), On Wangfujing St (Wangfujing St (Line 1) has an exit that leads directly in to the mall at its west end. Dongdan Stn (Lines 1 and 5) is at the E end). At one time this was the largest mall in Asia. Modern shopping mall is expensive but provides you with a lot of buying opportunities from diamonds, to real (affordable) DVD's, (international) music CD's and food. You can find lots of brands in Oriental Plaza, from top to the normal like Calvin Klein, G-star, Esprit, Only, etc. Besides shopping, you also can eat here, from Western cuisine to traditional Chinese food.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • Wangfujing Snack Street (王府井小吃街; Wángfǔjǐngxiǎochī Jiē), (In the alley to the west of the pedestrian zone on Wangfujing Dajie). Many stalls selling Beijing-style snacks, both sweet and savoury.  edit
  • Donghuamen Night Market (东华门夜市; Dōnghuāmén Yèshì), (Along Dong'anmen Dajie, at the N end of the Wangfujing pedestrian area). Late afternoon and evening only. The place to come for exotic snacks such as scorpions, starfish, and silkworm grubs. You can also buy more typical snacks like fried noodles, dumplings, and kebabs. More expensive than a "real" neighbourhood market, but still reasonably priced. ¥5-20 per item.  edit

Mid range[edit]

  • Wangfujing branch, 198 Wangfujing Dajie (东城区王府井大街198号), +86 10 6513-9661. Wangfujing Stn (Line 1)  edit


Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]



  • Beijing Fuhao Hotel (北京富豪酒店; Běijīngfùháojiǔdiàn), 45 Wangfujing Ave (王府井大街45号; Wángfǔjǐng Dàjiē), +86 10 6523-1188, [2]. The hotel offers 104 air-conditioned rooms with mini-bar, cable TV, free internet and fridge. Among its facilities are Lao Chongqing Hot-pot City Restaurant, Wangfujing Roast Duck Restaurant, a sauna club, and a night club/KTV. From ¥364.  edit
  • Beijing Golden Palace Silver Street (北京金府银街大酒店; Běijīngjīnfǔyínjiē Dàjiǔdiàn), 31 Ganyu Hutong, Wangfujing St (王府井大街甘雨胡同31号; Wángfǔjǐngdàjiē Gānyǔhútòng (200 m W of Dengshikou Stn (Line 5)), +86 10 8511-0388 (fax: +86 10 6528-1028), [3]. Rooms with internet access against surcharge as well as aircon, mini bar and safe. Cheapest rooms and bathrooms are quite small and not too clean. Business center, karaoke, beauty salon, gym and rooftop garden available. Chinese and Western restaurant as well as a coffee shop. Doubles without window from ¥588, discounted from ¥172, rooms with window somewhat more expensive; western breakfast ¥20.  edit
  • Red Wall Hotel (北京红墙饭店; Běijīnghóngqiángfàndiàn), 31 Shatan N St (沙滩北街31号; Shātān Běi Jiē) (Just E of Jingshan Park), +86 10 5109-8888 (fax: +86 10 5109-8999), [4]. Rooms with free internet. Business center, gift shop and beauty salon available. Chinese and Western restaurant as well as coffee shop. Doubles from ¥1,281, discounted from ¥303; breakfast ¥41. Listed rates seem unrealisticly high.  edit
  • Shatan Hotel (北京沙滩宾馆; Běijīngshātānbīnguǎn), 28 Shatanhou St (沙滩后街28号; Shātānhòu Jiē) (Just E of Jingshan Park), +86 10 8402-6688 (, fax: +86 10 8402-3016), [5]. Rooms with free internet and aircon. Business center, ticket office, laundry service, hair dressing, bath center, billiard and table tennis available. Chinese and Western restaurant and room service. Best rates on official website start at ¥408.  edit
  • Tangyue Hotel (北京唐悦酒店; Běijīngtángyuèjiǔdiàn), 54 Donghuamen Rd (东华门大街54号; Dōnghuàmén Dàjiē) (Just E of the Forbidden City, 800 m N of Tian'anmen E Stn (Line 1)), +86 10 6525-2502 (fax: +86 10 6525-2591). Spacious rooms with free internet, fridge, safe and coffee facilities. Specially designed hotel with business center, beauty salon, ticket office available. Coffee shop with first class coffee, bar and tea house but no restaurant. Listed rates for doubles from ¥580, discounted from ¥207; western breakfast ¥25.  edit


  • Beijing Hotel, [6]. State-owned (and thus presumably less expensive). Located near the Forbidden City, there is a spectacular view of Tiananmen Square from the hotel.  edit
  • Grand Hotel Beijing (北京贵宾楼饭店; Běijīng Guìbīnlóu Fàndiàn), 35 E Chang'an St (东长安街35号; Dōngchángānjiē), +86 10 6513-7788 (fax: +86 10 6513-0049), [7]. 5-star hotel located in a traditional building in a small street overlooking the Forbidden City. Rooms with free internet except for the cheapest ones. The rooms are 32-66m² except for the very most expensive, which is more than 100m². Business center, gift shop, ticket office, fitness, pool and sauna available. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as coffee shop, bar and room service. Doubles ¥3,450-14,950, discounted rates ¥765-10,500, breakfast ¥184.  edit
  • Grand Hyatt Beijing (北京东方君悦大酒店), 1 E Chang'an Ave, +86 10 8518-1234 (), [8]. Privately-owned, exquisite, and expensive, 5-star hotel. There is an enormous swimming pool in the basement that is decorated in very tropical manner, but the deepest part is only 1.5 meters. The jacuzzi and wet sauna are excellent. Next to Wangfujing and within minutes walk to Forbidden City.  edit
  • The Peninsula Beijing (北京王府半岛酒店; Běijīng Wángfǔbàndǎo Jiǔdiàn), 8 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing (王府井金鱼胡同8号; Wángfǔjǐng Jīnyúhútòng), +86 10 8516-2888 (, fax: +86 10 6510-6311), [9]. Five star hotel with rooms with free internet. The smallest rooms are 31m². Swimming pool, spa, massage and lots of shops available. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as a bar. Doubles from ¥3,400, discounted from ¥1,500, breakfast ¥299.  edit
  • Xinhai Jin Jiang Hotel, 61 Jinbao St, Dongcheng District, (), [10]. Conveniently located in the bustling commercial district of Wangfujing, this hotel has 231 elegantly furnished rooms which pamper guests with lavish comfort. It has excellent business and leisure facilities which include the sprawling International Conference Center.  edit