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Batangas /bəˈtæŋɡæs/ isa city in the Philippines.

Batangas is a name formed from the word 'batang' meaning logs (trunks or large branches of trees). Legend has it that logs, locally known as batang, were floating all over the river. The word batang is said to be the root of Batangan, the former name of the city and the province.

Historical and current evolution of Batangas is undoubtedly tuning in with its major river in Eastern Batangas - the "Nile of Batangas" -the Calumpang River (Filipino: Ilog Calumpang). Folks say it is shaped like a tuning fork. Hence, it is natural for Batangas to flow its identify, to nourish and enrich: its musical, scientific, medicinal and electrical possibilities -as such with a good tuning fork.


This is a lovely province in Luzon's Southern Tagalog region, located south of Manila/NCR. Here you will find excellent diving spots including Anilao in Mabini, Sombrero Island in Tingloy, Ligpo Island in Bauan, these areas collectively are more popularly known as Anilao. It is home to Taal Lake and Volcano - said to be the lake within the lake, old churches and houses dating back to the Spanish times in Taal Town Proper, Calaca and Batangas City, and the Batangas International and Container Port. There is mountain trekking - in Mt. Maculot in Cuenca and Gulugod Baboy in Mabini. There are fresh-water beaches in the towns around the Lake -- San Nicolas, Agoncillo, Cuenca, Balete, Tanauan and Talisay. Salt-water beaches abound in Matabungkay (Lian town), in Nasugbu, in Calatagan, in Calaca, in Lemery, in Taal, San Luis, Anilao in Mabini, in Bauan, in Lobo, and in Laiya (San Juan town). There are also several island tourist destinations, namely: Tingloy, Ligpo Island, Sombrero Island, and Fortune Island. There are also Industrial Parks and various manufacturing industries dotting the shoreline.

Get in[edit]

  • Batangas City is 2 1/2 hours away from Manila when using the old inter town route. Using the combined South Luzon Expressway (SLex) andSTAR Tollway route, one can reach Batangas City in an hour. Tanauan City is about 1 hour away and in between Tanauan City and Batangas City, one will find Lipa City. ALPS The Bus, Inc. [21] is one of many bus companies that travels the said route.
  • Travellers can take air-conditioned buses in going to Batangas City. Those who want to go to Nasugbu, Calatagan and Lian towns (Matabungkay) can pass via the Tagaytay route.
  • Travellers going to Puerto Galera can take direct air con buses from Manila (Cubao) to Batangas pier. The best services are BLTB (every hour) and JAM transit (also every hour) from Kamuning Cubao bus station or Buendia bus terminal (LTR Gil Puyat; 130 pesos). Sometimes, especially during peak hours, buses run every 30 minutes. The last stop is Batangas pier (ask the conductor before hand) from where one can take a ferry to [Puerto Galera]
  • When driving one's own vehicle to Tanauan-Lipa-Batangas City, travelers will pass through the South Luzon Expressway, then the STAR Tollway and can just follow the directional signs along the highway.
  • For short trips in the desired destinations, passenger jeepneys abound, and then tricycles.

Get around[edit]

You can use passenger jeepneys to go to different parts of the province, but you can use tricycles for short trips. Tricycles could take you to the exact place that you want to go because jeepneys have routes like buses do. However, tricycles are small and cramped, and could only comfortably accommodate three passengers (2 if the passenger is over six feet tall).

Current starting fare for jeepneys is Php 8.00 (eight pesos) for each passenger for the first kilometer traveled. Senior citizens, students, and differently-abled passengers enjoy a discount: for each, it is Php 7.00. For tricycles, the minimum fare is Php 20.00, regardless of how many will ride. The fare schedule (in English) is typically posted inside the jeepney for travelers to refer to, although you may ask the driver or other passengers themselves if you are not sure how much you should pay. The locals, like in most other spots in the Philippines, can understand and converse well in English.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Taal Volcano at Taal Lake.

Having your own Taal tour is easy. Taal volcano tour is a an easy trek from the shore of the volcano island to the rim via the regular trail. If you're more adventurous, try also the Calauit trail. This allows one to go down to where the crater lake is and see the volcanic activities up close and personal.

  • Fire trees (caballeros), southeast Asia's answer to Japan's famed cherry blossoms, typically bloom during late summer (April) till the start of the rainy season (June).
  • Mount Batulao. Climb this mountain of 811 meters above sea level with great views from both the trail and the summit. Two outfitters that can arrange it as a day trip from Manila, Tripinas if you want a hike and Pinoyfitness if you want to do some trail running.
  • Mount Maculot.

930 meters above sea level, and located on the south east edge of the Taal Lake. The hike to the first viewpoint "Rockies" is about 1-1½ hours. Full traverse from the bottom (in the town Cuenca) through Rockies over the summit and down the other side is about 4-5 hours. Registration fee of 20 PHP per person. Be aware that there will be "guides" telling you that their service costing 800 PHP for 1-5 pax is mandatory. This is not true (checked with the local police Feb '19) and the trail is easily hiked with no guide.

  • Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours

Located at Calle Marcela M. Agoncillo, Poblacion Taal, Batangas and is considered to be Asia’s largest Catholic Church standing 96 meters long, 45 meters wide, and 96 meters tall, this magnificent baroque neoclassical style building was original built in 1575 but was then destroyed due to Taal volcano’s eruption in 1754. It was then rebuilt and completed in 1878. Because of its unique architecture, grandeur interior, and a wide walkway, this church almost always has weddings scheduled. Inside this church, you will notice its magnificent high ceilings along with a majestic silver and gold altar. The church’s belfry tower is something you should visit too! The walk towards the top of the tower may make you dizzy as it consists of climbing a narrow spiral passage, but to reach its top is the greatest view of Taal. Explore more of Taal and you’ll come across some historical buildings that you’d think you could only see on history programs!

  • Chapel on the Hill

Located at Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas, this is a lovely destination for a wedding. This circular wedding venue is unique as it sits on top of a hill, thus, offers you a breathtaking view of the west Philippines sea at one side and an overview of Tagaytay on the other. Inside is a quaint homey space, perfect for a picturesque fairytale-like wedding!

  • Montemaria

A pilgrimage center dedicated to Mary, Mother of all Asia this Batangas tourist spot is strategically located at the southernmost tip of Batangas Bay in Batangas City which makes it accessible by concrete road and by sea. The eye-catching centerpiece is easily noticeable at a distance for it stands at 322 feet, this Statue of Mary, Mother of All Asia is dedicated to the Unity and Peace of the people and countries of this part of the world. Besides this gigantic statue of Mary, there is also a small chapel that holds scheduled masses. Looking for a good picture-taking site? This serene and beautiful place is your go-to place for it is truly a sight to behold!

  • Club Balai Isabel

Situated in Talisay, Batangas, this hotel resort can be considered to be the perfect accessible getaway spot for Manila locals. Its calm environment with its accommodating staff isn’t the only thing you’d enjoy here. Balai Isabel also offers biking around the resort, buffet breakfasts that consist of Batangueño classics including fresh seafood from the lake itself and organic produce, this unique vacation spot also has an Aqua Park. Whether you’re an adult or a child you’ll enjoy jumping around the Aqua Park or having a kayak ride and even just enjoying the calm sunsets by the lake. If you’re planning to visit the Taal Volcano, this is the perfect stopover before the tiring hike!

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Swim. The reef is carved to create small swimming areas at the foot of the ladders.
  • Kick back, relax, and soak up the tropical ambiance. That's what this place is all about!
  • Basilica Minor of St. Martin of Tours, located in the Taal section of Batangas, one of the biggest catholic churches in all of southeast asia.
  • lots of beaches, resorts with swimming pools, and restaurants.
  • Swimming and snorkeling around Ligpo Island, Sombrero island to see the corals. Beautiful colors!
  • Scuba diving in the entire strip of Balayan Bay is home to the most diverse species of marine life in the world being in the world's coral triangle. Try scuba diving with experience programs for first timers using reputable dive operators.
  • Explore the mountains on a mountain bike with the Batangas Mountain Bikers, a group of local cyclists based in Batangas City.
  • You may also go to Taal Batangas where it is rich in Pre Hispanic Houses, and Taal Batangas is also known to have lots of Beach Resort. - You can visit [22]The Best of Taal Batangas

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • The Barong Tagalog, one of the Philippines trademarks, as it is worn during special occasions.
  • Batangas is famous for the Balisong knife (commonly called Butterfly knives outside of the country). If you do buy these knives, and you live outside of the Philippines, you risk having the knife confiscated.
  • Batangas is famous for its panutsa (Peanut Brittle), Sinaing na Tulingan (small tuna simmered in a broth of water, rock salt, sampaloc/tamarind, and dried kamias), suman (rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves), and the longganisa and tapa made in Taal Town, the achara of Calaca, and Bagoong of Balayan towns.
  • Sweets like macapuno, ube and pastillas are famous in the town of Malvar, particularly the Elsa's Sweet Candies in San Gregorio Malvar Batangas.
  • Saplot Batangenyo, Batangas novelty shirts.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Taal Bayview Bistro offers pretty much all of the Batangas specialties like Tapang Taal, Lomi, Tawilis, Adobo sa Dilaw, Maliputo, Kalderetang Kambing Batangas Style and Bulalo. One of its locations is very near the historic Taal Church and the Public Market.
  • Kilawin is a local variant of ceviche: fresh fish soaked in vinegar and acidic juices like lemon, lime, or the local kalamansi, with lots of minced onions, fresh garlic, and hot peppers.
  • Longganisa - local sausage
  • Tapang Taal with Atchara - homemade jerky and a small side dish of pickles, invariably served with rice
  • Beef Kaldereta and Beef Tadyang at the A & M Restaurant
  • Gotong Batangas at Gotohan sa Barangay in Lipa City
  • Maliputo (freshwater trevally) is a delicious fish found only at Taal Lake
  • Tawilis is another delicacy - freshwater sardines endemic to Taal Lake; they are listed as a vulnerable species, however.
  • Pancit Tikyano (red stir-fried noodles) from Letty's in Batangas City
  • Bulalo and Halo-Halo at Almarius Grill in Lipa City
  • Lomi Noodles at Lomihan sa Bario in Ibaan Batangas
  • Tamales from Rhemars in Ibaan, Batangas.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Batangas is famous for a special variety of strong, highly aromatic coffee made with Liberica beans, known locally as "Kapeng Barako". It is often sweetened with honey, muscovado or brown sugar.

"Tsokolate Eh" is a thick, very rich hot chocolate made from tableya (locally grown cocoa and sugar pressed into blocks) cooked in water, often with a little milk. A wooden whisk called a batirol is used to stir and froth the beverage as it cooks. A small cup of tsokolate is often served as an accompaniment to salty dishes such as adobo or daing, and poured over the rice like a sauce. Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere mentions the difference between Batangas and Manila varieties of hot chocolate, explaining that "tsokolate eh", means "espeso", thick and creamy; while "tsokolate ah", for "aguado", tends to be a thinner liquid with more water added to the tableya.

San Juan produces a popular variety of lambanog, a local distilled spirit with a high alcohol content (typically about 80 to 90 proof or higher) derived from tubâ (palm wine). Traditionally it is served pure and flavored with raisins, but many commercial varieties now have flavors added like mango and bubblegum.

Red Horse and Colt 45 are very popular local beers.

Young coconut juice with coconut meat is often served as a refreshment; as the sweetness of the coconut water tends to vary depending on the ripeness of the harvest, sometimes condensed milk is added to enhance the sweetness.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

The reputation of Batangas as a tourist destination has resulted in the sudden growth of one-stars, numerous bungalows over the water accessed by boardwalks, with wooden stairs leading down to the sea, and three-stars that are cheap by international standards.

  • Travelers's Inn. Clean budget choice. The price includes TV (cable is extra), AC and private bathroom, but you only get 16 hours of stay. Free WiFi in reception, reaching some of the rooms. Map PHP 650.00. (13.755575",121.052019) edit
  • Fernandina Club Taal, Brgy. Buso-Buso, Laurel, (02) 438-6688 / (02) 438-6686, [1]. All rooms have welcome drinks upon check-in, cable TV, personal ref, safety deposit box, in-room WIFI, private veranda, hot and cold shower. Some of its facilities and services are fishing village, adult/children's pool, lakeside spa, children's outdoor play area, restaurant, bar, lake cctivities (kayak and water bicycle) and WIFI zone. PHP 3,000.00.  edit
  • Lima Park Hotel, Lima Technology Center, Malvar, +043-981-1555 (fax: +043-981-2555), [2]. Executive Suite or Deluxe Rooms, or opt to stay in Standard and Superior Rooms, all equipped with cable TV, IDD/NDD telephones and safety deposit boxes. Facilities and services are Salon, spa and massage services. PHP 3,996.00.  edit
  • Canyon Cove Resort, Far East Road, Piloto Wawa, Nasugbu, +632.908.1111, [3]. Accommodations equipped with coffee/tea maker, mini-bar, cable TV, and electronic safe. Some of its facilities and services are swimming pool, massage and spa services, game room, and children's playground. From PHP 4,754.10.  edit
  • Lago De oro Cable Ski Park and Resort, Bo. Balibago, Calatagan, (63)(43) 2132006, [4]. Facing South China Sea, Lago de Oro Beach Club is in Balibago, in the town of Calatagan. The first cable wakeboarding park in the Philippines. The beachfront resort offers cable television, refrigerator, and a mini-bar in their rooms. They also have a balcony/deck. .  edit
  • Days Hotel Batangas (Days Hotel Batangas), Pastor Village, Pallocan West (From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, car rentals are readily available in the form of taxi cabs that are waiting outside the airport. The hotel is in the Pastor Village.), +63-43-9807321, [5]. checkin: 18; checkout: 19. Tours to churches and communities in Taal, Lipa, Malvar and Tanuan can be arranged.  edit
  • Anilao Outrigger Resort, Solo, Anilao, Mabini, +632-890-6778 (fax: +632-729-6571), [6]. The resort provides complete diving equipment and houses a restaurant and bar. There are about 185 steps down to the resort from the parking lot. Porters will carry your luggage up and down, but you have to climb all of those stairs, which can be strenuous. Lowest rates start at Php2,800.00.  edit
  • Chateau Royale, Km 72 Batulao, Nasugbu, +632-696-4374 (fax: +632-696-4376), [7]. Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club stands on fifteen hectares. Accommodations are in log cabins. Best rates on official website start at.  edit
  • Evercrest Golf Resort, Batulao, Nasugbu, +632 733 9593 (fax: +632 735 9353), [8]. Conference rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course. Best rates on official website start at.  edit
  • Microtel Inn Suites, First Philippine Industrial Park, Sto. Tomas, (63.43) 405.6957 (fax: +63 43 405 7010), [9]. A/C rooms equipped with cable TV and radio clock. The inn has a swimming pool, meeting room and WI-FI connection. From.  edit
  • Matabungkay Beach Resort, Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian, (0917) 834-12 69, [10]. Its rooms are all equipped with spacious verandas, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Also on premises are drink and food, function rooms, a spa, and a steam sauna. From.  edit
  • Hotel Pontefino, Pastor Village, Gulod Labac, +043-723-3466 (fax: +043-723-3488), [11]. A/C rooms equipped with internet access and cable TV. Some of its facilities and services are business center, fitness room/ gym and recreational room. From PHP 6,200.00.  edit
  • Cintai, Balete/Lipa City, +63922 877 8665, [12]. Is a Bali themed resort with multi-function pavilions, 18 villas, 4 pools, roaming animals and so much more! It is less then an hour away from Manila.  edit
  • Hotel La Corona, Lipa City, +63 43 756 1223, [13]. Hotel La Corona de Lipa is a party hotspot. It has 37 rooms, KTVs, function rooms, and a bar and restaurant. It's a 90-minute drive from Makati City.  edit
  • Mount Malarayat Hotel and Suites, Dagatan, Lipa City, +63 (43) 757-1122, [14]. Mount Malarayat Hotel and Suites is a hotel within Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club. It has furnished suites, a golfer's lounge, a spa, sports pavilions, a fishing lake, a ballroom, and restaurants of various cuisines. Best rates on official website start at PHP 5,440.00.  edit
  • The Coral Beach Club, Matabungkay, Lian, +639179014634, [15]. Less than 2 hours drive from Manila. European and Asian cuisines, a pool and jacuzzi, a hot stones massage, and a hair salon are available on premises, and the Calatagan Golf Club is nearby. Php 1,999.  edit
  • Eagle Point Resort, Brgy. Bagalangit, Mabini, (632) 813-3553 / 60, [17]. checkin: 2:00PM; checkout: 12:00PM. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, TV with satellite/cable channels, balcony, private toilet and bath. Some of its facilities and services are restaurant, bar, coffee shop, private beach area, VIP room facilities meeting/ banquet hall, business center, swimming pool, poolside bar, Wi-Fi internet in public areas, babysitting, laundry and parking. Room rates start at PHP4,050.00.  edit
  • Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort, Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, (632) 819 6050, [18]. checkin: 2:00PM; checkout: 12:00PM. Offers rooms equipped with 32-inch LCD cable ready television set, air conditioning, safe, minibar (upon request), kitchenette, bathroom with toilet and bath. Some of its facilities and services are infinity swimming pool, kiddie pool, coffee shop, restaurant, souvenir shop, business center, room service and WI-fI connection. Rates start at PHP6,000.00.  edit
  • SanTomas Suites, R.S. Diaz Ave, corner First St., First Philippine Industrial Park, Sta. Anastacia, Sto. Tomas, +63 43 405 6797 to 6800, [19]. Their hotel accommodation in Santo Tomas offers rooms equipped with king-sized bed, 40" LCD TV with cable channels, kitchenette, complete bathroom amenities. electronic proximity card entry system, safety deposit box, energy-efficient air-conditioning system, mini-bar/refrigerator and high-speed internet connection. Some of its facilities and services are function room, restaurant, gym, internet access, transport service, shuttle service, in-room massage and concierge. Rates start at PHP 4800.00.  edit
  • Anfa Royale Hotel, Brgy. San Carlos, Lipa City, Batangas, +63-757-5070. Facilities: Plunge pool for the kids and adults, Qube Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Royal Palm Spa Services, Grand Ball Room, Spacious Exquisite lobby, Car Service. Room Amenities: Jacuzzi or Bathtubs on selected rooms, Hot and Cold Shower, Personal Care Kit, High Speed Wi Fi Internet, Flat Screen TV with NHK Premium Japanese Channel.  edit
  • Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa, Km. 72 Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas, 4231, Philippines, 63-02-7428016-17, [20]. Offers cabins and standard hotel rooms for an experience of your own choosing. All rooms have air-conditioning, private toilet and bath, coffee maker, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. Enjoy its outdoor recreation like wave pool and swimming pool, rock climbing, paintball, zipline, aviary, 9-hole golf course, and jacuzzi. It also caters team building activities such as obstacle course, badminton, football field, camping, and forest trail. Some of its facilities and services are floating restaurant, cafe, function rooms, outdoor venue, massage service, sauna, theater, and videoke room. Best Price Guarantee.  edit

Get Out[edit]

The Batangas ferry terminal during Holy Week

Many travelers transit through Batangas in order to catch a ferry to another island. Batangas has a large port with boats going almost everywhere in the Philippines. The boats/ferries caled RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) usually can accommodate your own vehicles. Schedules change frequently so check ahead of time. Also, the terminal is a focal point for many islands and therefore sees a lot of traffic. Expect longer lines and waiting times especially during public holidays, especially Holy Week. Fortunately, the Filipino culture observes and respects queueing so lines move orderly and quickly.

By boat to Puerto Galera 1h with speed ferry, 3 times a day for 230 Pesos+30 Pesos terminal fee (02.2016).

By bus to Lucena: Grand bus terminal, Supreme buses leaves regularly to Lucena for 112 Pesos. Bus driver accepts student discount (-20%).

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