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Barren Island

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Barren Island

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Barren Islands
Barren Island
Barren Island Valcano from Andaman view
Barren Island

Barren Island volcano in Andaman Sea could be at least 1.8 million years old--A group of scientists at Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay have determined.

Barren Island Info[edit]

Barren Islands, Indian IslandsBarren Islands is located in the Andaman Sea and is one of the most easterly of the Andaman Islands. The strategic location of Barren Islands is 12°16?N 93°51 ?E and 12.267°N 93.85°E. Barren Islands is the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia. The island, along with the rest of the Andamans, is part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and lies some 135 km northeast of the territory`s capital, Port Blair. The first recorded eruptions of the volcano on Barren Islands date back to 1787. Since then, the volcano has erupted more than six times and the most recent eruption was on 2 May 2006.

After the initial eruption of Barren Islands in 1787, further eruptions were recorded in 1789, 1795, 1803-04, and 1852. After nearly two centuries of dormancy, the Barren Islands had another eruption in 1991 that lasted six months and caused considerable damage. There was another eruption in 1994-95 and the most recent one occurred in 2005. The latest eruption on Barren Islands is considered to be associated with the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. After the recent eruptions, the Barren Islands, which still experiences, the strange tremor is being preserved and protected as a niche tourist destination as the tsunami-battered territory seeks to bring in more revenue to the nation.

This volcanic island stands in the midst of a volcanic belt on the edge of the Indian and Burmese tectonic plates. There are other extinct sea and land volcanoes in the zone of Barren Islands, and a volcano Narcondum has been reported for its volcanic activity. The peak of the volcano rises to an altitude of 354 metres (1,161 ft), but most of the volcano in Barren Islands is underwater (standing on the seabed 2250 meters below the surface). The island is 3 km long with a total surface area of 10 km²; the caldera of the volcano is 2 km wide.

Smoke rises from the Barren Island volcano Justifying its name, Barren Islands is a barren area uninhabited by humans, though with a small population of goats. Also birds, bats like flying foxes and a few rodent species such as rats are known to survive the harsh conditions of the region. An eruption began on 28th May 2005. An ash plume was erupted from a vent on the W side of the summit. Lava flows were produced and the great Sumatra earthquake in December 2004 may have precipitated the eruption. Continued ash emissions have been reported between 2005 and 2008. Much earlier, an eruption began at Barren Island volcano on 20th December 1994. In January 1995, Strombolian eruptions were noticed and lava flowed 1.5 km from the active vents into the sea. On 8th March 1995, phreatomagmatic eruptions occurred. On 11th May 1995 fire fountains from the central vent rose to a height of 150 m. Explosive activity in the crater of Barren Islands finished by 1st July 1995. During in April 1991 eruption, explosions and lava flows occurred at Barren Island volcano. Lava flowed from a vent on the northeast face of the central volcanic cone. Explosions at the vent occurred at intervals of several seconds, ejecting bombs, lapilli, and ash up to 50 m high.


(139 Kms. by sea from Port Blair)

The only active volcano in India is located in Barren Island. The volcano erupted twice in recent past, once in 1991 and again in 1994- 95, after remaining dormant for about 177 years. This island is about 3 kms in diameter, and has a big crater of the volcano, about half kilometer away from the shore. The island can be visited by chartered boats only with the permission of Forest Department. Foreigners are restricted to on-board vessels only and landing ashore is not allowed.

Living ?[edit]

True to its name, it is a barren area uninhabited by humans, though it has a small population of goats. Also birds, bats like flying foxes and a few rodent species such as rats are known to survive the harsh conditions.

Get in[edit]

Cost of Tourist Permit to visit Barren Island:

For Indian Nationals: 1000 INR per head

For Foreign Tourists: 3500 INR per head

Havelock Island to Barren Island:

The nearest inhabited island to reach here is the Havelock island. There rare day ferry trips to take you from Havelock Island to Barren Island. Each trip would take an investment of around 8 to 10 hours to cover the entire distance between Havelock and Barren Islands. There are private as well as government-run ferries for giving you a glimpse of what the active volcano at the Barren Island looks like. These boats are equipped with GPS systems for ease in navigation and keeping in touch with the port authorities.

Charter trip availability:

- Only Sundays

- Capacity - Maximum 8 adults per trip

Cost for reaching Barren Island from Havelock Island via a charter trip:

- 20000 INR per head.

- It is better if you plan your private charter trip in a group of four to five individuals.

- This cost shall be inclusive of all essential amenities right from the onboard kitchen to fishing gears.

- Inclusive of support for fishing, breakfast service, drinking water availability, etc.

Port Blair to Barren island:

Alternatively, if you are planning to visit Barren Island from Port Blair, there are ferry services available from Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair. However, the ferry services here run only thrice a week.

Ferry Service availability at Phoenix Bay Jetty (Port Blair):

- Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

- The schedule is subject to change as per weather conditions

Cost of a one-way trip from Port Blair to Barren Island

– 400 INR per head for a seat (approximate)

– 750 INR per head for a reclining chair (approximate)

– 1000 INR per head for a bunk (approximate)

Distance between Port Blair and Barren Island- 139 km by seaways Barren Island Sea Plane Ticket Cost The Port Blair - Barren island aerial view- Port Blair ticket is now offered with 50% concession and is ticketed to Rs.7499/- (Seven thousand four hundred ninety nine only). The actual operational cost fare in this sortie is Rs.15500/-.

Please note that Barren Island sorties the operation will be undertaken only on demand basis with minimum of seven passengers per sortie.

Andaman Seaplane Schedule

Commercial quires,schedule and Tickets for Sea Plane to Barren Island contact

Port Blair Ticketing Counter ANIDCO Ph: +91-(0)3192-244312 Controlling Officer,Sea plane Operation Ph:+91-95318-28222 [email protected]

Havelock Island Controlling Officer,Sea plane Operation, Havelock Ph:+91-95318-28333

Diglipur Island Controlling Officer,Sea plane Operation, Diglipur Ph:+91-95318-28444

Keep track of the weather conditions before stepping out for your Barren Island visit. Even a slight change in weather conditions and the temperature is sufficient enough to introduce changes in the overall schedule and cost of ferry services to Barren Island.

Make sure to reach back to your stay place by evening as there is no provision for night stay at Barren Island. It is good if you begin your journey early in the morning say around 4:00 or 5:00 am to spend quality time exploring Barren Island.

Get out[edit]

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