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Bangkok/Lat Krabang

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Bangkok : Lat Krabang
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Lat Krabang is a district located in Bangkok.


Written in Thai it is ลาคกระบัง and is pronounced "Lart Grabang".

The district itself borders Suvarnabhumi Airport (which is actually in Samut Prakhan province), and most of the places of interest are found along Lat Krabang Road, which starts at Nanthawan Village (the road then becomes Sukumwit 77),and goes towards Lat Krabang town, passing (in order), the road to Bang Phli (King Keow Rd) on the right, from where transport to Patong/Rayong can be taken. Then the road to the Lat Krabang Airport Link station on the left, about 1Km further along. It then corners over (canal) Klong Lat Krabang and proceeds under the Airport Rail Link elevated line as it comes from the airport, and continues along until arriving in Lat Krabang town itself some further 4 to 5 Km further along. Along the road are many hotels, most of which are budget priced, and they specialise in collecting people from the airport and returning them for their flights.

There is very little in the way of night action along the strip - the usual 711's, and assorted other businesses as well as restaurants, most of which are frequented by Thai locals, and are therefore quite cheap. There are a couple of bars towards Lat Krabang town.

The road to the passenger terminal at the airport is about half way along this road on the right as you face Lat Krabang town.

Get in[edit]

The most usual way to get here is by the airport Line,the first station of which (from the Airport) is Lat Krabang, and costs B15 from there. The trains run about every 15 minutes.

There is also a bus from Mo Chit bus station, the number 517, which goes along Lat Krabang Road to the town itself.

There is also the option of taking a taxi to this area. If from the airport to anywhere in the area, you should pay about B50 to B100 (plus the B50 airport surcharge fee)

If you are staying overnight and have prebooked your hotel, whether it be between flights for return to the airport, or just the one way to the hotel, then the booking option with most of them will provide a pickup at the airport, usually for a slightly higher cost.

Get around[edit]

There are plenty of meter taxis and the relatively short distance should mean that no fares in the area will exceed B100.

If you want to, you can walk around the place, but a good option is to take a songteow (two bench pickup truck). There are three colours - white, brown/red, and brown. However, where they are going is only written in Thai, which is fine if you are only going along Lat Krabang Road. Many of them go to the Airport Link station, and the white one with "Airport Link" in English is the only obvious one. It goes from the station, and turns left into Lat Krabang Road and heads towards the town and then back again. Cost on one of these is 7 Baht for 2 or 3 Km. Push the buzzer when you want to get off, then go and pay the driver.

They run all day, and also late into the evening, to at least 10pm and quite likely until the trains on the Airport Link stop around midnight. A sign was noted inside one of these (written in Thai) that the fare becomes 10 Baht from 10pm.

If you want to go from the station in the Lat Krabang direction, then as you walk from the station to the left, you will see taxis and also a white songteow parked next to them. This one goes to the left as it turns onto Lat Krabang Road, and heads towards the town. Other brown/red ones nearby could go in either direction, so if you end up going the wrong way, push the buzzer, get off (pay the driver the THB7), and cross the road for one in the other direction. Note that some white ones also go in the opposite direction! (but not the ones above near the taxis).

As it is, from the station to Lat Krabang Road is about a 500 metre walk, over a canal - cross the onground railway line to the left (note that Lat Krabang diesel loco railway station is immediately below the Airport Line one), and continue ahead a couple of hundred metres. You will pass an intersection to the left, so cross this, and diverge right onto the 6 lane highway and walk up across the bridge over the klong (canal), another 200 metres. Lat Krabang Road is where you come out.

See[edit][add listing]

There are plenty of odd treasures and unique things to see just walking around the Lat Krabang area. From life-sized super heroes and eccentric night clubs, to hidden temples and simply beautiful surroundings.

One of the most beautiful temples is the Wat Sangkha Racha, which also has a children's school directly across the street from it. At night time, the lot is lit with hundreds of neon light sticks in various shapes and fans. The temple itself is pretty basic, white walls with gold inlay and splashes of rich blue and red, but the fact that it runs along the river and has some of the most beautiful plant life popping out makes for a peaceful walk.

If you walk alongside the river that runs next to the temple, you will also find a peaceful walk with the occasional riverside vendor or shop, offering little goods that you would not see on the streets above. You can get to this roadway along the river by taking the road that darts underneath the bridge on Lat Krabang's side street 3.

On the way into town, from the airport, there is a business that has a life-sized realistic model of a transformer towering in front of it. It looks a lot like Bumblebee, but is painted red. The owners are probably more than happy to let people take their pictures in font of it!

Do[edit][add listing]


There are plenty of small convenience stores along most side-streets and alleys, but for more major shopping, you can visit a 711 or Tesco Express. Many of these can be found scattered along the main Lat Krabang Road.

The convenience stores are the best place to pick up any small amounts of necessities or quick snacks if you are headed back in for the day. There, you can buy various beverages, beer, cigarettes, shampoo, diapers, feminine products (no tampons), and other necessities. Baby wipes can be found, but are not in most smaller shops on the side streets. You will often find tissue paper and laundry detergent. If you are washing by hand, it is best to also pick up some softener to boost the smell and soften your clothes, which will likely air dry from a line or hangers, unless you are staying in a place with washer/dryer.

For more specific needs, you can travel along Lat Krabang Road to find a heavier populated convenience center. The larger they are, the more variety they offer. Some larger street markets, like Ruamjai market (labeled on the street sign as Marketland), offer beauty products, street foods, clothing, shoes, tech accessories, phones, fresh produce, jewelry, hand-made trinkets, and more. The price of goods is reasonable in market stalls, such as this.

If you want to find a good deal, don't go walking around like you have money to blow. The best advice you can get is to dress very basic. Dress casual, and learn a little Thai, like "thank you" or "how much?" Some places may not have the price listed on certain items. This may be, so that a price may be assigned to tourists based on their impression of how much you look like you are willing to pay. Either dress in basics, or only look at items with the prices listed on them.

Luckily, in the Lat Krabang area (especially in some of the small communities off to the side of the main road), the people are friendly and willing to help look out for foreigners, often told by authorities and local hotels to help keep the area's reputation clean by showing hospitality and fairness.

Another good shopping center is the Paseo Mall. This shopping center is mostly outdoors, much like a plaza, but does have a small section that has indoor shops. Much of the signage, products, and literature here are primarily in Thai, but the prices are reasonable for a mall. Many of the malls in central Bangkok are almost outrageously priced, but here you can find a Tesco express with quite a bit of variety. Towards the back of the plaza you will also find an honest-to-goodness grocery store,complete with baby food (jars, cereal, tubes, pouches, formula), snacks, local favorites, and most grocery store basics, including fresh meat and produce. It is highly suggested that if you are after fresh meat and produce that you visit one of the many markets instead, as they are local and often found at better prices.

This area has Japanese, Vietnamese, European, and Thai restaurants. There are few medical facilities within, including a hospital, dentistry, beauty clinics, massage parlors, salons, and others. You will also find movies, books, stationery, housewares, souvenirs, clothing, toys, and other goodies.

If you can't find what you want from the shops, stalls and tents of vendors are set up in the central hub of the Paseo, behind the first set of shops and near the area with the fountains and stage for live music. Paseo Mall Address: 318 Lat Krabang Rd, Lat Krabang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10520 Phone:02 329 8999

  • Robinson Lifestyle Shopping Mall, Ladkrabang Road (a few hundred meters from the wonderful Thai style Paseo Mall). Monday-Thursday 11:00 - 21:00; Friday-Sunday and public holidays Open 10:00 - 21:00 hrs.. Recently newly build, here you have all the conveniences found in malls in inner Bangkok. It has a cinema and most of the shops found in malls. The Sizzler restaurant is right at the entrance. It has a Tops Supermarket and lots of places to eat.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Most tourists will eat at their hotel restaurants, however, there are plenty of street eats and restaurants patronised by local Thai people along Lat Krabang Road and the prices are unbelievably cheap.

Unfortunately, the menus are almost totally in Thai, but just point to what looks good. If you don't like spicy food just ask "pet my" the first word with a low tone and the second with a high tone. If they say "pet" it is spicy, "my pet" is not spicy. You can get a good feed of fried rice, Pat Thai, fried mixed veg,or soup with noodle at a sit down place for as low as 30 Baht. There are many other food options also. If they do not have beer and you want some, go to the nearest 711, buy it there and get them to open it for you.

If you want a Thai breakfast, look around for a place with a container of rice porridge ("cow tom"). It usually comes with pork, but some places can give you chicken, prawns or squid with it. Cost THB 50/60 and very delicious and filling.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are many hotels in the Lat Krabang area, mainly because of the nearby airport. Most of them are quite reasonably priced, and virtually all of them will collect you from (and return you to if wanted) the airport if you do this in your online booking. If you phone them from the airport without a booking, they will usually come and get you. Most of them expect that you are only a tourist wanting a night or so after or before a flight, but there are some who stay in the area because the hotels are relatively cheap compared to Central Bangkok and also because of the easy access to the Airport Rail Link at Lat Krabang station.

For convenience sake, budget hotels are those under B800 per night, midrange from THB 800 to 1500, and splurge over THB 1500. Keep in mind however, the price also depends on the class of room which you book. And please note that the prices may vary according to the "Tourist Season" and also the agent through whom you book the hotel. Note that many, if not most of these hotels offer "seasonal discounts", and also if you stay more than one night you may also get a better rate. So check the various online booking agents first. If you do a "walkin" (not prebooked) you will generally pay more.


  • Grand Pinnacle Hotel, 444/4 Soi Maecham, Lat Krabang Rd (taxis have a difficult time finding it, so instead call the hotel for a free pick-up from the airport), +66 2 327-3876(-9), [1]. This hotel is right at the edge of the airport, but surprisingly it has little aircraft noise. The staff at the desk speaks English well. There is no lift, so you have to walk up the stairs. Rooms are air-conditioned and have a room bar fridge, but the bathroom is a little cramped. Breakfast not included in the price as at 2014, and while the hotel is basic, it is satisfactory. There are restaurants on the road outside to the right of the hotel within a short distance. The Airport Rail Link station is about 3Km to the right. 650 baht for room only, 760 for one way transfer from the airport and 880 for two way transfer.  edit
  • Convenient Resort, Soi 38 Lat Krabang Road. THB 1000.  edit

This hotel is about 1.5 Km from Lat Krabang Airport Link station to the left on Lat Krabang Road. THB 7 by songteow, and about THB 45 by metered taxi. It is on the right hand side of the road as you go towards Lat Krabang town. Cross the Klong (canal) and continue past a 711 on the left and then another about 100 metres on the right hand side, and the Soi is about another 150 metres along. You will see the Airport Link elevated line crossing the road immediately in front of you (look for the elevated electricity cables),and a Panini shop at the entrance of the Soi (there is also a hotel sign there). The hotel is at the end of the Soi about 150 metres along, on the left. Some English spoken at Reception. The hotel is three floors,no lift. Rooms are good, with hot water, bar fridge and TV, with some English channels. This hotel has deteriorated as at Nov 2017. The beds were hard as rock, and few English channels were on the TV.The breakfast at the restaurant was B150, but is now B200. Has an onsite restaurant, but the breakfast gets cold early if it is a buffet. If not tourist season, it is cooked to order. Can book online with or without breakfast or airport transfer. Cost depends on what you want. THB 1000 walkin, but online you can get as low as THB 500 for at least two nights off season (without transfer or breakfast). Plenty of street eats along Lat Krabang Road on the other side to the left, about 200/300 metres and VERY cheap!

  • Kriss Residence, 1525/1 Soi Sirisombat 1.  edit

This hotel is about 2.5Km along Lat Krabang Road from the Airport station road, and to the left as you walk onto Lat Krabang Road. Songteow will cost you B7, taxi about B75. The hotel does airport transfer. Walk under the Airport Link overhead road and it is about 500 metres further along on the left hand side of the road. Look for the hotel sign just after you walk across the second canal from the Airport Link station, and there is a large petrol station immediately before the laneway which leads to the hotel. The price depends on whether you have booked in advance or as a walkin. Booking will get you a room as cheap as THB 580, depending on the season, and what you want(ie type of room, food, airport transfer etc). There does not appear to be an onsite restaurant though. There are cheap street eats out on Lat Krabang Road directly across the road from the hotel lane.

  • Airy Resort, 432 Lat Krabang Soi 3.  edit

This hotel is to the right of the road which comes from Lat Krabang Airport Link station. A taxi would be about THB 50. As you turn right onto Lat Krabang Road, walk about a Km until you see an overhead road coming from the left. Walk behind this and look for Soi 3. Walk along this, over a canal to a temple where you have to turn left and then walk along until you see the sign for the hotel, either the second or third lane on your right. It is about 100 metres along on the right. Hotel is modern and clean, with hot water, bar fridge and a restaurant. Unfortunately, it is under the incoming flight path of the airport, and the Writer noted aircraft noise until late and then again from 5am. Also, the on ground trains are nearby, and make far more noise than do the aircraft. The price you pay depends on whether you want airport transfer and breakfast. To get to the street eats you have to walk back out to Lat Krabang Road and they are on the other side near King Keow Road as it comes into Lat Krabang Road. Cost from THB 550.

  • Panini Residence, is a pretty basic hotel located in the front of Soi 38 of Lat Krabang Road.

Has flat screen TV with very few channels, bar fridge, and hot water kettle and coffee. Walk in price B800, but you can book online for B760.

Mid Range[edit]

  • Phoenix Hotel, Lat Krabang Rd Soi 7. Is a hotel about a Km along the road to the left from Lat Krabang Airport Rail Link station. It is one of the closest to the Airport Link station, and is in a Soi as you come over the bridge across Klong Lat Krabang (canal), and is the next lane on your left (with the 711 on the right hand corner). Walk 50 metres and turn right, and there it is. Provides free airport pickup and return 24 hours,and can be booked online. Is clean and modern, with a restaurant which has reasonable prices. If you like street eats, they are nearby along Lat Krabang Road. Free internet terminals in the lobby. The staff speak good English. Room only starts at THB 900.  edit
  • Mariya Boutique Hotel, 1627/2 Lat Krabang Rd, +66 2 326-7854(-5), [2]. This boutique hotel has 37 rooms, which are branded as either "deluxe" or "superior". All rooms have air-conditioning, cable TV, a refrigerator, and wireless internet, while only the superior rooms have a working desk and a seating area. There is also a restaurant attached to it. 1,200-2,000 baht.  edit
  • Queen's Garden Resort, 22 Lat Krabang Soi 7 (there's a free airport pick-up for confirmed bookings; go to exit door 4 or 5 at the airport and look for the employee holding the green Queen's Garden Resort sign), +66 2 172-6115, [3]. On the banks of Klong (canal) Lat Krabang, the resort has views towards Lat Krabang Temple. From the Airport Link road, turn left, walk about 1Km, over the Canal, and turn left into the next laneway. There is a 711 on the right hand corner. The hotel is straight ahead on the left hand side. It features high speed wireless internet, big screen TV, pool table, restaurant and beer garden. 1,000 baht.  edit
  • Regent Suvarnabhumi, 30-32/1 Lat Krabang Soi 22 (hard to find, so take the airport transfer), +66 2 326-4400, [4]. This three-star hotel is very close to the airport, and is practical to spend the night before take off. It has been remodeled recently and looks very clean. Rooms are spacious with comfy beds, TV, a sofa and free Wi-Fi. Service is good too. There's a small shopping centre outside, but don't expect a lot for the rest. 1,200-1,450 baht.  edit
  • S.P. Power Lodge, 1473/3 Lat Krabang Rd, +66 2 327-1591(-5). Clean and basic hotel good for overnights while in transit at Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you go to the big green "tours" desk outside departures at Suvarnabhumi Airport, they will do an overnight with breakfast and a two-way transfer for 1,000 baht. Good rooms, free water and good internet. Truely only 15 minutes travel time and they do breakfast from 04:00. It is an ideal transit option. 1,000-1,500 baht. (13.72297753,100.7595943766667) edit
  • Thong Ta Resort, 1888 Lat Krabang Rd, +66 2 326-7258(-9), [5]. This budget hotel is mostly used for stopovers due to its proximity to the airport. A big downer is that many services have extra costs attached to them, except the pick-up from the airport. It does have large, clean and air-conditioned rooms with a small bathroom. No lift, so you have to carry your luggage upstairs. It is situated near a restaurant/bar parade, but there is not that much to do for the rest. The rate includes an American breakfast and free Wi-Fi in lobby and rooms. 1,000-1,500 baht.  edit
  • Floral Shire Suvarnabhumi Airport (ฟลอรัลไชร์สุวรรณภูมิแอร์พอร์ต), 56 Lat Krabang 42, Lat Krabang Rd., Bangkok Lat Krabang, Bangkok Province 10520 Thailand (near Suvarnabhumi Airport), +66 23270836, [6]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Located 1.2 miles from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Lat Krabang in Lat Krabang, Floral Shire Suvarnabhumi Airport features a restaurant and bar. Free WiFi is available and free private parking is available on site. 700-900 baht. (13.717154,100.764660) edit


  • Great Residence Hotel, 1892/1 Lat Krabang Rd (free pick-up from the airport), +66 2 172-6150, [7]. This hotel is only a five minutes ride from Suvarnabhumi Airport on the cusp of the airport grounds. Rate includes an American breakfast and a transfer from the airport. 1,800-2,600 baht.  edit
  • Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, 999 Moo 1, Suvarnabhumi Airport (inside the airport itself), +66 2 131-1111, [8]. This is the only hotel that is actually inside the airport compound itself, connected to the main airport terminal by a pedestrian bridge. It's surprising how little airport noise you hear. It has been constructed together with the airport, so it is almost completely new and modern. It is very nice and, by Thai standards, very pricey. 5,000-7,000 baht.  edit


Get Out[edit]

To the Airport - your hotel will usually have airport transfer facilities if you have prebooked. Otherwise, a taxi should cost no more than B100 from anywhere along Lat Krabang road.

To the Airport Link station - see in "Get Around", or take a taxi. The station will get you to the airport (one station distant for B15), or to Phaya Thai for B40. Ratchaprarop station is 200 metres from the Pratunam shopping area (to the right of the station as you walk out, across the onground railway line), cost B35. It is the second last station on the network before Phaya Thai.

To Pattaya/Rayong - Take a taxi to Bang Plii (Phli). This is along King Keow Road (see above in District Name). After several kilometres, you come to a major intersection, where the road goes over it. You actually want to turn off the road and head to the left. (to the right is the main road into Bangkok) Just a little along this road(on the left)which you have turned into is a Big C on the right hand side, and on the side you are on, is the place where buses and minibuses (coming from Mo Chit and Victory Monument)stop for passengers to these destinations. Buy your ticket (minibus) at the agent on the footpath. Taxi from Lat Krabang to Bang Phli will cost B100 to B200.

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