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Banda Aceh

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Banda Aceh is the capital of the Indonesian province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra.


Around 150,000 people were killed in Banda Aceh in the Tsunami of 26 December 2004. Some parts of the city became permanently submerged. Many aid agencies have been present since then to help rebuild.

A view of the city of Banda Aceh from a helicopter, showing the results of the Tsunami and the rebuilding effort.

The long conflict between the Acehenese independence movement (GAM) and the Indonesian army (TNI) has been solved for the time being by the peace agreement on 15 August 2005. The peace process has been quite smooth since. On 11 December 2006 the province held its first direct and democratic local elections. On 8 February 2007 the first democratically elected governor, Irwandi Yusuf, was inaugurated.

Get in[edit]

Banda Aceh airport

Foreigners no longer require a travel permit (Surat Jalan) to enter Aceh, but an Indonesian visa is required. Since 6 June 2010, it is possible to get a 30 day Visa-on-Arrival at Banda Aceh Airport. The Embassy in KL can sometimes process the visa in the same day if you complete all the paperwork before noon, though officially this only applies to Malaysian residents( 60 day visa is no longer available at KL, so visa on arrival is the best bet, although you can still get a 60 day visa in 2 days in Penang(Jul '15)).

By bus[edit]

There are non-stop night buses, with travel times ranging from 9-13 hours - from Medan to Banda Aceh. Major bus companies such as PMTOH, Pelangi, Kurnia and Pusaka have offices on Jl. Gajah Mada, Medan. As of June 2017, a regular seat in a bus or mini van costs about 240,000, and Pelangi Mercedes Benz buses cost 340,000. 2019 update: 200.000 Rp for a seat in a big a/c touringcar with Putra Pelangi from the tugu (monument) in Binjai.

Mini-buses can also take you to Banda Aceh from the Medan area, but journeys are generally longer. Prices are a bit cheaper than the coaches. It is also possible to travel over from Medan to Banda Aceh via Kutacane and Takengon. This will be 20 hr in total.

By plane[edit]

Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, (IATA: BTJ, ICAO: WITT) is named after the twelfth sultan of Aceh, Iskandar Muda.

Airlines fly daily between Banda Aceh and either Medan, a 1 hr trip, or Jakarta, a 2 hr 40 minute trip.

  • AirAsia, Kuala Lumpur. [14], flights every day early in the morning
  • Firefly, Penang, [15] , Malaysia's community airline now flies from Penang to Banda Aceh every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Garuda Indonesia, Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta, Medan, 3 daily flights from Jakarta and two daily flights from Medan. The Jakarta-Banda Aceh direct flight on Garuda takes 2 hr 40 mins on a Boeing 737, although it is often changed to stopover at Medan without warning. Seasonal to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season
  • Lion Air, Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta, Medan, Batam. They have two daily flights from Jakarta and one from Medan. Flies from Batam to Banda Aceh on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • SMAC, Blang Pidie, Meulaboh, Simelue, Takengon, Tapaktuan. Flies daily from Medan to Nias Island and Simeulue Island.

By rental van[edit]

There are rental minibus available from Medan to major cities in Aceh.


Visa formalities at this airport are similar to those of other Indonesian immigration gateways.

  • Visa On Arrival (VOA) service is available at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport.

Airport bus[edit]

A bus provides a service from Banda Aсeh to the airport, and from the airport to Banda Aceh. Operating hours are 10/11AM-2:30PM, price to the city is Rp 15,000/person.

The bus departing from the airport to Banda Aсeh leaves a few minutes after airplanes land. So departure time depends on landing time, more or less. Thus, it's advised to hurry to catch the bus. It is on your left when you leave the airport building (taxi drivers will tell you there is no airport bus, just keep on walking because the bus is there).

Please note that this bus goes to Banda Aceh City Centre; it does not go to the Bus Station or Ulee-Lhue Harbour. If you want to go to the Bus Station or Ulee-Lhue Harbour, take a becak after being dropped off in the City Centre by the airport bus.

By boat[edit]

The closest big (international) ferry terminal is Belawan Port, close to Medan. It receives vessels originating from Batam, Indonesia (a common route when coming from Singapore). The ferry from Penang is no longer operating. From Ulhee-lhee, the port of Banda Aceh you can go to Pulau Weh and to Pulau Aceh.

Get around[edit]

The main methods of getting around are becak (motorbike taxis) and labi-labi (public minibus). Due to the sudden influx of money post-tsunami, locals have gotten used to overcharging, but now stabilisation has returned. Example becak fares are: Airport - Grand Mosque: Rp 40,000; Bus Terminal - Grand Mosque: Rp 8,000; Grand Mosque - Penayong: Rp 5,000. Inside the city, generally Rp 10,000 should do it. Car rental/taxi from airport to Penayong Rp 100.000/car, airport to ulee lheue port Rp 140.000/car, and one day car rental for banda Aceh city tour start from Rp 400.000/car (using Avanza, include driver & fuel, cost update 15 April 2015)

One knowledgeable friendly becak driver is Little John, who speaks English and Japanese. He also has the only actual wifi becak in town! Find him on Facebook (Little John Banda Aceh) or phone +62813 6023 1339.

There are free public buses called "Trans Kutaraja" that various lines throughout the city. There will be signs that say "Koetaradja". The buses are modern blue city buses and they stop and the colorful orange, blue, green bus stops. All the lines come together at the Great Mosque, where you can transfer. The most useful lines are:

  • 2A Blang Bintang - Kota: service between Airport and Great Mosque
  • 2B Ulee Lhue - Kota: service between Great Mosque and ferry terminal

The stop of the Great Mosque is located at the Eastside of the mosque. The one at the harbor is just at the opposite side street side of the ticket counter.

See[edit][add listing]

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman
Cut Nya Dien House
"Cakra Donya" Bell
Bitay Graveyard
  • Cut Nya Dien House. Cut Nya Dien was an Indonesian woman revolutionist from Aceh. The house is a replica of the heroine Cut Nyak Dhien House, from the Aceh War. The colonial forces burned down the house but a replica was built later. This house in Lam Pisang, about 6 km from Banda Aceh and is now is a museum. The house is in Lampisang Village, Lhok Nga subdistrict, Greater Aceh district. Although Lhok Nga was the area worst hit by tsunami, the Tjut Nyak Dhien House survived. The daughter of a chieftain, Tjut Nyak Dhien joined the fight against the Dutch invaders in 1875. Her first husband fell in battle, and she remarried. When her second husband also died fighting, she continued the struggle with her children. After six years in the jungle, she was captured by the Dutch and exiled to West Java where she passed away in 1906. Tjut Nyak Dhien is recognised as one of the National Warriors of Indonesia.  edit
  • Graveyard in Bitay Village. In Bitay the grave of a saint, Teungku di Bitay, may still be seen. The tomb of Tuan di Bitay, who taught the Achehenese among other things the art of casting cannon, and the mosque which stands beside the grave are revered as sacred up to the present day. Aceh and Turkey had a close relationship in times past. Many technicians and weapons from the Turkish fleet came and settled in Aceh. Historical remains of this time include a mosque and a monument and headstone Turkish people in the village Bitai (~ 3 km from Banda Aceh).  edit
  • Gunongan and Taman Putroe Phang. Gunongan had erected by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607 - 1636) as a private playground and bathing place for this wife Putro Phang (From Malaysia). This whimsical architectural fantasy had access to the sultan's palace through the traditional 'Pintu Aceh', used by royalty only. This building likely functioned as an important recreational peace located in the Taman Sari Park for the Queen and other royal family members to climb. It is quite enjoyable to visit this place during the late afternoon or sunset.  edit
  • Indonesian Airline Monument (Seulawah-Indonesian First Airplane). The Monument was erected to commemorate the heroic contribution of the Acehenese to the emergence of the Republic of Indonesia. When Indonesia became independent in 1945 the Dutch intended to reoccupy the country. In the ensuing struggle in 1949 much area had fallen to the Dutch, the Republic of Indonesia was badly in need of an airplane to avoid the blockade of the enemy. Soekarno, Indonesian president at that time, urgently asked the Acehenese to donate money for an airplane. A Douglas DC-3 was purchased shortly afterwards, and paid for with the donation. This very early plane was the precursor of Garuda Indonesia fleet.  edit
  • Kerkhof (Dutch military graveyards of Banda Aceh), Teuku Umar St (the entrance gate is in front of the south eastern corner of Blang Padang). Kerkhoff or War Memorial Cemetery or known by local peoples as Peucut Kerkhoff, 2,000 Dutch soldiers who died in an Aceh War were buried in this graveyards. On the walls of the Kerkhoff entrance gate you may see the names list of the persons buried including details of where and when they died.  edit
  • Masjid Raya Baiturrahman/Grand Mosque, (Muslim dresscode). Baiturrahman is a great mosque located at the heart of Banda Aceh, The mosque has five black coloured domes and four white minarets. The mosque stands upon an elegantly green landscape. The white washed walls and minerals and charcoal blacks domes of the Grand Mosque are the most famous landmark in Aceh. The Mosque was built in 12 Century and caught fire several time including during a Dutch attack upon Kutaraja (Banda Aceh) in 1873. A replacement mosque was built by the Dutch military government and was completed in 1883. The Mosque is extraordinary in architecture and ornamentation. It has five onion shaped domes, two tall minarets, wide white walls and decoratively ornamented pillars.  edit
  • Museum Aceh, Sultan Mahmudsyah No.10, Peuniti, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 23116, [1]. The museum is situated in Sultan Alaidin Mahmud Syah St. The museum exhibits ceramics, weapons and many cultural artifacts such as clothing, jewelry, calligraphy, Islamic ornamentation, kitchen equipment and many other items. A most interesting item is a big bell called “Lonceng Cakra Donya”, a gift from China Grand-Duke (Ming Emperor, in the 15th century) for Sultan Aceh that was delivered by a Chinese Moslem, Admiral Cheng Ho in 1414, an inscription on the bell reads; “Sing Fang Niat Toeng Juut Kat”. In this complex there is also ‘Rumah Aceh’ house that was built by Dutch Governor Van Swart in 1941 in a style typical of classic Aceh’s house architecture. In the western of Museum or northern of Aceh House of Custom there is graveyard complex holding the remains of Aceh Sultans.  edit
  • Museum Tsunami Aceh, Jl., Sultan Iskandar Muda, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 23116, +62 651 40774, [2].  edit
  • Ulee Lheue-Banda Aceh (Tsunami Ground Zero). Ulee Lheue is a shore line facing the Malacca straits; when the tsunami hit Banda Aceh on 26 December, 2004, the beach line and the village nearby were severely damaged and submerged by a 10 m high wave. Now the local government has built a new seaport at Ulee Lheue, and if you have plans to visit Sabang and Weh island, you can take a Ro-Ro ferry or speed boat from Ulee Lheue. Ulee Lheue beach has still kept its enchanting beauty, and almost every day people come to this place to enjoy the blue horizon of sky and sea, to see a beautiful sunset in the evening, or to enjoy the beach at night on the weekend.  edit

Tsunami Tour[edit]

Tsunami boat

It is possible to go on a "Tsunami Tour" as there are many boats still inland and other monuments devoted to the devastating day in 2004.

  • Fisherman boat on an inhabitant house, Desa Lampulo, Kota Alam. 59 people were reportedly saved by boarding this small boat and riding it to safety. Very dramatic image indeed (right). free.  edit
  • Floating Electric Generator Ship, Kampung Bunge Blangcut, Jayabaru. A ship was carried 5 km inland during the tsunami. You can get a nice overview of the city from the top of the ship.  edit
  • Tsunami Monument & Garden. Located beside the electric generator ship.  edit
  • Apung 1 ship, a 2,600 ton vessel that was swept 2 km inland. Now it is a tourist attraction.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Mountain Biking Cycling Hiking, Jl Al Huda Blok B, No 2 (close to food court), [3]. Cycle around the mountains, rice fields and beaches near Banda Aceh. Hike and Bike tours and mountain bikes available from Rp 50,000.  edit
  • Banda Aceh city highlights tour on a Bicycle., Jln Al Huda Blok B, No 2 (close to food court), [4]. A bike is a great way to explore both the long history of Banda Aceh as well as the impact of the 2004 Tsunami. Bicycles, maps and route descriptions are available at Aceh Adventure.  edit
  • Tour around on a Motorbike (A motorbike is an easy and adventurous way of exploring Aceh), Jl Mesjid Al Huda Blok B No 2 (close to food court), +62 813 99578873, [5]. 24 hr. After the tsunami international donors and the Indonesian Government build plenty of excellent roads. The road along the west coast is of great beauty. Expect green hills and mountains and behind every corner an even more beautiful beach. Rp 100,000.  edit
  • Island dropping, Jl Mesjid Al Huda Blok B no 2, +62 813 99578873, [6]. open 9AM-5PM. The uninhabited island of Pulau Kreusik has a splendid, mosquito free white beach and is located about 1 hour from Banda Aceh. The island has safe swimming. You can either make a day trip to the island or stay overnight. around Rp 800,000 pp.  edit
  • Discover Aceh Divers Club, Jl Utama No. 1 Lamjamee, +62 812 6970 1430. There are some nice diving spots around Banda Aceh such as Pulau Tuan, Pulau Bunta and Lhok Mata Ie with underwater fish and corals. If you are lucky you will see Manta rays. The price includes the boat from Banda Aceh. Certified divemasters will accompany you when diving. €25 per pax per dive, minimum 4 pax.  edit
  • Remains of Koetaradja Audiotour, Koetaradja, Banda Aceh, [7]. If you have some extra time to spend in Banda Aceh and want to see more than just the tsunami sights, do check out this audioguide, which is available as a free download for Android. Created by a Dutch historian and narrated in English, Indonesian and Dutch, it provides a fascinating insight into the terrible colonial history of the city. The tour is a true labour of love; maps, old photos and very nice music are provided in the app. If you don't have an Android phone yourself you can contact them on their website and they will lend you one. They can even arrange a becak for you. Well worth checking out.  edit


There are approximately 65 NGOs currently operating in Banda Aceh; however, they generally do not recruit non-Indonesians locally. These NGOs include various UN and EU agencies, USNS, Care, Americare, Islamic Relief, International Federation Of Red Cross and Red Crescent, Australian Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent, Kuwaiti Red Crescent, French Red Cross, IMC, IOM, WHO, Japan International Cooperation System, Habitat, Medecins sans frontières, Japan Platform, USAID. At the peak of the post-Tsunami aid effort there were 850 NGOs, but many of these were non-Muslim religious organisations and their permits were not extended by the Indonesian government.

Buy[edit][add listing]


There are interesting fish, meat and vegetable markets in the centre of town. There are also some small souvenir shops selling various local items. Check out Kue Kacang Sabang - it is a sweet dessert (kue) made from green beans (Kacang Hijau).


The recently opened Hermes Palace mall is located at the city centre of Banda Aceh. The mall has over 100+ stores with foodcourt, supermarket and clothing stores.

Eat[edit][add listing]

The Acehenese breakfast staple is nasi gurih, rice cooked in coconut milk, sold in coffee shops everywhere. "Nasi Gurih" is similar to "Nasi Lemak", the breakfast food commonly eaten in Malaysia. Food stalls and Padang restaurants are open across the undamaged part of town, and fruit carts are ubiquitous.

  • Canai Mamak KL Restaurant, Jl Teuku Umar No 51, Seutui, [16]. Malay Food, Halal Toyibah.
  • SHIDQI Cafe, Jl. Malikul Saleh, Lamlagang, (on the left side of the Red Crescent Hospital), [17]. Naturalis Cafe.
  • La Piazza Italian Restaurant, Jl Bhakti no 33A-B, Kampung Laksana, ☎ +62 651 31035. Best restaurant in town, not just for its fresh seafood, pasta and pizza, but also its great roof top garden. Dishes work from an Italian template, but with the best ingredients Banda Aceh has to offer. Drinks menu available. Also open weekdays for lunch.
  • Tropicana Seafood Restaurant, Jl A Yani No 90-92, Peunayong. High quality Chinese restaurant. --> closed down
  • Imperial Kitchen, Jl Teuku Umar. High quality Chinese restaurant.
  • Country Steakhouse, Jl Sri Ratu Safiatuddin 46D. Steaks, hamburgers, salads; western style food.
  • Banda Seafood Restaurant, Jl Panglima Polem 125, (near the Kartika Hotel). Fine chicken, meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Big Top, (across the road from Warung Ibu Pocut). Chinese and Indonesian dishes.
  • Tower Coffee, (previously Putra Jaya), Jl Tgk Haji Abdullah Ujung Rimba No 14, (off Jl Muhammad near Masjid Baiturrahman). Panang style dining in nice A/C atmosphere with some English-speaking waiters.
  • Niagara Cafe, Jl Hasandek 8-9. Has every fruit juice imaginable and a satay stand outside.
  • Istana, Jl. T. Panglima Polem, No. 66-68, +62 651 31287. Two locations. Offers your typical Aceh fare in an A/C dining area. Careful ordering - they may serve and charge you two dishes.  edit
  • Hermes Palace, (formerly Swiss-Belhotel), [18]'. The restaurant here presumably offers the best hotel food in town and has nice dinner buffets as well as a la carte.
  • Sultan Hotel, has a popular cafe, while the chef at the hotel’s Koetaradja Restaurant boldly tries his hand at a Sultan Burger.

There are some nice coffee houses with soothing rice paddy views around Ulee Kareng, along Jl Tengku Iskander on the town’s western outskirts.

Three fast food chain restaurants may be found in the centre, A&W, KFC and Pizza Hut.

  • Wawan supriawan, Jl warga no 12. Banda seafood already moved to Banda Seafood Restaurant Jl Raya Kp Blang No 21 Ule Lheu Telp : 0651 7406085  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Drinking alcohol is not allowed due to Islamic sharia law strictly enforced in Aceh. Coffee-drinking is the main activity. Beer is discreetly available in some larger 'western' hotels and a few 'western style' restaurants.

  • My Juice, Jl. Twk M. Daud Syan, No. 9-11, +62 65121613. On what you might call "Auto Blvd", this clean, friendly restaurant features some of the best juice combos around. Try the terung belanda fruit juice, which is only indigenous to Sumatra. I heard it has closed down (updated June 2013).  edit
  • Friends caffee, Jalan Kartini (from Hotel Medan, turn left, the first right, then first left, and walk into the Jl Kartini untul you see Friends caffee on your left hand site). from noon. Excellent expressos, latte, iced-lattes and great juices. I heard it has closed down (updated June 2013).  edit
  • Glee Cafe & Resto, Mataie Hillside Adventure & Water Park (Mataie - Keude bieng).  edit
  • Black and White rumoh kuphi, Jl. T. Umar No. 19 Banda Aceh, [8]. A cozy place to hang out with friends. You can find friendly faces although if you come solo. Coffee, local food including mie Aceh and various fresh juices. Free wifi is available.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Linda's Homestay, Lr, Rahmat No. 3, Keutapang, Banda Aceh (In a small, attractive area a bit outside of the centre, traditional Acehenese style house), +62 811 680 305, [9]. checkin: all day; checkout: all day. Stay with a small family, enjoy the traditional, wonderful Acehenese food cooked by Linda. Close to several banks, restaurants, supermarket and internet cafe, but well away from the more interesting downtown areas. Airport and harbour shuttle and services available. US$20-35.  edit
  • Hotel Lading, Jl Cut Meutia 19, Banda Aceh (next to Bank BRI), +62 651 635123, [10]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 1PM. Only 5 min walk to the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque and Pasar Aceh market. With a nice view of the Aceh River. Close to several banks, restaurants, supermarket and internet cafe. Airport shuttle services also available. Rp 50,000 for a bed in 4-bed dorm. A/c rooms cost considerably more.(updated June 2013). US$25-30.  edit
  • Hermes Palace Hotel (formerly), Jl. T.Panglima Nyak Makam, +62 651 755 5888, [11]. IDD telephone, refrigerator, hair dryer, internet access and 32 channel TV, wake up call service, concierge, meeting room, business centre and 24 hr room service. From US$70.  edit
  • Hotel Medan (in the centre). 1 star hotel, Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 17 Peunayong-Banda Aceh, Phone :+62 651 21501, Web: price Rp 260.000/night for standard room (double bed or twin bed).
  • Hotel Sultan (in the centre). 2 star hotel, around US$30-40.
  • Pavilliun Seulawah, Jl. Prof. A. Majid. Ibrahim II No. 3, (in the centre,). Good hotel with a restaurant, wifi is included. Next to a park with sports possibilities. Around US$50.
  • Oasis Hotel (just outside the centre). More cozy than the Swiss Bell and the rooms are just as nice, with WiFi in the lobby. Around US$75 per night.
  • Uncle's Homestay, Jl Mujahidin No. 2B, Lambaro Skep. ☎+62 852 6028 4432 (mobile phone) or homestay ☎+62 651 26219. The family who run it tend to be noisy through the night so sleep can be difficult. Both Abdul and his wife Yulia speak English. A homestay room with fan for about Rp 75,000, A/C costs more.
  • The Pade Hotel, Jl Soekarno Hatta 1, +62 651 499999, [12]. checkin: 12 noon; checkout: 12noon. Boutique hotel in the town, Spacious and modern rooms, individual terrace, WiFi. Saturday night BBQ, Wednesday pasta party US$50-120.  edit
  • Hotel Wisata, Jl. Jend. A. Yani 19-21 Phone: +62 651 21834 (In the centre, next to Hotel Medan and Hotel Prapat). Clean basic rooms with small fan, cold shower,tv and wifi for Rp. 125.000. A room with A/C costs Rp. 175.000 (update 15 April 2015). Extra bed Rp 25.000 and you will get 1 addition bed, 1 blanket (bed cover) and 1 towel. Hot water also possible (room with A/C and hot shower Rp 225.000 ). Located right across the street from a popular night food stall area, souvenir shops and coffee shops. $13-18-23.  edit
  • Hotel Prapat, Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 17 Banda Aceh, Phone +62 651 22159 (between Hotel Wisata and Hotel Medan). checkout: 12.00 pm. Basic fan twin rooms with attached bathroom for Rp100,000 and triple bed Rp 150.000. With tv and/or a/c cost more (Rp 200.000 for twin bed and Rp 250.000 for triple bed). Rooms away from the street may be quieter. Great food across the street. (updated March 2015) Rp100,000 and up.  edit
  • Wisma Tsacita (Tsacita Homestay), Jl. Hotel Sulthan, No. 4, Peunayong, Banda Aceh (opposite in front of Sulthan Hotel International), +62 822 7633 9091, [13]. The Manager and Receptionist are friendly and they speak English. The service is very good. The rooms are comfortable and clean. Rp.110.000 for fan with outside bathroom and Rp.150.000 for AC Room and inside bathroom..  edit

Stay safe[edit]

As with all travelling, common sense and a good attitude is all you need to get along in this small city. However there are some points to keep in mind. It is best to not go out alone after 10PM. Because Sharia law is enforced, drinking alcohol is not permitted, although it is still possible. Infractions upon the locally perceived interpretations of Sharia law may result in arrest by the Sharia police with physical punishment and public ridicule imposed upon an offending Muslim. Muslim women should normally wear headscarves in public areas. Western-style swimsuits are not advisable except in Sabang. Pick-pocket activity is rare but do be aware and observant in crowded places.

Get out[edit]

  • Lhoknga and Lampuuk, beautiful beaches 17 km west of the city, great for surfing or just relaxing on the beach.
  • Pulau Weh, Sumatra's divers capital, via a 45 minute fast ferry service. Nice beach at 'Three Wells' with good snorkeling and a small cafe restaurant serving local and westernised food. Bungalows overlooking the sea are available to rent.
  • Medan, many overnight buses of varying quality to Medan, the best is Simpatistar. Leaves at 8:30pm from bus terminal, Rp 270,000 for luxury sleeping chair, arrives around 7am in Medan. Two warnings: Ask to get off at Pinang Baris bus station in Medan or you'll be dropped 5km away at Simpatistar bus office. And beware the scamming young men at Pinang Baris selling onward tickets at 4x real rates.

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