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Artemisa is a city in Havana (province).


Get in[edit]

There are (scheduled) two trains per day from Havana, but knowing the unreliabilty of Cuba's train system, don't count on it. Hiring a car is your best option.

You can use a whole variety of busses and trucks that stop under the bridge on the nearby Autopista Este-Oeste which connects Havana with Pinar del Rio. Get off at the bridge, walk down to the smaller road and take a Collectivo or a horse carriage for 10CUP. You can also try to hitch a ride. Distance from the motorway to Artemisa is around 15 km. In the unlikely case that you are coming from the East, you can use different Guaguas that cost around 2 CUP per 20 to 30 km, Collectivos are 10 CUP. From the Eastern Motorway between Havana and Santa Clara and Artemisa you will have to switch busses/collectivos multiple times and go from town to town. Distance is around 90 km (Artemisa to Güines). From the North (Carretera Central de Cuba) you can reach Artemise from Havana with stops in Guanajay and Bauta.

Get around[edit]

There are a lot of collectivo taxis who you should not pay more than 10 CUP for. Also available: horse carriages and guagua busses for 2 CUP per ride. The latter connect the surrounding towns and villages with each other. There's also a bus line heading towards havana from from Calle Maceo northwards, which will turn into Carretera Central. Wait at the bus stop of Ruta 35 at Colon and Maceo for rides to the North.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Mausoleo a los Martires de Artemisa, Av 28 de Enero. 1 CUC.  edit
  • Museo de Historia.  edit
  • Bulevard.  edit: there is a nice boulevard next to the central park. Park and boulevard are the meeting points of Artemisa. People use internet here, hang around, go shopping and visit bars or restaurants. Angerona bar, the Casa de la Chef with reasonably priced food, public bathrooms and a Etecsa telepunto as well as an icecream shop are here.
  • Antigua Cafetal Angerona.  edit: leaving Colon westwards, you will reach La Granada after around 7 km. Shortly before the settlement there is a small dirt path leading to the ruins of the old sugar cane farm of Angerona. It was owned by some German businessmen until the revolution blew his power away. The houses with their impressive columns fell apart and are a real secret travel tip now. Apart from the main hacienda you can see the old slave tower from where the bell rang to work and prayer. There's also old water sources and punishment cells. You can give a few coins to the aging guard and he will show you around. With you can find a few hiking paths past the buildings that lead into the forest and to some old cemetery.

Do[edit][add listing]

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Peso Pizza, cnr Calles 31 & 54. Very good pizza by Cuban standards. They also sell batidos.  edit
  • Casa de la Chef, a cafeteria on the Bulevard. Pollo Frito costs 25 CUP, rice and beans 5 CUP, juice as well 5 CUP. Very communist style.
  • Yang-tze, there is a "Chinese" restaurant at Cespedes and Marti 48 North of the Central park. You will recognize it because of the huge Ying and Yang sign on the door. Strangely there is no Chinese food available, but only classic Cuban dishes such as Pollo Frito, Bistec de Cerdo and Arroz Moro. Price per dish is around 25 to 30 CUP. Beer and cocktails for around 20 CUP. Next door is a bar (you can enter through the restaurant) with a wide selection of cocktails
  • Pizza, pretty cheap pizza place at Cespedes/Marti 48 - East of the central park. 15 CUP per pizza.

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Casa de la Musica, situated at Maceo and Colon, it is the place to be. Cubans pay 2 CUC, foreigners around 10 CUC. The club is pretty stylish, very glamour orientated, salsa music and a lot of twerking.
  • Bar Angerona, a nicely cheap place at the beginning of the Bulevard, coming from the Central Park. Local beers cost 1 CUC. Many locals come here or hang around in front to use the wifi.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Hotel Campo Amor, south of the Central park at the corner of Cespedes and Republica (27 y 50). It's the only state hotel, usually addressed at locals. It's possible to stay here as a foreigner as well now, but the price might be higher.
  • Casas particulares, there's a casa on Maceo. Just walk North from Bulevard and watch out for a sign on the right side of the street. Should be around the corner of 26, maybe further. There are a few rooms per hour for Cuban couples that are happy to host travellers for the whole night for around 10 CUC. Alternatively it's always worth asking around...locals are often looking to make some quick money and you can find a private accomodation for as cheap as 5 CUC a night.


Get out[edit]

  • Bus Ruta 35, is heading North on Maceo/Carr. Central de Cuba. Eventually you can reach Havana on this bus line. Plan 2 CUP per 30 km. Bus stop is close to the Eastern end of the Bulevard: Maceo entre Colon y Republica.
  • Heading East towards Las Canas, Güira, Las Palmas, Batabano, Melena and Güines at the Autopista Nacional to Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camagüey, locals will tell you that you have to get to Havana first to head further to the East. This is only half true. You can travel South of Havana on the smaller roads from village to village. Leave Artemisa on Republica (just get to Bulevard and keep on walking eastward). After a while you will find bus stops. Service is provided from as early as 6 am to Las Canas and Güira. There you can switch to Las Palmas or Batabano with bus, truck or collectivo, from there to Melena and then to Güines which is around 5 km away from the motorway Autopista Nacional to the East. With busses you pay 2 CUP per 30 km, but it's not recommended to wait for them each and every time. On the main square of every town there will be official workers that check trucks and collectivos and hook you up to the transport you need. Just tell them where you wanna go or ask some local. They will show you the way to the waiting spot for collectivos and trucks. Trucks should cost around 10 CUP per 30km, 5 for 10 to 15 km (ask other passengers to make sure). Collectivos are usually a bit more expensive (10 to 20 CUP). The 90 km from Artemisa to the motorway should take around 3 to 5 hours, depending on how quick you get rides and how often the cars, busses and trucks stop in between.
  • Autopista Este Oeste, it's about 15 km to the Autopista Este Oeste connecting Havana with Pinar del Rio. Take a collectivo or a bus to the intersection and walk up onto the Autopista. Here you can wait with a lot of other locals for the trucks to North or South. For Pinar del Rio and Havana to pay around 30 CUP.

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