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Argentina reciprocity fee

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Argentina reciprocity fee

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Origin of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Argentina reciprocity fee is a legal requirement for any traveler to this country.

Reciprocity is not necessarily a symptom of conflict but used as a form of balance or buffer between countries. The Argentina reciprocity fee was instituted in 2009 as a counterbalance to fees established by other countries for Argentine citizens. More detailed info in this page that relates the historical process

A short review of important historical events that took place at the start of the twenty-first century helps to understand why the reciprocity fee became necessary for Argentina.

From 1998 to 2002, Argentina, and much of South America suffered from economic depression. As the effects of poverty and political instability spread throughout the continent, mass emigration became more and more likely.

After the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City, the world, and especially the United States, began to consider the possibility of mass emigration as a potential threat to national security. Such an event could be exploited by terrorists wishing to enter the United States, or her close allies that would also be likely to accept the emigrants.

In 2002, at the depth of Argentina’s depression, the US removed Argentina from the Visa Waiver Program and added fees for Argentine citizens wishing to visit. It was intended to help protect the US and others during a time of heightened terrorist activity throughout the world by reducing the number of Argentines crossing the border.

After Paying Your Argentina Reciprocity Fee Online

When you plan a trip to South America, choosing which of the many countries on the expansive continent to visit can be a challenge. However, one nation offers splendours both natural and man-made that shouldn’t be missed: Argentina. With its wide range of climates and diverse terrain, Argentina is one of the most fascinating countries in South America. From the wide mouth of the River Plate to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires, there is something for every tourist to explore in this lush country. If you are planning on travelling to Argentina from Canada, the United States, or Australia, the entry process is quick and easy.

Entering Argentina Is as Simple as Paying a Fee

For tourists arriving from the countries mentioned above and planning on staying fewer than three months, an Argentina visa is not needed. Instead, you will simply need to pay the Argentina reciprocity fee.

This fee grants you access to the country as a tourist and reflects the cost that Argentinian citizens would incur travelling to other nations. Rather than paying the fee at the border and potentially encountering troublesome delays, however, Argentina’s government has begun accepting electronic payments of the Argentina reciprocity fee before travellers arrive.

The process is simple. You can pay the Argentina reciprocity fee online. You will be provided with a receipt, which you can then print and bring with you as you enter the country. An officer will scan your receipt, and you are then free to travel throughout Argentina just like you would be on a regular visa.