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Amazing Places for Pictures in Rhode Island

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Amazing Places for Pictures in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is a beautiful state with a little bit of everything for everybody. This itinerary will take you on a tour through our lovely little state with a few designated stops that will simply take your breath away. It will start at the beautiful University of Rhode Island in North Kingstown, taking you to the Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett. The current lighthouse that occupies this start is the third to be built there. The first lighthouse built in 1810 was destroyed in 1815 by a hurricane, and was replaced in 1816. The next stop we will make is at Fort Wetherill in Jamestown.Fort Wetherill was a functioning military base that was built in 1895 and closed in 1945. The fort is now part of the Fort Wetherill State Park, with the fort itself situated on one hundred foot high cliffs overlooking the Narragansett Bay. As the sun dances across the sky it causes these waters to shimmer and dance along with it. From one hundred feet up the view you get from this ballet of nature is something you can only see here. And the pictures you can get are absolutely breathtaking. Also while at Fort Wetherill one could also visit Getty State Park or The Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial. Both of these sites are close to Fort Wetherill, and are as beautiful and have just as much historical connections on all the stops on our list. From Fort Wetherill the next stop will be Beavertail State Park. Beavertail State Park is one hundred fifty three acres, the crown jewel of which is the Beavertail Lighthouse, which dates back to 1856. This park was part of fort Burnside during World War Two. Now the park offers not only unbelievably beautiful views, but also hiking, saltwater fishing, and picking areas, like all of the stops we make. The final stop is at Slater Park. This stop is the most inhabited stop on our list. This park has not only the usual attractions that all our other stops have, amazing views, picking areas, and rum to hang out and run around, Slater Park also has amazing nature walk paths, a zoo, a playground, and even a casino. Though Slater Park is usually a bit more crowded than the other sites, this location still has much to offer and is a nice place to finish a busy day of touring some beautiful locations, by just taking a walk around and having something to eat. All of our chosen locations have historical value, along with their natural breath taking views, and there is something for everyone. There is architecture, historical sites, boats, the ocean, animals. In these few sites we encompass Rhode Island’s rich history, and bring out something for everyone.


For this trip you won't need much. We recommend that you do have a few things. Here we will elaborate on what we think you will need and why. For this trip we recommend that you have a car or truck or motorcycle, some form of transportation.This is for a few reasons, one, so you can take your time and take the perfect picture, and also so you don’t have to plan your trip around a public transportation system. Also this allows for privacy and for you to bring more people with you to see everything. Also make sure the car has a full tank of gas you will be doing quite a bit of driving for this trip. We also recommend you bring a map, so you can make sure you are where you need to be. Also a camera,a back up sim card and batteries. You won’t want to miss one of these views because you don’t have enough battery or memory on your camera. Also bring a cellphone and charger, so you can contact someone if there is an emergency. This is going to be a long day so we also recommend either packing snacks and a lunch or bringing money to buy some food, and a few souvenirs.

Get in[edit]

We start our trip at the University of Rhode Island. So here is how you can get there from the train station next to the Rhode Island State house, and from the Providence bus terminal. These directions are for someone driving and may differ if you are using another form of transportation. From the train station : Leave the Train Station on the State House side; Gaspy Street Follow Gaspy Street to the first intersection, turn left onto Francis Follow Francis to Memorial Blvd Turn right onto Memorial Blvd, you will see three (3) highway ramps, take the MIDDLE RAMP >95 SOUTH< Follow 95 SOUTH to Exit 9 (A left hand exit) Get off Exit 9 which put you on Route 4 South Follow Rte 4 South until it turns into Route 1 South, Continue following until you reach Route 138 West Follow 138 West until Upper College Road, bringing you to URI From the Bus Terminal: Leave the Bus Terminal and take a right onto Smithfield Ave Get on the ramp for 95 SOUTH Follow 95 SOUTH to Exit 9 (A left hand exit) Get off Exit 9 which put you on Route 4 South Follow Rte 4 South until it turns into Route 1 South, Continue following until you reach Route 138 West Follow 138 West until Upper College Road, bringing you to URI


From URI to Point Judith Head East on 138 to Route 1 Take a right onto Route 1 turn South Follow Route 1 to Route 108 Follow Route 108 until you see Aunt Carrie’s Turn right and arrive at Point Judith Lighthouse From Point Judith Lighthouse to Fort Weatherall Go back to 108 North take a left Get onto Route 1 North Take 138 East to Jamestown Take the second exit after the Jamestown Bridge Get off the exit, take a right onto Conanicus Ave. Follow Conanicus Ave, until it turns into Walcott Ave, you will see the entrance to Fort Wetherill State Park on the left Fort Wetherill to Beavertail Turn left on Highland Drive Follow until Hamilton Ave, turn onto Hamilton Ave Follow Hamilton Ave, it will turn into Beavertail Road That will take you right to Beavertail State Park

            (on the way there you can stop at Fort Getty State Park [Fort Getty Road], or South  

Battery Lane and visit the Daughters of American Revolution Memorial) Beaver Tail to Slater Park: Follow Beavertail Road (heading North) which will turn into Hamilton Ave (heading East) At the end of Hamilton Ave turn left onto Conanicus Ave Follow to Route 138 Get onto Route 138 West Follow 138 until Route 1 North Get off 138 and onto Route 1 North Once on Route 1 get into the LEFT lane Go left on Route 4 North Follow Route 4 North to 95 North Get off at Exit 29 (Cottage St exit) Turn left on Cottage St off Exit Follow Cottage St to Main St

Turn left onto Main St

Follow Main St, it will turn into Route 15

Follow Route 15 (AKA Armistice Blvd) until you see the Slater Memorial Park sign on your right

Slater Park to University of Rhode Island Leave Slater Park and turn left onto route 15 Follow until it turns into Main St Turn onto 95 South on ramp Follow 95 SOUTH to Exit 9 (A left hand exit) Get off Exit 9 which put you on Route 4 South Follow Rte 4 South until it turns into Route 1 South, Continue following until you reach Route 138 West Follow 138 West until Upper College Road, leaving you at URI

Stay safe[edit]

To stay safe we recommend you bring at least one other person, a cell phone, and charger, and a map. These may seem really basic but we find it very important. We recommend these things because some of these places are far out and private so if you break down or get lost we want you to be able to find your way home, and or contact help. Also most of our locations are on the water, with being on the coast and or on cliffs, so we recommend to stay safe, don’t get too close to the edge or try jumping off and cliff diving. The waters are very rocky and dangerous, it is ok, if not encouraged to go swimming in our beaches, we just warn to do it safely so no one gets hurt.

Get out[edit]

Go next[edit]

For your next trip through our wonderful little state we have a few recommendations for day trips. First we recommend going to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, not only is the park beautiful and full of wonderful animals and activities, there is also the many other attractions. These attractions include a botanical center, a casino, the temple of music, a carousel, a museum and an observatory, along with much much more. Another location we find would make a great day trip would be Goddard park in East Greenwich, and the Rocky Point amusement park ruins/ memorial walk in Warwick. Also for art lovers we recommend going to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) museum. Rhode Island might be a little state, but we use all the room we have to the fullest. We have amazing scenery from ocean views, to untouched woodland landscapes, and even city skyline. If you are looking for a way to spend a day I could not think of a better way then exploring what this state has to offer.