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A Weekend in Philly

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This article is an itinerary.

A Weekend In Philly is your guide to see the sights of Philadelphia.


The following weekend itinerary offers options of things to do for a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday in Philadelphia. This itinerary assumes that at the end of the night, you will return to your hotel of choice. This itinerary is set up in a specific order of convenience and location, this way you do not have to walk excessive amounts in one day. It is a weekend to view the landmarks and historical aspects of Philadelphia as well as get a glimpse of the night life. You can mix and match the options that are given to you from the various days or keep them the way they are offered.

Not all prices are listed in this itinerary because the prices of the offered events vary day by day. It depends on what you chose to do, on what day, and what time. Be prepared and bring enough money that you believe will last you a weekend of vacation. This itinerary does not include methods of transportation to any of the options, or to Philadelphia in general. For more information on how to get to Philly or around Philly, please refer to Philadelphia and click on the Get in or Get around links.


When traveling in Philadelphia, the only necessity is to have money on hand. Other helpful things to carry around with you would be a map and a license just in case. Packing for this trip, it would be easiest to pack clothing that is comfortable to walk around in. Also pack clothes that you would go out at night in. If you plan on taking a train for transportation, ensure you have extra money.

Day 1[edit]

A Relaxing Night


Assuming you would leave for Philly after work, the first thing to do would be to check in at your hotel of choice. A hotel that is in a great location for your weekend of fun would be Loews Hotel. Loews is located on 1200 Market Street. You are more than welcome to choose which hotel, this is only a suggestion. After checking in, freshen up for a night out.

For a nice, relaxing, low-key dinner, El Vez is a Mexican-American restaurant nearby. El Vez has a modern look with a few old fashioned Mexican flairs. It has a funky style to it that has been known to be appealing to travelers. The over-all atmosphere of this hip restaurant is welcoming and comfortable. It is located at 121 South 13th Street. They have a large menu, with many different options. The options from their dinner menu stay under the category of Mexican but range from tacos to salads to different entrée meals. They also have an option of tacos for two. To look at their dinner menu, go to and click on the menu button at the bottom. On their website, you can also see pictures of this restaurant.

After dinner, you can go back to the hotel for a while to change, unpack, and relax. Tonight is a good night to experience some of Philly’s nightlife! Table 31 is a restaurant located within the Comcast Center at 1701 JFK Boulevard. There’s an outdoor bar/lounge area with a view of the city. Table 31’s outdoor lounge is a way to end off the night with a few drinks. They also offer an indoor lounge area that has a high-class look. One of the nicest ways to end the night is with a view of the city. To see pictures of Table 31, or look at their menu, go to

Day 2[edit]

Historical Day


Start your first morning in Philly off with breakfast at Jones Restaurant, located on 700 Chestnut Street. The retro decor and shag rugs add to the fun atmosphere. This is a great spot for families and requires casual comfy attire. Make sure to start your meal off Jones’ famous monkey bread and a cup of coffee. The breakfast menu ranges from chocolate chip waffles, to eggs benedict, to huevos rancheros. For more information, go to

The first site to see is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, located on 26th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The museum is $16 for adults, $14 for seniors, $12 for students, $12 for children ages 13-18 and free for children ages 12 and under. The main building of the museum echoes the design of a Greek temple. The museum consists of the Main Building and the Perelman Building. There are many different exhibitions to pick and choose from at the museum. The museum is so large you could make your visit an all day affair, or choose just one or two exhibitions to see and continue your exploration of Philly elsewhere. For more information, go to


Walking from exhibition to exhibition can make you hungry. For lunch head to Philadelphia’s historic farmers market, Reading Terminal Market, which is located on 12th and Arch Street. They have been known for their large selection of Philadelphia cuisine since 1892. This is a great family spot where everyone will find exactly what he or she is hungry for. Along with food you can also find hand-made pottery, jewelry and crafts at Reading Terminal Market. If you are looking for a cheese steak or an Italian hoagie stop at Carmen’s for a bite to eat. To satisfy your sweet tooth indulge in some ice cream from Bassets Ice Cream; America’s oldest ice cream company since 1861. Before leaving Reading Terminal Market, stop to get a cannoli from Termini Brothers Bakery. No matter what you choose, you will leave Reading Terminal Market full and satisfied. For more information, go to

The best time to go sightseeing in Philadelphia is on a full stomach, so after lunch head over to the National Constitution Center. Located on Independence Mall, at 525 Arch Street. General Admission to the Constitution Center is $14.50 for adults, $13 for seniors, $13 for students, $8 for children and free for members and active military. The National Constitution Center has so much to offer it is up to you, which aspects you would like to see. Whether you are voting for your all-time favorite President or taking the Presidential Oath-of-office, the Nation Constitution Center is a worthwhile place to visit. For more information visit

Final site to see for the day is the Liberty Bell Center, which contains none other than the real Liberty Bell. It is located on Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets. You can get up close and personal with the Liberty Bell, the only thing that separates you is a glass case. Along with viewing the Liberty Bell, a video presentation and various exhibits are showcased. For more information visit This is the perfect way to end your historic day in Philly. Now onto dinner!


The Dandelion is the perfect spot for a hearty dinner in a whimsical atmosphere. It is located on 18th and Sansom Street. The idea behind Dandelion is a British gastropub, serving not only hearty food but also hearty beer. Order either the beer-battered fish and chips or the lamb shepherd’s pie. For dessert indulge in either the chocolate hot pot or the sticky toffee pudding. Dining at Dandelion is a relaxing way to end a jam-packed day. For more information visit

Finish the night with a late night snack and dancing at the Silk City Diner. The Silk City Diner, Lounge, and Beer Garden is located on 435 Spring Garden Street. The diner which has been around since 1952 was featured on the Food Network’s "Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives." If your looking for a late night snack they have you covered, with pork belly empanadas or cilantro spiced fried calamari. After you are filled up, head over to the lounge and dance the night away. For more information visit

Day 3[edit]

A Leisurely Day


Start your low key day off around 10 a.m. with a Greek Cypriot breakfast at Kanella. Before you leave your hotel you can make your reservations and look at the menu online at Make your way to Kanella; depending on where you are staying will depend on your transportation. Kanella is located on 1001 Spruce Street. Kanella is a casual café filled with brick walls and colors of white and blue that surround you. Kanella is known for their breakfasts; In 2009 Esquire Magazine voted one of Kanella’s dishes as "The 37th Best Breakfast in America". Their food styles are Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Seafood.

After filling your stomachs with breakfast make your way to Rittenhouse Square. This is only 0.85 of a mile from Kanella. Rittenhouse Square is located in Fairmount Park on 18th and 20th Streets. This square was named after a patriotic leader David Rittenhouse. Enjoy yourself as you explore through the square you will see outdoor art exhibits, several art sculptures, annual flower markets, a reflecting pool, and many people having a picnic or watching their children play.


After getting fresh air from walking through the square hopefully you have worked up an appetite, as one cannot come to Philadelphia without trying a cheesesteak. Why not go to one of the top places that specialize in cheesesteaks? Geno’s Steaks is almost 2 miles from Rittenhouse Square. Geno’s is located on 1219 South 9th St. In 1966 Geno’s was started and has stayed as a family owned diner since then. There is no indoor dining available at Geno’s; however there are tables available under a canopy along the sidewalk. To see the menu click here Geno's is open 24 hours, and the line has been said to stretch around the block no matter the time!

After filling your stomach with a cheesesteak make your way to support the Philadelphia Phillies, preorder your tickets here at The stadium is 2 miles away from Geno’s. It is located on 1 Citizen Bank Way. Go out and experience the exciting atmosphere of the game. Throughout Citizen Bank Park, there are many activities to do; from Ashburn Alley, The Break, to Cooperstown Gallery. If you have the urge to shop there are 7 merchandise shops. Make sure you don’t fill up at the concession stands though.


After a thrilling game of baseball, make your final spot being heading home to Distrito, to fill up on Mexican food. Distrito is about 6 miles away from The Citizen Stadium, located on the corner of 40th and 3945 Chestnut Street. You can make your reservations and take a look at the menu online at Dinner starts being served at 5:00 p.m. Distrito is a restaurant that’s full of pink décor that will get your attention. This modern restaurant has unique setting from chairs, booths and taxis. Chef Jose Garces won Best Chef Mid-Atlantic award and won The Next Iron Chef in 2010. After dinner, head back to your hotel and start packing.

This is a guide itinerary. It has good, detailed information covering the entire route. Plunge forward and help us make it a star!