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Warschau : Wola
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Warschau/Wola ist ein Stadtteil von Warschau mit 144.000 Einwohner. Der Stadtteil grenzt den Stadtteil Śródmieście.


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  • Harlem, ul. Kolejowa 8/10, +48 (0/502) 635 399, [1]. A club that mostly plays Hip-hop and rap music.  edit
  • Club 70, ul. Waliców 9 (About a block from the Hotel Hyatt, on a side street off of ul. Grzybowska), +48 (0/22) 654 71 41, [2]. Club 70 is a really well done club – the music is a decent mix of 70's and 80's music, bouncers aren't as hardcore as bouncers at other clubs, and the dedication of the management to fun clubbing makes Club 70 one of the best clubs in Warsaw. If you call Monday - Friday between 10AM - 6PM, you can make reservations. Entrance ranges from free to roughly zł 20 or so. Drinks are a bit on the expensive side with 0.5 liter of beer costing zł 10.  edit
  • Ice Club, ul. Pańska 61 (About a minute's walk from Rondo ONZ. Ul. Pańska runs parallel to ul. Prosta and is more of a parking lot than a street), +48 (0/22) 654 56 34 (), [3]. Entrance cost zł 10.  edit
  • Piekarnia, ul. Młocińska 11 (Near the Arkadia shopping mall. The club is kind of hidden on a side street, so you may want to memorize its location on a map first), +48 (0/22) 636 49 79 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 636 49 79), [4]. At first glance the club is a wreck, especially due to the the club's out-of-the-way locale, with some of the shadiest DJing ever, but venturing further in actually will reveal a second dance floor with better DJing and chart topping music. For the most part, the club is hit or miss and probably won't be a very memorable night out, unless you're one of the people half-engaged in intercourse on the sofas. (52.2551,20.9805) edit

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  • Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre, Grzybowska 63, +48 (0)22/ 356 55 55 (fax: +48 (0)22/ 356 55 56), [5]. checkin: 14 Uhr; checkout: Mittag. Das Hotel liegt nur ein paar Minuten von Warschaus Stadtzentrum.  edit



  • Teleskop e-cafe, ul. Krochmalna 2, +48 (0/22) 652 25 84, [6]. Internet cafe tucked away on the side street near TGI Fridays, and the Atrium International Business Center buildings.  edit