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[en] Wikitravel ToC[Bearbeiten]

You had some pretty strong opinions about the Wikitravel table of contents last year. I know you're working on other projects now, but if you have some time I'd love to hear your opinion of, say, on . Thanks, --Evan 18:35, 5. Apr. 2007 (CEST)

[en] Lying to our users...[Bearbeiten]

Lying to Wikitravel's users and community about the alleged "death" of Wikitravel, the supposed retirement of our admins, and the recruitment of our users either by "greeting" them and telling them more lies about the status of our community or via Email is a violation of Wikitravel:Nutzungsbedingungen. If this kind of irresponsible usage of Wikitravel continues I and the German speaking community will use all means we deem to be necessary to stop this childish behavior. -- Sapphire(Diskussion) • 21:40, 10. Aug. 2007 (CEST)