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I wouldn't go too fast into an article-creation spree, because it looks like the templates haven't been discussed. Maybe we should check it with Carme. -- Rmx 20:37, 26 febr 2007 (EST)

Ah, I guess you're right. I just saw your message now. (Looks like this version doesn't yet have the little red notification dot that appears at the top when someone leaves you a message). But are there even more than one native speaker to discuss it right now? Texugo 22:36, 26 febr 2007 (EST)

Països catalàs

That's not a region of Spain. It's a general term for Catalan-speaking places such as Andorra, Catalunya and other regions of Spain, France and even Italy. Language, culture and independence can be a really big issue for many Catalans, so I'm rolling back your changes - trust me, you don't want to see a Catalan person when they're mad! :o)

I'm sure the community will be able to decide how to deal with that vis à vis the geographical hierarchy adopted by all other language versions. -- Rmx 22:22, 28 febr 2007 (EST)

Just noticed that it was a full copyvio from GFDL content from Wikipedia anyway. So I blanked the page, which kind of settles the case, huh? -- Rmx 22:31, 28 febr 2007 (EST)

Article Templates

The article templates are ready to be used. Feel free to "plunge forward" and Thank you so much for your contributions! -- Carmepla 14:22, 6 març 2007 (EST)


Howdy, Tex. I've flipped your admin bit on ca: (I think you now are an admin on more language versions than anyone except me). You should probably log out and log back in to make sure it works. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your work once again. --Evan 09:56, 6 abr 2007 (EDT)

Can machine translation help?

Hi, well I will be caring about the cities on the Amalfi Coast, mainly inserting info where no writing knowledge of Catalan is necessary.

I just wanted to try out the apertium Machine Translation - a colleague told me that it does a fairly good job and so this could maybe be of help for you:

This is the article I am translating:


This is what I get:

Altres destins Municipi de *Jaumave estat *Tamaulipas situat a 50 Quilòmetres de *Cd. Victòria Cabdal de l'estat rumb a l'estat de San Luis *Potosí. Existeixen Balnearis com El *Ojito, La Cortina, els quals són gratuïts o d'una quantitat mòdica, *albercas, *palapas i la llera natural del balneari, *tambien existeix un *rio cridat "*Nogales" el qual aquesta situat a 14 *Kilometros de la capçalera municipal de *Jaumave. Vols *precenciar el naixement d'un *rio? Doncs *ahi neix , els seus paisatges són *paradisiacos i el seu clima privilegiat. En els estats del sud-est mexicà, es troben atractius llocs com *Chiapas, *Cancún, Quintana Rosego, *Oaxaca, *Acapulco, i *Veracruz Platges com Les *Bahias de *Acapulco, *Cozumel, Illa Dones, CD Carmen *Campeche, Llocs arqueològics com *Teotihuacan en la zona central de Mèxic, La Venda en *Tabasco, *Palenque en *Chiapas, *siende aquests llocs molt atractius a la vista. En els estats com *Guanajuato , *Michoacán, Guadalajara, San Luis *Potosí , podem trobar una gran varietat d'arquitectura barroca principalment del segle XVI . [editar] Comprengui L'extensió territorial de Mèxic, és d'1 964 375 Km² dels quals 1 959 248 Km² són superfície continental i 5 127 Km² corresponen a superfície *insular. [editar] Fronteres La República Mexicana té fronteres amb els Estats Units d'Amèrica, Guatemala i *Belice, al llarg d'un total de 4 301 km distribuïts de la següent forma: Amb els Estats Units d'Amèrica, s'estén una línia *fronteriza al llarg de 3,152 km des del Monument 258 al nord-oest de *Tijuana fins a la desembocadura del Riu Brau en el Golf de Mèxic. Són estats limítrofs al nord del país: Baixa Califòrnia, Sonora, *Chihuahua, *Coahuila, Nou Lleó i *Tamaulipas. La línia *fronteriza amb Guatemala té una extensió de 956 km; amb *Belice de 193 km (No inclou 85.266 km de límit marítim en la Badia de *Chetumal). Els estats *fronterizos del sud i sud-est del país són: *Chiapas, *Tabasco, *Campeche i Quintana Rosego. (*INEGI (2006))

Please note that the words starting with * are marked as not known by the translation tool - you can also set the option that the *s are not inserted in the translated text. Last time I tried with an article of wikipedia about the German city of Nürnberg (from Spanish to Catalan) and what I was told by people of ca.wikipedia is that the translation was ok and it did not need too much time to correct the few errors. So I hope this helps.

Have a nice evening! --SabineCretella 15:34, 10 maig 2007 (EDT)

Well I believe that machine translated texts must be marked with a template that also leads to the original text in the other language. In this way people know that the text is probably not 100% correct and that they can help by clicking on edit and proofreading the text. There should be some kind of project page that has the links to the pages that should be translated giving also the future title of the page on ca-wikitravel. In such a way nearly anybody can help with the work, even if they hardly understand Catalan. This would lead to less work for native speakers since they can simply follow a list of machine translated texts to proof read and they do not really have to think about what they want to work on. Once the article was proof-read the template is taken away. The good side of this is: by doing so we can also get the link of the not proofread text and the finished text with proofreading to the Apertium people and they, based on the corrections, improve their tool. Over time this means you will get texts that are of increasing quality. Therefore: machine translation yes, but not hundreds of articles - maybe only 5 or so a week, so that other people can follow. Only when we note that 5 a week is not enough one can do more.
To your information: they are also working on a English-Catalan translator. The problem there is that not many people worked on it and therefore it lacks in terminology and translation rules for now. I would say: we do not use it for now, concentrate on Spanish-Catalan which is quite good and once we have everything over here and people are working for proof reading we could do one article a week or so in order to improve it so that sooner or later you have a really good tool. The English community is normally also the biggest one and therefore the English project grows exponentially.
I am copying this piece also to Carmepla. Ciao :-) --SabineCretella 13:18, 15 maig 2007 (EDT)


Hi Bryan! I just wanted to let you know that when talking about Spanish language, in Catalan we always say "castellà". As a reference, you can see it in a Catalan multilingual dictionary like this one: Diccionari multilingüe. Have a nice day! Carmepla 01:43, 17 maig 2007 (EDT)

OK, "cast" sounds good to me. Carmepla 10:26, 17 maig 2007 (EDT)

Credits for Translations

If you use Firefox, it has the option "View..." "Page source". Copy credits and change syntax. Not very fast, but when having many credits it might be handy. I'll keep looking for alternatives and if I find something better I'll tell you. Carmepla 00:36, 22 maig 2007 (EDT)

See you

Hi Brian! I'm leaving for London in some hours. I'll come back with updates for the wiki. See you! Carmepla 01:04, 29 juny 2007 (EDT)

Thanks mate

Is a pleasure to contibute to this project, but thanks anyway I started to think I was alone out there :D --Oitoo 20:20, 3 jul 2007 (EDT)


I've just seen you deleted lots of information on the article "Ulldecona". Sorry I don't get it, I don't see what's wrong there. I'd like to have a clear picture. What happened? Carmepla 11:27, 28 nov 2008 (EST)

Hmmm.. I checked a couple of passages and they appeared to be copied from another site, as I mentioned in the comment. I checked a couple more just now and they didn't come up as copyvio, so I don't know. At least part of that giant addition was in violation of copyright, and if someone does that, I don't feel responsible to go through it sentence by sentence to check every little thing-- I just revert the whole change. If you want to pick through it piece by piece and keep the parts that are not illegal, please go ahead. Texugo 09:25, 5 des 2008 (EST)
Just found out that we have permission from the town government (site's owner) to use the content in Wikitravel. Trying to get it by written. --Carmepla 11:29, 6 des 2008 (EST)
Ok. Sounds good! Texugo 02:02, 8 des 2008 (EST)

[email protected]

puc saber el motiu pel qual heu eliminat [email protected] de Wikitravel?

Si us plau, doneu un cop d'ull a What does not get its own article? (Ho sento, no hi ha versió en català encara) i Wikitravel:Benvinguda als propietaris d'establiments.Texugo 02:42, 7 abr 2010 (EDT)