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Paisos Catalans

Actually, since you put it that way-- on the Portuguese or Spanish version, I would probably be completely against this kind of article. After all, the Portuguese version doesn't have (or need) an article called "Paises Lusofonos" and the Spanish doesn't have or need "Paises Hispanohablantes". None of the other language versions have an entry for Paisos Catalans either. Texugo 00:41, 1 març 2007 (EST)

I'm sure that's not a replacement for the geographical hierarchy and such an article would surely be bound to have very little practical information in it, but I guess it would do no harm to let is exist as an exception, really. In a similar vein, French Wikitravel has both fr:Francophonie and fr:Liste des pays francophones (the latter I think should be redirected to the former), so maybe it makes a little sense to have those articles for reference purposes only. Anyway, whatever you guys decide is fine by me. -- Rmx 09:04, 3 març 2007 (EST)

Fotos excel·lents

Outstanding photos!!! I'd like to show you some pics from close to where I live: They're not mine. I'll take some of them to share in Wikitravel. I'm not good at it, I must recon, but I hope people will like them. (Carmepla 01:23, 2 març 2007 (EST))

Gràcies, Carme. I have lots of other less visually pleasant but more representative photos of Girona that I haven't uploaded to Flickr. I'll be uploading a few of them to Wikitravel Shared soon. As for that delta, it seems to be a very quiet and peaceful place, I'd love to go there one day. I'll be in Tokyo and Hong Kong in April, so I guess I'll have had my share of big overcrowded places after that, and a little nature would do me good. :) -- Rmx 09:04, 3 març 2007 (EST)