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Why do we have Oest d'Europa and Nord d'Europa, but it's Europa de l'Est? Shouldn't we have Europa de l'Oest and Europa del Nord, for consistency's sake? Texugo 22:08, 19 març 2007 (EDT)

I didn't realize this. It's just the way we speak. But it's a good point. I will look for information and will come back to you. Thanks! (Carmepla 03:12, 20 març 2007 (EDT))
Ok. I went ahead and changed it, because a Google searched showed a lot of results either way. Texugo 03:22, 20 març 2007 (EDT)
I was unable to find any consensus about it, even including a third possibility (oriental, occidental, etc.). Mainly, I guess, because this classification is hardly ever used by Catalan official organizations. So… yes, I agree with your decision. And thanks again for your help. (Carmepla 09:08, 20 març 2007 (EDT))