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16:05, 6 February 2010 Bergiselschanze Hadit 9.JPG (file) 1.58 MB {{Imagecredit|credit=Böhringer Friedrich|captureDate=6 April 2009|location=47° 14' 56.44" N, 11° 23' 58.17" E|source=|caption=|description=View of Bergisel ski jumping hill in Innsbruck 1
16:42, 23 October 2009 Portugal-Lisbon-Parque das Nacoes01.jpg (file) 65 KB a copy of, now with ASCII-only filename 1
09:28, 25 October 2008 184156380.jpg (file) 42 KB Taken by Natalya Kovaleva at Santorini in Sept 2005. For use at my personal page. 1