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За първи път ли сте във Wikitravel Shared? Моля кликнете тук за да започнете!

Wikitravel Shared is the central coordination point and shared repository for images and other media for all language versions of Wikitravel, the free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide. Wikitravel Shared currently contains 55,671 files uploaded by Wikitravellers.

Wikitravel strives to be a leader in travel research with up-to-date and complete articles, and images can often convey more than a thousand words. Some articles may already have images, however, should you happen to have an image that captures the soul of the destination please replace the current image with your own. Additionally, some articles don't have any images at all and we welcome any contribution you can make. Please visit the list of the articles without an image at Requests for images.

Images by geography

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Useful functions

How to use Shared images

To use a Shared image on any Wikitravel language version, just use the normal syntax [[Image:filename.jpg]] to include it. Either the English Image: or the local language (Bild:, 画像:, etc) can be used as the command.

The Wikitravel software will automatically check both the Shared and the local image repositories for the image. Note that if the same filename exists on both the local site and the Shared site, the local image has precedence.

Project coordination

Picture of the Moment

Misasa-onsen hot spring district

Misasa-onsen hot spring district

Contributor: Aiko99ann

bg:Начална страница