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|7 October 2004
|7 October 2004

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Wikitravel is available in multiple non-English languages. This allows us to provide information to travellers who don't speak English, and to get knowledge from travellers who don't write English.

Starting and maintaining language versions of Wikitravel is governed by our language version policy. The following language versions are currently active:

Wikitravel language versions
language expedition URL code started Liaison
Catalan Catalan Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/ca/ ca 22 February 2007 Al turtusi
Dutch Dutch Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/nl/ nl 16 December 2005 Guaka
English N/A http://wikitravel.org/en/ en 24 July 2003 Not yet appointed
Esperanto Esperanto Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/eo/ eo 2006 Bill Alexander
Finnish Finnish http://wikitravel.org/fi/ fi 22 February 2007 Jpatokal (temporary)
French French Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/fr/ fr 12 February 2004 PierreAbbat
German German Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/de/ de 7 October 2004 Not yet appointed
Hungarian Hungarian Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/hu/ hu 2006 Bujatt
Italian Italian Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/it/ it 11 June 2006 DaniloP
Japanese Japanese Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/ja/ ja 18 June 2005 Paul Richter
Polish Polish Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/pl/ pl 31 March 2006 Jan Słupski
Portuguese Portuguese Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/pt/ pt 27 January 2006 Rmx
Romanian Romanian Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/ro/ ro 27 December 2003 Vlad
Spanish Spanish Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/es/ es 31 January 2006 Nanow Jesús Madrid
Swedish Swedish Wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/sv/ sv 7 October 2004 Riggwelter

The codes above are needed for interlanguage links between Wikitravel versions.

A go-between is a user who's volunteered to keep a connection open between the language version and the rest of Wikitravel. See the language version policy for details on this job.

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