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===Community leaders===
===Community leaders===
*Paul - [[User:IBobi]].  '''E-mail: paul.obrien at'''
*Paul - [[User:IBobi]]. Community Manager.  '''E-mail: paul.obrien at'''
*Aleksandra - [[User:IBAlex]].  '''E-mail: aleksandra.wocial at'''
*Aleksandra - [[User:IBAlex]]. Community Specialist.  '''E-mail: aleksandra.wocial at'''
==Technical problems==
==Technical problems==

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Internet Brands [1] is the company which owns and develops the Wikitravel trademark and websites.

Contact list

Internet Brands, Inc.
909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

Community leaders

  • Paul - User:IBobi. Community Manager. E-mail: paul.obrien at
  • Aleksandra - User:IBAlex. Community Specialist. E-mail: aleksandra.wocial at

Technical problems

For non-urgent tech requests and bug reports, please contact Paul or Aleksandra above.

For emergencies that must be resolved immediately, please contact:

  • urgent at - for the highest priority issues. (i.e. Site down)

Legal issues

  • Internet Brands has a legal team with varying specialties. Paul O'Brien - User:IBobi can be used as a first point of contact. (Please note that on-site discussion of legal matters at times may not be appropriate. In such situations, email and phone conversations may be needed.)

See also

  • Roadmap — discussion and voting for top-priority feature requests
  • Top bugs — discussion and voting for top-priority bugs