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===Community leaders===
===Community leaders===
*Paul - [[User:IBobi]]. E-mail: paul.obrien at internetbrands.com
*Paul - [[User:IBobi]]. '''E-mail: paul.obrien at internetbrands.com'''
*Aleksandra - [[User:IBAlex]]. E-mail alexandra.wocial at internetbrands.com
*Aleksandra - [[User:IBAlex]]. '''E-mail: aleksandra.wocial at internetbrands.com'''
==Technical problems==
==Technical problems==

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Internet Brands [1] is the company which owns and develops the Wikitravel trademark and websites. This page strives to explain the organization and which people to talk to. Please remember that Wikitravel e-mail directly to any of the users is not recommended, since all discussions related to Wikitravel should be kept open and available for all Wikitravellers.

Contact list


Internet Brands, Inc.
909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

Community leaders

  • Paul - User:IBobi. E-mail: paul.obrien at internetbrands.com
  • Aleksandra - User:IBAlex. E-mail: aleksandra.wocial at internetbrands.com

Technical problems

Non-urgent tech requests and bug reports should be filed at Tech requests. If you have general questions for IB's tech team, please contact:

  • tech at wikitravel.org - for non-emergency technical questions/comments/requests.

For emergencies that must be resolved immediately, please contact:

  • urgent at wikitravel.org - for the highest priority issues. (i.e. Site down)

Legal issues

  • Internet Brands has a legal team with varying specialties. Paul O'Brien - User:IBobi can be used as a first point of contact. (Please note that on-site discussion of legal matters at times may not be appropriate. In such situations, email and phone conversations may be needed.)

See also

  • Roadmap — discussion and voting for top-priority feature requests
  • Top bugs — discussion and voting for top-priority bugs