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I think that you'd probably do well in a consulting role where you are helping companies who want to improve in the area of creating passionate users (products and websites). Your knowledge of the field is shown well by your blogging, and maybe getting out in front of people will give you more of a reason to stay passionate about this subject area (if not the blog itself)., PATRICIA HEATON FAKES, 6072, MEGAN FOX TITS, =OOO, CHERYL COLE IN A BIKINI,  :D, KRISTEN STEWART HOT PICS,  %PP, JESSICA BIEL PLAYBOY, 8[[, ALYSON HANNIGAN SEX TAPE, vtcwn, PHOEBE TONKIN NUDE PICS, ncex, KATE BECKINSALE HOT PICS, 4321, IVANA MILICEVIC TOPLESS,  :-D, LACEY CHABERT NUDE PHOTOS, =-), TABRETT BETHELL BUTT, 771, KIM KARDASHIAN TOPLESS,  :], EVA GREEN NAKED PHOTOS, >:OO, KATIE PRICE HOT PICS, 80199,



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