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Maharashtra : Konkan
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Konkan is the coastal division of Maharashtra state in India. It stretches North-South from the city of Mumai (Bombay) in the North, to Goa which borders the southern tip of Konkan.

Regions[Modifica sezione]

Officially, the region contains six districts -

Bombay city, its suburbs and some surrounding areas like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan etc. are now administratively a part of a massive conurbation called Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which has its own development authority.

Cities[Modifica sezione]

Other destinations[Modifica sezione]

Understand[Modifica sezione]

In reality, the entire stretch from Thane to Mangalore forms the historical Konkan region, with some definitions including the entire western coast of India, from Gujarat to Kerala in it. But the official name of Konkan has been assigned only to the Maharashtrian part. It is an approximately 40 km wide strip of land between the Arabian sea and Deccan plateau (Ghats).

Talk[Modifica sezione]

Get in[Modifica sezione]

Get around[Modifica sezione]

See[Modifica sezione]

Do[Modifica sezione]

Eat[Modifica sezione]

  • Fruits From April to May end you must have the King of fruits Hapus (or "Alphonso") Mango espically from Ratnagari District.You can also try on Fanas (jackfruit), Karvanda (blue berries ), Jambhul, Kokam, Cashew Fruit/nut
  • Tender coconut.
  • San-za-na, jackfruit Idli with coconut or cow milk
  • Fanas Bhaji, jackfruit curry
  • Amti Bhat, rice and yellow dal curry
  • Koyada, half ripe mango curry
  • Vatli dal, raw mango dal
  • Sol kadhi Kokam curry
  • Kadva wal usal beans curry

Drink[Modifica sezione]

  • Kokam Sarbat, cool kokam juice
  • Amba Panha, raw mango drink
  • Tender coconut water

Stay safe[Modifica sezione]

Get out[Modifica sezione]

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