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Zulu phrasebook

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Zulu is the language of the Zulu people, the majority of them living in South Africa.

Pronunciation guide



Common diphthongs

Phrase list



"Hello" to one person


"Hello" to a group of people


"How are you?" (singular 'you')


"How are you?" (plural 'you')

Ungubani igama lakho?

"What's your name?"

Igama lami ngingu_____

"My name is _____"


"Can you help me?"


"How much (does it cost)?"


"What's the time?"


"Where are you from?"

Uyasikhuluma isiNgisi?

"Do you speak English?"


"Thank you"

Sala kahle / Hamba kahle

"Stay well / Go well" (used as 'goodbye')


Police Amapoyisa

Where is the Police Station?

Ikuphi iPolice Station?

I will call the Police.

Ngizobiza amaPoyisa


zero- iqanda (q is click, put your tongue on the bottom of your jaw) one- kunye two- kubili three- kuthathu four- kune five- isihlanu six- isithupha seven-isikhombisa eight- isishiyagalombili nine- isishiyagalolunye ten- ishumi eleven- ishumi nanye twelve- ishumi nambili thirteen-ishumi nantathu fourteen- ishumi nane fifteen- ishumi nesihlanu sixteen- ishumi nesithupha seventeen- ishumi nesikhombisa eighteen- ishumi nesishiyagalombili nineteen- ishumi nesishiyagalolunye twenty- amashumi amabili twenty-one amashumi amabili nanye twenty-two amashumi amabili nambili twenty-three amashumi amabili nantathu twenty-four amashumi amabili nane twenty-five- amashumi amabili nesihlanu twenty-six amashumi amabili nesithupha twenty-seven- amashumi amabili nesikhombisa twenty-eight amashumi amabili nesishiyagalombili twenty-nine- amashumi amabili nesishiyagalolunye thirty- amashumi amathathu forty- amashumi amane fifty- amashumi amahlanu sixty- amashumi ayisithupha seventy- amashumi ayisikhombisa eighty- amashumi ayisishiyagalombili ninety- amashumi ayisishiyagalolunye hundred- ikhulu hundred and one- ikhulu nanye hundred and two ikhulu nambili two hundred- amakhulu amabili three hundred- amakhulu amathathu four hundred- amakhulu amane five hundred- amakhulu amahlanu six hundred- amakhulu ayisithupha seven hundred- amakhulu ayisikhombisa eight hundred- amakhulu ayisishiyagalombili nine hundred- amakhulu ayisishiyagalolunye thousand- inkulungwane two thousand- izinkulungwane ezimbili three thousand- izinkulungwane ezintathu four thousand- izinkulungwane ezine five thousand- izinkulungwane ezinhlanu six thousand- izinkulungwane eziyisithupha seven thousand- izinkulungwane eziyisikhombisa eight thousand- izinkulungwane eziyisishiyagalombili nine thousand- izinkulungwane eziyisishiyagalolunye ten thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi eleven thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi ezinanye twelve thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi ezimbili thirteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi ezintathu fourteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi ezine fifteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi ezinhlanu sixteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi eziyisithupha seventeen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi eziyisikhombisa eighteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi eziyisishiyagalombili nineteen thousand- izinkulungwane eziyishumi eziyisishiyagalolunye twenty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamabili thirty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamathathu forty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamane fifty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamahlanu sixty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamathupha seventy thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamakhombisa eighty thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamaisishiyagalombili ninety thousand- izinkulungwane eziamashumi eziamaisishiyagalolunye hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziyikhulu two hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamabili three hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamathathu four hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamane five hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamahlanu six hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamathupha seven hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamakhombisa eight hundred thousand izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamaisishiyagalombili nine hundred thousand- izinkulungwane eziamakhulu eziamaisishiyagalolunye million- isigidi


Clock time




Writing time and date


Blue - luhlaza okwesibhakabhaka orange- i-orenji purple- iPhephuli green- luhlaza gray- mpunga brown-nsundu black- mnyama white- mhlophe


car- imoto(amamoto, plural) bus- ibhasi(amabhasi) ship-umkhumbhi, (imikhumbhi) plane- indiza/ibhanoyi(izindiza, amabhanoyi) motorcycle- ithukathuka(amathukathuka) train- isitimela(izitimela)

Bus and train

   (ibhasi)  (isitimela) 










iphoyisa (amaphoyisa) police

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