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'''Ystad''' [http://www.ystad.se/] is a small but charming city in [[Scania]], part of southern [[Sweden]].
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It is situated on the south coast of Scania with good beaches east of the town. Ystad is known internationally as the setting for many of the novels of Henning Mankell, featuring fictional Ystad police inspector Kurt Wallander.
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==Get in==
===By Plane===
Malmö (Sturup) airport (IATA MMX) is 30 minutes drive away. 
Copenhagen (Kastrup) airport (IATA CPH) is 1 hours drive.
Sterling [http://www.sterlingflights.co.uk] flies to many international destinations as well as Stockholm from both Sturup and Kastrup.
===By Train===
Local train ( "pågatåg" ) from [[Malmö]], [http://www.skanetrafiken.se Skånetrafiken]
Direct train (IC Bornholm) from [[Copenhagen]], [http://www.dsb.dk DSB]
===By Ferry===
[http://www.bornholmstrafikken.dk Bornholmstrafikken] from [[Rønne]], [[Denmark]]
[http://www.polferries.pl Polferries] from [[Świnoujście]], [[Poland]]
==Get around==
* '''S:ta Maria''' church (13th century)
* '''S:t Petri''' church and monastery
* '''[[Ales_stenar|Ales stenar]]''' in [[Kåseberga]] 17 km east of Ystad
Walk through the old part of the city and enjoy the old half-timbered houses.
During summer, enjoy a walk by the beach (east of the town). Stop by and grab a beer or ice cream at "Fritidsbaren" and get a good view of the ocean.
Every other year, Ystad hosts a Tattoo, a must-see if you are interested in music. See [http://www.ystadtattoo.se www.ystadtattoo.se] for more info.
* '''Handicraft'''
* [http://www.backagarden.nu/ Hotell Bäckagården]
* [http://www.hotelcontinental-ystad.se/ Hotell Continental]
* [http://www.hotellprinscarl.com/ Hotell Prins Carl]
* [http://www.sekelgarden.se/ Hotell Anno 1793 Sekelgården]
* [http://www.tornvaktaren.se/ Hotell Tornväktaren]
* [http://www.ystadssaltsjobad.se/ Ystads Saltsjöbad]
* [http://www.ystadspa.se/ Ystad Spa & Konferenshotell]
Ystad Tourist Information Office, S:t Knuts Torg, 271 42 Ystad, Tel: +46-411-57 76 81

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