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So, talk pages can really benefit from having the table of contents going, especially for long and disparate arguments.

I'd like to suggest using a section header:

==These are two cities==

These are actually two cities. --Somebody

    No they're not. --SomebodyElse

         Yes they are. --Somebody

to separate this stuff out, instead of the four-dash horizontal rules. This is also how the "Post a comment" feature works, so it'd be nice to be synched up. Any objections? --Evan 14:35, 21 Dec 2003 (PST)


I am a newer to wikitravel. I like the style of WikiTravel. I know that Wiki is a part of so-called web 2.0. Therefore, I am not sure that whether I can read any new item in wikiTravel through RSS viewer. If yes, what is RSS URL for wikiTravel. Thanks!

You can find the RSS for changes to Wikitravel here:
Enjoy, --Evan 10:34, 17 Feb 2006 (EST)



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