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Welcome, business owners. The owners (and loyal employees) of hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions, and other businesses catering to travellers are welcome to share information that helps others in their travels. Everyone is invited to participate in the guide's development and decision-making. Everyone is also invited to share the information in Wikitravel with whomever they want. Of course, we do have some guidelines, policies, and a few legal requirements that go along with this.

Welcome to The [Fulton House[1]]…in the heart of Portland, Oregon. We are conveniently located in the southwest part of the city, one block from beautiful Willamette Park on the Willamette River, with its magnificent Willamette Waterfront Greenway. And just minutes to downtown Portland. -The Fulton House is a terrific place to stay while you explore Portland, Oregon or conduct business in the City. Should you wish to visit the nationally famous medical facilities at the Oregon Health & Sciences Center (OHSU), you are minutes away from the tram stop that will bring you up “Pill Hill.”


You could just add a listing for your business and leave it at that. But we'd love to see you sign up and stick around.

But don't do it just for us. If you own a travel-related business, you probably want to see local tourism and other travel to your area thrive, and helping to make the Wikitravel guide to your destination better is one way to promote that. We've found that the better an article is, the more traffic it gets. Twice a month we feature another well-developed article on the Main Page as either "Destination of the Month" or "Off the Beaten Path". And for the crème-de-la-crème pages, we flag them and feature them as "Star" articles.

So make sure all the key attractions and activities in your locale are listed... as well as your business. No one's asking you to add listings for your competitors (though to be honest, we'd love it if you did). But if you own a nightclub, surely you must know some good restaurants in the area. If you own a hotel, you probably know something about what your guests see and do while they're in town. We'd love it if you uploaded images of attractions in your city, just be sure you understand they'll be published under the free content license that we use. You may even consider becoming a docent for your city, someone who offers to answer questions that travellers might have about things that aren't covered in the article. If a traveller sees that you're genuinely interested in helping, that certainly can't hurt the chances that they'll patronize your business when they get to town. And it's quite alright to put information about yourself and your business on your User page (if you don't turn it into a marketing brochure).

And on the off chance that once in a while you manage to get away from the job and get out of town, please contribute the information you learn as a traveller yourself, to other guide pages.


You can share Wikitravel information with others. You can print copies of Wikitravel articles and provide them as city guides to your guests.

The only restrictions on you are the same ones that apply to Wikitravel itself: you have to give credit to the contributors, and anyone you give this information to has the same right to redistribute it. See Wikitravel:How to re-use Wikitravel guides for more details.

This guide is published under a "copyleft" license that allows its content to be used by anyone, free of charge. It's called the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike" license. [2] The "Attribution" part says we have to give credit to the people who contributed the information. The "ShareAlike" part says that everything contributed to Wikitravel has to be made available to anyone else on the same terms. We specifically didn't include the "NonCommercial" limitation in Wikitravel's licence, so that business owners like you use the travel guides.

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