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(Created page with "'''Top Destinations''' is Wikitravel's heading for '''top places''' around the world for various categories. ==Criteria== * <nowiki>Link</nowiki> any place names. * <nowik...")
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==Now displayed==
==Now displayed==
===Top Destinations 2013===
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! '''Top Destinations 2013'''
! '''Top Ski Destinations'''
| valign="top" | {{disclaimerbox|{{Top}}}}
| valign="top" | {{disclaimerbox|{{Top}}}}

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Top Destinations is Wikitravel's heading for top places around the world for various categories.


  • [[Link]] any place names.
  • '''Boldface''' the place
  • The articles don't need to be perfect, but preference should be given to those with a status of "usable" or higher.

Now displayed

Top Destinations 2013 Top Ski Destinations



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